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KVH DCNet Brochure English

DCNet is a private network interconnecting leading data centers in Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, with on-ramp access from key data centers in the U.S. DCNet offers pre-wired Ethernet connectivity to 100+ industry-leading data centers in these regions, providing you with greater choice in where you colocate and with whom you connect. With fixed and burstable bandwidth from 100Mbps to 10Gbps (100Gbps in 2015), DCNet allows you to avoid the complexity of negotiating and managing many individual network contracts.

Just subscribe for a port into the network and everything becomes just a cross connect away!

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KVH DCNet Brochure English

  1. 1. Committed Bandwidth Full Burstable Bandwidth Hybrid Bandwidth (Planned for Q1 2015) A higher class of service where specific bandwidth is reserved and dedicated for the customer CIR = PIR* Available from 100Mbps to 10Gbps (100Gbps in 2015) Subscribe for a 1G or 10G port at a very low monthly fee and it is pay-as-you-grow model with usage billing Customers enjoy a very low commitment and are able to burst up to port speed CIR = 0; PIR = Port Speed Choose a minimum committed bandwidth and burst up to port speed Committed bandwidth is reserved and dedicated for the customer with the ability to burst up to port speed to cater to dynamic bandwidth needs CIR = 100 Mbps to 10Gbps; PIR = Up to port speed Monthly Port Fee Committed Bandwidth Monthly Port Fee Bandwidth Consumed Monthly Port Fee Bandwidth Consumed Committed Bandwidth Service Options Description Pricing * CIR = Committed Information Rate: is always guaranteed and available PIR = Peak Information Rate : is the upper limit of traffic rate. Bandwidth exceeding CIR will be on shared and best effort basis Data centersData centers
  2. 2. Contact your local KVH sales office! *Planned for 2015 Summary Comparison Traditional DC to DC Connetivity Contractual Arrangement Involves multiple contractual parties One-Stop Shop Turn-Up Time Slow (~six weeks) Fast (as low as two days) Bandwidth Elasticity Limited Elasticity Fully elastic and burstable up to port speed Cost Effectiveness Fixed charge regardless of usage “0” committed, burstable up to port speed Capacity Upgrade Requires CPE equipment upgrade Seamless - scalable up to port speed Local Loop Coverage Source from multiple providers On-net Service to ~100 Data Centers Pricing Complex, non-uniform, and expensive Simplified, standardized and cost effective pricing * Burstable (Shared Bandwidth) Committed ( Dedicated Bandwidth) Hybrid (Shared + Dedicated) * Point to Multi-Point Multi-Point to Multi-Point 100Mbps to 10Gbps (100Gbps in 2015) Tokyo, Osaka, Yokohama, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA Maximum Transmission Unit Minimum Contract Optional Services Cross connect Traffic reports Performance reports Billing/Pricing 12 months Specifications Options *