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Krystyna Stalmach from the Lambton County Library presented on how they have created an ereader lending program at their library. Presented at Keeping Up With Library Technology (KULT) November 1, 2013 at Hamilton Public Library.

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Test Drive Project

  1. 1. Our project’s goals were to ensure equitable access to download technology and develop a program to provide training to both our staff and the public.
  2. 2. Inception of the Program & Funding  Our project was proposed to the County Committee in October 2011.  We used funding provided through a Ministry of Culture grant.  Project cost - $48,000
  3. 3. eProject Team We hired a part time e-library assistant who worked together with the other members of the eReading Team to develop and deliver training to front line staff, library patrons and community groups.
  4. 4. E-Ink Sony PRS eReader After testing, we decided to proceed with the Sony PRS eReader as this device does not require any additional software or hardware thus enabling it to download directly from Overdrive over a wireless network. Patrons are able to use the library’s own wireless network to borrow e-books. We purchased 60 eReaders.
  5. 5. Preparing eReaders for Circulation  We packaged our devices in off-the-shelf plastic containers which holds the e-reader and accessories. We affixed barcodes and handling instructions. The MARC record was entered into the ILS with shelfmark based on each devices’ unique serial number.  We decided on a 14-day loan period, with no option to renew or reserve thereby hoping to meet the demand of the community fairly.  We developed the Electronic Device Borrowing Agreement
  6. 6. Preparing Shipment of Sony eReaders to the Branches
  7. 7. Staff worked diligently to develop a training package that would cover all aspects of the Lambton County Library’s e-lending program.
  8. 8. Training began on March 14, 2012 and by the end of April, over 100 staff participated. Hands on sessions provided instructions on downloading ematerials from Overdrive to computer and directly to the Sony PRS-T1 device.
  9. 9. Staff Training  At the end of the training session each trainee was able to take home the Sony eReader for two weeks.  Each branch received the Training Manual: - how to use eDownload Library, Adobe Digital Editions - lending procedures for eReader  We followed up with “tip of the week” emails often prompted by questions or new discoveries.
  10. 10. To keep Staff refreshed after the training, weekly tips were emailed.
  11. 11. Marketing and Outreach  At the end of March 2012, we started marketing our new service as “coming soon” using many promotional materials available through the Test Drive program as well as our in-branch electronic LCD displays  We ran daily radio ads and distributed posters and bookmarks to all 26 branches
  12. 12. Preparing Shipment of Posters
  13. 13. Marketing and Outreach  Press releases  Articles in local papers  Radio interviews  Advertising via social media  Signage inside and outside of the libraries  Loan slips  Bookmarks  Posters  LCD Displays
  14. 14. The official launch of the Test Drive Program was April 27, 2012 The project was very well received by our staff and patrons. Since inception of the Test Drive lending program we are pleased to register over 800 circulations of Sony eReaders and look forward to many more.
  15. 15. Marketing through Outreach Programs and Strategic Partnerships  Travelling Gadget Gallery  Tutorial Blitz  eLibrary eVerywhere  Summer with Sony  Partnership with Businesses
  16. 16. Travelling Gadget Gallery The Gallery, a combination of exhibition and gadget clinic that travels between each of our 26 branches, was developed around this central theme with elements of traditional reading and print culture juxtaposed with the new technologies. Our gadgets: eInk eDevices (Kobo, Sony) tablets (iPad, Kobo Vox, Kobo Arc, BlackBerry, Nexus, MemoPad HD, Samsung Galaxy)
  17. 17. Travelling Gadget Gallery
  18. 18. TGG – Writers in Residence Louisa May Alcott and Charles Dickens
  19. 19. Marketing Sony eReaders and TGG by Louisa and Charles In the days leading up to the main event, patrons of the branch are greeted by Charles and Louisa, our surrogates and "spokespeople" for the value and benefits of electronic reading. These two mannequins, dressed in period clothes and made-up to appear as Charles Dickens and Louisa May Alcott, are a way to generate conversation and interest in the event. They also help us to present the library's position on electronic reading: each mannequin is presented with an e-reader firmly in hand alongside subtly altered quotes from each of the authors about the availability of their works on Overdrive.
  20. 20. TGG – Subtly Altered Quote I once wrote that “ there are books of which the backs and covers are by far the best parts”, but I swear that this device, which holds between its covers a whole library of books, will not be counted among them. - Charles Dickens (1812-1870)
  21. 21. TGG – Subtly Altered Quote My father wrote that “ Good books, like good friends, are few and chosen; the more select, the more enjoyable,” and now, with this, I can find all of those friends, from the oldest to the newest, and keep them always close at hand. - Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888)
  22. 22. TGG - Stats  Training sessions for patrons and community groups were conducted via our Travelling Gadgets Gallery. To date TGG education program has visited 26 libraries and four community groups. About 520 people attended this education program
  23. 23. Tutorial Blitz  With this program, library patrons are asked to bring their e-readers or e-tablets to different sessions to get help setting them up to access thousands of free ebooks and e-audiobooks from Lambton County Library's e-download library.  To date, there have been ten tutorials at 9 library branches and one community group with 302 participants.
  24. 24. eLibrary eVerywhere  Places, community events: - First Fridays (Sarnia’s major cultural event) - Artwalk (a weekend event in Sarnia) - Fall Fairs (five communities in Lambton County) - Seniors Fair (Point Edward Arena) - Lunch in a Park (Canatara Park by Tourism Sarnia- Lambton) - Hobby Fest (waterfront) - Lambton Shopping Mall - MGM Retirement Home
  25. 25. eLibrary eVerywhere  Groups: - Computer Users Group (Sarnia) - Lioness Club (Wyoming) - Church groups (Forest and Sarnia) - Wellness Club (Lambton)
  26. 26. eLibrary eVerywhere Stats  26 different events  48 sessions  2846 contacts (1532 Fall Fairs, 197 First Fridays, 1117 other events)  104 registration
  27. 27. Strategic Partnerships with Businesses Where do people buy their eDevices? The electronic stores! We approached and partnered with major electronic retailers:  FutureShop  Staples  The Source These businesses agreed to distribute our brochure “Everything you always wanted to know about borrowing eBooks” along with purchases to customers who might have not otherwise known about the service we provide.
  28. 28. Strategic Partnership with Businesses Our partners provided us with eDevices that we used as contest prizes.  Kobo Vox from Staples  Sony eReader from FutureShop
  29. 29. Conclusion This has been a very exciting project for the Lambton County Library. The three person eReading team worked extremely hard preparing outreach programs, training staff, patrons and members of different community groups. Thank You Contact us for more information: brian.bowley@county-lambton.on.ca lisa.smith@county-lambton.on.ca krystyna.stalmach@county-lambton.on.ca