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  • Industry yearning for innovationOlder companies are way behind the innovative curve
  • Less people to contactEither in stock or not – no time wastedBecause we are in such an established market, able to implement best practices from all companiesOther companies are “fairly stuck” with their manufacturing process due to prior investmentsBecause we are new… able to innovateCompetitors are stuck in the mindset of doing things the way they have always been doneAt Star, we have fresh ideas for our manufacturing processes in order to reach the broadest customer baseOur manufacturing company will have the ability to customize its pianos to the specific customers liking, rather than a one-size-fits-all pianoOne of the new ideas we have for the piano industry is the option to sell directly to customersWhile we will still have vendors who will distribute our pianos in a retail setting, we will also have the option to sell our pianos online in order to allow our pianos to be accessible to all customersBy having the option to bypass the middleman, customers will greater control over their productThe internet allows Star to have a set price for its piano, therefore the customer does not have to worry whether they could buy the exact piano from a different vendor for a cheaper price.What you see is what you getAvailability of pianos will also be obvious to the customerWith a middleman, orders for a piano may be backordered or may take additional time because they are not allowed access to all of the manufacturer’s informationBy ordering online, customers will know immediately whether a piano is in-stock or not and if not approximately how long the order will be completed in
  • Easy accessibility to site
  • Note that you can go anywhere on our website from the homepage
  • Star Piano Manufacturing

    1. 1. Hayden Bowers<br />Taylor Featherston<br />Karlene Tipton<br />Matt Warner<br />Keziah Zacharia<br />Star Piano Manufacturing<br />
    2. 2. Piano Manufacturing Industry<br />Global market<br />Consistent demand for product<br />Low threat for substitutes<br />Old-fashioned, established companies<br />Broad customer base<br />
    3. 3. Star Piano Manufacturing<br />Ability to implement best practices<br />Innovative leader<br />Customization<br />Marketing<br />Research and development<br />Option to bypass middleman<br />Availability<br />Price Guarantee<br />
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    20. 20. Endless Opportunities with Star Piano<br />Accessible to large consumer base<br />Innovative leader<br />Effective use of website<br />Tremendous growth possibilities<br />