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Management KTP - Learn about this new KTP funding opportunity to expand management capability


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The webinar is your chance to discover more about how KTPs work, and what the specific opportunity is for companies that may wish to participate in a Management KTP.  KTN's specialist Knowledge Transfer Advisers will provide a guide to the application process, the management areas covered by the MKTP and the types of companies most likely to benefit from participating in a MKTP.

In all, the webinar will provide a comprehensive guide to MKTP so you have all the information you need ahead of the first funding competition which opens on 12 December 2019 and closes at midday on 19 February 2020.

Find out more about the Knowledge Transfer Partnership programme at

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Management KTP - Learn about this new KTP funding opportunity to expand management capability

  1. 1. @ktnuk_ktp Management Knowledge Transfer Partnerships
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  5. 5. @ktnuk_ktp Knowledge Transfer Partnerships …a refresher • 3-way partnership • 12 000 businesses • High impact
  6. 6. @ktnuk_ktp Management Knowledge Transfer Partnerships ”Effective Management and Leadership can be the the difference between thriving companies and failing companies…”
  7. 7. @ktnuk_ktp Management KTP… at a glance: • Drive business growth through improved management capability • Deliver better business effectiveness and productivity through transformative strategic management practices • Work in the same way KTPs always have • Partnering with UK’s world class business schools
  8. 8. @ktnuk_ktp What does a MKTP Project look like? • It should be transformative, driving strategic change • The project should incorporate a range of management practices to build a management strategy • It should be linked across business functions and aligned to core company objectives • There must be a business case demonstrating commercial impact
  9. 9. @ktnuk_ktp Who are MKTPs aimed at? • Not exclusively, but primarily growth-orientated SMEs • Businesses aiming to execute ambitious growth strategies by adopting industry leading practices • Companies seeking significant productivity gains, who recognise how good management and leadership can facilitate this • Firms aiming to up-skill (and retain) their people, to make step change improvements by deploying innovative processes
  10. 10. @ktnuk_ktp Management Knowledge Transfer Partnerships What business activities do MKTPs cover?
  11. 11. @ktnuk_ktp Breadth and scope of MKTPs • MKTPs take a wide view, deploying a range of management practices, driving business performance at the strategic level • Projects can and should work across different business functions – eg ops, logistics, IT, finance, production etc • Different management practices deployed across different business functions, should come together as a top level management strategy
  12. 12. @ktnuk_ktp Range of MKTP activities • Alternative business models and associated profit margins • Detailed market analysis to discover new opportunities • Entrepreneurial thinking and identifying new revenue streams • Benchmarking, competitor analysis and best practice capture • Business scale-up practices • Organisational/behavioural psychology & change management
  13. 13. @ktnuk_ktp More potential MKTP activities • Analysing efficiency savings & implementing productivity drivers • Business process improvement and professionalisation • Enhanced business strategy, with cascaded aims and KPIs • Executive leadership, strategic thinking and decision making • A range of the above combined in an overarching strategy • Crucially, strategy must lead to better commercial returns
  14. 14. @ktnuk_ktp Potential MKTP Management Skills • Monitoring and target setting • Communication and motivation • Organisation, resource planning and strategic thinking • Problem-solving and decision-making • Commercial awareness • Coaching and mentoring
  15. 15. @ktnuk_ktp Management Knowledge Transfer Partnerships Why engage with a Business School?
  16. 16. @ktnuk_ktp Why Engage with Business Schools? • They possess knowledge, expertise and research capability to provide reassurance before making business changes • Hand-holding for businesses, with experienced partners • SMEs receive assurances and can sustainably scale-up & grow • Larger businesses are helped to incorporate better business processes to improve productivity and profitability
  17. 17. @ktnuk_ktp What is the opportunity for Business Schools? - 1 • Valuable opportunity to apply rigorous research in a range of business topics, with diverse companies, in different sectors • Real world focus to ensure your academics and institutions remain relevant to the fast-evolving face of UK business • Generate increased funds for your department
  18. 18. @ktnuk_ktp What is the opportunity for Business Schools? - 2 • Demonstrate real-world impact of applied research, through business collaboration inc. Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF) • Attract, retain and develop aspirational high performing researchers • Academic outputs include publications, literature and case studies for taught courses
  19. 19. @ktnuk_ktp Management Knowledge Transfer Partnerships How much does a MKTP cost?
  20. 20. @ktnuk_ktp How much does an MKTP cost? • The exact cost depends on the duration of the project – lasting between 12 months and 3 years • Costs are shared between the business and IUK (inc funders) • SMEs contribute 33% • Larger businesses contribute 50% of funding
  21. 21. @ktnuk_ktp Management Knowledge Transfer Partnerships How do I apply or find out more?
  22. 22. @ktnuk_ktp How do I apply for a MKTP? • If you think MKTP can benefit your organisation, contact one of our expert Knowledge Transfer Advisers • They will help assess whether your management project is appropriate for funding and help with your application • If successful, following approval, Advisers are on hand throughout the project, offering help, guidance and support
  23. 23. @ktnuk_ktp Management Knowledge Transfer Partnerships Q&A Session