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Simply Social Media Premia is your guide to navigating the social media space. Forget the jargon & buzz words that are so often associated with social media, Simply Social Media presents the information you need to know to be successful online in a simple and easy to understand way.

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Simply Social Media Premia

  1. 1. Getting Star ted!Simply Social Media A5.indd 1 1/03/12 10:37 AM
  2. 2. Published by Portner Press Pty Ltd © Portner Press 2012 All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by means of electronic or mechanical, including recording, photocopying, or via a computerised or electronic storage or retrieval system, without permission granted in writing from the publisher. The information in this publication is of a general nature and is not intended to address the circumstances of any particular individual or entity. No action or inaction should be taken based solely on the contents of this publication; instead readers should consult with appropriate professionals on any matter relating to labour. The information and opinions provided are believed to be accurate and sound, based on the best judgments available to the authors at the time the publication went to print. We do not guarantee that the information is accurate at the date it is received or that it will continue to be accurate in the future. The publisher is not responsible for any errors or omissions. Portner Press Pty Ltd Suite 7, 11 Beach Street Port Melbourne Victoria 3207Simply Social Media A5.indd 2 1/03/12 10:37 AM
  3. 3. introduction Imagine being at the forefront of the social media revolution, understanding the ins and outs of the online platforms to optimise your business outcomes. In such a fast paced environment it can be difficult not only to keep up with the latest trends, but more importantly, to understand if and how they will work for your business. Simply Social Media is your guide to navigating the social media space. It will set you on a path for success by providing you with information relating to research, strategy, implementation and measurement. The information contained within this report will introduce you a place where you will be able to understand and engage with your audience on a level you may never have thought possible. About the author Kate Telfer is the founder of Rewire Group, a PR and Social Media agency based in Melbourne. A strategic PR guru, Kate works with organisations, taking them on a journey from A to B by choosing the most efficient and effective media to communicate their message. Prior to establishing Rewire in 2010, Kate worked just about everywhere expanding her skills and knowledge to successfully run campaigns, develop and execute PR direction and strategy and manage internal and external stakeholder relationships. Kate is also a board member of non-profit company Awards Victoria. About the PUBLISHER Portner Press is a Melbourne-based business-to-business publisher which specialises in producing easy-to-understand handbooks, newsletters and other information resources for the Australian SME sector. Our products cover a wide range of topics that affect small to medium businesses, such as employment law, human resources, taxation, occupational health and safety, online media and more. All of our publications contain up-to-date, relevant, unbiased material and our writers and contributors are all experts in their fields. For more information, please visit our website: SIMPLY SOCIAL MEDIA: GETTING STARTED 1Simply Social Media A5.indd 1 1/03/12 10:37 AM
  4. 4. 2 SIMPLY SOCIAL MEDIA: GETTING STARTEDSimply Social Media A5.indd 2 1/03/12 10:37 AM
  5. 5. CONTENTS What is Social Media?�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 4 Why Social Media is good for YOUR business���������������������������������� 6 Deciding WHICH Social Media is right for your business �������� 8 How often should you post TO social media? ������������������������������ 9 Platform Overview: Facebook ������������������������������������������������������������������ 10 Platform Overview: YouTube ��������������������������������������������������������������������� 12 � Platform Overview: LinkedIn ��������������������������������������������������������������������� 14 � Platform Overview: Twitter ������������������������������������������������������������������������ 16 Social Media for Business Networking�������������������������������������������� 19 why your company should have a social media policy��������� 20 � Content – the key �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 22 Identifying your target audience�������������������������������������������������������� 23 Measuring and Monitoring your Social Media ACtivity�������� 24 Budgeting for your social media efforts ������������������������������������ 26 Social Media as part of the marketing mix ������������������������������������ 28 SIMPLY SOCIAL MEDIA: GETTING STARTED 3Simply Social Media A5.indd 3 1/03/12 10:37 AM
  6. 6. What is social media? an umbrella term that includes web-based Social Media is tion ed to turn communica and mobile technologies and is us os h words, pictures, vide into interactive dialogue throug l media is that it and audio. A key characteristic of socia content. involves user-generated forms 4 popular social media plat a include: currently very popular in Australi Social media platforms that are ing Instagram is a free photo shar l Arguably the most well known socia application that allows users to: networking site, Facebook allows you to: ƒƒ take photos; company; ƒƒ create a profile page for your ƒƒ apply an ar tistic filter; and and ƒƒ add other users as friends; ƒƒ share the photos on Instagram ƒƒ exchange messages. or a variety of other social ications networking platforms such as Facebook provides automatic notif update their profile. Facebook and Twitter. when friends ice LinkedIn is a social networking Twitter is a micro-blogging serv site mainly used for professional that enables users to send and networking. read text-based posts of up to ect Users create a profile and conn 140 characters, known as ‘tweets’. with others they have connected default, Tweets are publicly visible by with or wish to connect with on a however, senders can restrict message business level. delivery to just their followers. 4 SIMPLY SOCIAL MEDIA: GETTING STARTEDSimply Social Media A5.indd 4 1/03/12 10:37 AM
  7. 7. 5 benefits of using social media for your business For a business, no matter how large or so why not respond and take advantage of small, social media is not just another the two-way engagement of social media? marketing channel. Social media is about engaging in two-way conversations with Loyalty building stakeholders and building relationships. Social media can provide brand loyalty benefits for both customers and companies Some of the many activities social media by bringing brand evangelists or advocates can assist with include: and brands together. Brands can engagen Public relations with advocates and reward them for their loyalty quickly and easily via social media. Media releases can be distributed via Others will see a brand’s activities online and Twitter in 140 characters, but if you are wish to be a part of the brand as a consumer not quite ready for new age PR, post the and engage online with the brand. link to a media release via your company’s social media platforms. Social media can Collaboration also provide a platform to connect with Social media broadens the scope of a journalists and other media connections. business and its activities and opens up Customer service opportunities to collaborate with other complimentary brands and businesses. Social media is the perfect platform for customers to ask questions about products, Thought leadership policies and gain customer service assistance in real time. By providing information and thought leadership around the industry a business The Boingo example below is a good case operates in, the brand gains credibility in of how to deal effectively with feedback consumer’s minds. Social media provides while maintaining a good reputation. Your the platform to spread this information customers will discuss your products and to your target audience and build your brand online without the company’s input, brand’s profile.  Example Boingo Boingo has created thousands of WiFi hotspots across the globe in places that people need the internet, such as airports, shopping centres and coffee shops. Boingo runs both free and paid hotspots and connects to all WiFi compatible devices. Boingo excels in its use of social media for customer service. Boingo representatives scan the web looking for customer mentions and feedback. Kind words are often re-tweeted and/or the individual thanked. When a representative comes across negative feedback on social media, they connect with the person and try to resolve the issue. SIMPLY SOCIAL MEDIA: GETTING STARTED 5 Simply Social Media A5.indd 5 1/03/12 10:37 AM
  8. 8. Why social media is good for your business Social media is essentially today’s listen, share, collaborate, recommend and complain, both personally and about most transparent, engaging and business. interactive form of public relations Social media today has taken away the (PR), combining real time content traditional business transaction and made with two-way communication. it about building human relationships Often referred to as ‘modern PR’, social both online and offline. Gone are the days media is changing the way we interact when a company could only respond to and engage with people, on both a social an irate customer in a closed environment, and corporate level. Modern PR is offering such as by telephone. Today, if a customer individuals more tools to: is unhappy, it isn’t long until their dissatisfaction is posted on their Facebook ƒƒ expand their reach; page or mass emailed to their network. ƒƒ engage with their audience; and ƒƒ strongly deliver return on investment (ROI). Important Businesses unfamiliar with social media Australian internet users spend more time and its benefits will look to the negatives visiting social networks and blogs than any other country in the world, averaging 7 hours of brand damage and customer and 17 minutes per person per week, dissatisfaction, but what they should according to a recent report by Neilson, be focusing on is the power it provides State of the Media: The Social Media them to connect and engage with their Report Q3, 2011. audience like never before. At the end of June 2011, the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed there were 10.9 million internet subscribers 5 reasons why social in Australia, excluding internet access media is good for through mobile devices. This represents business 14.8% annual growth. Strengthen customer service With so many people online and many Answer your customer’s questions and engaging with social media tools, every concerns in real-time and increase web user has an opportunity to learn, customer satisfaction. 6 SIMPLY SOCIAL MEDIA: GETTING STARTEDSimply Social Media A5.indd 6 1/03/12 10:37 AM
  9. 9. E stablish your brand and tell Whether you are researching for an existing your story product, a future product, or information on If you want to build a community online, the competition, social media will provide your customers must first understand your you with a wealth of knowledge, directly story: from the consumer. ƒƒ Who are you? L ow cost, big return ƒƒ What do you stand for? For a small to medium business, social ƒƒ What value do they receive from being media is a cost effective marketing associated with your brand? communications tool. With many of the platforms free of charge, the real cost to Grow your personal business is in time.  relationships A platform such as LinkedIn provides a Important wonderful tool to build your business contacts To truly take advantage of social media and reputation within your industry. in business, companies need to embrace Conduct market research transparency and engage with customers One of the great things about social media whenever, wherever and with whatever is that you won’t be short of opinions. they are talking about. SOCIAL NETWORKING AROUND THE WORLD AUSTRALIA: Among Nielsen’s 10 Internet- JAPAN: FC2 Blog – the top social networking metered markets, Australian internet users spend site in Japan during May 2011 – was visited by the most time visiting social networks and blogs, over half of active Japanese internet users averaging 7 hours, 17 minutes per person SPAIN: Spanish internet users spend the most BRAZIL: Orkut is the #1 social networking and total time on #1 site Facebook. They average the blog site in Brazil, visited by 30.3 million Brazilians most time per person on #4 site Tuenti in May 2011, 11% more visitors than #2 site (4 hours, 42 minutes per person) Facebook SWITZERLAND: Social networks and blogs FRANCE: Nearly a quarter of active French reach 60% of active internet users in Switzerland internet users - 9.6 million - visited #2 social U.S.A.: Blogger is now the number #2 social networking site Overblog networking and blog site in the U.S. with GERMANY: German internet users spend more 50.1 million unique U.S. visitors, up 17% from a time on social networks and blogs than they do year ago any other online category of sites, a total of 12.7 U.K.: Internet users in the U.K. viewed 229.6 million billion minutes during May 2011 pages on Tumblr, the second most page views ITALY: Italian internet users spend nearly one- on any social network or blog in the country after third of their time online visiting social networks Facebook (20.2 billion page views) and blogs (31% of total Internet time) Source: Nielson SIMPLY SOCIAL MEDIA: GETTING STARTED 7Simply Social Media A5.indd 7 1/03/12 10:37 AM
  10. 10. Deciding wh ich social media is right for your business consumers approach extension into social media where Put simply, there is no cookie-cutter is unique. Even can read about their perspectives. to social media. Every business ices if you sell the same products or serv Rule #4: Listen first as another, you will certainly have your own are saying Find out what your consumers approach to branding, marketing, etc. about you online, if anything. Impor tant: Effective social media 4 rules of social media tegy, marketing involves research, stra on Rule #1: Don’t follow your competiti planning and measuring. a Just because your competition has Twitter account or blog, doesn’t mean Checklist: Developing a you need to have one. If you become too social media st rat egy n is doing, focused on what your competitio Before you blindly apply marketin g tactics engage you may miss the oppor tunity to without a sound social media mar keting with your own audience. strategy, ask yourself: right from Rule #2: ot all social media is N ** What do you hope to achieve for you social media? may currently While a platform such as Instagram ** What does your online audience be the latest social med ia application, it know about your business? business. doesn’t mean it is right for your ** How does your audience use social e is The biggest mistake you can mak media? to jump into social media without first orms will sphere. ** What types of social media platf understanding your audience in this Twitter, you use? For example, Facebook, and For example, you could invest time LinkedIn, Instagram, Flickr, blogs. money into setting up a Facebook page ely ** How will you measure success? when your audience is actually activ media Finally, be open to change. Social conversing in a niche blog. l media is changing every day. Every socia resources Rule #3: One of your most valuable platform is different and your audience is is your customer service team likely to move around. Be open to changing something Your customer service team are the your tactics and admitting when rs on a individuals dealing with your consume doesn’t work. as an daily basis. Use these conversations 8 SIMPLY SOCIAL MEDIA: GETTING STARTEDSimply Social Media A5.indd 8 1/03/12 10:37 AM
  11. 11. How often should you post to social media? Some companies will post on or talk about your products/services for the sake of it. A post that lacks applicability to social media non-stop throughout your audience will discredit you when you the day, while others will limit the come to having something useful to say. amount of posts they make in fear of overloading their audience. So, Don’t aim to post on a particular day how often should you post? It’s great to have a plan, but don’t You may be surprised to know that once restrict yourself to certain days of the a week to once per month is all the week. It is unlikely that your audience consumer is looking for. According to a is waiting around for your post, nor are 2011 study undertaken by ROI Research they consistently sharing or commenting and Performics, 28% of online consumers because of it. People don’t share on a surveyed indicated that hearing from certain day of the week, they share a post businesses once per month or less was that evokes an emotion or empowers them. ample. A further 26% of those surveyed indicated once a week was sufficient. What’s in it for them? Every time you go to post, ask yourself HOW TO: When should what value your audience will derive from the content? If you can’t answer this your company post? question, don’t post.  Editorial schedules will vary from business to business depending on how much information you have and want to share TIP with your online community. You don’t always have to share content generated by you, e.g. in a blog post. With so much information and resources DEFINITION available online, it’s a great opportunity to share some of your favourites. Editorial Schedule An editorial schedule is a calendar of items you will post, linked to dates and times of posting. TIP For a small business it’s best to keep it Post to help your customers simple and follow the rule of only posting when you have something useful to say, Answer your customers’ questions, and join or share. the conversation about your own products/ services. Don’t push marketing messages SIMPLY SOCIAL MEDIA: GETTING STARTED 9Simply Social Media A5.indd 9 1/03/12 10:37 AM
  12. 12. Platform Over view: Facebook s succeeded in surpassing No other social networking site ha d by Facebook. Facebook the number of active users reache ure phenomenon with has become a worldwide pop-cult ry 2012. 800 million active users as of Janua Groups can be: Individual Profiles ƒƒ secret – only members can see the Users must register for a Facebook account group and what members post; using an email address as a username and selecting a secure password. Once ƒƒ closed – everyone can see the group but this is completed, a new user can create a only members can see posts; or personal profile where they can: ƒƒ open (public) – anyone can see the ƒƒ add photos and videos; group and what members post. ƒƒ add personal information; ƒƒ make ‘status’ updates, including location Pages – ideal for business ‘check-ins’; and most importantly, Facebook pages are a different type of ƒƒ connect with other users by adding Facebook profile specifically designed them as Facebook ‘friends’. for public figures, organisations, brands, products, institutions and causes. Groups Users can share their stories and develop meaningful dialogue and engage with Facebook groups allow like-minded people their target audience. Just like individual to connect with each other via Facebook Facebook profiles, Facebook pages allow by creating a dedicated space for sharing. users to share rich content such as photos, Any Facebook user can create a group and videos and links and also measure and common types of groups include family, optimise target audience interactions. sports teams and co-workers. 10 SIMPLY SOCIAL MEDIA: GETTING STARTEDSimply Social Media A5.indd 10 1/03/12 10:37 AM
  13. 13. When supporters and followers share a company’s Facebook page content with their Facebook friends, the company’s exposure is significantly increased. Benefits of using Facebook for your business Facebook pages provide an online social platform that: ƒƒ enables users to promote and market a brand, product, company, individual or cause; ƒƒ allows interaction and relationship building with target audiences in real time through content sharing; ƒƒ enables events to be created and promoted; ƒƒ permits competitions to be run; ƒƒ allows polls to be conducted; and ƒƒ helps customer service to be delivered in real time.  SIMPLY SOCIAL MEDIA: GETTING STARTED 11Simply Social Media A5.indd 11 1/03/12 10:37 AM
  14. 14. Platform Over view: You ube T website, on which users YouTube is a social video-sharing s. YouTube displays a can upload, view and share video eo content, including wide variety of user-generated vid eos, as well as amateur movie clips, TV clips, and music vid d short original videos. content such as video blogging an Individuals have uploaded most of the Unregistered users can watch videos, while content on YouTube, although media registered users can upload an unlimited corporations are involved in partnerships number of videos and create their own with YouTube and many other businesses YouTube channel. that have created their own branded By setting up an account on YouTube, YouTube channels. users can subscribe to YouTube channels of interest by adding them to their homepage. By creating an account, users can also TIP upload their own videos to share. Users can upload, comment, favourite or like a video and broadcast all actions to KEY TERMS their Facebook and Twitter accounts for friends and followers to see. Search on YouTube YouTube videos can also be easily When browsing YouTube for content, search embedded into blogs and websites for keywords are used just as they are used on further sharing. Google. Users can also filter search results by searching specific topic categories. 12 SIMPLY SOCIAL MEDIA: GETTING STARTEDSimply Social Media A5.indd 12 1/03/12 10:37 AM
  15. 15. YouTube channel benefits of using YouTube YouTube channels are homepages for YouTube accounts. Users can customise the for business appearance of their YouTube channel by There are many benefits for businesses that adding background imagery, displaying their build a presence on YouTube, including: account information and showing others what ƒƒ customer engagement; their favourite videos from other users are. ƒƒ customer interaction; YouTube brand channel ƒƒ brand awareness; Brand channels allow marketers to create ƒƒ product awareness; bespoke interfaces, customising the look and feel of their presence on the site. By ƒƒ product launches; creating a destination page on YouTube, ƒƒ reputation management; and brand channels provide the opportunity ƒƒ audience targeting. to create persistent relationships with consumers. Paid opt ional ext ras Trending terms for business The tag cloud at the bottom of a category page shows the popular keywords that For businesses looking to optimise users are searching for on YouTube at that YouTube through paid promotion, the very moment. following functions are worth considering. Favourite User targeting which includes: When a user finds a video they like, they add ƒƒ demographic, geographic, language it to their favourites. This bookmarks that targeting; particular video in their account so they can ƒƒ interest category marketing; return to it easily for repeat viewing. ƒƒ remarketing; Queue ƒƒ keywords targeting; As users find more videos on YouTube they ƒƒ video category targeting; and like, they can add them to a queue, which ƒƒ video targeting tools. will appear at the bottom of their screen. This queue keeps track of the videos to view later. Content targeting which includes: ƒƒ buzz – targeting advertising via the most Playlist popular videos; Users can add individual videos to a playlist, or create a new one. Queues can ƒƒ promoted videos; also be turned into a playlist and saved to ƒƒ brand channels; return to later, or share with friends. ƒƒ TrueView video ads; Annotations ƒƒ YouTube homepage advertising; Annotations let users add text links to their ƒƒ call to action overlays; and videos (these can be linked to other videos, ƒƒ YouTube partnerships.  channels and playlists). Users control what the annotations say, including when and where they appear on the video. SIMPLY SOCIAL MEDIA: GETTING STARTED 13Simply Social Media A5.indd 13 1/03/12 10:37 AM
  16. 16. Platform Over view: LinkedIn portant aspects of business. Networking is one of the most im twork can greatly improve A broad and active professional ne l prospects in addition to an individual’s career and persona enhancing business success. LinkedIn is a social networking platform LinkedIn assists not only with career targeted at professionals, for the purpose opportunities and the maintenance of of boosting online professional networking client relationships but provides users and allowing individuals to project their with the tools to build their professional career identity into the online space. reputation via a reputable platform. With over 120 million members, LinkedIn allows users to: TIP ƒƒ connect with trusted contacts; To get the most out of LinkedIn, users ƒƒ exchange knowledge and ideas; and should ensure their LinkedIn profile is ƒƒ most importantly, broaden professional completed to 100%. networks. This means that all information in the By connecting with business contacts through user’s profile is completed in detail and LinkedIn, users can keep up-to-date with the user has recommendations from people in their network when ‘connections’ connections. Think about how your change jobs and move locations. profile projects your personal brand when people view it. Essentially, LinkedIn makes it easier to maintain connections over time and allows users to re-connect with old contacts. 14 SIMPLY SOCIAL MEDIA: GETTING STARTEDSimply Social Media A5.indd 14 1/03/12 10:37 AM
  17. 17. LinkedIn Jobs LinkedIn Company Pages Through LinkedIn, users can browse jobs LinkedIn Company Pages allow companies currently being advertised on LinkedIn, search to: for roles in specific industries or with specific ƒƒ tell the company story; companies. Users can also post job vacancies ƒƒ highlight products and services; to their broader professional network. ƒƒ engage with followers; LinkedIn Search ƒƒ share career opportunities; and LinkedIn’s search function provides an effective ƒƒ drive word of mouth. tool to assist users in finding the right person, For individual LinkedIn users, company expertise or knowledge. Users can: pages provide a resource for: ƒƒ search for people on LinkedIn by name ƒƒ exploring companies of interest; or other distinguishing characteristic; ƒƒ finding out the latest company updates ƒƒ use the advanced search tool to target and industry news; specific skill sets or find subject-matter experts; ƒƒ researching products and services; and ƒƒ conduct reference searches on potential ƒƒ learning about job opportunities.  job candidates and business partners; ƒƒ quickly and easily search their inbox for important messages and information; and ƒƒ find the right jobs, knowledge, or groups. LinkedIn Groups Any LinkedIn user can create LinkedIn Groups which allow users to engage in conversations and keep up-to-date with various professional groups within their network. Top influencers in a group are identified so users can be notified when these ‘top influencers’ make comments in their groups. LinkedIn Today The LinkedIn Today feature sources news from throughout the LinkedIn network to provide: ƒƒ the top articles shared on LinkedIn and Twitter by people in a user’s network; ƒƒ details of the users who shared the article and what they said about it; and ƒƒ a customised homepage dashboard featuring news from the user’s industry, network, and areas of interest. SIMPLY SOCIAL MEDIA: GETTING STARTED 15Simply Social Media A5.indd 15 1/03/12 10:37 AM
  18. 18. Platform Over view: Twitter twork that allows people Twitter is a real time information ne on, referred to as tweets, to share short snippets of informati rspective, Twitter allows with other users. From a user’s pe about topics of interest. you to find the latest information Tweets are a maximum of 140 characters in length and usually include links to videos, TIP photos, music, other media content or When linking to content online, fitting webpages. the URL into 140 characters or less can If you aren’t quite ready to starting be challenging. There are many URL tweeting yourself, you can still derive shortening services available including excellent value from this platform. Twitter Bitly and Tiny URL to make life easier. can be used as a search engine by These services collect, organise and searching keywords or topics of interest. shorten links. Users can sign up for these services KEY TERMS and doing so will also receive analytics, including click-through rate information Direct message (DM) (the number of times an individual has A DM is a tweet that is a private message clicked on your link). These analytical between the sender and the recipient. features are especially useful for business users. Favourite To ‘favourite’ a tweet means to mark it as a favourite by clicking the yellow star next to the Followers message. This will group all your favourites in Followers are people who receive a user’s a place that makes them easy to find. tweets in their Twitter stream/timeline. 16 SIMPLY SOCIAL MEDIA: GETTING STARTEDSimply Social Media A5.indd 16 1/03/12 10:37 AM
  19. 19. Following have to follow a Twitter handle to include Following someone on Twitter means a user them in one of their lists. is subscribing to the other Twitter user’s Twitter users can also follow/subscribe to tweets as a follower. When following another the lists created by other users. user, the followed user is given permission to send the follower direct messages. Benefits of using Hashtag Twitt er for business A hashtag is a topic with a hash symbol (#) Businesses can use Twitter to: at the start to identify it, e.g. #socialmedia. ƒƒ quickly share information; Hashtags help Twitter spread and organise information. ƒƒ gather market intelligence and insights; and ƒƒ build relationships with their target TIP audience. Hashtags are a great tool for conferences and event organisers, but Twitter mentions also make it easier for all users to find Twitter users can mention other users in and search topics on Twitter. their tweets by using the ‘@’ sign and then the user’s Twitter handle. This message will then appear in their feed. Retweet (RT) Retweeting is how Twitter users share interesting tweets with their followers from Twitt er resources the users they are following. for business A retweet gives credit to the original person Twitter offers many resources that help by including ‘RT’ plus the originator’s businesses spread the word about their username at the beginning of the tweet. Twitter account. These include: Trending topic ‘Follow us on Twitter’ button A subject algorithmically determined to be A widget that can be embedded on the one of the most popular on Twitter at that user’s website running a stream of the latest very moment. tweets from the business. Twitter handle ‘Tweet’ button A user’s Twitter handle is simply their Allows people to easily share website username and the accompanying URL. content on Twitter. Twitter lists Promoted tweets Twitter users can organise other Twitter You can use promoted tweets to amplify users into groups known as lists. your message with targeting options that When a user views one of their lists, they allow you to reach the right target audience. will see a stream of tweets from all the users Promoted tweets reach users when they included in that group (list). A user does not search for their interests on Twitter. SIMPLY SOCIAL MEDIA: GETTING STARTED 17Simply Social Media A5.indd 17 1/03/12 10:37 AM
  20. 20. Promoted trends 8 Promoted trends can be used to drive conversations and interest around a brand ADVANTAGES of or product by capturing attention on using Twitter for Twitter. your business Promoted accounts 1. Share: Share photos and behind Use promoted accounts to quickly up- the scenes business information scale a follower-base of advocates and about products, projects and events. influencers for your brand. 2. Listen: Regularly monitor the Advertiser analytics comments about your company, brand, and products and respond Twitter offers two layers of analytics to and provide customer service where advertisers, providing in-depth insight into appropriate. both paid and unpaid activity on Twitter. 3. Ask questions: Ask questions Promoted tweets, trends and of your followers to glean valuable accounts dashboards insights and show that you are These dashboards display the fundamental listening. metrics of campaigns as they happen, 4. Respond: Respond to including: compliments and ƒƒ impressions; feedback in real time. ƒƒ retweets; 5. Reward: Tweet ƒƒ clicks; updates about special ƒƒ replies; and offers, discounts and ƒƒ follows (promoted accounts). time-sensitive deals. Enhanced profile pages 6. Demonstrate industry thought leadership: Reference Brands can use corporate branded articles and links related to your backgrounds to enhance Twitter profile business to focus on building a pages to increase engagement and drive personal brand online by being seen business goals.  as a thought leader in a particular space. 7. Champion stakeholders: Retweet and reply publicly to great tweets posted by followers and customers. 8. Establish a voice: Represent your brand on Twitter by creating an individual voice for the brand. 18 SIMPLY SOCIAL MEDIA: GETTING STARTEDSimply Social Media A5.indd 18 1/03/12 10:37 AM
  21. 21. Social media for business networking Social media is changing the about the people, or personality of the company. This includes connecting way many of us do business by and engaging with their customers and enhancing engagement and suppliers making it more about ‘engaging’ creating transparency like we have and less ‘selling’. never seen before. With social media Real time comes a new way of connecting Online networking provides a faster with others both personally, and for and more efficient way of making initial business, providing an acceptable contact with an individual or group. In alternative to meeting in person or addition, social media provides a means for picking up the telephone. communicating in a real time manner by allowing you to track conversations online Maintaining a vast array of business through alerts, allowing you to respond. contacts can be challenging. Social media has provided a forum for finding and Community connecting with business contacts in a Building a community online takes time, simple and easy way. but once established, creates a bond through news, events and assistance from 5 ways social media others. Social media provides an excellent forum to create positive influence for can enhance your companies looking to engage. business networking Transparency Visibility People want to do business with One of the most important aspects of companies that are open, honest and business networking is visibility. Increasing transparent. The traditional forms of your visibility online, particularly in the marketing, e.g. advertising and public areas you specialise, i.e. online networking relations, while still very effective, share groups related to your profession/industry, the voice of the company only. Social will ensure you are kept on the radar. media provides a platform for a new type of communication that provides an Connecting opportunity to forge genuine and direct The best brands online tend to talk less connections with customers.  about their products/services and more SIMPLY SOCIAL MEDIA: GETTING STARTED 19Simply Social Media A5.indd 19 1/03/12 10:37 AM
  22. 22. Why your company should have a social media policy Unless there’s only one person who will be handling your social media 5 reasons to create a social media policy efforts, it’s a good idea to set some People are more comfortable when they guidelines to ensure everyone is on know the rules. Here are a handful of the the same page when it comes to benefits of creating social media guidelines: bringing you success online. 1. Sets standards for communication by providing a way to implement your The rules for how a company’s social media strategy. presence is managed and how a personal social media presence is managed are very 2. Protects your company’s reputation. different. So while your employees may be 3. Educates your team by setting enthusiastic, young and savvy about social expectations using clear and easy to media, it’s important that they are trained understand language. and educated about things such as: ƒƒ legal terms; 4. Minimises confusion about legal issues. ƒƒ global implications; and 5. Makes it easier to respond to your ƒƒ inappropriate comments. audience in times of crisis. 20 SIMPLY SOCIAL MEDIA: GETTING STARTEDSimply Social Media A5.indd 20 1/03/12 10:37 AM
  23. 23. Social media guidelines, whilst set up to …… Set your online values protect your organisation, should not only Create a set of values that your employees list the restrictions, but help employees should have in mind when representing understand how they can use social media your company online. to achieve better business outcomes. Examples of online values include: ƒƒ be transparent in every social media TIP interaction; Ensure you include information on how ƒƒ respect copyright laws; and employees can best comment on blogs ƒƒ be responsible and use common sense. or other social media platforms to boost brand awareness and drive traffic to your …… Set expectations for online website. spokespeople Expectations for online spokespeople are for the employees in your team who are Checklist responsible for posting and responding to How to develop your social content online. media policy Areas to consider when creating your When it comes to drafting your social company’s expectations include: media guidelines, keep it simple. ƒƒ following the code of business conduct; Some areas to consider when developing ƒƒ being mindful that they represent the you social media policy include: company; and …… Editorial guidelines for specific social ƒƒ being transparent. media platforms A set of well defined and easily understood Your tone of voice, approach, the way social media guidelines, in addition to you post comments, photos, etc. will vary good judgement and an understanding from platform to platform. Having editorial of social media, will see your company’s guidelines for each platform will help your online strategies on the right track for team build stronger communities on each success.  platform. Useful resource 57 social media policy examples and resources Company example Intel Social Media Guidelines SIMPLY SOCIAL MEDIA: GETTING STARTED 21Simply Social Media A5.indd 21 1/03/12 10:37 AM
  24. 24. Content – the key In today’s social media age, content …… Know your target audience and why they do, or would want to, follow your is king. Good, smart, fun and business online. relevant content is the foundation …… When your audience connects with you of any successful social media and – connect back! No one likes not being online strategy. Good content must spoken to so make sure you are always reflect the brand and be relevant to engaging in two-way conversations. the target audience. …… Make all of your content shareable – the best thing about great content is the need to share it. Ensure your TIP audience has the ability to easily share Before embarking on social media, if content with their social networks.  you don’t do anything else, take the time to build a solid content strategy. EXAMPLE Without an outline and guide for what will be posted online, you run the risk of AMERICAN EXPRESS OPEN FORUM missing the mark and failing to engage American Express Credit Card with your target audience. Company has taken the term ‘content is king’ to heart and developed To use the crowded online space – a business and effectively, you must create and distribute money expertise site targeted at content that attracts and continues to entrepreneurs and small business. interest your target audience. Open Forum provides tools and Types of content that work best include: information for businesses through ƒƒ how-to articles and videos; regular innovative posts. It engages the likes of experts from Inc Magazine, ƒƒ QAs; online and social media website ƒƒ photos; and Mashable and other guest bloggers to ƒƒ videos relating to your business and get the best angle on every story and consumers. provide truly individual and valuable content. Checklist The project has been so successful, the Key points to remember when community almost has a brand of its creating great content own as a place for the cultivation and …… Know your brand’s voice and ensure all discussion of innovative business ideas. content aligns with it. …… Schedule content appropriately. Align promotions with key events you can leverage from, e.g. Christmas. 22 SIMPLY SOCIAL MEDIA: GETTING STARTEDSimply Social Media A5.indd 22 1/03/12 10:37 AM
  25. 25. Identifying your target audience One of the biggest challenges Checklist when first embarking on the social Getting to know your audience media journey is understanding Answer the following questions regarding your online audience. Without your audience to learn about their online doing the adequate research habits: you will fail to adequately inspire, …… Where do they hang out online? connect and engage. …… What types of conversations are they having? While you may understand how Twitter, …… What is the tone of the conversation, Facebook and the like work, do you really i.e. casual, professional? know who you are directing your social media efforts towards? And does this audience …… How will connecting with you online change dependent on your message? help them better their business, or improve their efficiencies? To truly understand your audience you have to take the time to listen, learn, test …… What is your competition up to? Is your and retry if needed. It is important for you audience engaging with them also? to understand not only what channels your …… Who else are they talking to online? audience resides in (e.g. Twitter), but how …… How do the various platforms differ, e.g. they interact with that channel. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn? …… How are they engaging with your TIP business offline? A great way to get to know your audience ‘Content is king’ and when it comes online is by becoming familiar with how to online it is no different. Creating Google Analytics works. Google tracks compelling, relevant, valuable content every interaction with your company’s is what will set you apart from the rest website, including if the referral source is and assist you in discovering what your social media. audience wants to see.  SIMPLY SOCIAL MEDIA: GETTING STARTED 23Simply Social Media A5.indd 23 1/03/12 10:37 AM
  26. 26. Measuring and monitoring your social media activity Whether you are just starting out in social media or are a seasoned veteran, it is important to understand that measuring and monitoring your brand online will be the key to your success. 24 SIMPLY SOCIAL MEDIA: GETTING STARTEDSimply Social Media A5.indd 24 1/03/12 10:37 AM
  27. 27. While there is no shortage of social media calculating the ROI of social media. Instead, monitoring tools available online, each has you must look back to your objectives of its own unique differences. It’s important to social media, measuring specifically against understand that the ever changing world these. of social media does not have an agreed upon metric for monitoring or measuring. Checklist How to measure and monitor your social media activity DESCRIPTION …… Define why you are monitoring Social media monitoring Is it because you want to be able to respond Otherwise known as ‘listening’, social quickly to your customers online, in real media monitoring is key in assisting time? Or perhaps you want to identify you to: people in need of your product or service? ƒƒ monitor your brand in real time; …… Decide where you are going to monitor ƒƒ listen to conversations; and Unfortunately, unless you have a large team ƒƒ learn with the aim of engaging, working on your social media efforts, it is assisting and collaborating with your difficult to be everywhere at once. audience online. Where you decide to monitor (listen) online should be where your current and Social media measurement prospective customers are hanging out. Specifically designed to measure metrics, …… Decide what you are going to monitor social media measurement will look at how areas of your social media presence Are you going to focus on keywords perform over a specified period of time, relating to your brand, e.g. name of e.g. click-throughs to your website. your company, product/services, and competitors? Or specific taglines relating The million-dollar question continues to to your most recent campaigns? be asked; what’s the return on investment (ROI) of social media? The problem with …… Choose the right tools this question is that there is no stand-alone With so many options to choose from, metric to measure its success. We often look identify the tools that will give you at social media as the end outcome, rather the results you are looking for without than the journey to the end outcome. exceeding your budget.  For example, we use social media to drive traffic to our websites as a form of lead generation. If the end outcome is to TIP generate a sale, the initial awareness and lead actually came from social media but There are many free tools available there is little way of knowing if an individual depending on the level of monitoring arrived at their decision as a result of clicking and measurement you require. through from your social media page to your website, only that they clicked through. A couple of favourites worth exploring include: Another example is using a business card Hootesuite: of which most of us have. Calculating the TweetDeck: ROI of a business card is just as accurate as SIMPLY SOCIAL MEDIA: GETTING STARTED 25Simply Social Media A5.indd 25 1/03/12 10:37 AM
  28. 28. Budgeting for your Social Media EFFORTS In 2012, it will be important for of priorities based on maturity level of the company. companies to allocate appropriate resources to social media. While the The key areas for spending fell across three areas: majority of resources will be based around time, monetary spend may 1. nternal system and process – staffing I resources, education and training, be necessary and companies should research and development. budget dependent on their social 2. ustomer interaction and initiatives – C media maturity level. spend on social networks. According to the Altimeter Group, who 3. Integration – brand monitoring, social surveyed 140 corporate social strategists, CRMs.  spending in a company varied greatly between three maturity levels: 1. Novice DEFINITION 2. Intermediate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 3. Advanced Customer relationship management In 2011, novice social media programs systems are used by businesses to track focused on getting internal systems and document all interactions with and processes geared for social media, customers and potential customers. intermediate programs focused on online customer interaction and initiatives, and advanced programs focused on integrating Important social media throughout the company and A core focus should be on adequately into the marketing mix. resourcing your social media activities Of those surveyed, 52% identified their by investing in staff to manage your maturity level as intermediate. The table on social media programs. the following page provides an overview 26 SIMPLY SOCIAL MEDIA: GETTING STARTEDSimply Social Media A5.indd 26 1/03/12 10:37 AM
  29. 29. Match Your Spending Priorities to Your Social Business Maturity Novice Intermediate Advanced Internal Priorities Appoint an ‘Open Leader’, Organise into a Hub and Empower stakeholders (for the Social Strategist, to forge Spoke model to scale Spokes) to deploy on their the program own Initiate an education Launch a formalised ‘Centre Weave social business program to train of Excellence’ into standard employee stakeholders education Create processes to hold Leverage solid graph in Ad Seek guidance from internal stakeholders and Marketing spend Boutique Agencies with accountable specialised expertise Customer-Facing Develop a rapid response Identify and empower Launch formalised Advocacy team influencers and customer programs Priorities advocates Work with existing agencies Leverage the crowd by Integrate social networks to deploy initial programs launching a Community onto the corporate website Platform Technology Invest in brand monitoring Invest in SMMS to manage Look ahead to Social and appropriate workflows increasing customer CRM: Begin to aggregate Priorities and processes demands disparate customer data Source: Altimeter Checklist: What is your social media maturity? Maturity Stage of social media program TICK Novice Testing and experimenting with social media Setting initial goals and objectives Assessing social media platforms and relevance Audience research and development Development of social media policies and procedure Deployment of training and education programs Exploring investing in social media monitoring tools Intermediate Dedicated person(s) responsible for implementing and driving social media activity Investment in building an online community; empowering customers to engage online Focused on fostering word of mouth referral Investment in social media management systems Exploration of outsourcing to a social media agency to assist in campaign development and management Advanced Allocation of a social media team to manage and drive social media activity Change to a social business implementing social CRMs Buy in from the entire company, each department integrating social media into their operations SIMPLY SOCIAL MEDIA: GETTING STARTED 27Simply Social Media A5.indd 27 1/03/12 10:37 AM
  30. 30. Social media as part of the marketing mix Social media over the past 5 years as such should be integrated into the way we do business. Social media is more than has turned from an opportunity another marketing tool. to share pictures with families and friends to a powerful word of mouth Checklist platform, assisting companies in Integrating social media into connecting with their consumers, your marketing mix building brand awareness and It’s more than setting up a Facebook page and sharing a few links, answer the communicating with potential following questions to assist in integrating customers and markets. social media: …… Why is it that you want to use social media, and what does a successful DESCRIPTION social media campaign look like to you? Marketing Mix For example, do you want more leads The marketing mix is a company’s tool to your website? to market their products and services. It …… What marketing messages do you want focuses around the ‘4 Ps’: to convey? Is it a special offer, or a great 1. Product new product launch? 2. Price …… Like other marketing tools, do you have a strategy in place? Ensure you have 3. Promotion some set goals and objectives. 4. Place …… Where is your target audience online? Where do they hang out and what are they talking about? As more and more people adopt the use of social media, marketers are …… How are you going to resource the forced to recognise the potential this management and engagement of communication tool has, and integrate it social media? into the marketing mix. …… Have you thought about measuring Gone are the days of blasting your your success? Even if there is little to audience with marketing messages and no upfront costs (aside from time) to expecting long-term growth. Social get started on social media, doesn’t media allows for two-way communication mean it shouldn’t be treated like any between a company and its consumer and other marketing tool, appropriately measured.  28 SIMPLY SOCIAL MEDIA: GETTING STARTEDSimply Social Media A5.indd 28 1/03/12 10:37 AM
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