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KliqPlan: Einfache Dateneingabe fur QlikView


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KliqPlan ist das erste von einer Reihe von "ExtensionObjects" von KT Labs. Es unterstützt die Dateneingabe in QlikView mit einem umfangreichen Satz von Funktionen einschließlich: Daten verteilen & zusammenführen, geschützte Summen, geschützte Zellen, intelligentes Einfügen, Änderungsprotokoll und einem Tabellen-Editor.

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KliqPlan: Einfache Dateneingabe fur QlikView

  1. 1. Budget initialization Smart data entry Adjustments & Allocations Simulation Modeling and configuration Workflow KliqPlan © KliqPlan © KliqCalc © KliqPlan © KliqTable © KliqCalc © KliqPlan © P&L, Balance sheet KliqPlan © KliqPlan © KliqCalc © KliqTable © KliqObjects© : take a tour in the Planning Suite!
  2. 2. KliqPlan© version 3 Smart data-entry for Budgeting & Planning in QlikView
  3. 3. KliqPlan© within your QlikView © documents KliqPlan is an Extension Object that allows performing data-entry from within QlikView
  4. 4. and directly reloaded in all KliqObjects KliqPlan© - Direct Access Architecture RDBMS Data inputed in KliqPlan are saved to a relational database (OLEDB)
  5. 5. Properties setting New Sheet Object : Just Drag&Drop to insert KliqPlan Ready to go! KliqPlan© as easy as QlikView© !
  6. 6. KliqPlan© within your QlikView © documents Smart data-entry  Audit trails  Smart Paste  WorkFlow  Cells locking  Blocked totals  Data spread&break -back
  7. 7. • Rows and columns reflect the current selection • Leverage Set Analysis to dynamically filter a document section based on the current KliqPlan row KliqPlan© - Full QlikView synchronisation Set Analysis objects
  8. 8. =150 +50 %10 Data Input, spread shortcuts, copy values and distribution KliqPlan© - Smart Data Entry Check box List box Icons
  9. 9. Enter the new total (row, column or grand total) to spread it back automatically. Work at an aggregate level with hierarchy-based top-down spread. KliqPlan© - Spread-back, Break-back
  10. 10. Use a QlikView expression to point at a base KliqPlan© - Base your budget on existing data base Previous Year Forecast Difference = 150,000 Variance = 14 Enter the difference or the % variance to recalculate the input
  11. 11. KliqPlan © $ $ input Save $ $ $ $ % % % % % Hierarchies Drivers Build the Allocation logic Detail level allocation Aggregated input Essential ingredient for : • Activity Based Costing • Driver-based Planning • Top-down Budgeting • Cost Analysis • Sales Targeting • Simulation models KliqPlan© - Dynamic Allocations KliqCalc ©
  12. 12. KliqPlan© - Smart Paste from Excel P1 P2 P3 P4 40 2 5 M1 M2 M3 M1 M2 M1 M2 P1 10 10 P2 1 1 5 P1 10 10 M1 M2 M1 M2 P1 3 10 P3 2 7 2 7 P1 P2 P3 P4 53 2 5 4 14 M1 M2 M3 Copy, Ʃn(P,M), Paste =replace Aggregation Aggregation & Consolidation Copy, Ʃn(P,M), Paste = add
  13. 13. Budget 2013 Base expression = sales Y-1 Sales 2013 + smart data entry KliqPlan New products + smart paste + smart data entry Create new product KliqTable QV Reload KliqPlan© - ...for an easy Budget creation Base expression = forecast Smart Paste New product forecast  Paste by reference  Detect code/description Automatic transposition
  14. 14. Every property can be set through a QlikView expression. KliqPlan© - Dynamic layouts! Properties - KliqPlan Settings Dimensions Expressions Input Base Lock Calculated columns Row Column Webserver Buffer Table In the expression you can: • Use document variables to simplify maintenance • Leverage the power of Set Analysis • Use any QlikView function (e.g. QVUser, Today, GetSelectedCount) • Manage conditions both from the document and from the SQL tables. KliqPlan therefore is a data-entry object whose behaviour can be dynamically set based on the context and business rules.
  15. 15.  Aligned colors to other QlikView objects  Workflow alert by cell (eg. If adjustment...)  Recently modified cells [by] ... KliqPlan© - More collaboration with notes & colors  QlikView expression driven notes edit mode  Comment texts stored in database  Dimensions-related comments  Linkable to workflow rules  Note highlighted & displayed in tooltip QlikView expression driven color-coding  On/Off Cell notes Color coding
  16. 16. KliqPlan© - Workflow with control panel
  17. 17. KliqPlan© - locking rules using QlikView© Expression eg : locking closed month while reforcasting
  18. 18. KliqPlan© - Audit Trail for each cell KliqPlan recognizes and uses automatically the following fields for audit trail: Field Name Field Type Description kp_user Nvarchar User name kp_created datetime2 Date/time of creation kp_modified datetime2 Date/time of last change
  19. 19. Interface: automatic, based on XML files. KliqPlan© - Dynamic localization Data: dynamic, based on QlikView Expressions
  20. 20. Revision 2Product /month Budget Initialization Smart Data Entry Collaboration Localization Segmentation Budgeting Session Product Budget approved Revision 1 Customer/month BudgetCreate new version  Product > Customer Explosion Reload ERP  SQL Product Budget KliqPlan© ...for budgeting and planning with QlikView
  21. 21. KliqCalc© version 3 Leverage your Excel© models for P&L, Simulations, Planning in QlikView
  22. 22. KliqCalc© for a financial approach • Driver-Based budgeting, P&L, Financial reports, Simulation… Multi sheet, Named cells, Cells format Excel-compatible integrated spreadsheet (270 functions) Data entry Break-Back Write-Back
  23. 23. KliqCalc© - Combine Excel and QlikView power • Use a simple Excel template to design your model, including formulas • Connect cells to QlikView calculation and current selection
  24. 24. KliqTable© version 3 Manage master tables and control the data repository
  25. 25. KliqTable© - Manage entities (versions, products...) Web Table Editor