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Snowder theory


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Snowder theory

  1. 1. By Katherine S.
  2. 2.  What is Cognitive Theory? Founders of Cognitive Theory Paivio Gagne Gardner Bloom Implications in the Classroom Teachers Students
  3. 3.  The idea that people require active participation to learn. Actions are a result of thinking. Continue…
  4. 4.  YES NO
  5. 5.  Cognitive theory believes that humans do not simply respond to environmental stimuli rather that we receive and... INTERPRET DATA BY THINKING! Menu Founders
  6. 6. ALLAN PAIVIO ROBERT GAGNE Founder of “Dual Code  Identified 5 categories of Theory” learning. He believed that people  Intellectual Skills, Cognitive Skills, Verbal Skills receive information , Attitudes and Motor Skills through verbal and nonverbal stimuli. Text and Images. Menu Continue
  7. 7. HOWARD GARDNER BENJAMIN BLOOM A professor at Harvard Questioned: University  “What does the student Established the Theory of know?” Multiple Intelligences.  “What are his interests? “ According to his theory,  “What are his physical there are 8 types of abilities?” intelligence: Established Bloom’sVerbal, Logical, Visual, Body, Taxonomy for classifyingMusical, Interpersonal, curriculum goals.Intrapersonal and Naturalist. Menu
  8. 8. Teachers whosubscribe to CognitiveTheory• Keep students actively engaged through participation. This could mean an interactive computer games or a question and answer period included in a lesson plan. Menu Students
  9. 9. Students who learn byCognitive Theory• Learn through text and images,• Require active participation.• May have various types of intelligence.