KServe enterprise products partnership opportunity 2010


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Channel partnership opportunity for world class enterprise software products for the Indian market. KServe products in the areas of CRM, ERP, HCM, Payroll, Custom Applications. Relevant for Infrastructure Solution Providers

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KServe enterprise products partnership opportunity 2010

  1. 1. Partnership Proposal – Kserve Enterprise Software Products<br />
  2. 2. A Low effort high return business opportunity<br />Partner with a world class product company<br />An array of world class enterprise application products<br />Proven in India with over 100 customers in the last 6 years<br />Responsive to partners, Indian HQ, flexibility, structured partner interaction<br />Growing rapidly<br />Get high returns<br />High level of incentives<br />End product pricing is very competitive despite high level of incentives<br />With an array of products you get a continuous stream of revenue<br />With low efforts<br />Your sales teams only have to refer qualified customer & set up initial appointment<br />We will do the rest<br />If you help us to close the deal the incentive is higher<br />No Investment<br />No inventories to be purchased, case driven<br />Enhance your brand/ your solution base/ customer bond<br />Cement your relationship with your customer<br />Obtain higher margins<br />
  3. 3. The KServe Enterprise Application Portfolio<br />KServeERP<br />(Construction, Real Estate,<br />Service Organizations,<br />Retail, Distribution)<br />Product Implementation<br /> Services<br />Hosted/ SaaS<br />Services<br />KServeCRM<br />(Hitech, Infrastructure,<br />Industrial Products,<br />Any direct selling <br />organization)<br />Kserve Payroll/ HR<br />On Demand<br />(Any Industry)<br />KServe<br />Foundation/<br />Platform<br />Custom<br /> Applications<br />(Web, SaaS,<br />Intranet, Product<br />Co-development)<br />KServeRetail<br />(Service Outlets e.g. <br />Salons/ Spa<br /><ul><li> POS, Integrated Outlets</li></ul>,HO)<br />Human Capital Mgmt.<br />(Full Suite – Any industry)<br />Custom Deliver/<br />Portfolio Support<br />Consulting<br />www.KServe.net<br />
  4. 4. KServeERP<br />Sales Force <br />Automation<br />Help Desk &<br />Support<br />Contracts, <br />& Orders<br />Shipment &<br />Billing<br />Receivables<br />Training<br />& HR <br />Administration<br />Purchasing<br />Payables<br />Inventory<br />Accounting<br />Marketing<br />Abcd Efgh<br />Abcd Efgh<br />Abcd Efgh<br />Production/<br />Assembly/<br />Execution<br />Abcd Efgh<br />Abcd Efgh<br />Employee<br />Life Cycle<br />Payroll<br />Performance<br />Management<br />Abcd Efgh<br />Abcd Efgh<br />Abcd Efgh<br />Abcd Efgh<br />Abcd Efgh<br />Abcd Efgh<br />Abcd Efgh<br />Abcd Efgh<br />Abcd Efgh<br />Abcd Efgh<br />CRM<br />Operations<br />Leave, Time &<br />Attendance <br />Abcd Efgh<br />Human<br />Capital<br />Mgmt.<br />Financials/<br />ERP<br />www.KServe.net<br />
  5. 5. www.KServe.net<br />KServeCRM<br />
  6. 6. KServeHCM<br />Payroll<br />Self Service<br />Training<br />Resource<br />Management<br />Back<br />Office<br />Self Service<br />Self Service<br />Back<br />Office<br />Back<br />Office<br />HR Core<br />& Employee<br /> Life Cycle<br />Loans &<br />Advances<br />Office/HR<br />Administration<br />Back<br />Office<br />Back<br />Office<br />Self Service<br />Self Service<br />Back<br />Office<br />Back<br />Office<br />Back<br />Office<br />Self Service<br />Self Service<br />Performance<br />Management<br />Recruitment<br />Self Service<br />Leave, Time &<br />Attendance<br />www.KServe.net<br />
  7. 7. www.KServe.net<br />KservePayroll & HR On demand<br />
  8. 8. www.KServe.net<br />Kserve Retail<br />
  9. 9. www.KServe.net<br />Custom Applications<br />Rapid development Platforms = Far Lower effort <br />= Faster/ Time to benefit<br />= Better Quality <br />= Much higher Success Probability<br />= Agility/ Adaptability<br />= Far Lower TCO (Total cost of operations)<br />
  10. 10. Short term Road Map<br />More Industry Specific solutions<br />Construction<br />Service Organizations (BPO, Professional Services, Retail)<br />More Products (Product, Cloud, Assembled)<br />Brand growth<br />Marketing Budgets<br />Internet<br />PR<br />Rapid customer growth<br />Partner driven growth pan India<br />Low level of application penetration to change rapidly<br />Pan India Partner network (well chosen partners)<br />Partner Portal enhancements for structured and transparent working relationships with partners<br />Confidential: Kallos Solutions Pvt. Ltd <br />www.KallosSystems.com & www.K-Serve.net<br />
  11. 11. Much better than partnering with multinational brands<br />Confidential: Kallos Solutions Pvt. Ltd <br />www.KallosSystems.com & www.K-Serve.net<br />
  12. 12. Simple next steps to sign up<br />Decision makers meeting (both organizations)<br />Agreement/ Incentive policy<br />1 Hour training to key sales team<br />Lead Exchange System Usage <br />Transparent tracking of leads/ closure<br />Basis for incentives<br />Call us at 044 42114664 or send a mail to georgejv@kallossystems.com<br />www.KServe.net<br />