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Caroline R


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Caroline R

  1. 1. GOODBYE Next
  2. 2. ACTION ANGLES GO WILDThis is a collage of action shots. I picked these because they all show tons ofaction. They also show some bursts of color in smaller places that you don’texpect. Back Next
  3. 3. WORDS OF WISDOMThese are the Wonderful Words of Wisdom. I chose these because there are littlebursts of light and specks of bright colors everywhere. I also chose these becausethey’re very strong words in our school. Back Next
  4. 4. Follow The Leading Lines I chose these because they are leading lines and some have a ton of brightcolors in them. I like how the crayon boxes’ lids lift up a tiny bit higher each time. I hopeyou like these as much as I do! Back Next
  5. 5. Tilted Pics These are some pictures of some angle changes in the camera. The change makes these photos look different.Back Next
  6. 6. O M DOUGHNUTS I know, mouth watering right? This picture has TWODOUGHNUTS! Yum….! There is a little splash of color near the bottomright in a bright pink highlighter! Next Back
  7. 7. MACRO STATIC It’s Macro-mazing! I used Super Macro on this picture. Also the light shining in from a nearby window makes it look SWEET! Next`Back
  8. 8. Smile for the Camera Everyone loves pictures. Except for people who don’t. The top pictureis of Grace while she (and the rest of our class) is walking down to the gym totake pictures. It shows people in front of Grace walking. In the bottom pictureI was taking pictures in 4B, I saw Mrs. Anderson and asked if she would posefor me! Bravo Mrs. Anderson and Grace! Next Back
  9. 9. Back BACKGROUNDS NEXT I chose these photos because I thought they would be great screensavers and backgrounds. They all look like they’re bright and ready to catch your eye.
  10. 10. HomeBack