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  1. 1. A Day in The Life of a Photographer By Ariel Next
  2. 2. I chose this picture because I love how the paintbrush reallystands out. I really wanted to focus on the brush becausewhen do you see a paintbrush up close? Next
  3. 3. Even though you almost never see a seashell in anart room I like this picture because of how all thecolors blend together and stand out. Next
  4. 4. This picture is a close up on a plant. I love howthe pink goes into yellow. This picture wastaken outside the science room. Next
  5. 5. I like these pictures because I loveall the different colors in them.These pictures was taken in the artroom. I also like these picturesbecause I remember doing thisproject in art class. Go Art! Next
  6. 6. These pictures are of bark on a tree. These pictures alsoshow leading lines. This picture was taken near outsidethe science room. I really like the picture on the left,how its sideways. Next
  7. 7. These are pictures of flowers.I found out how to make themdifferent colors. Next
  8. 8. CAR!!! !!!This is a picture of a car.Which one do you likebetter blue or red? I tookthis picture because Ithough it would be cool totake a picture of a car. Next
  9. 9. I took this picture because I lovehow the sunlight comes throughthe trees, and makes that purple Nextglow
  10. 10. I like the picture on the right because you can really see all the little lines in the leaves. Also I like how the sun falls on them.I like these picturesbecause they jump outat you! I really like thepicture on the leftbecause the leaves goout of the picture. Next
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