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Twitter is like a hammer.


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Short and to the point, an over simplified, easily digestible version of what Twitter is and how it can work.

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Twitter is like a hammer.

  1. 1. Twitter is like a hammer.
  2. 2. Twitter is like a hammer. One tool, two very different uses. KSLeBlanc for Aleuromedia LLC @KSL @TMahady
  3. 3. When you think of a hammer you probably think, like most people, that it's for driving nails. But a hammer has another job. The claw end of the hammer does significant work and shouldn't be overlooked. It can extract a nail driven deeply, with ease, exerting great leverage to pull it out of a tight binding. KSLeBlanc for Aleuromedia LLC @KSL @TMahady
  4. 4. Twitter is a tool much like that. Twitter is one way to drive your brand or push information. Every tweet, every link shared, every Re- Tweet, reflects and further defines your brand. But Twitter can be used to extract hyper- relevant pieces of information too. Information that might otherwise not have had the leverage, in the great online content world, to bubble up to a level of visibility that could be helpful. Without Twitter it would be very difficult to extract these pieces of information. KSLeBlanc for Aleuromedia LLC @KSL @TMahady