Teaching the teachers about social media.


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Daniel Webster College Faculty development presentation on social media in education.

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  • A question was asked “At risk of what?”
    So I proposed a question back, “What if you saw a colleagues profile say on LinkedIn, and it hadn’t been updated in 10-12 months. It was completely out of touch with his/her current role at work...would you feel they had been lacksidasical? Maybe even irresponsible? Would you simply feel they had a lack of commitment to the things they start? “

    “What if you were not on any social media platforms at all...would your students and colleagues or even employers feel you were “out of touch” or reluctant to change? “

    “Lets say you are using Facebook and connect with your incoming class online; What if you see picturesor video of an under age student drinking? What is your responsibility? Is it personal or professional?”

    “ .... If you do not carefully consider the goals you have, how social media can help achieve them, and what the rules of engagement will be you are at risk with an unknown number of potential consequences.”
  • As a student, is posting something on Twitter, about a test you already took and finished, cheating? Maybe. Maybe not all. But it’s up to the faculty and administration to clearly define the rules and share them.
  • When you watch the national weather forecast, you don’t feel insulted or overloaded when the reporter tells you what’s happening across the country, you just don’t pay special attention to it. Because we are humans we can actually take in a ton of information and filter it easily, noting what is relevant and important to us and ignoring the information that is of no consequence to us. When the forecaster talks about our area we suddenly “tune in” get the data we need and continue on. We understand that in a national weather forecast, while all of the information may not be important to us specifically, all of it is important to someone. Twitter is just like that.
  • KSL
    When you think of a hammer, you probably always think of the side we use to pound in a nail. If you’re new to Twitter and just hearing all the recent hub bub you may think it is not only used to hammer in a brand.

    A hammer though can also pull out something buried deep, it gives you leverage. Twitter is also like that...it is among the best search tools we have, its about relevancy.
  • Stats taken directly from this link http://ow.ly/liSy
  • http://www.columbiamissourian.com/stories/2009/08/05/what-do-you-think-using-social-media-sites-education-system/
  • KSL
  • KSL Web 2.0 introduced interaction with users - the first wiki that enabled people to cooperatively define and enhance public facing media. It opened up dialogue between business and customers, now businesses listen too.Participation in marketing has become “opt-in”, permission based
  • Teaching the teachers about social media.

    1. 1. Faculty Development Session DWC/ITT Social Media In Education Aleuromedia LLC www.aleuromedia.com KSLeBlanc
    2. 2. kelley@aleuromedia.com On Twitter @KSL Aleuromedia LLC www.aleuromedia.com KSLeBlanc
    3. 3. On the fence. Where are you? Already using it and Don’t believe it has want to a role in business Social know more. or educational organizations. Media Just plain terrified. Aleuromedia LLC www.aleuromedia.com KSLeBlanc
    4. 4. Just plain terrified. You may be right to be scared. • If you are not participating you are at risk. • If you are participating without a policy or a plan you are at risk. Aleuromedia LLC www.aleuromedia.com KSLeBlanc
    5. 5. “WORD of mouth scuppered their grand plans. It was the stuff of dreams: a hand-delivered sneak preview of what was in store on the labour-intensive English paper. Only in this case, the explosion of leaks and top-notch tips on Twitter, Facebook and Bebo were the nemesis of those already swotting up on the poets spotted in the advance reading of English 2” Twitter http://www.independent.ie/education/latest-news/paper-dream-dashed-by-internet-1762619.html Aleuromedia LLC www.aleuromedia.com KSLeBlanc
    6. 6. On the fence. Where are you now? Already using it and Don’t believe it has want to a role in business Social know more. or educational organizations. Media Aleuromedia LLC www.aleuromedia.com KSLeBlanc
    7. 7. On this side of the fence: Feeling Like There’s Too Much Noise? Aleuromedia LLC www.aleuromedia.com KSLeBlanc
    8. 8. Consider This Aleuromedia LLC www.aleuromedia.com KSLeBlanc
    9. 9. Consider This It’s important to someone Aleuromedia LLC www.aleuromedia.com KSLeBlanc
    10. 10. It’s About Relevancy Twitter is like a hammer. One tool, two very different uses. Aleuromedia LLC www.aleuromedia.com KSLeBlanc
    11. 11. Twitter and Educators • 21.9 percent of respondents say they are "familiar" or "very familiar" with Twitter. • Of those who use Twitter, 21 percent say they "frequently" use it to collaborate with colleagues; 15.6 percent do so "occasionally." • Of those who use Twitter, 7.2 percent "frequently" use it as a learning tool in the classroom; 9.4 percent do so "occasionally." • 71.8 percent of current Twitterers expect their usage to increase this school year. • 20.6 percent of current non-Twitter users say there is a "50/50 chance" they will use Twitter as a learning tool in the classroom in the next two years. • 12.9 percent of respondents say they tried Twitter, but stopped using it because it took too much time, they did not find it valuable, or a combination of reasons. http://ow.ly/liSy Aleuromedia LLC www.aleuromedia.com KSLeBlanc
    12. 12. Twitter and Educators “The MU Facebook network now has about 45,000 profiles attached to it. The UM system has used Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and podcasts for 18 months, spokeswoman Jennifer Hollingshead said, and many MU departments have social networking pages such as Facebook or Twitter.” http://www.columbiamissourian.com/stories/2009/08/05/what-do-you-think-using-social-media-sites-education-system/ Aleuromedia LLC www.aleuromedia.com KSLeBlanc
    13. 13. Blog roll edu org Program Blogs Program Blogs Writers Forum Visual Arts Forum PowerCampus Cvent Angel, BlackBoard Aleuromedia LLC www.aleuromedia.com KSLeBlanc
    14. 14. School Class of Class of Cause Page Alumni/Group Class of Alumni/Group Class of Alumni/Group Alumni/Group School Fan Page School Facebook Network MFA | MBA MFA | MBA MFA | MBA Program Group Program Group Program Group Program Program Program Fan Page Fan Page Fan Page student/faculty student/facult other profiles student/faculty student/facult other profiles Profile Page student/faculty Fan Page student/facult other profiles Profile Page student/faculty Fan Page student/facult other profiles Profile Page Fan Page other profiles Profile Page Fan Page other profiles other profiles Aleuromedia LLC www.aleuromedia.com KSLeBlanc
    15. 15. My Surprise BA, MBA and MFA students graduating without having a LinkedIn profile students using Facebook that do not know how to set permission levels to their content marketing students graduating without understanding the evolution of marketing and the effects of web 2.0 students with almost no understanding of how social media affects businesses Aleuromedia LLC www.aleuromedia.com KSLeBlanc
    16. 16. My Surprise administrators trying to silence or restrict conversation about the school in social media institutions leaving real relationships at the curb misunderstandings about the cost to implement and maintain social media efforts lack of organizational social media policy and/ or plan omission of Facebook advertising for recruitment Aleuromedia LLC www.aleuromedia.com KSLeBlanc
    17. 17. My Surprise faculty and staff members engaging in social media platforms without social media policy or plans defined faculty without their demonstrated thought leadership available or accessible online faculty unaware of just how social media has evolved and the resulting changes in communication Aleuromedia LLC www.aleuromedia.com KSLeBlanc
    18. 18. High school students interviewed say... they had one class period in middle school that discussed internet danger they do not have media literacy as a course or even a focus in another course offered in their curriculum teachers still prefer work submitted as hard copies students may not reference wikipedia in the bibliographies but are left to decide if other sites are legitimate using their best judgement only half of the students were aware of their school having a social media policy FACT: These students use social media every single day. Aleuromedia LLC www.aleuromedia.com KSLeBlanc
    19. 19. SocMed 101 Aleuromedia LLC www.aleuromedia.com KSLeBlanc
    20. 20. SocMed 101 Aleuromedia LLC www.aleuromedia.com KSLeBlanc
    21. 21. Focus Evolution of Marketing Personal Brand Social Media Plan Social Media Policy Brand Equity Aleuromedia LLC www.aleuromedia.com KSLeBlanc
    22. 22. Evolution of Marketing Social Media Aleuromedia LLC www.aleuromedia.com KSLeBlanc
    23. 23. Broadcast Photo credit : fxgeek's photostream licensed through Creative Commons Photo credit: Human Productivity Lab, licensed through Creative Commons All of these channels pushed a message. The audience participated by listening and buying. Aleuromedia LLC www.aleuromedia.com KSLeBlanc
    24. 24. Evolution of Marketing The audience participates on all levels now. Evaluating, promoting, advising, requesting. Aleuromedia LLC www.aleuromedia.com KSLeBlanc
    25. 25. The Best Thing That Happened to Me as an Educator This Year - The Equity Equation Aleuromedia LLC www.aleuromedia.com KSLeBlanc
    26. 26. The Equity Equation “As part of this class we were asked to create an equity equation that would allow us to evaluate the cost of a personal brand. To do this I researched how much it would cost to turn 1 million potential consumers into sales using traditional marketing means such as radio, TV, newspaper, and billboard. Although there is no right or wrong answer to what the value of a brand is I was able to create an equation that I feel is a decently accurate representation of brand equity. According to my equation it would cost about $1,180,080 to convert 4 million impressions into 1 million sales. Creating an equity equation was more an exercise in thinking outside of the box and finding new ways to research than an exercise in accuracy. ” Aleuromedia LLC www.aleuromedia.com KSLeBlanc
    27. 27. Innovate and Recommend Aleuromedia LLC www.aleuromedia.com KSLeBlanc
    28. 28. Innovate and Recommend “I have several recommendations for the school that can all be summed up in one word: teach. Teach the faculty and staff members (especially the account administrations) about social media. Teach them how to use social networking sites and how valuable using them can be when they are used correctly. “ Aleuromedia LLC www.aleuromedia.com KSLeBlanc
    29. 29. Innovate and Recommend Aleuromedia LLC www.aleuromedia.com KSLeBlanc
    30. 30. Innovate and Recommend Aleuromedia LLC www.aleuromedia.com KSLeBlanc
    31. 31. Innovate and Recommend “...it should be a requirement for every student to take a class on social media. Half of the battle on Facebook could be avoided if students understood that everything they say and do online is visible to everyone, meaning the school and potential employers. At this point in time graduates are having a hard time getting jobs because there are so many people graduating. Making yourself stand out in any way possible will give you a an advantage over all of the other graduate, and the way to do that is to create an online presence and a personal brand.” Aleuromedia LLC www.aleuromedia.com KSLeBlanc
    32. 32. Additional Resources May be inappropriate for some audiences...however at least 268,423 people have already seen this on slideshare alone http://www.slideshare.net/mzkagan/what-the-fk-is-social-media-one-year-later http://www.slideshare.net/KSLeBlanc http://search.twitter.com/search.atom?q=twitter%20in%20education http://techlearning.com/article/20896 http://www.columbiamissourian.com/stories/2009/08/05/what-do-you-think-using-social- media-sites-education-system/ http://www.saycampuslife.com/2009/08/25/do-your-professors-use-twitter/ http://teacherbootcamp.edublogs.org/2009/08/18/edchat-join-the-conversation/
    33. 33. kelley@aleuromedia.com On Twitter @KSL Aleuromedia LLC www.aleuromedia.com KSLeBlanc