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Soc meded nhwehl-4-9-2010


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Keynote delivered to the New Hampshire Women in Higher Education Leadership (NHWHEL) April 9, 2010 at Franklin Pierce in Rindge, NH.

There are many questions and possibilities to consider when thinking about the potential impact social media could have on our lives and in our professions. We'll discuss the tools, the troubles, and the teachable moments related to the impact of social media on today's culture.

How is social media changing our work? How did we get to where we are today? What we need to do to be there for our students now. Looking ahead, where are we going?

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Soc meded nhwehl-4-9-2010

  1. 1. SocMedEd NHWHEL Keynote (not the Keynote you were expecting) Aleuromedia PO Box 10251 Bedford NH 03110 (603) 233-5078 Follow AleuroSolutions on Facebook Follow @Aleuro on Twitter
  2. 2. Why I’m Here @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078
  3. 3. If you don’t know... ...ask. Last September I created a short survey targeting middle school, high school and college students. I used Facebook and Twitter to share the survey and request participation. This is what I learned. @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078
  4. 4. Durham, NH Longmeadow, MA Orono, ME Indianapolis, IN Howe, OK Bedford, NH High School Middle School Eastern TN, Knox County Plymouth, NH College Astoria, NY Manchester, NH Bethelehem, NH @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078
  5. 5. @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078
  6. 6. Daily Few Times Daily Not Daily Several Times Daily OCD Hourly @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078
  7. 7. 3-5 hours I’m always connected 2-3 hours 1-2 hours Less than 1 hour @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078
  8. 8. They list home They talk about it but work on it don’t use it for school Using it - Can use to talk to professor - Sometimes if it comes up in conversation - A lot of my teachers constantly use Youtube Not at all ? @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078
  9. 9. No Clue ? Yes and Yes but I don’t know I know what it is what it is @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078
  10. 10. Q. Have you ever had a "stranger danger" or "internet safety" class in school? What grade? How long was the class? Did you learn anything you didn't already know? “in 8th grade there was a seminar we went to about internet safety, but it was optional and I don’t remember it very well.” “No. We had a police officer come into my 3rd grade class, and he vaguely mentioned the internet, since it wasn't that big at the time.” “yes, in elementary school. i don't remember the class, and all the stuff we learned was stuff i already knew.” “I don't think we have a class like that in my school.” @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078
  11. 11. Q. If you could learn more about how to really use Facebook and MySpace as a class in school, would you want to take it? Yes! Yes! “i am on facebook so much, i think Yes! “Yes!” i could actually TEACH that “possibly. i probably wouldn't take it as an elective though but i wouldn't mind it if it was mandatory” “What is there to even talk about, i mean people like me that have had these things for years already know everything we need to know about it.” @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078
  12. 12. I’d never want my employer to see my profile Yes Job Shmob No @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078
  13. 13. They Can’t Yes Maybe No @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078
  14. 14. Yeah but... Never thought about it No Maybe @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078
  15. 15. #FAIL So our kids are using these tools, online for hours every day, and they are pretty sure that what they are doing will matter in ten years, might effect college, and may effect their job... ...but no one is taking responsibility to teach them? @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078
  16. 16. “What we have here, is a failure to communicate” @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078
  17. 17. “This new media environment can be enormously disruptive to our current teaching methods and philosophies. As we increasingly move toward an environment of instant and infinite information, it becomes less important for students to know, memorize, or recall information, and more important for them to be able to find, sort, analyze, share, discuss, critique, and create information. They need to move from being simply knowledgeable to being knowledge-able.” Michael Wesch @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078
  18. 18. “Change has a considerable psychological impact on the human mind. To the fearful it is threatening because it means that things may get worse. To the hopeful it is encouraging because things may get better. To the confident it is inspiring because the challenge exists to make things better.” -King Whitney, Jr. @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078
  19. 19. Do you even speak my language? If you’re not using these tools you’re not speaking the right language - you’re a little like a first year ESL student in American Lit Honors @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078
  20. 20. On the One Side.. If you do connect with students online then you If you let the will appear more walls down and approachable in allow the students person. to see everything then you’ve lost control. @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078
  21. 21. You’re gonna need 4P’s Plan Policy Privacy Participation @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078
  22. 22. I come bearing gifts from Twitter users @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078
  23. 23. I come bearing gifts from Twitter users WKUAdmissions    @KSL it's the simple act of reaching out to students where they are; 73% on sm sites updating daily. Many profs think it's just a trend. WKUAdmissions    @KSL, social media is not just a trend & they should dedicate human & financial resources to regularly maintaining a presence. @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078
  24. 24. I come bearing gifts from Twitter users @SocialMediaInEd    @KSL Understand that they need to proactive in integrating social media into the classroom. @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078
  25. 25. I come bearing gifts from Twitter users @SocialMediaInEd @KSL That the way people communicate and obtain information is changing, we HAVE to consider and explore new ways to change with it. #edchat @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078
  26. 26. I come bearing gifts from Twitter users @cytochromec    @KSL the future of ed is personalized/informal learning. institutions role will be to track and mentor instead of provide info @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078
  27. 27. I come bearing gifts from Twitter users @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078
  28. 28. Recap of the Problem Do you believe we have a problem? We can’t lead if we don’t know where we’re going ... you must embrace Social Media -its more operations than marketing folks. We need to understand that the entire way we’ve gone about sharing and communicating has shifted We must be proactive and protective of our own and our kids’ personal brands @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078
  29. 29. The Best Thing That Happened to Me as an Educator Last Year - The Equity Equation @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078
  30. 30. The Equity Equation “Creating an equity equation was more an exercise in thinking outside of the box and finding new ways to research than an exercise in accuracy. ” @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078
  31. 31. Innovate and Recommend @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078
  32. 32. Innovate and Recommend “I have several recommendations for the school that can all be summed up in one word: teach. Teach the faculty and staff members (especially the account administrations) about social media. Teach them how to use social networking sites and how valuable using them can be when they are used correctly. “ @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078
  33. 33. Innovate and Recommend @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078
  34. 34. I & R Cont. @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078
  35. 35. I & R Cont. “ should be a requirement for every student to take a class on social media. Half of the battle on Facebook could be avoided if students understood that everything they say and do online is visible to everyone, meaning the school and potential employers. At this point in time graduates are having a hard time getting jobs because there are so many people graduating. Making yourself stand out in any way possible will give you a an advantage over all of the other graduate, and the way to do that is to create an online presence and a personal brand.” @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078
  36. 36. The Future Imagine this... collective education collaborative learning real demonstration of learned skills everyone opts-in to have an informed opinion @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078
  37. 37. Resources Harnessing the Power of Social Networks On SlideShare KSLeBlanc Moodle is a Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). EDU folks on Twitter @Aleuro @KSL It is a Free web application that educators can @johnherman @ShellTerrell use to create effective online learning sites. On Twitter search #edchat Join us on Tuesday. change-change.html Great TwitList Source professions/education/ learning language with social support @KSL KSLeBlanc 603.233.5078