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  1. 1. RESUME NAME: Kshitij Pandey MOBILE: +91-9560088427 EMAIL: Electronics & Instrumentation Engineer from ITM University: 2007 pass out with 74% marks. Work Experience: 8 years of experience in Instrumentation Industry Validation Protocol development in Agilent International Cross Lab R&D Engineering, Test Case Development for Validation of Protocols ,Services Development for IQ/OQ/PQ of Lab Analyzers, Reliability Centred Maintenance study, Reliability Instrumented System study, Meridium Implementation, Inventory Management, Condition Monitoring based on Vibration and acoustic tool, Gas Analyzer technique expert for online and laboratory applications, Field instrumentation, Product Life cycle analysis and implementation for marketing development , Product Life span analysis, Interchangeability Study, RCA study, Standard Maintenance Procedure preparation, Team leader , handling 3 supervisors and 12 technicians, Business Cost effectiveness for project implementation, Technical procurement adviser, Agilent R&D Certified GC Instructor for Field Service Engineer, Site Level Analyze faculty for RIL Engineers ( I ) Present Designation : Reliability Engineer- Instrumentation Company : SADAF Petrochemicals (SABIC & SHELL Affiliate) AL Jubail, Saudi Arabia Service Period : From Nov 2014  System study for Reliability improvement for SADAF Petrochemical complex.  Working with cross discipline teams and finding pain areas for further system analysis.  Failure analysis for entire range of Analytical instruments installed online in process & laboratories.. Analysing solutions for the failures performing Root cause analysis,to improve availability of the system..  Implementing study using Meridium Software for Reliability& availability of the system.  Life cycle management and finding implementing obsolescence management.  Finding alternate vendor source to reduce the cost factor.  Designing service documents & train engineer to implement standard maintenance practices.  Analyzing business cost effectiveness for the study and implementation performed.
  2. 2. Last Employer Designation : R&D Engineer Company : Agilent Technologies International Pvt Ltd IMT, Gurgaon Service Period : From 18th March 2013 to 10 Nov 2014 RESPONSIBILITIES:  Certified GC Instructor for Field Service Engineer at Agilent( R&D Cross lab, San Jose California,USA)  GAS Analyser expert for multi-vendor services. Working on different ranges of Gas & Liquid analysers for various makes and models. Headspace technology experience.  Product Life cycle documentation and market release as per the deal driven/roadmap requirement.  Developing deal driven projects and achieving quick wins for best outcomes in a short time span.  Roadmap project development following the best practices and standard guidelines.  Compliance engine validation for the developing builds and Test case generation for full proof system implementation on market release.  Developing validation protocols for various ranges of instruments. Developing Qualification tests for performance verification as per standards.  Inventory modelling and procurement as per the requirement. Inventory identification for all sites located globally after determining the market statistics. Categorizing spares as per their consumption history and capital investment.  Analysing problems faced by the Field Engineers and providing training to develop their skills for fast and competitive troubleshooting.  Troubleshooting & solution provider for escalated instrumentation issues from field and generating service notes for the same.  Agilent 7890 certification program cleared with hands on training.  Part number generation and guiding the inventory controller for the required quantity and
  3. 3. storage area among all global stores in different regions of globe. Previous Employer Designation : Manager (Instrumentation Department) Central Engineering Services/ Shutdown Engineer Company : Reliance Industries Limited,(Petrochemical Division) Vadodara Manufacturing Division Service Period : From 24th July. 2008 to 15th March 2013 MAJOR ACTIVITES PERFORMED:  MAPD Beckman 6750 obsolete GC revival. Got Appreciation by management for this project on 26 Jan 2010.  ABB 3501 Multi wave analyser problem rectification in BBH plant. Got Appreciation by management for this project on 15 Aug. 2009  Life Cycle document preparation for existing active/obsolete analyser and vibration monitoring system. Inventory planner and technology up gradation team member.  Radioactive Source disposal for 45 numbers for CO, Cs &Fe. Project carried out with BARC with no consultancy with third party.  Reapplication of GAS chromatograph used for single stream SCS to multiple streams. Also changed the application from Chlorides application to effluent analysis, achieved it using modifications in oven compartment.  Machine conditioning and Monitoring system- Bentley Nevada make 3500 vibration monitoring system detailed knowledge.GE certified training attended and successfully completed the validation program.  Team member of RCA committee for cooling tower pump motor failure. Implementing reliability plans based on recommendation.  Hands-on experience on HPLC system/s Waters Acquity standard and H-class.  Certified engineer on Agilent 7890 Gas chromatograph.  Loss Prevention CAPEX project lead member for RIL VMD, Gas detection system commissioning with standard requirement. Project costing appx 20000000 INR  Hands on experience on field instruments e.g. Mass Flow meter, Level transmitters, Volumetric Flow meters, Temperature transmitters.
  4. 4.  Technical scrutiny for spares procurement.  Inventory control and management for Vibration monitoring system.  SAP codes enrichment for inventory centralization and provide transparent access globally. Previous Employer Designation : Service Engineer Company : Lab India Instruments Pvt. Ltd. Period : From 28th May 2007 to 12th July 2008. JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: -Installation, calibration and trouble shooting of complete range of Applied Bio systems Mass Specs. TECHNICALSKILLS: - Systems worked with: -  Mass Spectrometers Quad Pole type: Make-Applied Bio systems Models( API 2000, API 3000 , API 4000 , API 3200 and "TRAP" systems)  HPLC- Waters Acquity standard & H-class (UPLC), Dionex Summit series.  Bently Nevada Make Vibration Monitoring system( BN 7200 ,BN 3300 AND BN 3500)  Gas Chromatographs (MAKE and model : ABB (PGC 2000 and PGC 3000), Hamilton Fxi-5 , Siemens (Maxum II,Optichrom-Applied Automation) , Beckman , Foxboro 931 C(Hamilton) , Varian-CP 3800, Chemito-1000),Perkin Elmer Auto system XL,Agilent7890  Oxygen analyzer, trace as well as percent level measurement. (Make-Teledyne, Servomex, Ametek)  Indirect Level Measurement: Berthold Nucleonic Level Guages for both Rod source and Point switches  Moisture Analyser: GE Parametric mms and Shaw.  Thermal Desorber : PE ATD 650

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