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Watch Out for coming editions

  1. 1. agenda presents opportunitiesfor organisations like Medway& Swale Small Business Lead-ers Forum to step forward andprovide much needed localisedservices, local solutions andhelp establish a local networkfor businesses to engage with.At its heart, the Big Society isalso an advocate for innovationand enterprising ventures; it’stherefore fitting that MSBLF,leading by example, displaysmany of the qualities its mem-bers will look to emulate.Medway and Swale share thecommon bond of geographyand therefore, are more likelyto share similar needs. Overthe next few years, theseneeds may intensify and varyhowever, business supportnetworks like MSBLF will proveinvaluable in helping smallbusinesses meet these chal-lenges together whilst main-taining their competitive edge.Small busi-nesses areoften said toprovide thebedrock ofsociety andthe localcommunitieswhich theyserve - fromtrusted localtradesmen tolong estab-lished, family-owned restaurants to independ-ent convenience stores. Eachcommunity has them and Med-way & Swale are no different.Small and medium sized busi-nesses’ overall contribution to oureconomy is unrivalled. In Kentand the South East alone, smalland medium-sized businessesaccount for over 99% of all enter-prises and generating over£500,000 million in revenue,underscoring their importance toeconomy. We do however, un-doubtedly face challenging eco-nomic times for small businesses.With the launch of the MedwaySwale Small Business LeadersForum (MSBLF) micro and smallbusinesses can now managebetter than before and survive thedifficult financial climate.The deep cut in public expendi-ture has no doubt affected theprospect for upcoming, new andless established small businessesand to protect, strengthen and sus-tain the sector which largely de-pends on statutory guidelines,KSEN has created an interactivesocial and economic plat-form for entrepreneurs toactively engage networkand prosper.To tackle the identifiedshortfalls and promote thesustainability and growth ofsmall businesses throughMSBLF, ‘The Big LotteryFund’ awarded a grant tothe Kent Small EnterpriseNetwork.The maiden edition of‘KentConnect’ has beendedicated by KSEN to the suc-cess of MSBLF in providing up-coming and prominent entrepre-neurs and small business opera-tors opportunity to network, robminds, share ideas and bestpractices and lessons learnt,debate andcontribute togovernmentpolicies andactions thatcould createsustainablecommunities.Tribute to MSBLFI N S I D E T H I SI S S U E :Living your dream in arecession2Big Society: all bluffand no bite?3Changing how com-munities work4MSBLF…Making ofthe Big Society5Taking your businessto the next level.6Karen Hurley toChair MSBLF7The Riots:Race and Class8MSBLF Groundbreaking LaunchKentConnectO C T . / D E C . 2 0 1 1V O L U M E 1 , I S S U E 1KentConnect providesthe enabling environ-ment for its readers topositively interact onbig ideas, challengeand promote goodpolicies, circulatewealth of informationand enhance prosperityin the face of austerity.KentConnect —a must to read!Good Wishes fromBank of EnglandThe Government has swiftlytackled the deficit with a credi-ble plan but, in doing so hasalso made supporting thesebusinesses, whilst supportingthe start-up of new enterprisesa priority through specific policymeasures: the exemption on allnew domestic regulations formicro-businesses employingless than 10 employees andgenuine new start-ups; NationalI n s u r a n c e Co n t ri b u ti o ndiscounts for new firms; extend-ing the Enterprise Financescheme and doubling thelifetime limit of EntrepreneursRelief. Although these are im-portant and welcome measuresdirected at fostering entrepre-neurship and relieving some ofthe burden on small busi-nesses, providing support can-not be left to Whitehall alone.The Government’s Big SocietyTracey Crouch MPChatham & Aylesford“Speaking as a Member ofParliament representing partof MSBLF’s catchment area,I very much look forward toworking with them”MSBLF ….. Leadingby exampleBig Society a hardsell with no money?9Global Entrepreneur-ship Week11Social enterprisesleading the UK …..12Unfounded Myths,UKEnterprise Barriers13
  2. 2. P A G E 2Social Enterprises andentrepreneurs needspace to develop,interact communicateand network , theMedway Swale SmallBusiness LeadersForum provides justthat.To connect with MSBLFEmail:ksencic@live .co.ukLIVING YOUR DREAM...IN A RECESSIONK E N T C O N N E C TThere are almost five million small businesses inthe UK and they are ideally positioned to drive oureconomic recovery. Not only that, but they can alsostrengthen communities and help revive Cameron’sflagging Big Society project. Small businesses arepart of the social fabric of any place: whereas inter-national companies tend to base their business strate-gies on global considerations and relocate with littleconsideration for the impact on the local community.Size is as important in business as ownership. Manyinnovative younger people do not differentiate be-tween public and private at the small business level;some are sole traders, others public interest compa-nies or partnerships – many want to succeed in busi-ness but are also interested in adding public- value.For them small businesses, local community organi-sations and social enterprises have a lot in common.They employ local people and are locally connected– however they also lack the capital to start up andfinance to manage cash flow problems.In Manchester, smallbusinesses are anxious,they face rising costs,VAT increases, signifi-cant reductions in tradeand little access to fi-nance. Large clients arecutting back and custom-ers are readjusting theirspending as consumerconfidence flatlines.Public institutions and companies are returningto being insular and insulating themselves fromthe daily stress of cash-flow problems. Smallenterprises are coping with the same problems aslarger companies but with fewer people andmuch less credit and resources. SMEs carry theresponsibility of local revival but are subject tounfair financial and tax practices.Are you Medway or Kent base and thinking of starting a business or already running a business or have been inbusiness for years with one, five to ten staff, the Medway Swale Small Business Leaders Forum (MSBLF) isideal for you. MSBLF is a forum for entrepreneurs, micro and small businesses and established to initiate strate-gies and techniques for growth in business income and client base. MSBLF is a platform that facilitateseconomic growth, skills development, promotes strong partnerships and social media networking.No matter how small your business is either run from a premises or directly from home MSBLF is created topromote simple and practical ways of building a business that meet entrepreneurs individual needs and helpthem to realise their potentials, their dreams, increase income, gain more free time and get back to enjoying lifethrough strategic economic and social networking. For your FREE membership of MSBLF – an emerging‘Chamber of Small Entrepreneurs’ (CSE) write to and subscribe for a FREE copy of‘KentConnect’ your authoritative local business eNewsletter.The Chancellor could support socialenterprise and SMEs by:• Increasing the VAT turnover startingpoint to £150K• Freeze or reduce NI payments for staff• Provide national funding for smallersocial innovation projects.• Develop models of finance for invest-ment in all small enterprises.• Invest in Digital Access as a utility.• Provide financial support for infrastruc-ture bodies that stimulate innovation, mar-ket access, supplier chain networks andknowledge exchange.The Government should also be aware thatwomen are losing public sector jobs fasterthan men. Many innovative social venturestend to be run by women and investment inwomen’s businesses has been shown togenerate greater return than otherinvestment.“So how can the chancellor supportwomen entrepreneurs? One way is toinvest in childcare provision for womensocial entrepreneurs and protectSure Start.”Government could:• Extend VAT and NI holidays to beyond thestart-up phase• BIS could support SMEs on the ground withroving mentors to tackle cash-flow etc andrelay problems to the banks.• And the Small Business Federation to workwith Business Schools to access problem solvingsupport from MBAs.• Incentivise HE work placements andinterns.Dr Su Maddock, is a Senior Fellow MIOIR.Research, Manchester Business School,University of Manchester, MBSThe Unemployed, Social Enterprise and Small Businesses“It is not just ‘start-ups’ thatneed support – it’s twoyears down the track thatmost small businessesstruggle. Creating theconditions for growth isabout creating the space forsocial enterprise and smallbusiness to grow andexperiment.”
  3. 3. Big Society: all bluff and no bite?K E N T C O N N E C TV O L U M E 1 , I S S U E 1R h e t o r i c h a ssurrounded the trinityof the Big Society,localism and socialenterprises – allegedlythe potent mix neededto turn around thesocial and economiccrisis – but they appearto lack bite, says StuartJackson, founder ofSchools4Life, whichhelps local authoritiesand PCTs navigate theuncertain economiclandscape and sustaina vital health agenda.For full transcript log on to Curley will in March ‘12 retireas Chief Executive of NAVCA.Under his strong leadership NAVCAhas become a credible, financiallystable and highly respected nationalinfrastructure organisation whichspeaks for and effectively supports itsmembers.According to NAVCA Chairman “Thedeparture of an effective Chief Execu-tive inevitably creates uncertainty in anorganisation, more so if you are justemerging from a difficult period of re-structuring.We havet h e r e f o r edecided top r o c e e dw i t h o u tdelay to thebusiness offinding asuccessorto Kevin”.Kevin has been nominated for the KentChampion of Entrepreneurship (KCE) Awards.Policy Framework for consultationwhich closes on 17 October 2011.The key part of the reform is tomake the planning system lesscomplex and more accessible, andto promote sustainable growth.For a copy of the consultation draftvisit are keen to hear your views, helpful-comments and contribution on Policyframework as it affects you, your family,your community and business.Write to us at kentconnectemail: “NationalPlanning PolicyFramework” is toreplace all previ-ous regulations.The Governmenthas publishedthe draft Na-tional PlanningDraft National Planning Policy for ConsultationHunt for New CEO at NAVCAKevin at NAVCA Conference 2010Kevin flanked by Abdul MohammedKSEN Group CEO (left) & SajidHashmi NAVCA Treasurer (right)Social enterprises have often been the poor mans innovation, tarred with an altruisticbrush and excused from market demands. But with central government facing thechallenge of reducing the national debt by £80bn and the expectation of innovative newways of working, social enterprises and a spate of mutuals are starting to emerge ascost-effective, sustainable community models to tackle ingrained social and healthinequalities.The risks of partnerships and setting up a social enterprise are high – both financiallyand relationally – as it requires a mindset transition which isnt easy in the political andeconomic circumstances that were in; it is a changing landscape for everyone.Its painful to discuss a new cooperative when many organisations are experiencing theloss of safety and security that significant government funding brings.With the move away from centralised, costly, top-down infrastructure, social enterprisesare free from nationally driven targets and in a unique position to be demand-led,adapting their services to local priorities, while responding to wider social determinantsof health and academic attainment.We are all experiencing new economic challenges as we respond to and tackle long-term behaviour issues such as obesity, teenage pregnancy, and raising aspirations toimprove academic attainment.These issues arent going to disappear like government funding has and they arentgoing to improve with hit-and-run campaigns. I believe its only through long-term, co-created partnerships and evidence-based interventions that we will begin to see thesehealth inequalities tackled, aspirations raised and academic outcomes achieved, and Iwould encourage every leader to consider the sustainability of their health andwellbeing provision in their locality.
  4. 4. P A G E 4In reality, the machinery ofgovernment remains poorat connecting to andcommissioning with SMESand the same is true forlocal voluntaryorganisations and socialenterprises. The Big Societycannot work so long as thisremains the case and theCoalition continues tocentralise ‘localism’.- Dr. Su Maddock, MBSInstitute for Innovation ResearchS u s t a i n o u rCommunities….Its time for Govern-ment, the Civil Soci-ety & the PrivateSector to build trust& work in harmony.- ksenAre you an Enterprising Graduate?Blow your whistle, Get RecognisedChanging how communities workKSEN advances social capitalby forging growth and thesustainability of micro andsmall enterprises through thepromotion of skills, employ-ment, entrepreneurship andsocial networking amongKent’s thriving, failing andimpending entrepreneurs.In building a strong economyand prosperous communitythrough support for entrepre-neurship and enterprise, thepromotion of thrust, restora-tion of confidence, sharedpartnership, and communityownership among operators ofsmall enterprises, the civilsociety and government,KSEN promotes andstrengthens the Big Societythrough the establishment,growth and sustainability ofMedway and Swale SmallBusiness Leaders Forum(MSBLF), and the yet to beconstituted Kent ‘Civil Soci-ety & Employers Forum(CSEF)For a slide of the power pointpresentation made at KentScience Park by KSENGroup Chief Executive,Abdul D. Mohammedplease visit: Public ServiceAwards, running in partner-ship with Hays, are for allorganisations involved incommissioning or deliver-ing public services,whether they sit in thepublic, private or voluntarysectors.Now in their eighth year,the awards consistentlyproduce inspiring examplesAwards: GuardianPublic Services Awards2011of innovative work beingcarried out by teamsacross the public services.Have you made an impact?If youre from a national orlocal organisation, a statu-tory, voluntary or for-profitbody, then the Guardianwould like to hear aboutyour achievements. Logon: have already begun toturn your idea into reality.The Graduate BusinessStart-up Programme hasbeen designed to ensurethat budding entrepreneurshave the necessary skillsand knowledge to maketheir business thrive; notjust for the initial supportthat we offer, but support inthe evaluation and monitor-ing of the growth of yourenterprise.KSENs tailored support willassist you with businessgrowth. All you need is thecommitment and drive tom a k e i t h a p p e n .Why not send an email NOW..The Kent Small EnterpriseNetwork (KSEN) hasdesigned a scheme that willprovide support and inspireyou to realise your lifepotentials.If you are a recent graduateliving in the Kent area, youcould be eligible for KSEN’scomprehensive businesssupport programme.We welcome graduates atvarious different levels ofexperience: whether youare just developing an ideaK E N T C O N N E C T
  5. 5. Technology Trends and Small BusinessP A G E 5V O L U M E 1 , I S S U E 1Im not a huge fan of studies that predict thefuture, but I do respect those that try. Theirjob is to look at the past, analyze the presentand conduct surveys to gain insight into thefuture. Based on all of this information,researchers try to provide a road map forwhats to come.In this case, Intuit, working with the Institutefor the Future, found that tomorrows success-ful small business owners will be far morereliant on technology than todays entrepre-neurs. Theyll be more connected in a mobileworld, market to customers in ways onlyimagined today and blur the lines between thevirtual and physical worlds. The findings arepart of the”Intuit Future of Small BusinessReport: Technology Trends and Small Busi-ness” the second installment of the three-part "Future of Small Business" series.Whats happening in business is whatshappening in our personal lives. My ownchildren, from their birth, have been im-mersed in a culture of technology. Mydaughter, as a toddler, was playing with myPDA. My sons entertainment is watchingNFL video clips online, and he has his ownfootball blog. I, on the other hand, grew upin the 80s, when computers were stillthought of as special tools that not every-one owned, and Word Perfect for DOSwas the reigning champion.This study of the future indicates that smallbusinesses will continue to go through asimilar evolution in their own use of tech-nology. The study predicts that technologywill revolutionize the nature of running asmall business and identifies three emerg-ing technology trends:Report by Ramon Ray continues in yournext edition of KentConnect.senior international stakeholdersto participate in a high levelconference which will have as acentral theme the importance ofskills and technical education inglobal economic recovery.The conference will be hostedduring WorldSkills London2011 and delegates will havethe opportunity of visiting theCompetitions.World Skills London 2011 is theworld’s largest internationalskills competition with youngpeople from across the globecompeting to be the best of thebest in their chosen skills frombricklaying to mobile robotics.British Council, in partnershipwith WorldSkills London 2011and WorldSkills International, isoffering the opportunity forThis is a unique opportunityto observe the worlds bestyoung skilled professionalscompeting and to participatein a world class conferenceon the themes of skills devel-opment, policy and practice.On how to participate Email:Sabine.Telesford@britishcouncil.orgTel: +44 (0) 20 7389 4626The establishment of the MedwaySwale Small Business Leaders Forum(MSBLF) thus become essential whenconsidering the comments receivedfrom about 45% of the 167 small andmicro business operators (with 1 - 5staff) in Strood, Rochester, Chatham,Gillingham, Rainham, Sittingbourneand Kemsley, to questionnaires on thebusiness climate. Their experiencesand needs are:- Lack of entrepreneurship skillsand weak business enterpriseculture.- Need to bridge communication on`Good Practices and open uplinkages to community champions,role models and mentors.- Lack of access to premises,capital and finance- Lack of knowledge of businesssupport programs.- Lack of knowledge of IT andeCommerce- Lack of governments adequateprotection and business supportnetworks.- Ineffective partnership inenterprise development.- Lack of inclusive (diverse) socialregeneration.Means of resolving a number ofthese issues raised by communityentrepreneurs shall be the focus ofMSBLF.It is stimulating and fun to shareideas and network. MSBLF iscommitted to the development of thesmall business market and theregeneration of sustainable, healthyand stable communities.It has become necessary and obviousto initiate applicable strategies that willeffectively combat today’s harsheconomic climate.MSBLF– Making of the Big SocietyLONDON HOST 41ST WORLDSKILLS4TH - 9TH OCTOBER 2011 SKILLS For EMPLOYABILITY
  6. 6. P A G E 6“ Twi t t e r a n dfacebook werehigh Social Mediafunctions that keptObama up towinning the USP r e s i d e n t i a lelection. SocialMedia help gatherpeople to clean upthe street after therecent riot in thecountry.”“When Steve Jobsresigned as CEOof Apple, sharesd r o p p e dc o n s i d e r a b l y.However a bigsurprise mightspring up soonwith the newmanagement nowchaired by SteveJobs himself”- Zoe CairnsTaking your business to the next level...Q. Permit me to start thisinterview by asking, who isZoe Cairns?A. I am a social Mediaspeaker training consultantand ex mortgage broker.After being in the propertymarket for about sevenyears helping mortgagefirms to use the socialmedia to take their businessto the next level throughTwitter, Facebook, LinkedInand U Tube, I have beenworking on my own as aSocial Media expert for thepast nineteen monthstraining small businesseson how to use social mediato enhance their business.Q. Do you have a back-ground in IT ?A. I graduated in 2003 witha degree in business infor-mation, management andcomputer Science.Couldn’t find a job in thecity and had to settle for apart time job working for amortgage brokerage firm inGravesend where I wastrained to be a mortgagebroker and worked forseven years before settingup my own business.When the recession cameabout three years ago Idecided to use social net-working and offline network-ing to get my presence feltout there as an experiencemortgage broker and thatbecame very successful.With the help of my businesscoach I was able to build upmy marketing strategies anddevelop my client base whichalso equipped me to set upZoe Cairns Finance Services.Now I am able to really showcompanies strategies andtips I have leaned over theyears to enhance their busi-nesses. I did set up a prop-erty networking event in Kentwhich had about 100investors in attendance.Q. To many, marketingonline may feel very dauntingwhat’s your advice?A. People find social mediadaunting because of its tech-nicalities. I work with both theolder and younger generationand make them realise thatSocial Media is all aboutcommunicating online in theform of pictures, video, textand audio. Anyone could useTwitter or Facebook in a sim-plest form however some useit in a wrong way, spamming.Training my clients in socialmedia through a step by stepapproach I make them followmy actions to develop knowl-edge of how to use the inter-net, use google and otherapplications. I make it mucheasier for them to understandthe use of social media toenhance their businesses.Q. According to one of yourtrainees Gillian Flegg “ZoeCairns has a roller coaster ofinformation and ideas” whatadvise will you give youngpeople who see you as theirmentor and will want to be assuccessful as you ?A. It’s all about dedication. Youneed to take action and showyour presence. There are vari-ous ways I help my clients tomaster the use of social media.You can learn the stuff but theonly way to success is to getout there and get on with it.I have learned the hard way. Ilove to get into schools andwork with universities to teachand promote social media.Q. How significant is socialmedia to retailers and busi-nesses who are struggling tobreak even talk less of profit?A. Social media is very effectivewhen it comes to promotingcampaigns, goods and ser-vices. It is for ever changing,you learn different tools, youcan’t cut off, functions are forever improving and changing.I advice people to take their-minds off recession. Seat downwith a social media expert anddevelop the appropriate strate-gies to meet your needs.I train my clients to perfect theuse of twitter, Facebook,LinkedIn, Flickr U tube, webi-nar, RSS and other social me-dia integration toolsZoe holds many workshopsacross the UK and abroad.To contact Zoec a l l 0 7 9 3 1 9 7 1 2 4 9 ,Email: zoe@zoecairnsor visit http:zoecairns.comK E N T C O N N E C TInterview with Zoe Cairns, a Social Media Expert
  7. 7. Karen Hurley Chairs MSBLFP A G E 7V O L U M E 1 , I S S U E 1KarenHurleyCEOMedwayCyreniansKaren Hurly has been appointedinterim Chairman of the MedwaySwale Small Business LeadersForum (MSBLF) and will presideover the quarterly meetings of thesmall business leaders startingfrom December 2011.Karen was born in the Medwayarea and has had an interestingand varied career. She has run asuccessful business in the hotel/catering sector and morerecently, Karen’s focus has beenrelated to social justice andhousing/homelessness.Her career has spanned employ-ment in the public sector (localauthority and criminal justice)and the voluntary/communitysector in various parts of thecountry. She is currently ChiefExecutive of the MedwayCyrenians.Prior to that Karen worked inLondon homeless charity with abudget 60 times larger than hercurrent one.Karen has an academic back-ground in psychology and socialresearch, gained as a maturestudent with OU.Until recently she was a directorfor a national charity working withoffenders.A Director of Medway Voice,she believes that the mostimportant characteristic for asuccessful professional life isto be a good role model,manage your time well, andabove all else hang on to yoursense of humour, even whentimes get tough.Promoting the Localism Bill,Medway Voice on September 5organised a forum for its membersat the Lordswood Leisure Centre.Cllr. Tom Mason, Potfolio HolderBig Society spoke on Localism andresponded to questions from theaudience which include today’spensioners’ concerns.Titled ‘Local Solutions for LocalPeople’ the workshop thematicParticipants at the Voice LocalSolutions for Local People Forumg r o u p s e s s i o naddressed issues ofconcerns to YoungPeople; Older Peo-ple; Social Wellbeing:A c c o m m o d a t i o n(crisis) and Safety Inthe Community. Forpurposes of partner-ship, the forum pro-vided opportunities for some of the organisations presentto promote their services express their constraints andidentify the way forward.• Sell more using powerfulcontact management.Know your records anddocuments are secure andbacked up at all times.Normally, using Bizantra to runyour business costs about £59 amonth.But if you’re a startup thatbegan trading within the last 3years, you get to use Bizantra inyour business absolutely FREEfor 12 months! You will get thefull Bizantra system enabled for10 members of your team, plusweb-based accessfor 100 externalpartner users likecustomers andsuppliers exceptthat your storagespace on our sys-tem will berestricted to 2gigabytes, insteadof the standard 20.However 2 gigabytes is still a lot of space for startup inbusiness.To get started email:support@bizantra.comOr log on to: gives you all the keymanagement tools you need toorganise and manage your smallbusiness to work efficiently, readyfor you to use anywhere, any time,online or off.• Keep on top of your financemanagement and employeerecords.• Work efficiently with yourteam and with customers,using shared secure docu-ment libraries.Develop your business, claim Bizantra FREE for 12 MonthsMedway Localism Voiced“I personally feelthat there areo p p o r t u n i t i e swithin Kent forMSBLF to availitself of the excel-l e n t w o r kp e r f o r m e d a tHigher Educationinstitution in Kent.I believe thatMSBLF with thelatest academicSME thinking,together w ithcutting edge bestpractice and thegoals of the BigSociety could beextremely success-ful”— Prof. Paul PhillipsAngela Prodger Chair of theForum with Cllr. Tom Mason
  8. 8. P A G E 8Peter Madden, thechief executive ofs u s t a i n a b l edevelopment charity‘Forum for the Future’warned businesses thatit would be a mistaketo focus their attentiononly on communityengagement: the firstiteration of corporatesocial responsibility.He said the mostimportant contributioncompanies could maketo a better societywould be to create abroad sustainabilitystrategy and embed itinto the heart of theiroperations.Kent Champion of Entrepreneurship AwardsThe Riots: Race and ClassThese werent race riots in thegood old-fashioned sense. Ra-cial disadvantage still blightsprospects in Britain, thoughthere has been much improve-ment since the hardest timesback in the early 1980s. Someof the young Britons of colourwho came out last week, mighthave been protesting with terri-ble inarticulacy against a des-tiny that never changes. Butmost of the other troublemakerscame from a variety of back-grounds. It wasnt an uprisingby black Britons against overtlydiscriminatory police actioneither, even though the triggerhad been the shooting of ayoung black man by police offi-cers. Nor was this a conspicu-ous conflict between differentethnic communities or yet an-other episode of endless strifecaused by disaffected Muslims.The murder of the three Muslimmen in Birmingham, allegedlyby black men, was preventedfrom turning into internecinewar by the exceptional moralbehaviour of the bereaved fami-lies. So far, the city has avoidedthe catastrophic hostilities ofyesteryear between blackyouths and Asian shopkeepers.But, truth to tell, race, religionand ethnicity still stain the waypeople feel, act and try tounderstand what hashappened.Young black men say theyare treated like scum byArab, Turkish and Asianbusinesses.It is worrying, too, thatsome anti-riot groups areidentifiably exclusive, likethe white battalion inEltham where StephenLawrence was murderedby racists and the muscularSouthall Sikh troop, whosaid they would see off anyrioters. Beware of self-made enforcers - vigilan-tism is volatile and tribal.Consider too the way soci-ety has reacted to recentbreakouts. When youngblack men are killing eachother, or deeply dysfunc-tional estate kids of allraces tyrannise theirneighbourhoods, it is theirproblem, and few give adamn. Now that they havebroken out, sometimesenthusing well brought-upwhite kids, everybody sud-denly takes it very seri-ously. Race and class de-termine everything, evenwhen they seem not to.We cant afford to be sodivided, mistrustful and preju-diced against this group orthat.The millions who are revoltedby what just happened hadbetter understand that tobring greater national unitywe need to hear less from thelikes of David Starkey andmore from wise people likeTariq Jehan, father of one ofthe dead men in Birminghamwho talked so movingly aboutour collective humanity.Seal Ltd; Geraldine AllinsonChairman KM Group andNewspaper Society President;Kevin Curley NAVCAs outgoingChief Executive; JaswantCheema, MD Cheema Group;Bob Jones former Chief Execu-tive BSK; Hamish Mackay Miller,Publisher the Net; Carole BlackEvents and Production Manager,Best Business Events Ltd; LindaPasricha MD Beeline SamedayLtd.; George Poku ConsultantGEP Safety and Peter HolbrookCEO Social Enterprise UK.The newly instituted KentChampion of Entrepreneur-ship” (KCE) Awards sponsoredby the Kent Small EnterpriseNetwork (KSEN) is to be for-mally launched and inaugu-rated at an expanded GalaAwards Lecture Night to bestaged in early 2012.Among the nominees for thefirst “Kent Champion of Entre-preneurship” (KCE) Awardsare James Brathwaite formerChairman SEEDA and ChairK E N T C O N N E C TThe recent distur-bances affected anumber of localcommunities acrossthe country, in-cluding Chathamand Gillingham.Share your experi-ence with us andtell us how we canensure similaroccourence doesnot happen infuture.Email your com-m e n t s t o Alibhai-Brown, The IndependentJim Brathwaite CBEKCE Awards Nominee
  9. 9. P A G E 9V O L U M E 1 , I S S U E 1,which will see the maximumstake increased from £1 to £2.The maximum number ofcategory B machines permit-ted in adult gaming centersand bingo clubs will also vary.The changes, which Mr Hen-derson has been campaigningfor some time, will helpamusement arcades andbingo clubs in Sittingbourneand Sheppey, which havebeen struggling in the currentChanges have been made tothe Gambling Act 2005: Cate-gory B3 Gaming Machines,economic climate. Amusementarcades and bingo clubs canprove important for local tour-ism and fulfill a vital socialfunction.The additional revenue willhelp these businesses remaincompetitive, protect jobs andboast British gaming machinemanufacturers and suppliers.Mr Henderson said, “I havebeen campaigning for this newlegislation and so I welcomethe changes which took effectparty politics” but criticises Govern-ment for failing to articulate a clearplan on Big Society, as research con-ducted by the Commission finds thatonly 13% of the public believe theGovernment has a clear plan.The Commission, chaired by LordRennard, brought together politiciansfrom across the political spectrum andcivil society leaders. Its memberswere Hilary Belcher (Mosaic Club-house), Lord Boateng, Nick Boles MP,Phil Collins (The Times), the Bishopof London, Matt Hyde (NUS), PeterMcGurn (Goodwin Centre), MichaelQuicke (CCLA), Srabani Sen (Contacta Family), JaneSlowey (FoyerFederation) andD a m e C l a r eTickell (Action forChildren).Their report urgesthe Prime Ministerto seize the reins in driving forward theBig Society agenda, and calls for a seachange in the way banks engage with theUK’s communities.Means of resolving a number of theseissues raised by small business operatorsand local entrepreneurs shall be the focusof the newly instituted MSBLF.A year on from the Prime Minister’slaunch of the Big Society programmean independent, cross party Commis-sion set up by ACEVO has called onthe Government to “fill in the blanks”on Big Society.Powerful People Responsible Society:the Commission on Big Society ’s finalreport, em-braces theBig Societya s a nagenda that“ s h o u l dtranscendThe Big Society a Hard Sell with No Money?MP welcomes Amendments on Gaming MachineSupport PackageLooking for start-up support?Three of the UK’s leading organisa-tions have announced the ultimatesolution for individuals who wish totransform the world in which theylive, creating a package of support tokick-start an entrepreneurial revolu-tion; funding to make your idea areality, support to develop it and afree website so that everyone knowsabout it!There are many urban myths whichcould deter individuals from startingup their venture.UnLtd will be collaborating with theInstitute of Directors (IoD) and theGetting British Business Onlinecampaign (backed by Google andits partners to deliver) the ultimatepackage of support for entrepreneu-rial individuals.Entrepreneurs are becoming a forcein UK society and those with socially-minded ventures are at the forefrontof this innovation. If you have agreat idea that will also createpositive social change, then youcould be eligible to access one, twoor all three elements of thisUltimate Package.Nick HurdCivil Society Minister oi n J u l y2011.“Amusement parksare an important part ofour local leisure andtourist industry, particu-larly on Sheppey, and Ivery much hope thesechanges will give ourhard pressed amuse-ment industry a big fil-lip.”Send your views andcomments to KentConnectGordon Henderson MP
  10. 10. Organisations closing services due to cutsP A G E 1 0V O L U M E 1 , I S S U E 1By Gareth Jones— More than half of London-based volun-tary and community organisationsparticipating in a recent survey haveclosed services in the past year as aresult of funding constraints.The Big Squeeze, which is produced bythe London Voluntary Service Council(LVSC) and surveyed 120 organisations,found that 51 per cent of charities hadclosed services, while 54 per cent expectmore services to close in 2011/12.Furthermore 86 per cent expecteddemand for their services to increase,but 77 per cent were not confident theyc o u l d m e e t t h a t d e m a n d .More than three-quarters said they expectedtheir statutory funding to decrease in the nextyear.Peter Lewis, chief executive of LVSC, said:“Whilst local authorities and governmentdepartments have complained about 8 percent cuts, many charities and voluntaryorganisations have faced 20-30 per cent cuts.Our evidence shows that those Londonerswho are already most disadvantaged arebaring the brunt of these cuts.”“But perhaps the most worrying thing is thatit seems cost-effective preventative servicesare being targeted the most for immediatecuts.”Beauty Clinic, Macknade FineFoods, NBC Bird & Pest Solu-tions and O’Connells DrywallContractors Ltd.Representatives from all thesetwelve businesses are invitedto attend the event’s GalaDinner, which will be held forthe first time at The Barnyard inUpcurch on the evening ofOctober 7, and at which theThe finalists for the 2011Swale Business Awards haveb e e n a n n o u n c e d .The 12 companies shortlistedare: Britain and Hobbs TV &Electrical Ltd., Carousel Logis-tics Ltd., Century UK Ltd.,Creative Resins Ltd., Hemp-tead House Hotel & Spa., IntenLtd., Judd’s Folly Hotel, JulieGamble Advanced Skin &winners will be announced.Other categories of the SwaleBusiness Awards include fournew awards: Small Businessof the Year, the CustomerService and CommitmentAward, the Retail and Hospi-tality Award and the overallSwale Business of the Year.To contribute your ideas and thoughts,p l e a s e v i s i t : to popular demand and numerousenquiries, the se² have produced a seriesof six "Social Enterprise fact sheets:A Beginners Guide to..." factsheets thatcan all be downloaded for FREE via itswebsite: current series consists of:• Social Enterprise: A beginners guideto... Social Impact Measurement• Social Enterprise: A beginners guideto... Procurement & Tendering• Social Enterprise: A beginners guideto... Social Franchising & Replication• Social Enterprise: A beginners guideto... Delivering Public Services.• Social Enterprise: A beginners guideto... Building Consortia in the SocialEnterprise Sector.• Social Enterprise: A beginners guideto ... Diversifying Income Streams.se2 partnership is working with theSocial Enterprise Coalition who ispart of a stakeholder group workingwith BIS on the possibility of anover-arching theme for Global Entre-preneurship Week.SEC proceeds to work closely withthe regions to deliver a nationalcampaign and are really keen that itbe a social enterprise led campaign.They have therefore put together ashort survey to get some feedback onwhat social enterprises think weshould be campaigning on and thetype of materials they would like us toprovide for them to get involved.Global Entrepreneurship Week12 companies shortlistedPaul Price MDInsource Marketing Man-agement, Award SponsorsIs the The Big SocietyAgenda on Course?
  11. 11. P A G E 1 1In most people’svocabularies, designmeans veneer. It’s interiordecorating. Its the fabricof the curtains of the sofa.But to me, nothing couldbe further from themeaning of design. Designis the fundamental soul ofa human-made creationthat ends up expressingitself in successive outerlayers of the product orservice.Steve Jobs, Founder andChairman, Apple‘Made in China’The piece that wonAmy recognitionGrowing Business AwardsNAVCA’s Annual Conference ‘11Rochester Student gains national recognitionA Foundation Diplomastudent from the Univer-sity for the Creative Arts(UCA) at Rochester hasbeen awarded a prize at anational exhibition.Amy Leung, 19, from Bex-leyheath, was one of threeartists to be singled out byjudges as representingbest in show at theNational Diploma Exhibitionin London.Her installation piece‘Made in China’ was one of85 works on display at theexhibition. Amy said: "Iinitially wanted to creatework based on my culturalheritage but ended upmore interested in theperception of modern dayChina. Ideas of massproduction, consumerism,capitalism, communism,labour, sweatshops, imita-tions, tacky and uselessobjects have all influencedthe final installation of herexhibit ‘Made in China."For the installation Iwanted to take on the roleof a labourer and carry outthe repetitive nature ofmaking the same pointlessobjects over and overagain. The objects I chosewere souvenirs which areimitations in themselvesCreative Amy Leungand hold a sort of culturalmeaning."The Foundation Diplomaat UCA Rochester allowsstudents to explore a rangeof areas in art and designand helps prepare them fordegree courses in thecreative arts.local voluntary action, then this is theconference for you and your team.Speakers will share their vision oftrue localism, debate the challengesahead and Kevin Curley will makehis farewell address to NAVCAmembers. For details log on is coming, butwhat does it mean for youand your communities?This is your opportunity tohear what key figures incentral & local govern-ment as well as the volun-tary sector think. It willalso be a chance for youto share your ideas. If youare interested in support-ing and strengtheningGiving entrepreneursopportunities to showcasetheir companies at mega-UK events in 2012, newawards have been intro-duced by CBI and the cate-gories include "Made inBritain" Digital Elite awardsand "Local Hero of Enterpr-ise" The Growing BusinessAwards are the longestrunning awards for UKentrepreneurs and Britishbusinesses and organizedby CBI UKs top businesslobbying organisation.Kent and Medway play host tomany world-class entrepre-neurs and SMEs and thesepeople should be put forwardfor the Growing BusinessAwards.Established in 1999, theGrowing Business Awards arethe most established andprestigious recognition of SMEand entrepreneurial success.To complete a full entry forthis priceless recognition,bestowed by the CBI and RealBusiness log on to E N T C O N N E C T
  12. 12. Strengthening the Big SocietyP A G E 1 2V O L U M E 1 , I S S U E 1KSEN advances social capital byforging growth and the sustainabilityof micro and small enterprisesthrough the promotion ofskills, employment, en-trepreneurship and busi-ness retention amongKent’s thriving, failingand impending entre-preneurs.In building a strong econ-omy and prosperouscommunity throughsupport for entrepreneur-ship, the promotion of thrust, confi-dence building, shared partnership,and community ownership amongoperators of small enterprises, thecivil society and government, KSENpromotes and strengthens the Big Soci-ety through the establishment, growthand sustainability of initiatives such asthe Medway and SwaleSmall Business LeadersForum (MSBLF).In a diverse and moreculturally sensitive environ-ment, and helping toimprove quality standardsand promoting healthycompetition within the smallbusiness sector, MSBLF willprovide opportunity formembers to explore finance, understandstrategies for raising capital and Inter-net based income business experi-ence, learn more about healthy living,volunteering and doing business withprivate and public institutions.The Forum will create opportunities forlocal authorities to become more smallbusiness friendly and aid members toobtain local benefits and support from gov-ernment’s ‘Economic Development Strate-gies, the procurement and invoice paymentprocedures and participation in businessrates and policy reviews.Enriching the ‘Big Society’ agenda andproviding useful links, MSBLF will provideboth management and capacity buildingsupport and volunteering opportunities toboth thriving and prospective communityentrepreneurs, particularly those withfinancial, accounting, managerial, planning,marketing and ICT for families with disabledchildren. It recruits, screens,trains and places care workerswho then support these youngpeople and their families.According to the index, whichwas set up to track the perform-ance of the sector in the UK, thetop 100 social enterprises in theindex grew on average by 91%(compared to 79% last year).Social enterprises are outper-forming the rest of the UKeconomy in terms of growth,according to the RBS SE1001Index unveiled recently at anevent in London.Named Growth Champion,Cool2Care, based in Surrey butworking across the UK, is aninnovative social enterprise,which acts as an introductoryMeanwhile, the total combinedrevenue of the top 100 enter-prises on the index grew by51% and the revenue growth ofall those on the index who sub-mitted figures was 14%. Thiscompares well with revenuegrowth of the FTSE 100 in20103, which was around 5%.It also compares well againstthe fastest recorded growthperiod of UK SMEs4 (in 2006)1993 and rose to become chairmanin 2006 said:“There is much comment aboutthe challenges facing local news-papers and, indeed, all mediasectors today, but the simple factis that no other media can replicatethe local press."Our newspapers scrutinise thosein authority, support localbusinesses and campaign on behalfof our readers.”Geraldine AllinsonChairman KM GroupFor her vast contribution to Medway, Swaleand Kent in general KSEN is proud tonominate Geraldine Allinson for theexclusive “Kent Champion ofEntrepreneurship” (KCE) Awards.The KM Group’s ChairmanGeraldine Allinson becomes thenewly appointed president of theNewspaper Society.The Society, which represents theinterests of the newspaper industryacross the UK had her fatherEdwin Boorman, the KM Group’sPresident 2001, and grandfatherHR Pratt Boorman 1960, servingin the same capacity as President.Geraldine who joined the KMGroup as development manager inGeraldine, a Credit to KentUseful LinksSocial enterprises leading the UK economySouth East Cool2Care is Growth Championwhen their revenuegrowth was 8.4%.409 social enterprisesentered the RBSSE100 Index and 18organisations wereshortlisted acrossthree awards.
  13. 13. P A G E 1 3When people feel theyhad to expressthemselves fororiginality for its ownsake, that tends not tobe creativity. Onlywhen you get into theproblem and theproblem becomesclear, can creativitytake over -Charles Eames, Architect,Graphic and IndustrialDesigner, FilmmakerBarry Clout Chairman MedwayVoice clears a point, while MarkReckless MP addresses theaudience on the Big Society.Take advantage of KentConnectUnfounded Myths — UK Enterprise BarriersWe need to shatter theunfounded myths that act asbarriers to the UK realising itsentrepreneurial potential declaresEnterprise UK.Through its new research Enter-prise UK has identified the threemain gaps that need to be closedto increase entrepreneu-rial behaviour.NARROW THE AMBITIONGAP50% of the population wants tostart a business but only 5.8%are actually in the process ofstarting a business.A rise in 1% in self-employment in the UKwould boost the UK’s GDPby around 1.5% and makeup for the effect of thegovernment cuts on GDPover the next two years.ADDRESS THEDEMOGRAPHIC GAPYoung people (aged 18-24) are five times morelikely to be unemployedthan starting their ownbusiness.More than twice as manymen start business in theUK as women (2009,approximately 1.5 millionmen and 650,000 womenstarted a business).CLOSE THESKILLS GAPEnterprise educationdoubles the chances ofbusiness success butenterprise is still not astaple often educationsystem in schools, collegesand universities.To download the EnterpriseUK report or and find outmore about the Ambition,Demographic and Skills gaplog on: http://enterpriseuk.orgtowards big businessesAs the economy fails toshow any recovery,small businesses andvoluntary groupscontinue to struggle tosecure capital tosustain their existence.Under the economicdownturn, many find itdifficult to securebusiness loans, someclaim the banks havem ore pref erenc eK E N T C O N N E C TWatch Out …Medway-KentEducation & Skills SummitFor details email: a FREE Website& Domain…..• A free website and domainis available from the GettingBritish Business Online cam-paign by Google and itspartners allowing you ac-cess to the tools to create acustomised website tailoredto your organisation, freeindexing on the searchengine and a business emailaddress if required. Formore information about‘GBBO’ visit however you require somehelp such as in developingyour contents & these Out!Flying Start—Help for students andgraduates startinga businessDirectGov—Help to become self-employed if you areover 50.If you run a small businessor about to start one andyou were able to secure aloan or found it difficult toget one please share yourexperience and thoughtswith KentConnect and forthe benefit of others leaveus to spread the news allover town and acrossboundaries.Call 07501855914 the Big Society,will charities have tooperate as socialenterprises to maintainsustainable income?Please send your com-ments to
  14. 14. News in BriefP A G E 1 4V O L U M E 1 , I S S U E 1Government Announces PublicDisorder Support Measures forBusinesses and HomeownersThe Government has announced a packageof support measures to help businesses andcommunities recover from the recent out-breaks of public disorder. The Secretary ofState for Business Vince Cable and Commu-nities Secretary Eric Pickles have today (11August) announced a package of financialand practical support measures to helprestore damaged high streets and devas-tated communities.Recruitment, Marketing & HR AwardsO p e n t o E n t r i e sThe RAD Awards aim to celebrate ideasthat evolve around businesses within therecruitment, marketing and HR industry.The 2011 programme is now acceptingentries.Government’s New Publication onthe Green EconomyThe Governmenthas published a document that outlinesa number of actions towards achievinga green economy and boosting eco-nomic growth. Enabling the Transitionto a Green Economy: Government andBusinesses Working Together outlines anumber of planned actions towardsachieving a green economy and boost-ing economic growth in the UKNew Support for UK & IrelandsShort Film Makers Collabor8te is anew platform for short film-making,designed to champion talented film-makers from the United Kingdom andIreland. It will support script develop-ment through to production and distri-bution of new short films. The initiativewill produce up to eight short filmsduring 2012, with budgets up to£10,000. The funding provider willdevelop, fund and produce theselected films entirely, with no neces-sity for applicants to contributefinances from their own resources.End of Business Link?Business Link will close by 25 Novem-ber with its paid advisers replaced bythousands of volunteer mentors, thegovernment has revealed.As part of a major overhaul of itsbusiness support structure, ministerssaid entrepreneurs previously servedby Englands Business Link advicecentres will by supported byimproved online services and acontact centre.Please send your comments to Kent-Connect email: you an Expert in LocalInternet, Mobile Marketing& eCommerce with knowl-edge of Social Media, WordPress & SEO Applications.Please contact us by calling07501855914 or send us anemail is great benefits forvolunteering with KSEN.IT VolunteersNeeded UrgentlyInterest rates ...Any guarantees?Earlier this month the BBC asked 32 leading economists for their predic-tions into when the base rate would be upped. 26 forecasted that rateswould not rise this year, while three predicted that there would be nochange until 2013.The most popular prediction for an increase in the base rate was the firstquarter of 2012 – an option that 12 economists chose.In addition, more than half of the forecasters also said they expected thebase rate to rise to at least 1.5% by the end of 2012.The full list of surveyed economists can be found on the if the base rate does stay at 0.5% until the first quarter of 2012 or later– as a majority of the forecasters polled by the BBC expect – what doesthis mean for you? And what should be done before the rate is hiked?Send your comments to: You the Chosen One ?PLACEYOURADVERTSJoin the Red TapeChallengeThe Government has launched awebsite challenging the public to helpcut unnecessary regulations. It will,for the first time, give the public andbusinesses a chance to have theirsay on regulations that affect theireveryday lives; To find out about theregulations likely to be axed
  15. 15. Innovation CentreMaidstone RoadChathamKent ME5 9FDPhone: +44(0)1634 887 282Fax: +44(0)1634 562 060Mob:+44(0)7501 855 914E-mail: is committed and determined to work in part-nership with relevant stakeholders in fostering anall inclusive, dynamic, vibrant and sustained re-generation of our poor but di-verse and richly endowed communities.Its vision is to extensively promote social andeconomic inclusion, healthy lifestyles, employ-ment, skills and enterprise development, wealthcreation and social networkingmainly for the disadvantaged in ourunbalanced and troubled society.For contacts with KSEN write toAbdul Mohammed,Nigel Edwards or Jinu Small Enterprise NetworkMSBLF— a counter-recessionary measurePromoters of Kent Small Businesses & theRegeneration of Sustainable Communities’MSBLF—Growth inPartnershipMSBLF aims to exploremembers shared concernsand valued role within theBig Society.The Forum will carry out:- Extensive OutreachProgram Consultations andMembership Drive.- Conduct CapacityDevelopment and Roundta-ble Workshops/Seminarand Exhibitions- Organise regular inter-active economic andsocial networks.KentConnect is a publication of KSEN, its contents represent independent judgment. KentConnect offers a forum for free debate and will resist undue political orcommercial pressures. Providing the highest quality in content services and advertising, KentConnect listens to its readers and responds to feedback. Kent SmallEnterprise Network,( KSEN), Innovation Centre, Maidstone Road, Chatham Medway, Kent ME5 9FD email: Web: a Job, Not take aJob, Create WealthNot wait on Pension.- KSEN“What you can see themost makes you the leastmoney. What you can’tsee at all makes you themost money.Vision is what drives theleader most”- Lebo Gunguluza,youngest black SouthAfrican to become amillionaire.