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BE at UP Company Profile Summary (2012)


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BE at UP Company Profile Summary (2012)

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BE at UP Company Profile Summary (2012)

  1. 1. COMPANY PROFILE Business Enterprises at University of Pretoria (Pty) Ltd (BE at UP) (Condensed version) PO Box 14679 Hatfield 0028 University of Pretoria Main Campus,Prospect Street, Hatfield, Graduate Centre, Ground Floor, Entrance 1.82 T: +27 (12) 420 4245 F: +27 (12) 362 5270
  2. 2. Company Information Registration Number 1998/025347/07 Income Tax Reference 9297085640 Number VAT Registration 4350186732 Number Prospect Street University of Pretoria Campus Physical Address Graduate Centre Ground floor, Entrance 1.82 Hatfield, 0083 PO Box 14679, Postal Address Hatfield, 0028 Telephone Number +27 (12) 420 4245 Fax Number +27 (12) 362 5270 General E-mail Address Website Address Download Full Profile in terms of the copyright Act Proposals/Reports provided by1978, as amended, is claimed in Business Enterprises at University ofrespect of the design, format and Pretoria (Pty) Ltd, will remain thecontent of this proposal, and action will property of the author when work isbe taken in the event of any not commissioned and shall not beunauthorised use, duplication, revealed to any third party.imitation or adaptation hereof. © BE at UP 2012 | Page | 2
  3. 3. BackgroundBusiness Enterprises at University of Pretoria (Pty) Ltd (BE at UP)As part of one of the leading international universities, Business Enterprises atUniversity of Pretoria (Pty) Ltd (BE at UP) offers industry an innovative and cutting-edge cluster of multidisciplinary contract research and consulting services thatadd true value.The company is wholly owned by the University of Pretoria and is geared to deliverhigh-quality end products and results designed and developed by modern academics.The unique competitive advantage of BE at UP lies in its services being packagedinto a value framework whereby consulting and contract research can be incorporatedto offer exceptional business solutions to industry. The Universitys unique blend ofpractical and academic expertise sets it apart from traditional consulting and contractresearch facilities.BE at UPs portfolio also contains an affiliate company: Consulta Research (Pty)Ltd, which specialises in marketing and communications research.A core team of thirty personnel is responsible for the day-to-day management andactivities of the company and is complemented by an estimated 240 specialisedunits/departments at the University.1. Corporate Governance  Accreditation and Memberships (list available on request) BE at UP is registered as a professional service provider and member with a selection of national and international organisations  Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (copy available on request)  As part of the University of Pretoria, a certified level three (3) contributor, BE at UP is committed to the implementation of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) within South African business. BE at UP is certified as a level six (6) contributor which implies:  B-BBEE Procurement Recognition Level: 60%  As Value Adding: Final B-BBEE Procurement Recognition: 75%B-BBEE  Tax Clearance Certification (copy available on request) BE at UP complies with the South African Revenue Service (SARS) Tax Clearance Certificate requirements and meets all the tax obligations.  Insurance Profile BE at UP has insurance covering:  Public Liability (death, injury and damage to property)  Professional Liability (negligent act, error or omission) © BE at UP 2012 | Page | 3
  4. 4. Company Structure © BE at UP 2012 | Page | 4
  5. 5. 2. Service OfferingsOur services stretch from high level business strategy to advanced research, throughengineering and construction, sensory research and food product evaluation,economic modeling, statistical data mining solutions, agribusiness and actuarial riskmanagement solutions, to client retention strategies and many other competencies.BE at UP offers innovative and cutting-edge business solutions that will add true andsustainable value. Visit our website at to view details on ourmultidisciplinary service offering across various industry sectors.A selection of our service offerings:  Water resource management  Analysis and assessment of water samples to determine fitness for use for livestock, agriculture and human consumption  Agribusiness development plans  Consulting services to optimise sustainable plant production and plant, soil, water and environmental processes  Improving policy processes for agricultural and rural development  Agricultural economics research  Land rehabilitation assessments and solutions  Appraisal of land reform programmes  Archaeology and cultural resource management, heritage impact assessment and mitigation of affected cultural resources  Grave relocation, social consultation, repatriation and researching human remains  Forensic anthropology research and analysis of archaeological material  Legislative compliance, recovery, analysis and mitigation related to inadvertently discovered human remains  Heritage resource management consulting  Applied statistical modelling, data mining and exploratory data analysis  Designing corporate governance structures and strategies for the implementation and improvement of business ethics  Market research, including client satisfaction surveys  Client conservation modelling  Business process management solutions to significantly enhance an organisation’s performance  Supply chain and procurement management © BE at UP 2012 | Page | 5
  6. 6.  Consulting on feasibility studies and business plans, small business development and research  Capacity-building and economic modelling to facilitate responsible and effective economic policy  Developing economic input/output models  Economic development strategies and plans  Specialised research and tax-related services such as new tax legislations, directives and the interpretation thereof  Economic analyses and forecasting  Consulting on international trade and trade-related matters such as tariff and trade policies, international trade analyses and trade remedies  HIV/Aids and transdisciplinary educational psychology consulting  The conceptualisation, construction and production of learning materials for education law, policy, leadership and management  Education management, law and policy studies  Curriculum development  Educational instrument development and classroom assessment, test construction, system and school evaluation assessments  A compact antenna test range for testing antennae and radiation- hazard monitors  Testing of structural elements in civil engineering and related industries  Conducting failure analyses of a metallurgical nature  Chemical engineering services such as polymer product design, water utilisation and environmental engineering  Vibration and structural dynamics testing and analyses  Technology innovation support  Mining related services  Diagnostics and operational readiness  Independent timber testing and assistance with product development  Actuarial risk management solutions  Design, implementation and analysis of mathematical models for decision support and accurate forecasts  Microfinance: research studies on financial/banking services provision to the poor  The Benfield Natural Hazard Centre, Africa: Research solutions,© BE at UP 2012 | Page | 6
  7. 7. consultation and management information related to the prediction of natural disasters in order to lower risks  Sensory and consumer evaluation of food and beverages  Food product development, quality control and quality assurance solutions  Packaging and shelf-life solutions  Research on grain quality: the structure and nutritional composition of South African cereal and legume grains  Consulting on sorghum malting and brewing  Skillcheck: Advanced system for skills evaluation  Organisational and work behaviour assessments  Skills audits, skills assessments and skills planning  Ergonomic solutions for an improved working environment  Pre-employment testing software to determine office competence and other soft skills  Pre-employment testing software for the call centre environment  Corporate wellness programmes  Human capital risk management  ICT policy development  ICT strategic, financial and project management  Pre- and post-implementation of ICT processes:  requests for proposal development  tender evaluations  decision-making support  governance  reviews and evaluations  Knowledge management  Informatics research laboratory and group decision support system to electronically facilitate decision- making, collaboration, dialogue and deliberation among a group of people  Enterprise architecture  Systems analysis and design© BE at UP 2012 | Page | 7
  8. 8.  Conducting forensic analysis of drugs-of-abuse  Confirmatory testing for drugs-of-abuse in humans  Conducting clinical drug trials  Provision of quality allograft products  Industrial hygiene surveys and analyses  Pharmacology research  Clinical anatomy studies  Consultation and research in community and public health and health systems, including international public health, environmental health and childhood disability  Social assessments and HIV/Aids behaviour studies  Public management, administration and policy analysis  Consulting on policy formulation and implementation in areas of land and related natural resources, governance and regionalism and the development context  Spatial and development planning, land use management and township planning  Supply chain and procurement management  Municipal support services  Local economic development services for local government  Gender audits and related research activities  Organisational structuring and strategic planningBE at UP has access to a variety of industry experts. In many instances project teamscomprise of multidisciplinary skills to successfully execute projects.3. Selected Client ProfileBE at UP services clients in a variety of industry sectors:  ABSA Bank Ltd  Nedbank Ltd  Bankserv Ltd  Old Mutual (South Africa) Ltd  Deloitte & Touché  Price Waterhouse Coopers Financial  First National Bank (FNB) Ltd Inc. Institutions  KPMG Services (Pty) Ltd  Rand Merchant Bank Ltd  Liberty Group Ltd  Sanlam Ltd  Momentum Group  South African Reserve Bank  Standard Bank Insurance Ltd © BE at UP 2012 | Page | 8
  9. 9.  Ampath Trust Inc.  Johnson & Johnson (Pty) Ltd  Anglo American (Pty) Ltd  Khumba Resources (Pty) Ltd  Aurecon (Pty) Ltd  Lancet Laboratories (Pty) Ltd  Bayer Healthcare (Pty) Ltd  Medihelp  Bell Equipment Company SA  MTN Group Ltd Private (Pty) Ltd Companies  Nestle SA (Pty) Ltd  BHP Billiton (Pty) Ltd  Nokia  BKS (Pty) Ltd  Sasol Ltd  BMW South Africa (Pty) Ltd  Safety In Mines Research  De Beers Group Services (Pty) Advisory Committee(SIMRAC) Ltd Vodacom (Pty) Ltd  Agricultural Research Council  National Energy Regulator of (ARC) SA (NERSA)  Armaments Corporation of  Nuclear Energy Corporation South Africa Ltd (Armscor) South Africa (NECSA)  Council for Scientific and  Rand Water Services (Pty) Industrial Research(CSIR) Ltd  Denel (Pty) Ltd  South African Blood Services  Development Bank of SA (SABS)  Eskom Holdings Ltd  South African Local Government Association  Human Sciences Research (SALGA) Council (HSRC) Parastatal  South African National Roads  Independent Electoral Agency Ltd (SANRAL)Organisations Commission South Africa (IEC)  South African Police Services (SAPS)  Industrial Development Corporation of SA Ltd (IDC)  South African Revenue Services (SARS)  Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services SETA  Telkom SA Ltd (MERSETA)  Transnet Ltd  Mintek  Water Research Commission  National Advisory Council on (WRC) Innovation (NACI)  New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) © BE at UP 2012 | Page | 9
  10. 10.  Department of  Agriculture  Communication  Education National  Minerals and Energy Government  Provincial and Local Government  Science and Technology  Social Development  Trade and Industry Provincial Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Limpopo and Government Northern Province  City of Joburg  Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality  Mogale City MunicipalityLocal Government  Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality  Various Municipalities (Greater Giyani, Blaauwberg, Mopani, Madibeng)  Canada: Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)  Germany: German Technical Corporation (GTZ)  Ghana: Advanced ICT Studies Ghana Ltd  Holland: Vrije Universiteit (Amsterdam)  Nigeria:  MTN Nigeria Communications Ltd  Nigeria Breweries PLC  Southern Sudan: Southern Sudan Anti-Corruption Commission International & Africa  United Kingdom:  HSBC (Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation)  TESCO  United States of America:  Women Directors International and International City/County Management Association (ICMA)  Oregon State University  Pharmanet  George Washington University © BE at UP 2012 | Page | 10