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Portfolio. 2006-2010

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Portfolio Book

  1. 1. An organic produce vendor, whose purpose is give their clients the freshest and cheapest vegetables and fruits and retain a friendly and personable atmosphere.
  2. 2. S U NGL AS S E S SUNGLASSES High Fashion sunglasses company that range between $100 to $200 a pair. This SUNGLAS SE S company specializes in custom fitting each pair of sunglasses to each customer.
  3. 3. go lla gr rilla ri d in go r in d g gorilla Clothing line that is inspired by Hip-Hop culture. This line is marketed towards both teenagers between the ages of 12 & 16 and also their grind parents who will buying the products.
  4. 4. 3000 to Play, 1 to Win! 3000 to Play, 1 to Win! If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, help is avaiable, Call 1-800-GAMBLER If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, help is avaiable, Call 1-800-GAMBLER Rivers Casino is a brand new slots casino in Pittsburgh that needed a Rivers Casino Campaign launch campaign to attract members 55+ and in the 35-55 age range.
  5. 5. Rivers Casino Campaign
  6. 6. 1 in 5 female high school students report being physically or sexually abused by a dating partner. Engaging high school students in mentoring programs or other skill-based activities that address healthy sexuality and dating relationships decreases the risks Nearly 2 in 3 female victims of violence of sexual abuse. were related to or knew their attacker. YOUR NEW BEGINNING YOUR NEW BEGINNING YOUR NEW BEGINNING 1-8OO-EMPOWER (367-6937) 1-8OO-EMPOWER (367-6937) 1-8OO-EMPOWER (367-6937) Safety Network is a women’s abuse shelter that provides women who have been sexual abused with a place to and workshops and exercises to prevent abuse in future relationships
  7. 7. er e Bay rdinator Janin Coo Pro gram n St. allma 17 51 Sm gh PA, 151 ur Pittsb Janine Bayer Program Coordinator 412.555.1835 (ext. 1267) jbayer@safetynet.org Janine Bayer Program Coordinator 412.555.1835 (ext. 1267) jbayer@safetynet.org
  8. 8. Jason Belcher Lead Vocals jason.belcher@gmail.com 412.953.5797 Jason Belcher Lead Vocals jason.belcher@gmail.com 412.953.5797 Echobox is local Pittsburgh Band that plays covers and original songs. When performing each member of this alternative, grunge band is highly energetic and youthful
  9. 9. e 40 r i v 37-18 r D 152 M a y e h, PA g 1 5 3 sbur t Pit Louis “Skip” Sander 1 5 3 M ay e r Dr i v e Pittsburgh, PA 15237-1840 412-367-1849 MilitaryReunions@aol.com www.allmilitaryreunions.com Men who have served their country, no matter their branch of the military, share one common trait - a sense of brotherhood that lasts long a er their service has ended. Join today, and play a part in rekindling those timeless friendships. 412-367-1376 w w w. a llm i li ta ry r e un ion s. c om Mil itaryR eu nions @aol .com The Alliance of Military Reunions, or The Alliance, is a reunion organization that reunites veterans of all Military Services from all Wars at functions and galas loacted in several hotels.
  11. 11. Posters and corresponding Mailers for The LaRoche College Graphic & Interior Design Portfolio of 2010. This event was held in the U.S. Steel Building.
  12. 12. SPACE Poster Campaign for Positive Space, LaRoche College’s annual student art and design show. This project invovled creating Posters and corresponding collateral material for the show
  13. 13. SPACE
  14. 14. saint CROIX Diane Wilco saint Senior Advertising Designer 877.555.1436 CROIX diane@stcroix.com are achw ix Be t Cro ad Lane Sain gar u 196 222 D ix, VI 00 ro St. C sa i n t X CROI Saint Croix Beachware Diane Wilco 222 Dugarad Lane Senior Advertising Designer St. Croix, VI 877.555.1436 00196 diane@stcroix.com saint St. Croix is a handmade, personalized beachware clothing company that CROIX resonates the feeling of relaxation and the beach.
  15. 15. saint CROIX
  16. 16. Rhino Imports is an importing company that produces more homegrown, organic items, including coffee to sell at venues such as Pier One Imports.
  17. 17. SilverSpur Cantina is a Tex-Mex restuarant with a bar atmosphere, which caters primarily to the 25-40 year old age group. The food served there has unique flavor and style.
  18. 18. Osprey Travels is a travel agency that provides their customers with a top of the line journey to any country of their choice. They provide in-depth information to any country you desire .
  19. 19. Bitterroot Reels is specialized store that sell fly fishing reels that combine the zen of the sport of the advances in technology to make the sport more comfortable even for the experienced angler.
  20. 20. Calliope Concerts Presents: A Brochure for a concert series featuring 4 of the greatest Bluegrass acts A Tribute to Bill Monroe. paying homage to the father of the genre, Bill Monroe.
  21. 21. R.C Huntington is a brand new designer who produces high fashion frames princing at $250-$400, targeted towards the younger generation beteween the ages of 21-30.
  22. 22. Time for some Action is a personal Poster Show, that featured topics including Darfur, religion, tobacco and water conservation.
  23. 23. Men’s Warehouse: A catalouge for designer ties geared towards a younger generation that is just 2010 Spring Collection stepping out into the professional world.
  24. 24. Website redesign for a cupcake cafe in Pittsburgh that makes each cupcakes by hand each day and promotes good living, and good health.
  25. 25. fostercat Website redesign for a feline shelter and adoption agency that promotes loving and caring for abused and homeless cats.