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SmartPlay! The place to be!

  1. 1. Smart Place for Smart People! Welcome aboard!
  2. 2. TOPICS • SmartPlay – Great Place to work! • SmartPlay - Vision • SmartPlay - Accolades & Recognitions • Why choose SmartPlay • SmartPlay’s delivery model • Sample work our SmartPlayers do!
  3. 3. SmartPlay – Great Place to work! • SmartPlay is a technology services company focused on Semiconductors, Wireless & Embedded Software and Systems Design • A team of 650+ experienced professionals & growing in strength by the day • We provide vertical & end to end services in Chip Design, Mobile/Consumer Software & System Design and Solutions • Founded in May 2008, SmartPlay has offices in Bangalore, Hyderabad & Noida in India • Overseas locations include San Jose, San Diego & Austin in USA • Filled with People who love a lots of Fun!
  4. 4. SmartPlay –Vision To be a leading service provider of end to end solutions by creating innovative business models that provide Value, Quality and Execution Excellence to its customers.
  5. 5. SmartPlay – Divisions Digital Analog • RTL design and implementation • Circuit design • Functional verification • Layout design • Physical Design, EDA flow management • Characterization • DFT and post silicon validation • IBIS Model • FPGA design, emulation, validation Wireless solutions Systems and solutions • Modem and connectivity solutions • Hardware platform • Media playback and Streaming Solutions development • Application and User Experience design & • Hardware testing development • System Integration and Testing
  6. 6. Accolades & Recognitions! • SmartPlay emerged as one of the fastest growing technology services company in the world • SmartPlay has been rated among the Top 5 semiconductor services companies in the Silicon India SI100 list in 2010 & 2011 • SmartPlay Technologies rated as the second largest VLSI design services company in India • Preferred design services partner for several Fortune 500 and mid-sized semiconductor & system companies working on Graphics, Mobile, Multimedia and Processor technologies
  7. 7. Why choose SmartPlay? • Our strength lies in our people who are deeply passionate about delivering successful results and building strong customer relationships • We believe that our employees are our most valuable asset • We hire the most talented, motivated, team-oriented & dedicated professionals who share our values • Foundation of Trust, Respect, Dignity & Integrity is what makes SmartPlay culture unique and working! • We believe in working together and creating an environment in which everyone is motivated to do their best • Opportunity to work with experts in the following domains – Digital, Analog, & Wireless software
  8. 8. SmartPlay’s Delivery Model • Onsite - Engineers work closely with customers on their next generation chips at customer premises • Fixed Price Turnkey engagements - which are milestone based deliveries. These are executed using the in-house tools (SmartPlay has invested heavily in acquiring industry standard tools – Synopsys & Magma tools) • ODC (Offshore Design Center) - where engineers work in dedicated teams at SmartPlay premises. • SmartPlay also has other innovative & flexible business models which helps provide targeted services to address specific client needs • SmartPlay has a marquee client base including some of the top fortune 100 technology companies
  9. 9. Semiconductor and Embedded Groups • Our engineering team is working on complex SoCs in wireless, networking, telecom, graphics, multimedia, processor and peripheral domains • SmartPlay has one of the largest Design Verification team with significant expertise in System Verilog, VERA and Specman • SmartPlay’s Physical design team works on complex multi-million gate SoCs at 22nm, 28nm, 45nm and 65nm technologies • SmartPlay encourages its top performers to travel onsite (US & APAC) on client engagement / assignments. • SmartPlay has large US operations – aiming at growing in Europe and other regions in APAC
  10. 10. Sample work our SmartPlayers do! Design Verification • USB2.0 OTG, USB3.0, PCIe gen1/2/3, Modem Chips, Graphics, Video, Audio, Next generation ARM/AMD/Intel processor architectures, Multimedia chips, Storage Chips, Networking Chips…. STA / Synthesis • Wireless Chips, Wimax chips, ARM hardening, Modem cores, Graphics, Video, PCIe, Testchips (Memory/IO), 1080p, Networking, Storage blocks • 28nm, 45nm, 65nm, 90nm using DC, Primetime, Goldtime
  11. 11. Sample work our SmartPlayers do! Physical Design  Wireless Chips, Wimax chips, ARM hardening, Modem cores, Graphics, Video, PCIe, Testchips (Memory/IO), 1080p, Networking, Storage blocks  22nm, 28nm, 40nm, 45nm, 65nm, 90nm in Magma Talus, Synopsys ICC, Cadence SoC Encounter, Atoptech
  12. 12. Sample work our SmartPlayers do! Analog Layout / Design • LDO, Bandgap Reference Generator, Linear Regulator, SerDes, VCO, Charge Pump, PLL, Pipeline ADC, Power management IO & IO Ring, LVDS; General Purpose IOs using Cadence and Magma’s Analog tools. • Analog team does the following: Analog Design, Analog Layout & Verification, Std Cell design & layout, Memory layout, Std cell characterization, memory characterization, Analog modeling
  13. 13. Wireless Software Division • Engineering teams work on challenging technology areas like protocol stack conformance for 3G & 4G cellular network standards • We work with customers that include chipset manufactures, OEMs and independent hardware vendors in the handheld devices space. • Our engineers work on areas spanning device driver development, middleware (multimedia and connectivity framework) and application software
  14. 14. Areas SmartPlayers work on! Chipset board bring-up and OS porting • Our expertise is leveraged on multiple chipset platforms (TI, Qualcomm etc) and with different OS variants (Linux, Android etc) • Kernel, boot-loader and OS porting are key areas where SmartPlay engineers help customers with their custom designs and product engineering • Device drivers development for Graphics accelerators, USB, Sensors (camera, proximity sensors, accelerometer etc), Connectivity modules (WLAN, Bluetooth, NFC etc) and other peripherals
  15. 15. Areas SmartPlayers work on! Cellular Protocol Stack • Our testing services include pre-certification conformance testing as well as end-to-end testing using a variety of state-of-the art test equipment, tools and methodologies (ex: TTCN/C based test framework, adaptation layer based on 3GPP) • Strong foundation of 3GPP technologies (GSM/GPRS/EDGE, WCDMA/HSPA, TD- SCDMA/HSPA ) have been leveraged to execute a number of projects that involve integrating test components (hardware and software), build test environments, test case development & test automation
  16. 16. Areas SmartPlayers work on! Middleware and Applications • Middleware and Applications are areas where our engineers have experience across multiple OS platforms • Middleware engineering includes integrating custom multimedia components and optimizing connectivity and multimedia frameworks for performance. • Application customization and cross- platform porting is another area of expertise for SmartPlay
  17. 17. Why wait?Become a SmartPlayer Today!