Hiring strategies for staff instructor kru championsway webinar


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Hiring strategies for staff instructor kru championsway webinar

  1. 1. Hiring Strategies for Staff Instructorby Master Ace Ramirez
  2. 2. About me• 29 years Martial Arts experience.• Traditional origins to modern styles.• Always a student• North East Director of Fairtex Muay Thai under Alex Gong to develop curriculum for Instructor Certification Programs.• Former Regional Director for the National Association of Professional Martial Artists (NAPMA).• Consultant for MA Industry Companies.• Consulted for Traditional, MMA and fight camp facilities.• Created Licensed Programs For KRU Muay Thai, Submission Wrestling, Kids MMA, Kali/Street Combatives, StrykeFIt• Works heavily with Champions Way
  3. 3. Key Take Away’s• Why do we need a Staff Instructor?• Define the Role of Head Instructor• Define the Role of Staff Instructor• What are the Qualities they need?• Where should you look?• How do You train them?• How do you Review their performance?• What to do Next?
  4. 4. Why Do We Need a Staff Instructor??1. You are growing and need to delegate responsibilities. Lifestyle…2. You are acknowledging someone else may do something better than you.3. You cannot get big picture. Quality.4. Pass on the knowledge.5. You cannot rate yourself!
  5. 5. What is a Head Instructor? 1. Owner vs Head Instructor 2. Head Instructor of Who? 3. Principal / Quality Control 4. Headmaster/CEO/ Director of sales 5. Overseer
  6. 6. Duties of Staff Instructor1. Insure safety2. Class Management3. Motivation4. Note changes needed for curriculum and report them to Head Instructor5. Be involved in marketing6. Participate in Ranking**7. Deliver precise curriculum! Optional: MIA Calls, Intros, Blogs, etc.
  7. 7. Qualities of Staff InstructorBlind Date?• Punctual – Interview and class• Appearance – They Represent you (inside & Out)• Check their Facebook! – Truth beneath the SurfaceWhat to avoid?• Body Language when you give them instructions• Use of Language• Acceptance of Role Model• Personable but not personal• Relationships with students• Inconsistent behavior – 3 x Rule!
  8. 8. Where should you Look?• Does it depend on what program? Cardio, Zumba, Fitness Kickboxing KRU Muay Thai, BJJ, Submission Wrestling• You are trusting your Money with this person!• Do you trust a resume or your students? - Loyalty
  9. 9. How Do you Train Them??Traditional Way• Student - Throw them into the water• Outside Hire- Migrate them into class & see if a problem occurs, in t his Clients Suffer through learning processKRU Way• Student – Process is built into the Curriculum• Class Planners Student Reports ,Surveys Evaluated Monthly Quarterly & Annually• Outside Hire – Not done. Why do they “outqualify” your own students who know your quality and Curriculum.• Contact me about your training methods!!
  10. 10. How Do You Review Their Performance??1. Are they Starting and Ending on Time?2. Are they Following Class Planners?3. Are they submitting Student Reports4. Students fill out Instructor Surveys5. Student Evaluations are actually Instructor Staff Instructors must be motivated Reviews To increase their salary. Salary = Performance6. Students Upgrade! Those that do not care about $$ are fine with mediocrity! This is not a hobby!
  11. 11. What Do you Do Next??1. Don’t just think the people you have now are 1. Review who you consider an Assistant/Staffthe ones you need to keep. Instructor. Do you trust them with your $$ ?2. Don’t let fear of change stop you. Innovate! 2. Think of what training program they are STILL in! If not Create one!3. Don’t let work stop you from takingcharge..and letting a stranger run your program 3. If you need help, lead by example and findtheir way! help. Contact me!
  12. 12. • How we can help your school today? Create ongoing system• Have tangible criteria for eligibility• Easy Staff Implementation• Excite current student base for innovations• Increase of Gross Residual Income• Predictability of advanced class participation• Create and identify those in the school who are able to complete their program vs those who wish to excel in their program
  13. 13. November 12 KRU Seminar Chicago, IL www.kru-muaythai.com Twitter@KRUMasterAceDecember KRU Seminar Milford, PA www.kru-muaythai.com linkedin.com/in/aceramirezDecember 9-11 Instructor Orientation Weekend Bergenfield, NJ www.aceramirez.com/kruinfo facebook.com/thekrunetworkJanuary 21-22 KRU EXPO 2012 Mahwah, NJ www.aceramirez.com/expotix facebook.com/krumuaythai**Info on Staff Development and Curriculum www.aceramirez.com/kruinfo KRU Muay Thai * KRU Kids MMA * KRU Submission Wrestling Academy *KRU Combatives* KRU Strykefit