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Lc call numbers


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Lc call numbers

  1. 1. Locating Library Books in the Stacks
  2. 2. From the online catalog record:Make note of which library collection the item is shelved in. Main Collection
  3. 3. What is the Call Number? Write it down!E 847.2 .K67 2005 In the Handouts part of this Module there is a list of the Library of Congress Subject Areas (the letter or letters) at the beginning of the call number) and what they mean.
  4. 4. E 847.2 .K67 2005This is how the label onthis book will look:Recommendation:write the callnumber down inthe same way that itwill appear on thebook label
  5. 5. If the item you are looking for is not from the Main Collectionthe first line of the label will indicate which collection it is in.Reference Audio- Adams Visual ShakespeareREF A-V ShakesQL QH PR 108.6462.3 .C6 2833.E485 R37 .A22003 1989 G617
  6. 6. Go to the collection that the item is shelved in. Ask at the Circulation Desk for films, music, or anything shelved in the New England Room In the Handouts link of this module there is a map of the library showing where all of the collections are.
  7. 7. The stacks all have labels that indicate which call numbers areshelved there. in this row This book will be shelved PZ 4 .J77 Th
  8. 8. Work your way down the row to find the PZ4’s PZ 4 .J77 X X X Th
  9. 9. The next line in the call numberisn’t as straight forward. . . PZ 4 . J77 .J77 Th. . . but it makes much more sense if youmentally add a decimal point to the number.
  10. 10. The next step is to look for PZ 4 .J PZ 4 .J .H .H .H .I .J
  11. 11. The tricky part:If you didn’t remember, or didn’t know to mentally insert adecimal point in front of the next number in the call number,the position of the book on the shelf would make no sense.You might wonder why the librarians shelved 584 before 6.Five hundred and eighty four is much larger than 6..J58 .J584 .J6 .J6417 .J717 .J77
  12. 12. The tricky part: Understanding that this part of the call number is read as a decimal number makes it …is shelved easier to see why this before this book book… .584 is less than .6.58 .584 .6 .6417 .717 .77
  13. 13. The final line in this call number is is read alphabetically ( Fr is beforePZ Pi, which is before Th).4 …and here’s the book we.J77 were looking for.Th