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KPN Locate product presentation Feb 2014


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KPN Locate. In order to secure full control over your assets, you want to know where your assets are and in what condition - anytime & anywhere.

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KPN Locate product presentation Feb 2014

  1. 1. 1 Titel van de presentatie Presentatie Locate Classificatie Versie 1
  2. 2. KPN Locate Location Based Services February 2014 2
  3. 3. KPN Locate In order to secure full control over your assets, you want to know where your assets are and in what condition - anytime & anywhere 2G/3G 3
  4. 4. The end-to-end solution Userfriendly portal Device GPS, GSM – CellID In one single glance triangulation, RFID all your devices on one map KPN Locate Connectivity Choice of subscriptions with a fixed monthly fee 4
  5. 5. What services does Locate offer? 1. Track a route 5 2. Geo-fence 3. Single shot location
  6. 6. Target groups Containers & Harbour Heavy Equipment Excavators, valuable tools/materials, durable/maintenance prone assets Rental/ Insurance Tracking lost or stolen items. Keep an eye on things that should not be moved. Security Tracking people, lone workers, assets Government 6 Tracking containers, packages, trucks & cars Tracking people and vehicles of the police, marine, military and defence
  7. 7. How do you benefit from KPN Locate? What does Locate mean for you? •Certainty: always know where your assets are located •Efficiency: management, maintenance and more Wat does Locate mean for your customers? •Certainty: not only you, but also your clients can experience the peace of mind, and assurance that at any time it is clear where the loads and assets are. efficient use of assets by having insight into the location •Security: the clients’ property which you transport and and status of your properties •Flexibility: use KPN Locate for a diverse range of assets your resources which your clients use are more efficiently protected against theft. thanks to the various devices available. The various •Efficiency: optimal use and reduced loss of your assets, forms of subscription fit with each manner of use, also achieving a direct saving in costs and time which can be yours. •Custom-made: with the help of KPN, you can combine translated to your customers. •Simple: integration of this service in your current devices with the correct required data. After all, different processes ensures a simpler, less error-sensitive and assets require different applications. In this way you more information-rich service provision. And you can let have a specific insight into what is important to you. your customers benefit from this. 7
  8. 8. KPN Locate Why location based services of KPN? Beste network Battery lifetime Flexibility Offers location information throughout Europe 8 Accuracy Can give positions in areas where no gps signal is available (indoor, parkings, containers, etc.) and offers the possibility to combine with RFID Long battery lifetime/ Using less battery capacity than with GPS only. Ideal for longterm tracking when no power source is available (Bicycles, containers,etc) Flexibility in terms of device, linking this to sensors that supply extra information (such as temperature, humidity, doors open/closed, etc). And also in terms of interfacing the userfriendly portal to other systems
  9. 9. Choice of two types of devices • Schockproof • Waterproof • Lifetime battery > 9 years 9 • Small in size • Flexible housing • Choice of type/size battery
  10. 10. The user-friendly portal • Find all your devices on the map in one glance • Have real time information per device available • Multiple possible interfaces for your own systems 10
  11. 11. Proposition line-up Customized solutions on request Incidental Incidental Incidental Frequent • • • • 1-5 location requests per day Pooled use of the data bundle Monthly fee + SIM (excluding device) Minimum order quantity is 50 SIM’s • • • • 6-100 location requests per day Pooled use of the data bundle Monthly fee + SIM (excluding device) Minimum order quantity is 50 SIM’s One off costs for the devices 11
  12. 12. More information Specifications of the Locate proposition European coverage for 33 countries Data use: choice out of two pooled data bundles Possibility to send and receive sms for back-up and software updates Accuracy between 20 and 1.000 meter depending on the network/technology used 2 years warranty on device (and installation work if applicable) 3 years contract duration Delivery time 6-8 weeks Pricing includes shipping within NL, BE and GE Pricing includes testing of the SIM and device Pricing excluding assembling costs, this is situation dependant Advise will be given about the installation by KPN 12
  13. 13. Coverage of KPN M2M Locate 13
  14. 14. Countries (EU 33) Coverage of KPN M2M Locate: Austria France Luxembourg Spain Belgium Germany Malta Sweden Bulgaria Greece The Netherlands Switzerland Croatia Hungary Norway United Kingdom Cyprus Iceland Poland Gibraltar Czech Republic Italy Portugal Denmark Latvia Romania Estonia Liechtenstein Slovenia Finland Lithuania Slovakia 14