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Uncovering The Future of Online Reputation Management


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The Future of Online Reputation Management needn’t be so uncertain, as this webinar reveals trends and explores new tools that will help you stake your brand’s claim on the internet. Whether it’s the Google Plus Local revolution or the rise of Yelp that has you wondering what’s next, we can help you ride out the changes to a solid foundation.

A review of major shifts in online marketing leads to practices you can instill in your online marketing strategy, and tools you can use to stay current and the best-practices techniques that will keep you ahead of the game. The Future of Online Reputation Management takes a practical approach to taking ahold of what’s ahead. You’ll learn basic activities inspired by elite analysis, such as Instant Outreach and Critical Contacts. With a clear vision of where internet marketing is racing toward, and methods to get you there ahead of time, the future of your online reputation will be yours to command

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Uncovering The Future of Online Reputation Management

  1. 1. Uncovering The Future of Online Reputation Management Matthew C. Funk Social Media Marketer
  2. 2. The Future of Online Reputation Management Matthew C. Funk Social Media Marketer
  3. 3. 5 Glimpses of the Future • Positive Approaches: • Use Community • Instant Outreach • Critical Contact • Get with Check-Ins • Get Rid of “Social”
  4. 4. Use Community • Technique: Strategic • Works Smarter • Social is Essential • Connects with Locals • Essential to Reviews
  5. 5. Use Community • Tool: Yelp • Get Mobile • Use in Off-Time • Identify Influencers • List Top Five • Communicate
  6. 6. Instant Outreach • Technique: Lightening Response • “Bucket of Sweat” • Increases Sentiment • Avoids Spam • Applies Personal Touch
  7. 7. Instant Outreach • Tool: Dashboard • Compose Copy • Align with Marketing • Assign Responder • Monitor Reactions
  8. 8. Critical Contact • Technique: Harvesting • Initial Outreach is Critical • Improved Responses • Best Sentiment • Benefits of Continuity
  9. 9. Critical Contact • Tool: E-blasts • Compile Contacts • Set Schedule • Dynamic Copy • Always Incentivize
  10. 10. Get with Check-Ins • Technique: Location • Key to Reviews • Increasingly Common • Requires no Incentive • Massive Potential
  11. 11. Get with Check-Ins • Tool: Other Mobiles • Google+ or Yelp • Checklist Memo • Dept. Managers • Marketing Materials
  12. 12. Get Rid of “Social” • Technique: Mindset • Survey Marketing • Meet with Depts. • Seek Opportunities • Weave into Web
  13. 13. Get Rid of “Social” • Tool: Marketing Assets • Top-Tier Planning • Always Call to Action • Give Incentive • Commerce=Conversation
  14. 14. Your Top Tool: Mobile • Way of the World • Centralize Activity • Key Response Time • Strategic Scheduling • Connect with Customers