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The Secret of Creating Effective Content


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Content is king! When developing your website strategy, content is critical to successful results. In this webinar learn how Jeff Cryder has developed a successful content program at Lebanon Ford through a three part process: Content Strategy, Content Development, and Content Management. Content Strategy will cover editorial guidelines, how a strong content strategy can enhance other marketing efforts, and different types of content creation. Content Development includes creation vs. curation, making celebrities of your employees, and getting employees involved. Content Management with explore Wordpress plugins, Google calendar, and managing a content team.

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The Secret of Creating Effective Content

  1. 1. The Secret of Creating Effective Content Jeff Cryder
  2. 2. Speakers Becky Ross Marketing Manager - KPA 303.228.8753 PresenterModerator Jeff Cryder Marketing & Communications Director 513.932.1010 x117
  3. 3. @TKCarsitesinc TK Carsites Social Networks
  4. 4. Content Rules! Content Strategy Content Development Content Management
  5. 5. Content Strategy Content = Fuel Social Media = Fire
  6. 6. Types of Content Creation
  7. 7. Integrate to Enhance
  8. 8. Peel Back Layers
  9. 9. Integrate Content Creation
  10. 10. Social = Publishing Platform
  11. 11. Content Development
  12. 12. Think Blue Ocean.
  13. 13. Become An Expert
  14. 14. Editorial Guidelines Who What Where When How Why?
  15. 15. Headlines are important 2013 Ford Escape Review Vs. These 5 Articles Will Make You Crave the 2013 Ford Escape
  16. 16. Creation vs. Curation Creation Curation
  17. 17. Make Celebrities of Your Employees
  18. 18. Make Celebrities of Your Customers
  19. 19. Content Management
  20. 20. Assemble a Team
  21. 21. Schedule Posts
  22. 22. Piece it together