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Taking Facebook to the Next Level: Advanced Posting Strategies


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Many dealers have taken the plunge into Facebook and other social media sites and have found varying degrees of success. It’s still a growing medium despite the vastness of it already and there is room for dealers to be able to expand on what they’re doing without spending more time doing it. Maximizing each post is the key to success for those who are beyond “getting” Facebook and are ready to learn how to really make it sing for their dealership. In this webinar, JD Rucker goes well-beyond the 101 concepts of Facebook and gets into specific styles of posting that will help dealers make the most out of every post while expanding their reach. As with most things, it’s a matter of quality, not quantity, and having the knowledge to post at that level on Facebook will take your social media presence to the next level and beyond.

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Taking Facebook to the Next Level: Advanced Posting Strategies

  1. 1. Taking Facebook to the Next Level: Advanced Posting Strategies JD Rucker Director of New Media Facebook Tips
  2. 2. Moderator Becky Ross Marketing Manager Office: (303) 228-8753
  3. 3. Presenter JD Rucker Director of New Media Office: (774) 538-9338 Twitter: @0boy
  4. 4. In Today’s Webinar • Why to post • How to post • When to post • What to post
  5. 5. Why to Post to Facebook • It’s who you are to your customers, particularly your leads • It builds branding and reinforces your presence • It generates interaction (distinctly NOT conversation) • It has the ultimate trust factor potential
  6. 6. How to Post to Facebook The 3rd most important thing you’ll learn today: “API posts (Hootsuite, Buffer, KPA Local Engage, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.) are given much less weight than direct posts through or through the Facebook mobile app.”
  7. 7. How to Post to Facebook Use tools to fill gaps, cover days off, and keep the ball rolling. Do not use tools as the primary posting method unless you have support.
  8. 8. Mobile Magic • Whenever possible, post through your mobile device. • Stay disciplined on persona management! • Get your customers to like and share the post while they’re at the dealership. • Your settings: If you are unable or uncomfortable with posting via mobile, that’s okay.
  9. 9. When to Post to Facebook • Mix up your times but stay within the sweet spots • Plan out post “styles” at a minimum and actual posts when possible • Develop a M.A.P. SweetSpots 8 pm 6 pm 5 am 10 am
  10. 10. When to Post to Facebook Most • Sunday • Saturday Good • Monday • Tuesday • Wednesday Least • Friday • Thursday Knowing the days of the week with the most engagement on Facebook pages helps you plan out your “money” posts.
  11. 11. What to Post to Facebook Photos Text Videos Links
  12. 12. Tell a Story • Fact: Shorter posts get more Likes • Fact: Longer posts get more Shares • Fact: Longer posts with personality, heart, and that say more than “thanks” get more likes AND shares
  13. 13. Be Visual with your Reviews The 2nd most important thing you’ll learn today: “Very few people are reading your reviews as they’re posted on the various apps. Even if you allow them on your wall, they aren’t having the full impact. Take 5 minutes and turn your best reviews into something that catches the eye.”
  14. 14. Be Visual with your Reviews
  15. 15. Let Others do the Talking • Set default to “Allowed” • Check your activity log regularly • Select “Allowed on Page” when it’s something you want others to see (otherwise, they won’t) • Interaction begets interaction – encourage it!
  16. 16. Buying a Car is Exciting! Facebook is a life stream that represents our personalities. It’s an amplification tool. Let it amplify!
  17. 17. Branch Out • Everything your dealership does in the community should go on Facebook • Interesting things your employees do should go on Facebook • Use your page to help promote others whenever possible • Don’t forget to tag!
  18. 18. Be Interesting, But… The MOST important thing you’ll learn today: “Stay true. You’re a business. Do not take other people’s photos that you find on the internet and claim it to be your own. It’s possible to be funny and get likes, shares, and comments without abandoning your core, your goals, and your integrity.”
  19. 19. Be Interesting, But…
  20. 20. Be Interesting, But…
  21. 21. Contests. Done Right. • If you’re going to run contests, keep it local. • If you’re going to run contests, keep it local. • If you’re going to run contests, keep it local.
  22. 22. 10 Quick Tips • Link Exposure: Text, then image, THEN link. • Avoid posting more than 1 per hour. • Promote through Facebook. It’s cheap! • Early likes amplify more than later likes. • Test your page with Facebook Ads after getting it looking great. • Add value with tips, coupons, Facebook offers, etc. • Testimonials are great but mix it up. • Play with albums. • Play with featured images. • PLAY!
  23. 23. Facebook Page Reviews