Social Signals: How to Use the Most Important Convergence of Search and Social


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Finally, the ability to kill two birds with one stone is a reality as dealers can benefit their website rankings, traffic, and social relevance with the same actions and by posting the same content.

The merging of the two disciplines is expanding. In this webinar, JD Rucker goes well-beyond the basics and shows dealers some of the techniques and strategies they can use to make their websites more sharable. Now that “sharability” is so important for both search and social, this truly is a webinar that no dealer can afford to miss.

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Social Signals: How to Use the Most Important Convergence of Search and Social

  1. 1. How to Use the Most Important Convergence of Search and Social JD Rucker Director of New Media Social Signals
  2. 2. Moderator Becky Ross Marketing Manager Office: (303) 228-8753
  3. 3. Presenter JD Rucker Director of New Media Office: (774) 538-9338 Twitter: @0boy
  4. 4. Today’s Questions • What is the Conspiracy Theory? • What are Social Signals? • Why (and How) Do They Work? • Why Aren’t You Successful (yet)? • What Content is Worth Sharing? • What Are Power Accounts? • What Can You Do TODAY?
  5. 5. Red Penguin Conspiracy Theory We’re actually working with two major algorithm changes and Penguin is the front-facing component.
  6. 6. Immediate Impact: May
  7. 7. What Are Social Signals? • Top Level • Google+ Shares (Google Only) • Facebook Shares (Bing Heavy) • Twitter (Works for Both Equally) • Second Level • Pinterest and Instagram • LinkedIn • Third Level • Tumblr (Not the Blog Links) • Delicious, Reddit, StumbleUpon
  8. 8. Why/How They Work • For the Page • 30%-35% Content • 30%-35% Links • 30%-35% Social • Social = Search • Google’s and Bing’s love for crowdsourcing • Trust factor without the gaming • Verifiable authority
  9. 9. Why/How They Work • For the Domain • Page Authority transferred through links • Domain Authority permeates throughout • Consistent flow is better than bursts, but…
  10. 10. Your Challenge • Buttons Are Not Social Media • Real people don’t share inventory • Real people don’t share specials • Real people don’t share testimonials Give real people real content worth sharing.
  11. 11. Content Worth Sharing • It doesn’t have to be in the menu. In fact, it often shouldn’t be. • What content would YOU share? • Great pictures of cars • Great pictures of your city • Local events and organizations • Infographics
  12. 12. The Reality of Power • Not all accounts are created equal. • Sharable doesn’t mean that it’ll be shared. • “Fake it ‘til you make it.”
  13. 13. Building Power • Employees have power. • Friends and family have power. • Use events to bring the power to the store.
  14. 14. Final Words • “There’s a perception that everything will go social and links will be obsolete but I wouldn’t write the epitaph for links just yet.” ~ Matt Cutts, Google • Do NOT ignore this thinking that your competitors won’t do it. • Think quality over quantity when creating content. • Get HELP! (the heartfelt pitch for DU)