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Mobile: How to Sort the Practical from the Propaganda


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Mobile: How to Sort the Practical from the Propaganda

  1. 1. Aaron Schinke March 14, 2012 Mobile: How to Sort the Practical from the Propaganda
  2. 2. Speakers Moderator Presenter Becky Ross Marketing Manager 303-228-8753 Aaron Schinke Director of Digital Marketing 920-230-1111
  3. 3. Mobile: How to Sort the Practical from the Propaganda
  4. 4. Mobile: Statistical Propaganda There are 5.9 billion mobile subscribers. (that's 87 percent of the world population).
  5. 5. Mobile: Statistical Propaganda Mobile searches have quadrupled in the last year. (16.8% Automotive)
  6. 6. Mobile: Statistical Propaganda Over 8 trillion text messages were sent in 2011.
  7. 7. Mobile: Statistical Propaganda Google: $2.5 billion in annual mobile ad revenues.
  8. 8. Mobile: Statistical Propaganda Apps have been downloaded over 11 billion times.
  9. 9. Mobile: Statistical Propaganda What “they” want you to think: Mobile is big and scary so I should pay someone to do it for me without thinking.
  10. 10. Mobile: Statistical Propaganda What the stats really say: There are a TON of people using Mobile.
  11. 11. Mobile: The Good News! You’re already doing mobile!
  12. 12. Mobile: The Bad News… You may not be delivering the optimal experience!
  13. 13. Mobile: The Truth. It’s all about the experience.
  14. 14. Mobile: Sites What are the traits of an effective mobile site? Speed Usability Content
  15. 15. Mobile: Sites (Speed)
  16. 16. Mobile: Site (Speed) Prioritize Content Use analytics to determine your most popular content from your full site. ALWAYS include local information.
  17. 17. Mobile: Site (Speed) • Use CSS Sprites • Combine and Compress Styles • Use CSS before images • Optimize and compress images You may want to consult a geek.
  18. 18. Mobile: Site (Usability) Big, Centered, Spaced and Labeled buttons. More than a handful (of options) is too much.
  19. 19. Mobile: Sites (Usability) Big Spaced Links Limit traditional dropdowns
  20. 20. Mobile: Sites (Usability) Only Imperative fields Limit traditional dropdowns Autofill what you can
  21. 21. Mobile: Sites (Usability) Automatic Redirects Manual links to other versions
  22. 22. Mobile: Sites (Usability) Flash… Just don’t do it…
  23. 23. Mobile: Sites (Visibility) Now that you have the perfect mobile site… How can you use mobile technology to promote your business?
  24. 24. Mobile: Sites (SEO) For now mobile SEO and desktop SEO is essentially one in the same.
  25. 25. Mobile: Sites (SEO)
  26. 26. Mobile: Sites (SEO) What to look for in the future: Search results tailored to type of device Less dependence on traditional ranking factors More dependence on social signals, reviews and usability data
  27. 27. Mobile: Sites (Analytics)
  28. 28. Mobile: Advertising Search Ads: As simple as a few clicks in Adwords to get started. Ad Extensions: Click to Call Location SiteLinks Social
  29. 29. Mobile: Advertising If a click is worth over a dollar, what’s a call worth?
  30. 30. Mobile: Apps Success Checklist Is it about birds fighting pigs? Does it have aliens or zombies? Does it take sweet pictures?
  31. 31. Mobile: Apps Apps have to provide additional value to your customers.
  32. 32. Mobile: Summary You HAVE to look past the statistics and tech gimmicks and evaluate mobile initiatives based upon the experience it provides for users.
  33. 33. Contact Information Becky Ross 866-356-1735