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Critical Dealership Website Best Practices: The Online Sales Process


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As shoppers continue to use the internet as their primary source for research and buying, it is imperative that dealerships emulate the dealership “on-lot” buying experience with their “on-line” buying experience. By taking best practices from online sites that perform very well, and adapting those techniques to your sales process, you can increase the conversion of your online shoppers. In this webinar, Brad will share the best practices for matching your meet and greet, needs assessment, product presentation, test drive, trade evaluation, negotiation, and delivery to your website. Give your website shopper everything they need so they choose you when they decide to pull the trigger.

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Critical Dealership Website Best Practices: The Online Sales Process

  1. 1. Critical Dealership Website Best Practices: The Online Sales Process Brad Hampton Internet Marketing Manager KPA Internet Marketing
  2. 2. Moderator Brian Torrez Alliance Marketing Manager (303) 228-2387
  3. 3. Speaker Brad Hampton Marketing Manager KPA Previous: Digital Marketing Manager 7 Dealerships CRM, Websites, Lead Providers, Sales Training
  4. 4. If you have questions during the presentation, please submit them using the “Questions” feature Questions will be answered at the end of the webinar QUESTIONSQuestions
  5. 5. Critical Dealerships Website Best Practices: The Online Sales Process Brad Hampton Internet Marketing Manager KPA Internet Marketing
  6. 6. The Sales Process 1. Meet and Greet 2. Needs Assessment 3. Product Presentation 4. Demo 5. Trade Evaluation 6. Negotiation 7. Delivery
  7. 7. Your Online Meet And Greet Buyers spend an average of 11.5 hours online before they visit your lot. Is your site up to the challenge? What is your Meet and Greet Process Online?
  8. 8. Your Online Meet And Greet • List awards and accomplishments on your home page. • Clearly identify and differentiate your brand. • Featured vehicles is your front line. • Use up-to date staff pictures with biographies and contact information.
  9. 9. Your Online Needs Assessment Customers attempt to complete a personal needs assessment before going to your dealership. Are you helping the shopper find the car that is right for them?
  10. 10. Your Online Needs Assessment • Name a tab “research” on your home page. • Provide a payment calculator • Realistic rates and down payments • Landing pages for different buyers. • Climate, Vehicle Type, Sports • Include a savings calculator. • Financing vs. Leasing • F&I Products
  11. 11. Your Online Product Presentation If you are not providing the information that your customer is looking for, they will go elsewhere for information. Are you providing all the product information you can on your website?
  12. 12. Your Online Product Presentation • Publish new vehicle pictures of your inventory. • Pictures of GREAT new features! • USB Charging Bank • List your vehicles in order of the vehicle walk around. • Explain the different between new vehicle trim models on the listing pages. The Product Presentation is arguably the most important part of the sales process, and it is the one we ignore the most online.
  13. 13. Your Online Test Drive Your sales process on the lot includes letting every customer test drive ANY vehicle they want. Can you customer do the same thing online? Do you provide an adequate online test drive?
  14. 14. Your Online Test Drive • Human voice videos for all of your vehicles. • Video reviews of new models. • Provide a vehicle configurator for customers to view colors and options. • Use dash-facing interior driver photos. The more you replicate the emotional buying process online, the higher chance you have to convert a shopper into a buyer.
  15. 15. Your Online Trade Evaluation One of the biggest profit centers in a dealership is the used car department. What are you doing to increase your online trade evaluation?
  16. 16. Your Online Trade Evaluation • Embed a trade-in value tool on your website. • Explain the benefits of trading in at the dealership vs selling private party. • Offer to purchase a customer’s vehicle, hassle free. • Add a trade evaluation option during service appointments.
  17. 17. Your Online Negotiation Customers still enjoy negotiating the price of their car and expect to negotiate when they come to your lot. Do you provide options to negotiate online?
  18. 18. Your Online Negotiation • List vehicles at MSRP. • Implement “make an offer” buttons. • Create a page to the benefits of putting down cash when purchasing a vehicle. • Show your transparency for how the vehicle buying process will be.
  19. 19. Your Online Delivery When a customer enjoys the delivery process, they are more likely to visit you in service and purchase their subsequent vehicles from you. What are you doing on your website to promote happy vehicle ownership?
  20. 20. Your Online Delivery • Link to the “Owner’s page on your OEM’s website. • Include a page showing where the customer can make a payment or contact the finance department. • Actively advertise and promote new owner clinics. • Supply videos for how to operate each car’s electronics. • Devote a page to recommending service intervals and maintenance schedules. • Get them to LIKE YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE
  21. 21. Brad Hampton Internet Marketing Manager 303.228.8756 Brian L. Torrez Alliance Marketing Manager 303.228.2387 Contact Us