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NAILING YOUR PERFORMANCE                 Karen McGrane                 Bond Art + Science                 @karenmcgrane   ...
Concept ruthlessly stolen from Heather Champ @hchampVia Flickr User swirlspice under a Creative Commons License   2
YOU’RE A STAR NOW                    6
THE DRESS REHEARSAL                      7
TIMING IS EVERYTHING                       8
GET WARMED UP                9
GET INTO CHARACTER            _What’s your schtick?            _Dress the part            _Know your stage            _Mak...
“MANAGING NERVES             There are two types             of speakers: those             that are nervous and          ...
OWN THE STAGE                12
LINE, PLEASE“Don’t cry for me... Ah...”                              13
LOVE YOUR AUDIENCE                     14
WORK THE STAGE DOOR                      15
THANKS!ROCK ON! (917) 887-8149
Nailing Your Performance
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Nailing Your Performance


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Cranky Talk 2011 workshop in Chicago on presentation skills

Published in: Career, Education, Business
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