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V&A Hospital Textile

  1. 1. Hospital Textile from Pakistan Your Sales & Buying Agent Out of the many hundreds of manufacturers, we have selected few on board with us. We can give you access to a wider and deeper product assortment of hospital textile. Price need can be met with an improved quality. Professional will look after logistical arrangements to avoid the unseen costs and a steady supply of any size can shorten your storage space. K.M. Saleem Director Sales Mobile: 00 966 531 519 658 k m . s a l e e m @ v e n t u r e- a g e n t s . c o M ade w ith the he lp of supp lie r s
  2. 2. AT A GLANCE… TEXTILE INDUSTRY IN PAKISTAN 1221 ginning units 442 spinning units 550 weaving units 20600 power looms 635 fabric finishing units Spinning industry can consume 1550 million KG of yarn in one year Weaving capacity to produce 4368 million square meters of fabric per year Fabric finishing capacity of 4000 million square meters yearly Industry can produce 670 million units of garment every year 2600 garment manufacturing units 400 million units of knitwear 600 knitwear producing units 53 million Kg of towel 400 towel producing units Pakistan textile contributes 60% to the total exports Provides employment to 38% of workforce in Pakistan 2 Venture & Agents
  3. 3. Hospital Bed Sheet Set High quality poly cotton sheet set designed specifically for the hospital bed. Fitted Hospital Bed Sheets and Pillowcase. Semi-fitted top sheet is designed with two contoured corners to keep the bed tidy. 3 Venture & Agents
  4. 4. 4 Venture & Agents
  5. 5. Made to Order Made to Order UNISEX SCRUB SUITS SURGEON’S GOWN 5 Venture & Agents
  6. 6. Printed Patient Gown Terry Towels Terry Towels DIAPER With washing Gloves Absorbent Cloth 6 Venture & Agents