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Fight Against Democracy


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A new version of managing governments

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Fight Against Democracy

  1. 1. Islamic System of Forming Governments By: K M Saleem1Islamic System of Legislation And ManifestationPlease allow me to become direct with the topic right from the beginning.We do not need Zardari. It is just not about one person, Zardari in terms of its meaning andunfortunately in terms of personality also, is a symbol of malicious power structure & set up in Pakistan,including everyone who wants to keep us deprived of good education, health, financial liberty and othercivic amenities. They want to rule us in the name of democracy because it is so easy in countries likePakistan to hide your corruption and legitimize power through a democratic way. Please accept myapologies but “Zardari” has become a symbolic phrase meaning all those corrupt politicians who havebeen misusing our country’s resources, pushed us almost in the dark ages. Actually, they are not leaders;they are the ones who stole our recognition, respect and trust.ISLAM BEARS NO RESPONSIBILITY OF DEMOCRACYA common argument can be given aboutdemocracy’s good or bad use and that it willevolve gradually to a level what we see itdelivering in the West. This is the world’s most We cannot allow democracy tomisguiding statement that I can ever hear. prove that there is no God inPeople who give this argument are either this world.totally ignorant or liars. One thing has to beclear in mind; democracy is good or bad but hasno relationship with Islam. It is a very wrongperception that Islam also presents democracy as a system of government. How Allah Kareem couldallow His believers to follow a system which has an inherent authority to go to a limit to prove that thereis no Allah in this world. Right or wrong? It’s just a matter of majority getting together and vote againstAllah. I know, it sounds strange and no will ever use democracy to that limit but that’s the unfortunatereality of this system. And to a limit, if democracy in Pakistan is not challenging Allah, it has of coursechallenged many of the rules of Allah for sure.ISLAM’S PRINCIPLE OF SELECTION OF HEAD OF STATEWe have seen democracies working under both the army and civil rule. Just tell me honestly, what wasthe difference between assemblies of both thetimes? Same people, same faces and samesystem with a different brand was elected andworked. And resultantly, it never delivered any Western democracy could haveprosperity and welfare to the public. And we are never elected the first head ofover and again being fooled around to give time Muslim the democracy to evolve. Just imagine, hadthere been a democracy after Prophet (SAW)returned to His Lord and the MNAs & MPAswould have contested for elections in many constituencies of Makkah & Madinah and every illiterate &criminal tom dick & harry had participated in elections in the traditional polling booths as it is the case
  2. 2. Islamic System of Forming Governments By: K M Saleem2with western democracy, Abu Bakr (RA) could have never become the head of Muslim state. Despite ofall the greatness of Abu Bakr (RA), there were many against him also at that time, especially among thepopulation of Makkah. Those of you who have even a little study of political environment of that timewould agree that Abu Sufian (RA) was more popular and many times richer than Abu Bakr (RA) andaccording to democratic norms, he was an ideal candidate for a sweeping victory. But he could notbecause Ashaab-e-Rasul Allah(SAW) had wisdom to find Islamic ways of elections. As a matter of fact,Abu Bakr (RA) also never presented himself for the position, as opposed to western democracy wherethe candidate will always present himself as leader. If we go through the history of that time, there wasa dispute between mahajreens & ansaars to take over the new government but later on Umer (RA)sorted out the problem by presenting Abu Bakr (RA) as the Khalifa. And then afterwards only therespected and qualified personalities of the Muslim society voted Abu Bakr (RA) to accept him as thehead of the Muslim state.That’s how Allah Rabul Ezzat guided Muslims the ways to form an Islamic government. Interestingly, theelections of Abu Bakr introduced us Islamic Democracy (as we may call it) which actually does notemphasize much on the qualifications of candidate rather it ensures the highest credentials of voters.Allah Subhanahu Ta’ala said that “the one who is best in Taqwa, make him as your leader”. This is a clearInstruction to a voter, not to a leader and should not be misinterpreted as a means to use it for yourselfto present as one of the leaders. That means the authority to find a leader or head of state rests upon avoter only, not on the leaders to form a political party and present themselves as the best option for government. The voters should be educated and wise enough to profile and chose a God fearing person and along with other related The credentials of the voter are aspects. In exactly the same manner as Abu more important in Islam than Bakr was voted by only those who had the the candidate’s candidature. ability to understand his stature. It’s a hard rule that in an Islamic Democracy every citizen is not allowed to select or vote for the leader orhead of state. If we allow all the citizens to vote, then how would you justify the weight & value of thevote of a highly educated and honest person when it is equally treated with that of an illiterate person?It means that my opinion & reasoning to select or reject someone can be equal to the opinion of acriminal who would never accept justice and prosperity of people. Then, what you are telling me is thatthe vote of Umer (RA) was equal to that of some nonbelievers of Quresh-e-Makkah at the time when hewas voting for Abu Bakr? The idea behind this philosophy is very simple, if we raise the voters’qualification, the qualification of the candidate or leader will be automatically improved. An educated &civilized community is likely to select the best and illiterate & uncivilized will select the worst from them.This has exactly been happening in Pakistan and that is why we had more or less the same people in ourassemblies time after time.NEED TO REDEFINE A VOTER FOR ISLAMIC DEMOCRACYOf course, the qualifications of the voters or the right to vote cannot be what it used to be 1400 yearsago. The dynamics now in 21st century have completely changed in terms of education, awareness,
  3. 3. Islamic System of Forming Governments By: K M Saleem3intelligence and much more. It has to be redefined and certain minimum standards of the voters interms of education, image in society or whatever has to be the legal requirement to vote for elections.Resultantly, the voters’ bank will be reduced to a very small size but I am sure that such a highlyqualified voters’ bank will select a best president or prime minister.DEMOCRACY WOULD FAIL IN PAKISTAN TIME AFTER TIME50% of the Pakistan’s population is illiterate, means they cannotwrite and read even their own names. And 50% literate alsoinclude those who can just write their names only. It’s a very 50% of the illiterateconservative idea that 50% of the population is still struggling to and poorestsurvive below the poverty line. Astonishingly, the voters turn population, livingout in any election was never more than 40% of the total below the povertyvoter’s population. I have no fear in believing that 100% of the line, make majorityvoters turn out is out of 50% illiterate and poor people of of the voters’ bankPakistan. These so called flag holders of democracy know thesegimmicks very well. They know it that their voters’ bank is in every electionsmainly composed out of poor and illiterate class of the countryand that is why they would always maintain this class differenceto as wide range as possible.WESTERN DEMOCRACY IS A WISHFUL THINKING WITHOUT ITS PREREQUISITESOn the other hand, I am not out rightly opposing western democracy. This type of democracy hasdelivered reasonably good results in western world. But we must remember that there are twoimportant pre-requisites for this democracy to be successful.  Number one is the “general education level” of the people or society. Education and literacy improves the level of perception and understanding of right & wrong among people. Though it may not have such effects across the board to every citizen of the country but majority would have the right benefits of good education.  Second pre-requisite for western democracy to succeed is the “financial liberty” which means that people of the country are prosperous enough to live with basic needs of life like shelter, food, clothing, hospitals and other civic amenities. Their decision to elect a leader shall not be affected because of financial reasons or poverty.So, if a nation who has the awareness of right & wrong with good education and they also have theauthority and financial liberty to elect their leader or representative can get good results of westerndemocracy. Otherwise, it is a big disaster, as in the case of Pakistan. And our so called leaders will neversupport or plan a good education and thefinancial liberty for us because they knowvery well that it will go against their lust Democracy can never be succes sfulfor power. The advocates of democracywill always argue that a continuous without an educated and financiallydemocratic process with time after time liberal societytransparent & clean elections will one day
  4. 4. Islamic System of Forming Governments By: K M Saleem4wipe out the corrupt politicians and a new breed of sincere leadership will come up. It’s a wishfulthinking which is good to feel about but on ground realities are harsher than their dreams. They areassuming lot of impossibilities or a magic to happen. A Western Democracy in Pakistan is like egg beforeor chicken. Either we will first have an educated, prosperous & politically aware nation to reject thecorrupt leaders or we will first have good & honest leaders to build us an educated and well-off nation.DEMOCRATIC DICTATORS – PAKISTAN NEVER HAD PURE DICTATORSHIPSPakistan is just not a country for those living now but it has to be a country for our children also. Wedon’t want a Pakistan where our daughters are raped, our sons are killed in street, our families arebegging for food on the road and the so called leaders are enjoying all the richness. Believe me, they arevery few and we are much more thanthem. It’s just a matter of comingtogether and save Pakistan.Sometimes it feels that the opposite of Unfortunately, Dictators have givendemocracy is a dictator rule which is not us better governance than civilalways the case. The reverse of democratic rulers and the onlydemocracy is actually ISLAM. Thedictators in Pakistan have never been reason was the better qualification ofpure hardcore dictators like we had dictator.Saddam or Gaddafi. Fortunately orunfortunately they have been moredemocratic than our existing form of democracy itself. The country’s social and economic indicatorshave shown positive signs. People were little better off in the times of a dictator, especially the lastdictator Pervaiz Musharraf who I would call the most “Democratic Dictator”. I guess he is the firstdictator of human history to fully allow press & media to speak for & against him freely. Before himthere was only one state owned TV channel in Pakistan and Musharraf gave licenses to more than 65 TVchannels. The past democratic government of Nawaz Sharif before Musharraf with 2/3 majority in theassembly, could not get courage to do so. This of course does not prove that dictatorship is better thanIslam but it is little closer to Islam, say about by 10%. But most of the intelligent Pakistanis would arguewhat Pakistan is suffering now is allbecause of dictators’ rule. That’s ajudgmental statement without any Only a highly qualified pool of voterssupporting argument. A dictator can help us finding the best in classmaintained a dollar price at round 60Rupees for eight years and in just four people to represent us in assemblies.years civil rule it is staggering at around96 Rupees now. The dictator governedelectricity production so well with the same capacity as it is now to produce successfully near to thedemand and in civil the bad governance created a shortfall of more than 50%. The food prices have beendoubled or tripled in the times of civil rule when compared with dictator’s rule. Foreign debts aredoubled in just four years of civil rule. Local & foreign investment was higher in the times of dictator.
  5. 5. Islamic System of Forming Governments By: K M Saleem5Please remember, I am not supporting a dictator, I am supporting the numbers during the dictator’s rulewhich loudly speak as good indicators of the welfare of people. The question is why it works so well inthe times of a dictator and not in the civil rule? The answer is simple. The dictator in Pakistan was alwaysa head of Pakistan’s armed forces. A back ground of managing the world’s 7th largest army & nuclearpower. He had managed more than 40% of Pakistan’s budget and had a close eye on foreign affairs. Heis trained to deal with variety of situations and has better decision making abilities. So as army chief, hisgovernance and financial management abilities are more sharpened than a civil ruler. Just imagine, youchange the credentials of one man on the top, it changes the whole picture down the line. Butunfortunately, all that good to the people and the country was not sustainable because he did not comeinto power through a legal process and his actions don’t get legitimacy for further follow up in thefollowing civil rule. Now think of improving the credentials of voters in Pakistan, a qualified voters’ poolcan bring the best people in power and of course a big time sustainability to all the welfare.WHY WE CAN’T REFUSE DEMOCRACYPoliticians would oppose any idea ofruling Pakistan other than current waysof democracy, not because they want to Democracy is not a Quranic order –build Pakistan like democratic West but We should not be afraid of admittingbecause they get shameless power over its failure in Pakistanthe poor this way. However, the generalmasses are afraid of talking againstdemocracy for reasons either;  They don’t want to consider Islamic system of government  Or they think that Islam has failed to suggest any method of forming government & legislation  Or whatever Islam proposes is not practical in modern times  Or they believe that Islam does not offer anything else other than the “Democracy”10 BASIC PRINCIPLES OF ISLAMIC DEMOCRACYThe concept of democracy was actually invented by old Greeks thousands of years ago not by Islam. Ofcourse the election of first Khalifa-Abu Bakr (RA) and then the elections of preceding three moreKhalifas is a good example to understand the Islamic Democracy (the phrase is being used for understandingpurpose otherwise there is nothing that exists as Islamic Democracy ) which was much simpler but was basedon certain solid and basic rules for the selection and formation of Islamic government: 1. Not all the citizens are allowed to participate or vote in the election process. Probably some areas may be left out as unrepresented because of higher illiteracy rate or voters’ qualifications don’t justify the constituency but it can be worked with a different solution. 2. There should be a preset qualification for voters purely based on the ability to comprehend the leadership’s capability to drive nation in all dimensions. 3. Identified candidates/leaders must be the best chosen in terms Taqwa and God fearing beyond any doubts or allegations 4. There is no concept of political parties in Islam as it tends to divide Muslim and seriously effect the unity. The voters and the proposed leader/representative should not reflect/present with a
  6. 6. Islamic System of Forming Governments By: K M Saleem6 different named group or party. Allah Subhanahu Ta’ala clearly said that we have been named “Muslims” as nation which means there is no option of dividing the nation of any other grounds. 5. Assemblies or majlis-e-shoura’ should represent people not parties in any case and should not be appointed as ministers, advisors or any functionary to hold any public office. However, all such public offices and public office holders should be approved by Majlis-e-shura’ 6. The elected leader/head of state/representatives will be open to accountability 7. He has no immunity from legal proceedings and conviction if any against him 8. Once elected, the head of state can be removed only by the court of law. Any citizen can take the elected member of shura’ or head of state to the court on accountability grounds but on proven non performance, only the shura’ can move a motion of illegibility of the head of state but again the courts should be able to decide the disqualification. 9. The elected head of state is functionally responsible of all activities of the state 10. The elected head of state will be the chief of the country’s defenseThe above rules are merely guidance to the formation of Islamic government. However, a furtherenhanced & modern system can be easily derived & constituted based on the above facts and we candesign a new constitution of Pakistan around these rules. Unfortunately, the above ISLAM does not go inthe interest of corrupt politicians and feudal lords who are carrying the leadership titles generation aftergeneration. They know it very well that if the voters’ bank is shrunk based on the improved voters’qualifications, they will not be able to fool aroundtheir constituencies. We have already gone againstIslam in our constitution. Zardari has got immunity Islamic system of formingfrom legal proceedings as president. Nauz-u-Billah, governments is not in thewhat do we think that Zaedari is greater than Umer interest of our politicians(RA) or Abu Bakr (RA) who despite of being theclosest friends of Prophet (SAW) never asked for such and those who benefitan immunity whereas, they were head of Muslim from their authorities.state which was actually many times bigger thanPakistan. Is that we call as democracy where our ownelected presidents or prime ministers cannot be brought to justice for being unjustified to their ownpeople. This is totally against the Islamic system of government. We can give immunity to Zardari or our corrupt politicians from their heinous crimes but then believe We can give immunity to me nobody can give us immunity from Azaab-e-Elahi. Presidents but who will And exactly the indications have started showing up now in the form of earthquakes, floods, target give us immunity from killings, rapes, families begging on roads, inflation, Azaab-e-Elahi. corruption and many dreadful things cropping up in our society.With all due respect, the people of Pakistan have turned into a senseless nation and don’t want to learnfrom their experiences. They have been voting for same old names and their sons & daughters since last
  7. 7. Islamic System of Forming Governments By: K M Saleem7many elections who are well known rather notoriousin becoming rich faster than anybody else. These socalled leaders and actually the black faces of our The current democracy issociety win elections easily & every time since more only possible with lot ofthan a half century and we still want to believe thatdemocracy is evolving. To me and I am sure many money and this democracymore people agree that such results of elections with can give you lot of money.the voters composed of poor, illiterate andsuppressed people are not reliable as their votingdecisions are bringing up the same old lot of corrupt politicians time and again. And the corrupt electedpoliticians instead of being thankful to the public they rather justify their HaramKari by saying thatpeople of Pakistan have given them a mandate of doing so.And those of us who are somewhat better off in terms of political awareness and authority over theirdecisions are not participating in the election process at all. One way or the other, all such participants have concluded the system as failure. They have experienced that no matter how clean the elections are claimed to be, they bring up the same Around 70% of the people blackmailers in the assemblies and 70% of population enjoy a holiday on the day simply take a day off on the day of elections. of elections. Probably, Unfortunately, I am also one of the 70% who don’t participate in elections and my prime concern for they don’t trust this doing so is simple … how is it possible that my opinion system to bring up their can be equal to that of an illiterate, ill-mannered, representation. uncivilized and probably criminal person who has no awareness of the power or the responsibility of voter. Second important reason to reject the electionprocess is the absence of leadership or the right candidate to vote for. The democracy which is definedas government of people, by the people for the people has not at all proved like this. It is practicallyimpossible to bring up new faces to take part in the electoral process. It requires lot of money (whichhas to be illegally earned), net working (illegitimate contacts with bureaucracy & powerful class) humanresource (people to terrorize others to build a power image) and this is all not possible for a middle classeducated person with a modest family back ground. So the possibility of new leadership to emergeseems like a farfetched idea. Having said that, all those 70% not participating in elections share acommon opinion and this gives us a valid reason to get together. We will have to do it on our own andprobably without a practical leadership but I am sure that if all of us continue thinking alike, we willcome together and closer to make a very big group or a nation also and will soon find a leader fromwithin ourselves – The one who can represent the educated and prudent class of Pakistan. I wish all ofus a very good future.