Appeal For Flood Releif Support


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Time to step out to help others

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Appeal For Flood Releif Support

  1. 1. King Abdullah starting a fundraising campaign Ban Ki-moon visits Pakistan for flood relief CNN picture the fears of after flood effects FLOODS IN PAKISTAN – WE ARE RESPONSIBLE CITIZENS OF THE PLANET Dear friends and network members: Pakistan is facing devastating after effects of recent floods. The unfortunate floods in the big rivers of Pakistan staring from mountainous north flowing all the way through country to the extreme south in Arabian Sea, has destroyed every city, town and village along the sides. Around 15 million people are displaced and their houses, lands and crops are under waters apart from the damages to roads, railway tracks, bridges and the infrastructure which is totally collapsed. These damaged structures have doubled the difficulties of relief workers. It is very difficult for Pakistan alone to cope with the disaster and its management. Thanks to many nations of the world for extending a helping hand to those suffered in floods. Just yesterday, a very encouraging statement has come from King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. For the first time in history, a Saudi King went beyond the governmental capabilities and appealed its nation to raise funds, resources and other supports for effected ones. I would like to draw everyone’s attention to our responsibilities as they citizens of this planet. At individual and corporate level, we owe to share our prosperity and gains with the society. It is right time for corporations, big or small, to prove as good corporate citizens. I am sure, we have been socially responsible companies but it’s time to go a little step further by being socially responsive corporations. I would request all of you to help Pakistan in recovering from the flood losses and most importantly the threat of huge deaths because of scarcity of drinking water, food, medicine and shelter. UN Secretary General – Mr. Ban Ki-moon said on his visit to Pakistan: I have visited the scenes of many natural disasters around the world, but nothing like this. The scale of this disaster is so large so many people, in so many places, in so much need. Nearly one out of ten Pakistanis has been directly or indirectly affected -- possibly 20 million people. If anyone of you wants to donate anything, you can contact any agency you feel comfortable with but please step out to lend a hand in any shape whether money or items needed there like food, water, medicine etc or even the experts of disaster management and logistical support at less cost or ideally no cost can be as good as anything. At corporate level, it is a good time to earn an emotional attachment for your brands. Believe me; if you show up there in Pakistan, the world will respect you in every corner of the globe. I am not representing any NGO or neither am I advocating for any social works company. There are literally many operating in Pakistan starting from UN organizations to international NGOs and big & small locals. So much so the famous Pakistani TV channels have set up their own relief organizations as people tend to trust them because of their transparent news delivery system. Even governments have opened up accounts with banks for anyone wanting to donate like King Abdullah inaugurated the fundraising campaign by donating SR 20 million and many other followed him. Saudi Government has opened the account with National Commercial Bank. Similarly government of Pakistan and many others have opened accounts for fund collection and you contact them at your ease. Just in case, you need to contact someone operating on ground in the affected areas, you can please contact me to put you through to many reliable organizations and people. I am sure, we can do it. Regards K. M. Saleem