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Casino Myths Expelled


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Crazy stories about casinos, The Truth revealed. Will James Bond be in your Local Casino. Do you have to dress like a movie star? What happens when you win big. Oxygen its in the air we breath

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Casino Myths Expelled

  1. 1. Common Myths About Casinos : Expelled
  2. 2. ! Well Not any more The largest Casino Operator in the UK is the with 54 Casino incorporating the Grosvenor Casinos and the G Casinos Genting Casinos are the second largest Casino Operators London Clubs International are the third largest They are also many smaller Independent Operators in the UK CASINOS ARE NOT RUN BY GANGSTER
  3. 3. YOU WILL NOT SEE JAMES BOND IN A CASINO To start with and sorry to disappoint 007 is only a fictional character, so if you do see him it will be a film set (put away the toy Walther PPK)
  4. 4. YOU DON’T HAVE TO LOOSE YOUR SHIRT IN A CASINO Actually I'm sure that no one has ever lost their shirt in a casino, its just an expression and regularly used in films In fact you don’t even have to spend a penny in a casino (unless you need to go to their convenience stalls) There are free events in many of the Casinos around the UK. Check out our Casino Event Listings If you ever feel that you do have a gambling problem do get help GAMCARE
  5. 5. THEY DO NOT PUMP OXYGEN INTO THE CASINO TO KEEP YOU AWAKE FOR LONGER Well not in the UK BUT You will notice a lack of windows in Casino’s You will not see any clocks in any Casino’s They may offer drinks and snacks so you stay longer After all they are like any other business trying to make money
  6. 6. THE ROULETTE WHEELS ARE NOT FIXED AGAINST YOU The Roulette wheels are manufactured to a high standard and are checked on a regular basis to ensure that they remain level and true without any bias Todays modern Roulette Balls are made from either Teflon or Ivorine . No longer are they made from Ivory . There are NO hidden magnetic materials inside them Each time the ball is spun it’s the same odds every time: 37 to 1 If you want the full mathematical solution try here
  7. 7. IF YOU WIN BIG IN THE CASINO Don’t expect a free room for the night or any other luxurious gifts No they will not wait until your in a dark alley, beat you badly take their money back and tell you never to darken their doors again ! ONLY in the movies does that happen
  8. 8. WHAT OTHER MYTHS HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT THE CASINOS There is plenty to see and do in your local Casino for more info Casinos4dummies