Jeanne Holm KMME 2013


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Jeanne Holm's presentation at Knowledge Management Middle East 2013

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Jeanne Holm KMME 2013

  1. 1. Crea�ng  New  Businesses     With  Open  Data   Jeanne  Holm   Evangelist,   March  2013   There  are  two   ques�ons  to  ask   about  open  data­‐     1                                                                              info@km-­‐  
  2. 2. Why  Do  Agencies   Share  Data?     Meet regulatory compliance   Better communicate with citizens and stakeholders 3 Why  Do  Countries  Share  Data?     Create new economic development   Kickstart innovation­‐     2                                                                              info@km-­‐  
  3. 3. Releasing  and  using   open  data  is  about   empowering  people  to   make  be�er  decisions   5 Crea�ng  a  Data  Ecosystem   1.  Gather data –  from many places and give it freely 2.  Connect the community –  to collaborate through social media, events, and platforms 3.  Provide an infrastructure –  built on standards and interoperability 4.  Encourage technology developers –  to create apps, maps, and visualizations that empower people’s choices “A Strategy for American 5.  Gather more data Innovation” published September 2009 –  and connect more people­‐     3                                                                              info@km-­‐  
  4. 4.   Provides instant access to ~400,000 datasets in easy to use formats   Contributions from 180 agencies, UN, and World Bank   Encourage development of innovative applications   Drive innovation and knowledge use across the globe 7 Stories  Around  Open  Data­‐     4                                                                              info@km-­‐  
  5. 5. Open  Communi�es   Community     Developers   ✓   Safety   ✓   Energy   ✓   Health   ✓   Law   ✓   Educa�on   ✓   Ocean   ✓   Manufacturing   ✓   Business   ✓   Ethics   ✓   States   ✓   Coun�es   ✓   Ci�es   ✓   Sustainable  Supply  Chain   ✓              +  many  more…   9 Energy  Drives  Innova�on   connects   innovators,   industry,   academia,  and   government  at   federal,  state,   and  local  levels­‐     5                                                                              info@km-­‐  
  6. 6.  for  the  Economy     NOAA’s  data  helped  build   weather-­‐related  business     When  the  Department  of   Defense  released  satellite   data…private  industry   created  affordable  GPS   devices!     Together  these  open  data   services  empower  $100B   data-­‐driven  industries   11 People   People    Knowledge    Problems   The  Times  They  Are  A’Changing­‐     6                                                                              info@km-­‐  
  7. 7. Helping  Others   Through  a  Disaster   13 Japanese  Tsunami,  Earthquake,   and  Radia�on  Monitoring   Data  and   apps  from   EPA  via­‐     7                                                                              info@km-­‐  
  8. 8. Hurricane  Sandy   Early  warnings  save  lives   700,000  downloads  of  a   transporta�on  app  using   data  from   15 Easy  to  Find  Data­‐     8                                                                              info@km-­‐  
  9. 9. The  Power  of  Visualiza�ons   17 Powered  Through  Advanced   Technologies     Provides developers tools and raw data formats to develop new capabilities   Partnership with –  W3C: eGov Interest Group + activities, standards, and recommendations –  RPI for research in semantic web and open linked data   Data hosted in the cloud   Open source platform   Builds on ontologies developed in specific areas­‐     9                                                                              info@km-­‐  
  10. 10. US  Open  Government  Ac�on  Plan     In September 2011, President Obama announced at the UN General Assembly… –  Contribute as a platform (Government of India and the U.S.) –  Foster communities on   Health, energy, and law plus new communities in education, research and development, and public safety   In September 2012, President Obama reported these actions delivered 19 Open  Government  Pla�orm  (OGPL)     Open source co-developed by Governments of India and US under a bilateral agreement with Department of State is running on OGPL (as is India, Ghana, and soon Rwanda and Canada)   Coordinating with open data providers, platforms, W3C, World Bank, CKAN, and open source developers worldwide   Public comments and tracker on Github   Drupal 6 operational code available now formal project process underway   Email, Github, Facebook,, and Twitter for discussion – –­‐     10                                                                              info@km-­‐  
  11. 11. US  Open  Data  at     Ci�es,  Coun�es,  and  States   21 A  Global   Movement  Has   Begun  to  Provide   Transparency  and   Democra�za�on   of  Data     Don’t  see  your  site?   Update  via  @usdatagov­‐     11                                                                              info@km-­‐  
  12. 12. The  Path  Ahead     Bring data up and out of government to the public ★   Make data accessible and linked ★★★★★   Create communities to understand and apply data   Connect and collaborate with small businesses, industry, and academia to drive innovation   Continue to develop OGPL with community development   Share with others to understand global issues We need to securely architect our systems for interoperability and openness from conception. —Digital Government 23 Let’s  work  together  to  set  the   data  free! www.Data.Gov @usdatagov­‐     12                                                                              info@km-­‐