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DKMA Software


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DKMA Software

  1. 1. Subject:-DKMA
  2. 2. Functions of the DKMA The main functions of the DKMA are as follows:• The DKMA card will be used by the DKMs to issue three authority cards5. Field Key Officer - FKO (Master Issuance Card - MIC),6. Hospital Authority (Master Hospital Card - MHC) and7. District Kiosk (Master Kiosk Card - MKC) cards.
  3. 3. Objective• Introduction to Hardware• Enrollment Process for DKMA• Card Recharging
  4. 4. Introduction to Hardware PC FKO Card Reader DKMA Card MSO Reader
  5. 5. Enrollment Process for DKMA
  6. 6. Login window appears. Fill login ID and Password and select continue button
  7. 7. Card Request>>New Request
  8. 8. A request entry form
  9. 9. Personalization
  10. 10. Personalization of RSBY Authority CardsOne or more FKO cards can be personalized using thismodule. Insert DKMA card in one of the readers, Selectreader name from the list and press. Connect DKMA button
  11. 11. Enter the PIN for DKMA card and press OK.
  12. 12. Enter DKMA Reference No On pressing the OK button a message is displayed as “Insert a MIC Card in the available Reader, Select Reader Name and Press Personalize Card Button.” Press ‘OK’ to proceed.
  13. 13. Select a Reader
  14. 14. Recharging
  15. 15. Select a Reader
  16. 16. Card Surrender
  17. 17. FKO Card SurrenderSelect a Reader
  18. 18. PIN Change/Unblock
  19. 19. DKMA Pin Change PIN Change/Unblock  DKMA  Pin Change
  20. 20. Enter New Pin
  21. 21. District Codes
  22. 22. District Codes Master
  23. 23. ReportsPersonalization Report, Card Stock Balance
  24. 24. Report
  25. 25. Personalization Reports
  26. 26. Thank YouFINO Confidential 26