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Mike MCGarry - Experts Telling Relevant Advice - April 2014


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Mike McGarry, president of Socratic Arts demonstrated how a sophisticated indexing system supports decision making by bringing relevant stories to users as needed. Taking on the challenge of delivering tacit knowledge just in time, he will demonstrated ExTRA (Experts Telling Relevant Advice) as it's being used in healthcare to support patients facing a variety of health decisions.

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Mike MCGarry - Experts Telling Relevant Advice - April 2014

  1. 1. EXTRA (Experts Telling Relevant Advice) Mike McGarry President, Socratic Arts April 22, 2014
  2. 2. AGENDA 1 KM Open Discussion 2 The Value of Stories 3 The Role of Stories in Remindings 4 ExTRA Concept 5 An Example
  3. 3. KM OPEN DISCUSSION Strengths Shortcomings
  4. 4. People exchange STORIES • Stories are the essence of how people conceive of the world • Stories are memorable – rules and abstract information are NOT • The stories of others add to our repository of cases and experiences So real learning is story-based
  5. 5. THE VALUE OF STORIES • Human decision-making is based on prior experience and experiences are stored as “stories” • The best advice is typically offered in the form of a story • Experts have lots of experiences or “stories” • Organizations have thousands of good stories • How do we best share them???
  6. 6. WHY STORIES? HOW ARE THEY USEFUL IN REMINDINGS?  The idea is simple and is based on everyday human interaction; people talk about their problems and those with whom they are speaking offer solutions from their own experiences, usually in the form of a story.  Experts behave similarly when they offer advice, willingly telling stories they feel are germane to the concerns of the listener. Stories are the way we have always learned about the world. My favorite vacations have always been those when I stayed home… Where should I go on vacation?The worst trip I ever took was an all inclusive package where I didn’t have any choices once I got there… My most relaxing trip ever was a cruise… Did I ever tell you about the time I went to Maine during mud season? I once threw a dart at a map to decide…
  7. 7. REMINDINGS • Tell Me a Joke • Steak and a Haircut
  8. 8. WHAT IS EXTRA?  EXTRA (Experts Telling Relevant Advice) is a knowledge management system that stores and retrieves digitally recorded stories.  EXTRA has one intention -- to get a story to a user that will help him or her make a decision just at the time that they are about to make a decision. These decisions could involve how to fix a mistake, how to deal with a new situation, how to plan for the future, etc. EXTRA is a Knowledge Management System
  9. 9. LIKE TYPICAL HUMAN INTERACTION, ONLY BETTER.  In the old days, the advice you could get was limited to who you knew. Today the world is different and new technology allows us to do something much better.  Video technology allows us to capture the best stories from all an organization’s experts.  EXTRA organizes the stories and links them together based on common themes, goals, problems, and outcomes and gives users a way to retrieve relevant stories that match the situations they are facing.  EXTRA feels like a conversation with an expert. We can collect the relevant advice that any expert or corporation might want to provide to anyone at any time and deliver that advice to a person at just the right moment.
  10. 10. HOW DOES EXTRA WORK?  To help users make decisions, EXTRA presents the most relevant stories it has to the user. These stories might be directly related to the user’s problem, e.g., if the user is trying to make a decision about drug development, the user might see stories from experts about situations where they were facing similar problems or decisions with regard to drug development, and how these situations played out.  But, after the first drug development story is found and after EXTRA is reminded of, and offers, more stories from the same domain, it can do something else.  EXTRA, when it is has been fitted with stories from many domains of knowledge can find analogous stories from one domain to another and can offer stories from different domains that might add a new perspective for decision making. So for example, if a user is making a decision about whether or not to move forward with the development of a drug, they might see an analogous story from a restaurateur deciding whether to open another restaurant. These analogous stories can offer completely new ways of seeing and solving problems and making decisions. EXTRA relies on storytelling as the vehicle to impart knowledge.
  11. 11. AN EXAMPLE Medical ExTRA Demo
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