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KM Business Analytics Brochure


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KM Business Analytics Brochure

  1. 1. PROFESSIONAL ANALYTICS SOLUTIONS We are pleased to welcome you into our world-class Management Consulting house of Finance, Risk and Analytics solutions. Our solutions are focused on overcoming our client business challenges and providing a service that exceeds their expectations. 718 Carlton View Building 36 Von Wielligh Street Marshall Town, Johannesburg 2001 +27 84 088 6738 +27 79 093 1428 DAT A Q UALIT Y ANALYTICS QUANTIT ATIVE ANAL YTICS DAT A INTEG RATIO N ADVISO RY ABOUT US We are an independent business analytics Management Consulting firm based in Johannesburg. We are SAS Business Analyst Professionals who currently specialize in data quality, quantitative analytics and data integration solutions for our clients. Our solutions deal with simple and complex business cases that require an extraordinary blend of industry expertise. Our vision is to become independent leader in business analytics in Africa. And our mission is to add value in everything we do for growth motive. We change the way our clients do business by empowering them to use their own data make meaningful business decisions. Our solutions covers projects in the following industries. • Banking • Insurance • Healthcare • Retail • Telecommunications • Public Sector simplifying Finance, Risk and Analytics • Auditing • Manufacturing • Pharmaceuticals • Energy • Logistics • Financial Services The Executive Chairman & Founder of the firm, Mr. Kgano Bridgeman Mefolo is very well experienced with SAS Business Analytics solutions when addressing any business challenge. He is an Advanced Analytics Professional Management Consultant who holds a BCom (Hons) Mathematical and Business Statistics Degree from the University of Pretoria. His experience involves SAS advanced programming, statistical data analysis, predictive modeling and data integration. His business analytics experience arose from Statistics South Africa, Metropolitan Health Group, Ernst & Young Inc., Transnet Group S.O.C and ABSA Bank. He pursued strong analytics roles in these industry companies where Predictive Modelling being the hard core. The chairman as the main consultant of the firm greatly specializes in credit risk, attrition risk, target marketing campaign, actuarial, economics and others in client consulting engagements. The firm is capable of investing in its people through equity procurement and social investment programmes. Co. Reg. No. 2015/002371/07 STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT CONSULTING
  2. 2. ANALYTICS SOLUTIONS • TARGET MARKETING • ACTUARIAL PRICING • CREDIT RISK • NETWORK OPTIMIZATION • CUSTOMER ATTRITION • ECONIMIC ANALYSIS • BEHAIOURAL SCORING • CAATS DATA ANALYTICS Solutions that work for your business DATA QUALITY | QUANTITATIVE ANALYTICS | DATA INTEGRATION | ADVISORY Take a footstep to explore the best professional business analytics services our consultants are ready to offer you. Our solutions are currently focused on support of Target Marketing, Actuarial Pricing, Credit Risk, Network Optimization, Customer Attrition, Economic Analysis, Behavioural Scoring and CAATs Data Analytics. flexible solutions for your business needs TARGET MARKETING Are your marketing campaigns working for your business? If not, it is now your time to consider solutions that seek to better target your campaign solicitations. We offer advanced analytics solutions that predict the response one would expect to receive from a prospect customer. Propensity models assist us in achieving this whereby we give a score for that customer to respond or not. Having information about your customer score segments will give you a better solicit direction. ACTUARIAL PRICING We offer actuarial services that focus on the pricing of your life and short term insurance premiums. Health medical-aid premium pricing are dealt more in our analytics works. We ensure that the premiums from our evaluations are risk recovery and competitive to member clients. Not only that we are actuaries in the insurance space, but we are also investment actuaries who price market risk stocks. CREDIT RISK We saw that the risk of credit lending in the bank and retail financial services industry is a big concern. This risk starts firstly at payment default level and we offer advanced analytics solutions to estimate Basel capital models. NETWORK OPTIMIZATION We offer advanced solutions that seek to optimize your cost, productivity and revenue for your logistics services, fibre energy and branch site enterprises. This goes by optimizing your business service networks. CUSTOMER ATTRITION A service or product switch by your customers is a big concern. We offer solutions to predict attrition and relevant marketing campaign retention initiatives to apprehend the risk. WE’VE WORK WITH DIVERSE ENTERPRISE DATABASES. HOW CAN WE HELP YOU? For more information on consultation visit us at or call us at +27 84 088 6738 ECONOMIC ANALYSIS Both fiscal and monetary economic policies set- out by the government has a great impact to your business. We offer solutions to both public and corporate enterprises on economic policy impact analysis and improvement strategies. BEHAVIORAL SCORING Having knowledge about your customer product or service usage is very important in your business. We offer behavioural scoring solutions that predict your customer product or service usage that will tell you more about them. CAATs DATA ANALYTICS Should you wish to gain assurance about all your enterprise risks and controls put in place to mitigate risks. We offer advanced Computer Assisted Audit Techniques (CAATs) solutions to effectively test your controls in support of the complete audit process.
  3. 3. Added-Value to our clients first IT IS NOW THE RIGHT TIME TO RECEIVE BEST OF YOUR INDUSTRY ANALYTICS NEEDS We do understand your business industry, so what are you waiting for ! Pick up the phone or email us and we will sort you out. FINANCIAL SERVICES Satisfying our client’s most complex business challenges facing this industry forms our core area of focus. Transactional activities in both the corporate and individual financial services institutions rise up on daily basis at the rate unexpected. Our analytics services ensure that our client keeps track of the activities such that the risks prevalent are observed and mitigated as possible. BANKING It is in our mission within this client industry to ensure effective customer credit risk management. We possess incredible expertise of Basel accord principles and statistics applications to assess our client credit card risk within any banking enterprise. Our expert scoring lead team knows the ins and outs of challenges within this industry. We revolutionize the way credit risk is assessed from traditional solutions. Therefore you are in the right place of ours that bring the most innovative solutions that fit your needs. INSURANCE Providing your analytics expectations of claims and premiums management is our first focus point. We cover the actuarial analytics consulting on health, life, car, home, business and legal insurances. It is our most best TELECOMMUNICATIONS We possess the best analytics solutions that can assist you in detecting churning and retaining customers within the market. Our solutions also cover market segmentation of customers in motive of determine customers to be targeted using loyalty programmes per geographical region. This enables our client in retaining customers instead of acquiring new ones. PUBLIC SECTOR We provide econometrics solutions to government national accounting institutions, departments and parastatus. This ensures our client recognizes the income, expense and productivity within the operational process. Our advisory on economic and finance issues for the government ensure that they achieve goals. ENERGY A very well concerned client industry about their business processes relating to operational risk. That is why we are here to provide them with continuous control auditing of CAATs solutions that ensures awareness of risk trends. We also provide solutions to cost, productivity and revenue using demand and supply market trends. . interest to face the complex challenges within this industry and looking forward on exceeding client expectations.