From Social Media Maven to Corporate Champion


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Taking your online skills and using them to land a corporate career.

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  • Personal voice isn’t usually the same as the brand voice. If the company has a playful spirit… the manager has more freedom to be playful themselves. If the brand takes a serious tone, such as in law, the manager must learn to take on that voice.Proficient writing skills include proper grammar, spelling, syntax… Brand writing must go out perfect. Competitors are often waiting for a brand to make a mistake. If a mistake happens (such as spelling)… handle it gracefully and move on. If you’ve seen one blog dashboard… you’ve basically seen them all. Take your knowledge and apply it to being able to navigate strange dashboards. For instance… Spellbinders uses a CRM called Sitefinity. It manages the webpage, the shopping cart, and the blog. The dashboard to write is basically the same as any other I’ve used but I had to learn to navigate to it, how to host my image, and how to utilize the brand tags.
  • As a blogger… you’re often asked to take on the professional role of Brand Advocate. You learn what it is that brands are looking for when they choose a team and how they prefer to promote their product. As a strategist… you can take this knowledge and use it for good! You can pick a dream team of productive and influential bloggers. You can help to shape the policies of the brand when it comes to bloggers… like their compensation, their terms, and the promotion of their posts. Product reviews are often a key piece of content for many bloggers. You learn about writing a fair and comprehensive piece that pleases both your audience and the brand. You also learn about the proper disclosures. As a strategist… you know what to look for in the posts of your ambassadors. You are in charge of putting product in the hands of qualified reviewers that will represent your brand. Which brings me to my next point… giveaways! Bloggers are offered product all the time. They also know how to write a great pitch for products that they want. We often write the rules for the giveaway and must follow the legal protocols. Strategists plan these giveaways and find the bloggers that they want to implement them. But instead of being handed the terms of the giveaway… it’s the job of the strategist to direct the blogger in what the brand is looking to get from the giveaway. In a way… a blogger-turned-strategist has the upperhand. You know what’s a win for both parties.
  • Having an understanding of metrics, measurements, and listening tools are an essential part of social media strategy. You’ll need to know what tools to use, how to spot trends, grow traffic, and then report on it all. Reports usually consist of trending topics within the community, Growth rates of the various social channels, results of ongoing campaigns, blog readership, changes in demographics.. Etc. I’ll share with you some of my favorite tools in a bit.
  • Bloggers are masters of promotion. We are using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,Instagram, Vine… and we use them well! These skills are easily marketable when making the leap to corporate. But instead of just publishing your latest post… you’re publishing, promoting, and monitoring (complete with reports) your latest post and the posts of your team of advocates… across all the social channels… Co-promoting is nothing new. We all belong to Facebook groups for promotion and support. As a corporate strategist… you’re responsible for promoting with partnering brands and advocates. It’s no longer a “nice to have”. It’s now a Must Have. Ad space and Advertorial posts are a blogger’s bread and butter many times. Think about how you might take what you know about ads and ad pricing and apply it to your corporate career. You’re now responsible for finding the best placement for your dollar and managing how that budget is spent. The most important skill you can bring with you if you want to make the leap? Thinking outside the box. Don’t be afraid to fail. Try something new. Have ideas. Implement them. Some will be brilliant success and some will fail miserably. But above all… be an innovator.
  • Talk about the Day in the Life Handouts Here.
  • Toot your own horn a little! It’s ok! And ask for real recommendations and referrals. The new Linked In endorsements are nice…. But not the same as a solid recommendation.
  • *Research the average salary in your area and come prepared to negotiate.
  • SproutSocialThis is a tool the brand you work for should be paying for. It has it all really… Listening tools, analytics, scheduled posts. Absolutely check it out.HootsuiteThis is an old stand by and even more used since Tweetdeck is disappearing... Anyone who is trying to manage multiple accounts should be using this. There are built-in analytics tools, organization tools, and scheduling tools. ViralheatViralheat is a lot like Hootsuite. Connect Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ to see your stats. It also has URL shortening and you can schedule posts. And it’s free. Great if you’re just beginning to learn about monitoring and metrics.
  • QwiqqThis is an amazing tool for any online merchant. Do you blog about handmade? Do you sell on Etsy? Qwiqq allows you to take a picture, create a status update with a description and clickable URL to your blog, and has a Buy Now button with PayPal integration. The best part? You can turn your Facebook page into a store by pushing your new listing to your wall. It also pushes to Twitter and your email list. Awesome.InstagramYes. We all use it for photos of our kids and cats and food… But have you used it for business? Create a graphic much like you would for Pinterest. Instagram is awesome because it allows you to push to Facebook and Twitter. Collective Bias does a great job with their Photo a Day calendar. What a fun way to keep your community engaged.
  • TwitterHashtrackingThis is a paid tool but it’s a must if you run chats or partiesTagxedoCreate a word cloud based on your most used topics. It’s not just for Twitter. It will also do word clouds for specific URLs. Neat huh?FacebookYour Facebook Insights provide a wealth of information. Don’t neglect looking at them!PinterestThere is now an official Pinterest for Business! Yay!InstagramStatigramIt shows your Instagram stats! Easy Peasy! And has some great plugins for your blog.
  • From Social Media Maven to Corporate Champion

    1. 1. FROM SOCIAL MEDIA MAVEN TO CORPORATE CHAMPIONTaking your online skills and using them to land acorporate career.Kelly Loubet @childhood
    2. 2. TAKING INVENTORY OF YOUR SKILLSYou blog, tweet, pin, and update your status. What’sthis worth to a corporation and are you marketable?
    3. 3. WRITING SKILLS • Has a Developed • Takes on/Helps to Social Media StrategistBlogger Voice Develop the Voice of the Brand • Has Proficient Writing Skills • Writes at a Corporate Level • Has Knowledge Using a Blog • Makes Use of Dashboard Multiple Types of Blog Dashboards
    4. 4. STRATEGIC SKILLS • Is a Brand Advocate • Guides a Team of BrandBlogger Social Media Strategist Advocates in how the Brand would like to be • Pitches Integrated perceived Social Campaigns • Develops and Executes • Often Hosts Integrated Social Giveaways/Product Campaigns Reviews • Manages the Brand’s Giveaway Budget and Chooses targets that will garner the most benefit for the brand
    5. 5. DATA ANALYST SKILLS • Has a good Social Media StrategistBlogger • Utilizes various tools to Track Trends in Referrals, Landing knowledge of Pages, Popular Topics… Analytics • Develops Strategies to Boost and Maintain Blog Traffic • Pays attention to blog traffic • Creates monthly reports on all social media efforts including growth on all channels, campaigns, trends, budgets… • Is able to report etc campaign results to the Brand
    6. 6. MARKETING SKILLS • Proficient in Social • Proficient in Managing MultipleBlogger Social Media Strategist Social Media Channels and Media developing actionable plans to grow the communities • Co-Promotes Fellow Bloggers • Co-Promotes with Partnering Brands and Advocates • Sells Ad Space on • Purchases Ad Space on Blogs Blog while managing the social marketing budget. • Thinks Outside the • Thinks Outside the Box Box
    7. 7. SOCIAL MEDIA WITHIN A CORPORATE SETTINGWhat responsibilities does a Social Media Strategist orCommunity Manager have on a day to day basis?
    8. 8. A SAMPLE LIST OF DUTIES Creating and implementing a social media strategy Finding your brand’s target audience online Engaging with the audience and building a community Competitive analysis Monitoring brand mentions: answer questions, provide customer service, help to put to rest brand misinformation Analytics: track month-to-month changes in social media and blog stats, find causes for rises/plummets and change strategy accordingly Develop a brand advocate program to increase word of mouth marketing Create a link between your brand’s social media presence and sales/customer retention Integrate and work with other departments in your company, including PR, marketing, HR and sales
    9. 9. I CAN DO THIS. NOW WHAT?The Three R’s:Resumes, Referrals, and Recruiters.
    10. 10. UPDATE YOUR RESUME (AND LINKED IN)Kelly LoubetMom, Writer, Speaker, Doodler of notes, Builder of communities, Part-time jet-setter, Full-time optimist…Profile: Experienced in producing social marketing strategies Excellent communication skills Comfortable working with video and live streaming webcasts Business traveler for 8+ years Blogging for 6+ years Highly influential in the social space Experienced and successful social event plannerPrior Work Experience:November 2011 – Present: Spellbinders Paper ArtsSocial Media Strategist/Community DeveloperI currently, create and manage the social marketing budget, manage a team of blogger ambassadors, andmanage/train a team member to eventually become a Social Community Manager. My responsibilities include butaren’t limited to: Social metrics, community growth, social marketing strategies, social media advertisements, liveevents, blog content development and editing, weekly live streaming video and community chats , developing andimplementing compelling content across all social channels, and coordinating 4 large scale blogging events thatincorporate 15+ blogger/designers.
    11. 11. WAYS TO LAND A CORPORATE POSITION Pitch your skills  6 reasons a company should hire a social media specialist  To engage one-on-one with their audience on a personal level  To increase brand advocacy and word of mouth marketing  To track social mentions and take the opportunity to offer customer service solutions  To evaluate competitors  To increase SEO  To create and curate content Talk to a Recruiter  Recruiters place at a job best suited to you  Recruiters send out job lists Answer a Job Ad  Do it yourself and have a resume handy
    12. 12. NEGOTIATE YOUR TERMS Flex-time? Work from home days? Travel? Continued Education? Freedom to find software that suits your needs? And what about creative freedom? Freedom to try something and fall flat on your face? (It’s going to happen) Salary and Benefits.
    13. 13. TAKEAWAY TOOLSHere’s a few tools I can’t live without as a SocialStrategist…
    14. 14. METRICS AND MONITORING TOOLS SproutSocial  Excellent paid tool! Hootsuite  This is an old stand by and even more used since Tweetdeck is disappearing... Viralheat  Free. Great if you’re just beginning to learn about monitoring and metrics.
    15. 15. PUBLISH TO MULTIPLE PLATFORMS Qwiqq  This is an amazing tool for any online merchant. Take a photo of your product, create a status with clickable links, add the “buy now” button, and turn your FB page into a social store. Instagram  Yes. We all use it for photos of our kids and cats and food… But have you used it for business?
    16. 16. SPECIALTY TOOLS Twitter  Hashtracking  This is a paid tool but it’s a must if you run chats or parties  Tagxedo  Create a word cloud based on your most used topics. Facebook  Insights provide valuable metrics beyond “how many people are talking about you”. Insights provide demographics on your community to help target your audience. Pinterest  Pinterest for Business- Brand new. Verify your blog today! Instagram  Statigram  It shows your Instagram stats! Easy Peasy! And has some great plugins for your blog.
    17. 17. QUESTIONS? OR JUST WANT TO CHAT? @Childhood Kelly Loubet on Facebook