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What is forging


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What is forging

  1. 1. Quezon City Polytechnic University Batasan Campus IBP. Rd. Batasan Hills, Quezon City Manufacturing Technology 6Precision ForgingSubmitted by:Eron Mark L.FaustoBSIE – 3B Submitted To: Prof. Norberto De Jesus
  2. 2. What is Forging? - Metal shaping by plastic deformation--spans a myriad of equipment and techniques..What is Precision Forging? - Precision forging is an alternative process to replace the traditional forging complex parts. For example, if the connecting rods do not use precision forging, they need the complicated machining processes to achieve the final shapes - Precision forging normally means close-to-final form or close-tolerance forging. It is not a special technology, but a refinement of existing techniques to a point where the forged part can be used with little or no subsequent machining. Improvements cover not only the forging method itself but also preheating, de-scaling, lubrication, and temperature control practicesFeatures of precision forging 1. Precision forging and closed die forging have the basic same working principle. The difference is that precision forging has higher requirements on the surface, dimensional tolerances and shape. The precision forgings usually need less machining or without machining 2. As a process of a one-time forming, precision forging need precision Size, weight and shape on forging blanks.Precision Forging process (Golf Head)Step 1 Raw Materials Preparation - Premium grade 1025 Carbon steel is selected for the highest quality in softness and strength. The cylindrical billet is tumbled with a find sand to provide a smooth and clean surface.Step2Billet Heat Treatment - Billet is heated to over 1000 degrees to optimize the material microstructure of 1025 in preparation for forging.
  3. 3. Step 3 Billet Forging - The Billet is forged to shape using a 1000 ton press.Step 4 Primary forging - The Primary Forging step provides the initial shape of the head.Materials used for precision forgingPrecision forging is belongs to the hot forging. The materials of precision forging are same withother hot forging processes. Precision forging could forge a variety of types of materials. Themost common materials are carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and copper alloy.Applications of precision forgings Precision forgings are mainly used in the key components of aircraft, power generationequipment, and tubing components and automotive which have the high requirements onsurface quality. Some parts do not use precision forging, usually use die forging and machiningprocess.