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Turret punching ppt


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Turret punching ppt

  2. 2. Turret Punching is a process, where work piece are punched to make a desired hole of a metal sheet. it is a CNC machine used for performing punching (a turret puncher) to a material such us sheet of metal or plastic . Turret punching is a cold work process. This entails that material properties remain unchanged as they are not exposed to thermal impact during machining.
  3. 3. Process The Turret Punching process produces shapes by selectively removing material from sheet metals. These sheets are clamped into the machine on a table that is programmed to move to a specific X/Y location within the matrix of the machine. The correct punch shape and size is selected at the turret and the machine actuates the punch to produce the desired hole.
  4. 4. Process PreviewRaw Desired Into the machinematerial/s design Finished Start of the punch Products process
  5. 5. Punching characteristics Punching is the most cost effective process of making holes in strip or sheet metal for average to high fabrication It is able to create multiple shaped holes Creates a burnished region roll-over, and die break on sidewall of the resulting hole
  6. 6. Materials supportedSheet Metals including: Aluminum Galvanized Steel Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Brass Bronze Copper Monel Plastic
  7. 7. Advantage/s Fast and accurate over and over again without variation. Take a less time of work than the manual punching machine. CNC punching machines commonly handle up to 1200 hits per minute and many have automated loading systems allowing for continuous operation. All kinds of metal can be turret punched, also hard stainless spring steel and some polymere types can be turret punched.
  8. 8. Disadvantage/s A turret punching machine is an expensive machine It cannot punch a metal with a thickness of 6mm. Occupies large space in the work area. Warping may occur if many holes are punched or much material is removed from the sheet
  9. 9. Application