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Gh ccasestudy

  1. 1. Ignite Agency ProgrammeHitting The Sweet SpotWith Fuji Xerox partnership, Malaysian service providerbreaks through to new cross-media market. Accredited P artner
  2. 2. Agency Profile: Golden Hope Communications Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Always one to continually exceed Golden Hope Communications Sdn customer expectations, GHC Bhd (GHC) is an integrated marketing encompasses services in data service provider specialising in data, management, branding and creatives, print, and digital media. and cross-media marketing to deliver the right message to the right GHC was founded over 20 years ago audiences, via the most impactful as a printing company. Since then media and branding. it has expanded its suite of services to provide innovative cross-media Today, GHC’s competitive advantage solutions, and is currently the pioneer is strengthened by its status as a provider of 1to1 cross-media solutions Fuji Xerox Accredited Partner. Led by in Malaysia. At the helm of GHC’s Managing Director MK Leong, GHC is new venture is Managing Partner the first firm in Malaysia to be KL Loh, whose two decades’ worth of certified under the Fuji Xerox 1to1 software and marketing management Ignite Agency Programme. experience enables him to steer GHC’s targeted ‘right-touching’ strategy. At A Glance: The Challenge The Fuji Xerox Solution The Results • Change business model from offset • 1to1 Ignite Agency Programme supplies • GHC’s brand identity successfully printing to value-added digital services a practical collaborative framework transformed from a printing firm to a for training and development on cutting-edge communication provider • Create successful campaigns in a cross-media marketing, through a and brand consultant market with no benchmarks for 1to1 certification process cross-media marketing • GHC staff gained practical experience • XMPie software enables integrated and mastery of Fuji Xerox technology • Reinforce company’s identity as an highly effective 1to1 cross-media through training and thorough business integrated communications provider marketing campaigns that generate methodology during the 1to1 Ignite crucial data on user response. Agency certification process • Find the right integrated hardware- software solution with proper vendor • The Digital Colour Press 700 effortlessly • Initial prediction a rollout of 50,000 support that goes beyond the tools provides crisp, offset-quality results processing units* surpassed after three especially for short-run and variable months, with a new estimated rollout of data printing one million processing units*2
  3. 3. Fuji Xerox 1to1 Ignite Agency ProgrammeThe first of its kind, the Fuji Xerox 1to1 Beyond simply buying the equipment, FujiIgnite Agency Programme is a powerful Xerox Accredited Partners are given theand comprehensive mentorship structure know-how, the guidance, and the crucialfor service providers seeking to adopt support to succeed in 1to1 cross-mediathe business model of 1to1 cross-media marketing—at every step of the “We designed the Programme to supportAs a pioneering demand creation initiative, our creative agencies and service providersthe Programme aims to accelerate the who want to break into 1to1 marketingsuccessful adoption of 1to1 marketing cross-media space, through a comprehensivestrategies by agencies and service providers. business model that accelerates theirAgencies who successfully apply to become successful development in a competitive newFuji Xerox Accredited Partners benefit from market,” says Helene Blanchette, Head of thethe dedicated support provided by the Fuji 1:1 Experience Service.Xerox 1:1 Experience Service team. The Fuji Xerox 1to1 Ignite Agency ProgrammeSpanning several months, the Programme is is designed for long-term sustainability. At thea comprehensive framework for agencies to end of training, Fuji Xerox Accredited Partnersmaster every aspect of the 1to1 cross-media are equipped to become strategic enablersmarketing business model: from technical themselves, delivering the benefits of 1to1expertise to sales training and more. marketing to their own corporate customers and other service providers, such as Fuji Xerox Premier Partners.Fuji Xerox 1to1 Ignite Agency Programme Support Accredited P artner STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 ENGAGEMENT: TRAINING: CERTIFICATION: • Proposed Agency • Business Development • Actual Deployment of a • Selection and Marketing Workshop 1to1 Cross-Media • Approval • Methodology and Marketing Campaign • Equipment/Software Operation Training • Mentoring Purchase and Installation • Sales Force Engagement Class • Monitoring • Technical Training • Measurements • Supporting Tools and • Accreditation Resources 3
  4. 4. Strength in Collaboration:Golden Hope Communications andFuji Xerox 1to1 Ignite Agency Programme Through a Expertise and Knowledge Transfer comprehensive Fuji Xerox’s 1:1 Experience Team’s 1:1 Experience 1:1 Ignite Agency expertise comes from years of suite of hardware Team Certification pioneering experience in the field and software solutions, of 1to1 cross-media marketing, and dedicated training, Equipment honing tried and tested initiatives and Software with real-world results. Fuji Xerox powerfully Solution assists clients in Certification and Mentorship More than just a consulting service, converting their the Fuji Xerox 1to1 Ignite Agency investments into Programme creates a supportive real-world revenues. structure of mentorship, training, GOLDEN HOPE and hands-on practice between COMMUNICATIONS Fuji Xerox and its clients.Opening up a new market. A veteran As a Partner, GHC benefited from an With the XMPie suite of software solutions,in the Malaysian print and marketing innovative mentorship structure. Over GHC could create and deploy variableindustries, GHC recognised the long- six months of training, certification, data campaigns for a range of mediaterm potential of emerging cross-media and coaching under the local Fuji Xerox from print, email, electronic direct mailer,technology. However, no company in company and the regional 1:1 Experience text messaging (SMS), individual andthe country had yet employed this Service team, GHC spared no effort to personalised URL address that leadsbreakthrough technology for personalised bring up to speed its expertise with 1to1 to a personalised web site—all in onemarketing: there were no local case studies cross-media marketing. integrated platform. This enabled GHCto prove its success in the Malaysian context. to seamlessly offer multichannel points Under the 1to1 Ignite Agency Programme, of communication, culminating in aChoosing the right coach. Rather than be GHC gained both the practical knowledge completely integrated and unique cross-daunted, GHC saw a rare opportunity to to execute a complex 1to1 cross-media media experience for the recipient.stake its claim on the future of print in the campaign, and the dynamic sales anddigital multichannel marketing media mix. marketing skills necessary to produce Crucially, the XMPie Analytics module,So when the time came for GHC to build a tangible results and real profits. part of the integrated solution, enablesnew business model from the ground up— information to be automatically collectedone that would harness the full potential “Our overall experience working with across all touch points, giving marketersof cross-media marketing—the firm Fuji Xerox is one of great satisfaction,” complete visibility of campaign performance.readily turned to Fuji Xerox. reports KL Loh. “We benefited from the Marketing service providers and print expertise and support from both regional providers can view the results and reviseWith its solid relationship with Fuji and local teams.” campaign tactics, or flag customers toXerox as a Premier Partner, and its receive follow-up touch points, helpingforward-thinking outlook, GHC was a A powerful combination. To qualify for to improve response rates and overallperfect candidate for the Fuji Xerox accreditation in the Fuji Xerox 1to1 Ignite campaign effectiveness.1to1 Ignite Agency Programme. After its Agency Programme, GHC invested in apurchase of the Fuji Xerox hardware and powerful solution composed of a 1to1 To complete the customer experience, thesoftware technology, and meeting all integrated cross-media software called variable print components of a cross-mediarequirements, GHC was certified as XMPie (a Xerox product) and the Fuji campaign must be of high quality—henceFuji Xerox Accredited Partner. Xerox 700 Digital Color Press (DCP). the choice by GHC of the multi-awarded Fuji Xerox 700 DCP.4
  5. 5. Expertise Put to the Test:The Chocolate Campaign Case StudyGHC put the potential of cross-media marketing to the test by launching anintegrated campaign advertising its own services. The firm’s local and regionalFuji Xerox collaborators were on hand to support GHC develop the campaignfrom conceptualisation to execution. The Challenge: Opening Up A New MarketMaking an impact, starting afresh. and cross-sell to its current clientele, andGHC’s road to introducing cross-media in the process re-brand its own image as amarketing to its clients did not come easy. versatile provider of industry-leading print“The biggest challenge was breaking and online marketing solutions.through to convince business owners ofthe merits of the cross-media solution,” An irresistible campaign. AfterKL Loh says. brainstorming with the Fuji Xerox 1:1 Experience Service team, GHC settled onGHC decided to meet this challenge by the concept of ‘touching’ and ‘reaching’launching an integrated B2B campaign that their customers for their debut campaign. chocolates to delight clients, but likewiseadvertised its own services. If successful, a friendly, personalised message effectivelythis campaign would not only demonstrate These concepts were given form in the deployed throughout different media tothe possibilities of 1to1 cross-media ‘Chocolate Campaign’, which would keep the message of cross-media marketingmarketing—it would also help GHC up-sell not only offer delectable Armani Dolci fresh in customers’ minds. The Solution: Living The 1to1 Experience from Start to FinishGHC, with the help of local and regional to convey a sense of friendliness, and campaign, as well as their thoughts aboutFuji Xerox collaborators, devised a four- immediately demonstrate one of the the potential of GHC’s impressive newphase marketing campaign, with each hallmarks of 1to1 cross-media marketing. technology for their own business.phase dynamically engaging the clientand encouraging further interaction. The printed mail piece also invited the Through personalised greetings and a recipient to visit their Personalised URL range of tailor-made options for theirFirst, a colourful and attractively designed (PURL) to find out more about cross-media chocolate and calendar giveaways, thepostcard introducing the Chocolate marketing and to claim their prizes—a box website gave clients a sense of beingCampaign was sent out. The client’s first of sumptuous Armani Dolci chocolates and served as unique and valued was prominently displayed in front a fully personalised calendar. After the data collection, a third channel The Personalised URL of customised electronic direct mailers (PURL) sent recipients (EDMs) and mobile SMS messages to the second channel provided gestures of thoughtfulness by of interaction, a thanking customers for participating in the website consisting of survey. These culminated in the delivery a personalised landing of the fourth ‘touch’, the chocolate-and- page, a questionnaire, customised calendar giveaway delivered in and a thank-you page. an exclusive, personalised gift bag. The questionnaire invited recipients to share their impressions of the current 5
  6. 6. A Dynamic Engagement in Four Phases. GHC Self-Promotion: Chocolate Campaign 1 Personalised Postcard and Electronic Direct Mailers (EDMs) 2 Customised Website 4 Chocolate and Customised Calendar Giveaway 3 Customised Electronic Direct Mailers (EDMs) and Mobile Messages No company in Malaysia had yet employed personalised cross-media technology. The campaign by GHC reached an enviable 43% response rate was the first-ever integrated 1to1 cross-media marketing campaign in the country.6
  7. 7. Campaign Results: Impressive Response RatesApart from the practical experience ofmastering the execution of a cross-media “Key to the success of deploying thecampaign, KL Loh notes a tangible increase first-ever 1to1 direct marketing cross-mediain customer loyalty and interest. “We found campaign in the Malaysian retail market werethat the success rates for cross-media the collaborative efforts of GHC, the Fuji Xeroxmarketing are astonishing, compared to the 1:1 Experience experts, and the Fuji Xeroxtraditional way of marketing,” he reports. Malaysia Business Development team.”The ultimate goal for the GHC’s Chocolate Connie Chan, Business Development ManagerCampaign was to generate leads and Fuji Xerox Malaysiasecure a valuable meeting with clients inorder to explain the concept of 1to1 cross-media marketing. Positive outlook. Out of the 43% of “The results speak for themselves,” asserts the recipients who responded, nearly MK Leong. And thanks to its dynamicThe Campaign received a positive 88% completed the whole campaign partnership with Fuji Xerox, the managingresponse rate of 43%, astonishing indeed experience—attesting to the effectiveness director is confident that Golden Hopein a domestic market where generic mail of GHC’s four-channel strategy to sustain Communications now “has the know-howyields less than 1% and electronic direct genuine interest in cross-media marketing. and skills to provide similar measurablemailers (EDMs) reaches only 3% to 5% of More remarkably, 88% were convinced outcomes for GHC’s clients.”total responses. According to MK Leong, that cross-media communication is theManaging Director of GHC, the campaign future.“shows how much a targeted and relevantcommunications message means to allMarketing people.”Business Results: Exceeding ExpectationsDespite a challenging start, clients’ positive Taking off. Beyond the interest generated According to Connie Chan, Businessresponses to GHC’s new campaign emerged in multi-channel marketing, GHC’s efforts Development (BD) Manager of Fuji Xeroxwithin the first few weeks. GHC initially paid off: an enquiry from a cosmetic brand Malaysia, “The synergy with our client, GHC,predicted a rollout of 50,000 processing was successfully transitioned into a full- the knowledge and expertise of the Fujiunits*—yet after just three months, this fledged Pilot Project for an integrated 1to1 Xerox 1:1 Experience team, and the technicalbusiness goal had been surpassed. In effect, cross-media campaign. The project marked knowhow of the Malaysia BD Team built theGHC was already considering estimates of a positive start for GHC as they establish trust and confidence of a cosmetic clientone million processing units*. a strong presence in the industry. company, who became the very first 1to1 cross-media marketing campaign customer in Malaysia. “With Fuji Xerox, you are not just GHC’s partnership with Fuji Xerox Malaysia purchasing digital print equipment, but has proven to be a milestone in the latter’s owning an end-to-end business solution business transition, as the company rapidly that helps to maximise your investment.” increased its customer base across other industries by replicating the success story KL Loh, Managing Partner and business methodology. This is just the Golden Hope Communications Sdn Bhd beginning of GHC’s successful journey, not a destination.” 7
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