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Team talk-issue-3 2012 12

  1. 1. Issue 3 December 2011 New Year Launch Page 4/5 iCan in 2012 Get paid to party Page 13 December Retail Challenge Page 21 Design your best year ever Win a year’s worth ofChristmas and New Year retail: Top tips, hints and ideas tokeep your profits rolling in through January and beyond
  2. 2. Welcome toTeamTalk Editor’s note I’m not proud to say this (however, apparently I’m perfectly ok with publishing the fact) that I’m currently feeling quite smug. A lot of my friends are sadly going through some kind of mid-thirties breakdown when it comes to their jobs. Far from feeling inspired and satisfied at the end of the working week, they’ve been finding that they’re frantically crawling towards the end of the working day on Friday only to rush home and spend the whole weekend dreading the return to work on Monday (I’m sure many of you will remember this from your pre- Kleeneze days!). I, on the other hand, am looking forward to my Friday, so I can get home and curl up with the latest office-find, Outliers – The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell. I’ll return to work on Monday to an inbox no doubt swimming in positive stories from all of you in the Network and spend the rest of the week happily editing them. Ok, it’s not nice to be smug, but there is a reason I’m telling you this and that’s because I want you to know that in the office we really believe in the tools and practices we endorse. I’m fairly certain that I’m not the only person at Team HQ who has a copy of Design Your Best Year Ever on their bedside table. I happen to know for sure that The Slight Edge and Compound Effect had a huge influence on many of us. Want to see definitive proof of any of this? Look at Kleeneze’s Lloyd Brown who landed a place in New York after he wracked up a fantastic Twitter campaign in true ‘Go for No’ fashion! This external material is probably only about 20% of our inspiration too. The majority of it It’s honestly tremendous to see how far so comes from, whether you know it or not – YOU! The conversations on Facebook and many of you have come in 2011, but this year will Twitter in the last month have been mind-bogglingly inspiring. Your results have been soon be sooo last year and we can’t wait to see immense, so make sure you’re sharing these conversations with your friends too. the success 2012 has lined up We’re currently in the midst of a huge love affair with YouTube. It’s simply an excellent source of training and whereas pictures speak a thousand words, videos surpass this by leaps and bounds. If, in the past, you’ve thought that this website was just for videos on how to apply mascara or whip up a nice soufflé, rest assured Michael Khatkar has also come up with some other videos as well as these (ha!). He’s organised three new fantastic video trainings for you, which you can read all about on page 12. Of course, it’s all about the Christmas retail at the moment. We’ve caught up with three top retailing Distributorships in the Network to give you some of their tips to get you through the following weeks (see page 18). Remember, retailing isn’t just for Christmas either - Boxing Day sales are testament to that! It’s honestly tremendous to see how far so many of you have come in 2011, but this year will soon be sooo last year and we can’t wait to see the success 2012 has lined up. With the launch of ezeparty, we know it’s going to bring something very new and exciting to your teams and to your income. Let’s face it, many of you are already seasoned party animals…this should be a great way to combine your natural partying ways with boosting your sales! So, let me take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas from everyone here at HQ. We will be out in force once more on Saturday 7 January at the NIA Birmingham for the New Year Launch, so I’ll see you there! Xenia Poole Xenia Poole, Editor in Chief 02
  3. 3. Page 4 Page 14 Get paid to party Boxing Day bites On Saturday 7 January, ezeparty is launched. What to do with that left-over Christmas We find out what it’s all about and how much it turkey? Award-winning chef could increase your income Nigel Smith spins his magic using our Kleeneze products Page 6 Page 15 Catalogue of success Reach out and build your business The new catalogues have arrived. Find out what’s new in our It’s one of the most important tools we have for building your business and popular ranges for this season now you can win a year’s worth Page 16 Contents In the Spotlight Our guest speaker at the New Year Showcase is the inspirational Richard McCann. He shares with us a little bit about his new book and how it can help your businessPage 8 Page 18Rules of engagement Elf yourself to record profits Peak sales ahead! We speak to some top retailers for their tips on retailingLove was in the air for our New York qualifiers! over the festive period and beyondWe caught up with four of our newly engagedDistributorships to hear their story Page 20Page 12 Christmas and New YearA few minutes could change delivery schedule Don’t get caught out this holiday! Check our delivery schedule to ensureyour business for good your business runs as smoothly as possible over ChristmasThree brand new trainings that you need to hear! Page 21 Page 13 Design your best year ever December Retail Challenge Want 2012 to be your finest year to date? There’s only one place to be to The challenge is on! Boost your profits and win lots of lovely ensure you get it off to a great start prizes in the process Page 24 Bulk Sales It’s been sales galore this Period. Check out where you’ve come in the chart Page 27 A note from Jamie Stewart A round up of this Period’s news, stories and successes from Kleeneze’s Managing Director, Jamie Stewart Page 28 Bulk Sales – Top 100 The back page is the place to be! Congratulations to our Top 100 in Period 11 03
  4. 4. Get paidA new opportunity is coming your to party So what’s so special about ezeparty? At the New Year Launch we will be revealing the full, highly-subsidised host rewards programme,way. ezeparty is set to see your To start off, we will be launching an ezecook theme along with fabulous literature and full training andsales increase, your teams grow using our fabulous kitchen products that make support package to run alongside your parties.and your business become bigger cooking easy, economical and nutritious. There will also be a very special launch offer - onlyand stronger than ever come 2012. ezecook Distributors will go to the host’s home at available on the day - to get an amazing kit of a pre-arranged time and entertain the guests with products and stationery items, with everything youSo what’s all the fuss about? practical and easy demonstrations of the products. need to get your parties started. With the help of party games and a video from ourWhy should you get involved celebrity chef, Nigel Smith, the party will be fun, To help you make the most of this specialand what’s your next step? Sales informative and very social. pre-launch time, our fabulous I.T. team haveDirector and the force behind this developed an online pre-registration system that With the chilly winter nights and the anti-climax of will allow you to invite people to come and seenew initiative, Lisa Burke tells all. Christmas, there is no better time than January to what all the fuss is about at the launch. The system cheer everyone up. It’s time to pop on the kettle, finish will also allow those who pre-register to inviteExcitement and momentum is off the Christmas booze and those Christmas nibbles their own contacts, but the best news is, when in time for the great January detox. they upgrade to an ezeparty Distributor theycurrently accelerating at a rapid pace will be in your downline in the order that theyas we get closer to the official launch All our special hosts will receive free products pre-registered. You will have already received andate for our exclusive Party Plan of their choice based on their party sales. This email all about this earlier in the month. generous host programme will give hosts theprogramme on Saturday 7 January at opportunity to shop for free, in the comfort of their We know this is going to be a huge success.our New Year Launch. own home and amongst their invited friends. We have been testing it for the last couple of months with a small group and have seen some For Distributors it is an opportunity to increase outstanding results. personal retailing by putting some parties into your diary in addition to your current retailing. At the time of writing, the top party recorded was Plus it’s a chance to increase your team building presented by Helen Walsh in Jean and Mike Day’s activities by attracting a wider audience to the team. She cashed up a fabulous £380 in sales - well Kleeneze opportunity. done Helen. I am sure you were thrilled. For just a couple of hours of drinking someone else’s coffee, Currently there will be hundreds of and having a fun evening you earned over £80 (£40 thousands of people who know about the an hour can’t be bad!). Kleeneze opportunity, but for whatever reason have not joined. For some it may You can also read Emma Mackelden’s story (right) of simply be that delivering catalogues was how she has sold over £1,200 from just 4 parties. just not for them. Now, with ezeparty, you have an opening to go back to them Of course, not every party will be this high, but and offer a brand new opportunity plus we have typically seen the average party come in give them first dibs on joining. How many at £130 and raising to £190 for those a little more companies are out there today that have experienced in party plan. the stability of a company that has been trading for nearly 90 years, but can still That’s incomes averaging between £26 -£38 a party offer a new, unique joining option? (£13 - £19 an hour). 04
  5. 5. Products ezepartyEveryone has to start somewhere. I always I also drafted up a gift wish list and gave thisadvise new people to put an ‘L -plate’ on their o at the start of the party. I advised that as the outdisplay and try not to take themselves too products were being passed around, to write them pseriously when starting out. Customers don’t like d down on their list and explained that this wouldbeing ’sold’ to, so make a joke out of the fact you h them to remember the products they liked helpare learning and tell them you are not here to use w when they were later writing out their order forms.any pressure selling techniques you just want P People kept their lists and took them home witheveryone to have fun, enjoy the party and share t them. If they had a lot of items on their list, I couldwith them how the ezecook products can make h them to get some items for free by hosting helpcooking and preparation eze. t their own party, or they could call me, or even o order extra products online as and whenYou will get a manual with an easy-to-follow party t wanted to. theyguide along with YouTube training resources. I order to encourage people to book parties InThe party is also a fabulous place to sponsor new , Gol d D ist ribut or w me, I highlighted to people at the end of the withrecruits. Typically 70% of new ezeparty recruits Em m a M acke ld en e evening how much commission the hostess haswill come from parties. People will see what you e earned, and tried to make sure everyone had aare doing, hear your story and will want to join g great, fun evening, so they’d want to book theirfor the flexibility and income it can offer. You will “I used to do party planning for over 3 years long own evening as well.also meet people who prefer the idea of dropping before I joined Kleeneze. I was nervous aboutcatalogues, so it will be a fabulous opportunity to doing my first ezecook party, though, as I I think our sales will grow massively inincrease your over-all team building opportunity. had not done a party like this for over 2012 because of party plan!A win-win situation! 2 years. At the start of the evening, We have very high aims for it “I think our sales will I kept my introduction brief and with our business and what played a little party game called grow massively in 2012 it can bring others that hadn’tWe will also be putting the ezespa theme into testfrom January, so this is just the beginning - it really ‘Left and Right’. This meant because of party plan!” wanted their own Kleenezeis time to get the party started! people were focusing on listening business before now. out for left and right and with everyoneInitially only people attending on the day will giggling, it wasn’t just everyone staring at you I’m really excited about the full launchhave the opportunity of joining the programme or which takes off a huge amount of pressure. on 7 January. There are many people outsponsoring others for ezeparty. So if you haven’t there that cataloguing does not appeal to, so partyalready booked your place, don’t delay! My parties varied on sales; between £100 and plan will be a great alternative for them. Some £280 - not bad for being there 2-and-half hours! people are very social people, so party planning Looking forward to Lo One tip is to make sure that your website is will be great for them.” seeing you all on s available on all of the invites and everything you Saturday 7 January. S give out, so if for some reason people couldn’t come, they can look online and still place orders M love, Much with you. I gave out my business cards to all the attendees and asked them to keep them in their purse. It contains my website address and my Lisa. phone number in case they need me, or wish to order extra items. Keep the party open for a few x days so that people who did come can tell people about the great products they had seen, and extra orders can still be placed. 05
  6. 6. 06
  7. 7. Retailing New catalogues07
  8. 8. Rules ofEngagementIt was certainly an attractive proposal for KleenezeDistributorstrip to New York as a reward for driving their businessforward and exceeding targets. And four coupleswho enjoyed this adventure of a lifetime took thatproposal literally - by popping the question onduring their transatlantic trip! Almost 200 qualifying Distributors jetted off to take a bite of the Big Apple in November to celebrate their successes. Months of hard work, att a n riia - a Ma nh fruition, as Distributors, from all over r ld Wa ld rf sto orf Ast the country, took in the luxurious surroundings of their home for the duration - the famous Waldorf Astoria a hotel in Manhattan. This trip of a lifetime, which saw the successful Distributors take in sights including the Empire State Building, the Statue Broa dwa of Liberty and Broadway, rewarded y those who had worked tirelessly to drive the business on. 08
  9. 9. New York 2011 Special Chloe West & Elvin Bailey, Gosport Chloe and Elvin both joined Kleeneze in January 2011after Elvin was made redundant and Chloe wanted to find some work that fitted in with her young daughter’s hours at school.After Elvin was made redundant we “Elvin gets up at 5am or 6am and as he Caroline Bell brought the ring out inwanted to boost our savings,” Chloe doesn’t drive, he does most of his work on secret and we were ice skating in Centralexplained. “The business really took off foot. Once I’ve dropped off my daughter at Park when he proposed. I burst into tearsquickly and we decided to commit to it school I then join him with the car and said ‘yes’ right away. We’re not goingfull-time. One of the biggest bonuses and we carry on together. to wait around – the wedding’s plannedfor us is that we can work together. for January 2012!” “The trip to New York was absolutelyWe achieved Gold in June this year and brilliant and we were treated like royalty.haven’t looked back since. We decided to When Elvin proposed it was complete Chloe & Elvin’sreally focus on the retail and boosted our surprise! We’ve been together for two Top Tips for Successsmall team by sponsoring more people in. years and I had no idea he was thinkingWe saw New York as a real incentive about asking me to marry him while we Start retailing earlier in theand with that in mind we set about were in New York. Our sponsor, day and finish later; there’s no substitute for hard graft!planning a real push. Double your retail and double your sponsoring. Find your reason for wanting to succeed and really go for it. Ice s k ati n g-C e ntra l Pa r i n’s k a n d Elv Chloe’s 09
  10. 10. Rules of John Morgan & Engagement Gilly McCrone, DublinJulie Cotton & Neil Tomkinson, Preston John and Gilly have been Kleeneze Distributors for four-and-a-half andJulie and Neil have a total of seven years’ experience as Distributors and credit three-and-a-half years respectively.the business with changing their lives for the better in many different ways. Julie A trained engineer, John beganworked long hours in the NHS before having to leave on health grounds, while Neil by working as a Distributor in thewas looking for a new business venture to become involved in. evenings around his day job, but soon decided he wanted to work for himself and dedicated himself “Of course another highlight was when Neil to Kleeneze on a full-time basis. proposed as it was a complete surprise to “I was completely dedicated to my career me! We’ve been together for 15 years and “I love the freedom of being my own as an occupational therapy manager although we had discussed getting married boss and being able to make my own within the NHS but after developing ME, if we qualified for New York, I really wasn’t decisions. I’d not heard of Kleeneze I was no longer able to work in such a expecting it to happen while we were there. before, but when I saw an advert in a demanding environment. I still wanted to He proposed at the Gala Dinner, dropping newspaper, I decided to find out more. work, though, so started looking around down on one knee and asking me to marry After five years in engineering, I wanted for something. The money was great, it him! I didn’t hesitate and said ‘yes’ straight a new challenge. Kleeneze has given provided a little more for the family, but away. We haven’t set a date yet but are me that and much more. after being inspired by Ram and Sylvia planning a non-traditional wedding with lots Laing, I realised that Kleeneze would of our Kleeneze friends present. They really “We qualified for New York based on tick so many more boxes for me than my are like our family and we want as many our growth, achieving this by helping previous career ever did. I can honestly say people as possible to share in our happy day. our team generate more business and that it’s completely changed my life. therefore more income. We increased our own retail alongside our team, “We qualified for New York on percentage Julie & Neil’s knowing we had a great chance of growth and did this by encouraging our Top Tips for Success qualifying as we already had a great team members, supporting them and Set your goals, visualise your deal of momentum in our business. giving them the motivation to meet their targets and use them as motivation. We knew that if we could just push own targets. We were watching the ourselves and our team then we could performance of other teams and we had Follow your team’s system and succeed. a rough idea of what we needed to do to don’t be tempted to reinvent the succeed. Qualifying for New York was very wheel; if it works, stick with it. “Gilly and I had been hoping to visit important as it proved to our team that New York last year but decided not Build on your own self-belief they can achieve these things too. and find the motivational to go as the flights were expensive, techniques that work for you. so when we saw that it was the next “New York was absolutely amazing. I was Destination, we really focused on most looking forward to seeing The Slight getting there. Edge author, Jeff Olsen. It was such a eak. great opportunity to listen to him speak. Ju lie a nd N eil Enpire St ate Buildin np g... illy. na nd G Joh 10
  11. 11. New York Let’s Celebrate“I was thinking of proposing to Gilly at the Ian Williams & Sally Mellor, Shropshiretop of the Empire State Building but whenwe arrived there it was far too busy so I Ian and Sally began working with Kleeneze, because they wanted to makedecided to delay. Then I’d planned to ask some savings while working together in a stress-free business with minimumher to marry me during a horse and trap disruption to their day jobs. As a psychiatric nurse, Sally had a demanding roleride in Central Park, but Gilly was feeling to play at work and Ian worked as a planner. Their involvement with Kleenezeunwell so we didn’t go on one. Finally I grew steadily until they decided to commit full-time and concentrate theirmanaged to ask her while we were on a efforts solely on their joint around Manhattan, with the EmpireState Building in the background. I asked apassenger to take a photo and while theywere doing that, I proposed! Gilly burst “We were among the first three in the “Qualifying for New York changed ourinto tears of joy and said yes. entire network to qualify. In our four years business in so many ways and it gave us in Kleeneze, Sally has undergone five full the belief that this opportunity can give“Since coming back from New York, we’ve hip replacements and two complete knee us everything we had ever dreamt of. Inreally been focusing on continuing to grow replacements. Last year when New York six months we put an extra £1,000 on ourthe business by using the momentum was announced, Sally was in hospital cheque and helped other people to earnwe’ve built up. We’re introducing as many having undergone yet another operation the incomes that they wanted. Our planspeople as possible and helping them to so she needed something special to look for the next 12 months are simple. Weget the most out of it. We’re keen to grow forward to. Failing to qualify for New want to keep doing what we’ve been doinganother leg and are working hard to qualify York was never an option! We retailed for the last six months as there’s no needfor Miami; if we go, we might even treat about £3,500 to £4,000 ourselves every to change a winning formula. We just wantit as an early honeymoon!” period and sponsored like crazy! We even to share this wonderful opportunity with got extra spending money in New York, as many people as possible as by helping because of the additional periods others grow we grow.”John & Gilly’s we held Gold.Top Tips for Success “People are surprised when we tell them Speak to someone who has already that it was actually Sally who proposed to Ian & Sally’s qualified for a Destination and find out exactly what you need to me at the top of the Empire State Building! Top Tips for Success achieve success. I have proposed to Sally a number of times Lead by example. Retail as much before - the last time was over twelve as you can in the time you have Write down a plan of action, years ago - then I gave up asking. At first I available. That way you can control identifying what you need to do thought Sally was joking and maybe being your income and be an inspiration to and stick to it. at the top of the Empire State had made any new team members who are Hard work and dedication are her dizzy from lack of oxygen! But when building a customer base. essential; focus on the goal and we got back on terra firma she Your attitude in this business is have faith in yourself. repeated the proposal, propo everything, so attend and participate so I knew it in all the meetings that your group put wa was on and invest in self-development true. tr books and CDs. If you want to get to Miami then ally yourself to someone who has already qualified for a conference, as after all, they have already blazed that particular trail and they know Ia n a what it takes. nd S a lly 11
  12. 12. TrainingMichael Khatkar You can catch all of these trainings and much, much more over the holidays on our YouTube channel – Subscribe and you’ll be automatically emailed to let you know when a new one is available A few minutes could change All the trainings from your business for good New York, including the inimitable Jeff Olson are now also on our YouTube site With almost 200 Distributors in New York it would have been remiss of us to let it be all fun and no work, so Director of Network Development, Michael Khatkar tracked down three Distributors while they were at the Waldorf and quizzed them for their tips. Here he shares with you all about this triple dose of Network training. “Back in the old days (I’m still a spring chicken, so this is, of course, all what I’ve been told), you would have to wait until a meeting to glean these pearls of wisdom, but the tools that are now available are so incredible that you can get this training when and wherever you need to. YouTube has been one of the tools that we’ve really focussed on in 2011, because it’s so easy to use and to share. It’s become a huge source of training for Distributors over the past 12 months and we’re not done quite yet! Over the Christmas period, we will putting another three incredible trainings on our YouTube site. Our most recent Kleeneze Destination, New York, was packed full of successful qualifiers so I took advantage of this situation to pick on three of them to deliver some training on what they’re really great at in their field.” Events Motivation Lead Generation 1. Ram Laing, utive Distributor 2. Helen Walsh, Distributor 3. Kevin Rider, Distributor Silver Senior Exec Bronze Executive Bronze Executive As a company and, indeed within our industry, it’s We all know that this is a business that rewards Network Marketing at its simplest is always been a challenge to get people to events. hard work, effort and determination. But some of recommending the opportunity to other people. At However, it’s a challenge we’ve always the biggest successes in the Network have Kleeneze, we call this lead generation. Kevin is one succeeded at! Ram has some great tips in this achieved great things through just one thing – who has had an exceptional year in lead training on how to hold a good event yourself and motivation. To be able to motivate yourself is an generation; finding people who will thrive in this how to encourage people to events. It’s so important skill and Helen Walsh has provided business and “selling” the opportunity to them. His important to lead by example. A meeting will some fantastic ideas in this training on how to training will show you how to improve your always encourage people to stay in the business, hone this skill, as well as how to keep your communication and work on how to express do more and, most importantly, it fosters great team motivated. yourself well. team spirit. (PS. We’re still one of the few companies that These recent YouTube trainings have been a huge hit in the Network, so now we’re COMING holds their events at the NIA and set it alight!) asking you what subjects you would like to see covered! You can email me at using the subject title YouTube trainings. SOON! 12
  13. 13. December RetailThe December Retail Challenge ChallengeIt’s cold out there, you’re working harder than ever before and you still have the prospect ofyour own Christmas to get through! We think you’re all super troopers and as such we wantedto reward you with something special.So, please welcome the return of the December Retail Challenge! Lots of lovelyprizes just to say your hard work has been recognised and rewarded.Take part in the challenge and you can look forward to unwinding with free hotel Harkness Grangeaccommodation in the UK, Ireland or the Channel Isles.By completing our December Retail Challenge, we will guarantee you3 x vouchers which each qualify you to receive free accommodationfor 2 for up to 7 nights.So you may choose to go on 3 separate breaks throughout the year or use all thevouchers together on one occasion for up to 6 people. Cra bwell ManorYou will have the opportunity to choose from over 170 hotels and the only thing you willpay for is your food (the cost of which is clearly advertised in the brochure you willreceive with your prize and starts at only £25 pp which includes both breakfast and dinner).So this promotion will give you the opportunity to treat yourself and your family tosome lovely down time in 2012 and save you lots of dosh to boot! Gissing HallTo guarantee your FREE accommodation simplyensure you hit a minimum of 200 BP every weekSo that’sWeek 1 w/c 2nd Dec = 200 BPWeek 2 w/c 9th Dec = 200 BPWeek 3 w/c 16th Dec = 200 BPWeek 4 w/c 23rd Dec = 200 BPWeek 5 w/c 30th Dec = 200 BPPlus over the 5 weeks when you achieve all of the above and your total BP Kleeneze Ltd, Express House , Clayton Busine ss Park, Date: Clayton le Moors , Accrington BB5exceeds 1300 you will also go into a prize draw to win: (every 100 BP over Payee Me in Period 13 5JY1300 will give you a bonus ticket) Double your Cheque £ 101112 J. Stewart Mr Jamie• 10 people will win 2 free Income kits 19232007 1234567 8 Stewa Managing Directo rt r• 10 people will win a pair of tickets to their nearest Kleeneze live• 10 people will win a free ezecook party kit• 10 people will win £50 worth of ezespa products COMING SOON TO A TOWN NEAR YOU!Plus everyone under Gold Distributor level at the start of the promotion,who achieves 200 BP each week and exceeds 1300 BP will go in a separate ,draw and 10 lucky winners will have their bonus cheque in period 13 doubled.(Every 100 BP over the 1300 will also give you a bonus ticket).See full terms and conditions on the DSA. 13
  14. 14. Feature productezecook 14
  15. 15. Competition EzeReach15
  16. 16. 2012 starts with iCanAs exclusively revealed by Managing number of Distributors, attending various “I’m doing something that I’ve never doneDirector, Jamie Stewart in New York last events and applying all this knowledge to before and never seen a speaker do before,month, our guest speaker for the Kleeneze my book,” the speaker said. “I actually feel I’m offering something unique as a follow-LIVE! New Year Launch 2012 is someone like I’m part of Kleeneze now! up to the Showcase too to keep people ontruly amazing with an incredible story – it’s track with their action steps.” “I’ve obviously put examples of how mythe inspirational Richard McCann! story has helped change other people’s Traditionally, of course, most wouldIf you attended Kleeneze LIVE! lives, but there are also other people’s real want their book before Christmas toWarwick or Falkirk earlier in the year, life stories. They say that facts tell, stories hit those sales, but Richard hasyou will have already heard his sell, but this is more than just stories – it’s delayed the launch in order foragainst-all-odds story. Well, now he’s full of action points that will help you grow Kleeneze to have the world-firstback and this time with his your business too.” exclusive at the Showcase onnew book in which he shares his Saturday 7 January. Richard’s book is entitled iCan. Hesecrets of success. accredits this not only to his name, but “I just want it to have a massive impact,”“The book came by as a result of my recent to the fact that he believes that he says. “It’s such a privilege to be asked tospeaker bookings,” Richard explains. “I everyone can achieve anything they come and speak to such a wonderfulwrote my first two books in 2003 and 2007 set out to achieve. group of people who are alreadyrespectively, but those were purely about so highly motivated. “Everything in life begins with I can,”my story. After that, I embarked on my Richard stresses. “If you don’t believe you “If you haven’t heard my story before,‘speaker journey’ and it was through this can achieve something, it’s not going to please don’t look for it beforehand! It’s theand going beyond my story that I realised I happen. It’s all about belief. What takes most powerful when you hear it for thehad the greatest impact. place in our mind, is directly related to what first time. Come to the Showcase with“iCan is almost like a keynote presentation. we achieve out there in the world.” fresh eyes or it will be like buying a bookIt shows the things that I went through and and reading the ending first! Belief is all very well, but Richard’show they were dealt with are applicable to message is also very strongly “Without a shadow of a doubt, youthose reading the book, as well as giving focussed towards actually taking need to be there in January,” hethem suggestions on how they can go on to those steps towards achievement and stresses. “I’ve told my story now toimprove their lives, grow their businesses or Showcase attendees will be taking thousands of people and time andgrow as a person.” away something very special on time again, when they’ve heard it,Not only has Richard spent a summer the day to keep them on track with they’ve connected with me andtouring the country with his their goals. when they’ve taken the steps, they’veremarkable story, he has also become seen results. My message is If y “That’s one of my key messages,” he tellsa firm friend of Kleeneze through appropriate for every human plea us. “Yes, I’ll be making various points inTwitter and Facebook. In fact, he’s being on the planet. No matter the January, but if you just sit back and dobecome such an avid supporter of the how successful we are, we can nothing about it, it will be pointless. It’s theNetwork that he’s created a special always do a bit more. If our life about committing to taking those steps. withKleeneze version of the book. depended on it, we’d find a way to Don’t leave it – do it now! By the following b do a bit more and our futures do“It’s really come about as a result of getting week, you’ll be on to something else, so depend upon it.”to know the business better, speaking to a there really is no time to waste. 16
  17. 17. In the spotlight Richard McCann Don’t leave it – do it now! By the following week, you’ll be on to something else, so there really is no time to waste TAKE ACTION NOWyou haven’t heard my story before, To hear Richard McCannase don’t look for it beforehand! It’s at the New Year Launch at the NIA, Birmingham, most powerful when you hear it for book your ticket today.e first time. Come to the Showcase • Order online using code 00027h fresh eyes or it will be like buying a • Contact the Service Centre onbook and reading the ending first! 0844 848 5000 Remember, new starters can go to their first Showcase for FREE! Simply book your ticket and you will be refunded after attending the event. 17
  18. 18. 18
  19. 19. Training Retailing tips19
  20. 20. NewsDeliverySchedule CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR ORDERING AND DELIVERY SCHEDULE UK Mainland Last day for pre-Christmas orders is Tuesday 20.12. 2011 @ 9.15pm for Delivery Friday 23rd December Order day Delivery Day Tuesday 20.12.10 @ 9.16pm to Wednesday 21.12.2011 @ 9.15pm Thursday 29.12.11 Wednesday 21.12.10 @ 9.16pm to Wednesday 28.12.2011 @ 9.15pm Friday 30.12.2011 Wednesday 28.12.11 @ 9.16pm to Monday 02.01.2012 @ 9.15pm Wednesday 04.01.2012 Normal delivery schedule resumes for all orders placed after 9.16pm Monday 2nd January 2012 Northern Ireland Postcodes BT1 TO 90 & ROI Dublin 1 to 24 Last day for pre-Christmas orders is Wednesday 21.12.11 @ 9.15pm for Delivery Friday 23rd December Order day Delivery Day Wednesday 21.12.10 @ 9.16pm to Wednesday 28.12.2011 @ 9.15pm Friday 30.12.2011 Wednesday 28.12.11 @ 9.16pm to Monday 02.01.2012 @ 9.15pm Wednesday 04.01.2012 Normal delivery schedule resumes for all orders placed after 9.16pm Monday 2nd January 2012 Remaining Irish Postcodes, International, Highlands & Islands of Scotland,Channel Islands & Isle of Man Last day for pre-Christmas orders is Monday 19.12.2011 @ 9.15pm for Delivery Friday 23rd December Order day Delivery Day Monday 19.12.2011 @ 9.16pm to Tuesday 27.12.2011 @ 9.15pm Friday 30.12.2011 Tuesday 27.12.2011 @ 9.16pm to Monday 02.01.2012 @ 9.15pm Thursday 05.01.2012 Normal delivery schedule resumes for all orders placed after 9.16pm Monday 2nd January 2012 Please Note: Order cut off time is extended to 9.15pm from Monday 19th December to 9.15pm Monday 2nd January 2012 Normal ordering schedule returns from Tuesday 3rd January 2012 - order cut off time being 3.15pm SERVICE CENTRE CHRISTMAS/NEW YEAR OPENING HOURS DATE OPENING HOURS Monday 19/12/2011 to Thursday 22/12/11 8.00am to 9.00pm Normal Opening Hours Friday 23/12/2011 8.00am to 4.00pm Saturday 24/12/2011 to Tuesday 27/12/11 CLOSED Wednesday 28/12/2011 to Thursday 29/12/11 8.00am to 9.00pm Normal Opening Hours Friday 30/12/2011 8.00am to 4.00pm Saturday 31/12/2011 to Monday 2/1/12 CLOSED Tuesday 03/01/2012 8.00am to 9.00pm Normal Opening Hours Resume 20
  21. 21. Events New Year LaunchDesign your best year everA fresh New Year beckons, so what better way to start if off with the Kleeneze New Year Launch?Yes, you can win a car. Yes, there’ll be However, we think the most important “The New Year Launch is a great source ofthe launch of the fantastic new reason to attend the event is that it will information as to what’s coming up in theezeparty opportunity. Of course, there’ll get your 2012 off to a roaring start. You’ll year - what the company forecasts andbe some traditional Kleeneze surprises be motivated and inspired to get out there their ideas. You get the inspiration andon the day. Absolutely, you’ll walk and do it. motivation of the network speakers andaway from the day with lots of goodies. business tips that will help you along. One Naturally, we love all the Kleeneze events, of our favourite things as well is the but it’s New Year that really shakes us up massive recognition in January and all the and confirms our resolve to achieve those synergy it creates. goals throughout the year. It’s the best kick-start to the year that we know of. More than anything, in all of the years we’ve been, we’ve always found that at Don’t take our word for it, though. least one team member that attends steps We caught up with Silver out and wants to achieve the Gold status. Senior Executive Distributor, Ram Laing who believes the The New Year Launch just gets you focused success of your year all hinges early after Christmas and the New Year. It on starting off on the right foot. really gives you the energy to get going. I think it’s the most important one if you want to have a successful year. Most people make a New Year’s resolution and the Showcase gives you that resolution. It gets you off to a great start and gets you off the blocks faster.” 21
  22. 22. 2011 is coming to an end and it seems that many of you have pulled all the stops out to ensure you achieve thosegoals that you set out to at the beginning of the year. You only need to look over the next few pages at all the namesof those who have achieved huge business success in Period 11. Use this success to grow your business!Here’s a great tip from Gold Executive Distributor, Geoff Owen: How do you have time to do that as you work here 60 hours a week (with the travelling)? It’s not just me; we have a team we help to“When I started Kleeneze I was in the RAF and I was, at times, in an office make money as well.with about 20 colleagues. They all knew that I did Kleeneze but at thattime none of them had joined the business. How does it work then?! - Just what I wanted to hear!However once I got to Gold our names appeared in the Period Bulk Sales I was using the pigeon feeding technique that I heard from Chris Masoncharts in the old Enterprize Magazine, so each Period I highlighted our Paull. All of my colleagues had now been turned from doubters into hotnames on the Bulk Sales and any other place that our names appeared. I prospects with the power of a highlighter pen and athen left the magazine open at this page. Each Period as our business grew monthly magazine!our names got higher in the list. In the end I had got 4 of them into our team which was instrumental in helping us toWhen I got in the office the magazine started to appear on different desks achieve some of our goals – a cruise on– YES they were looking and getting more inquisitive! the Sea Goddess & being able to quit See next month’s Team Talk for theMore questions kept coming:- work (7 years early). names of those in qualification for the Director’s Club!Are those your sales for the year? No, that’s just the last 4 weeks. Use Team Talk to grow your business!”Personal Retail TOP 3 Personal Sales Group TOP 3 New Business Sales TOP 3 1st £9,584 1st £20,482 1st £13,361 Paul Tonkin & Stuart Heard & Doug Roper & Joanne Heeraman Robyn-Lee Heard Sandra Roper 2nd £9,237 2nd £17,320 2nd £12,149 Susan Coleman & Peter Wellock & Stuart Heard & Robert Holdford Myrna Wellock Robyn-Lee Heard 3rd £8,763 3rd £16,758 3rd £11,673 Michelle Fox & Marie Simmonds & Peter Wellock & Stephen Fox Jeremy Simmonds Myrna Wellock 22
  23. 23. Recognition Top performers Top 50 Period 11 Personal Retail Personal Sales Group New Business Sales This figure will not include break-away Gold Distributors or This figure includes all new initiations plus their non-qualifying Gold Distributors (includes all adjustments). sales from Period 9-11No. Distributor Name Sales Distributor Name Sales Distributor Name Sales1 Paul Tonkin & Joanne Heeraman £9,584 Stuart Heard & Robyn-Lee Heard £20,482 Doug Roper & Sandra Roper £13,3612 Susan Coleman & Robert Holdford £9,237 Peter Wellock & Myrna Wellock £17,320 Stuart Heard & Robyn-Lee Heard £12,1493 Michelle Fox & Stephen Fox £8,763 Marie Simmonds & Jeremy Simmonds £16,758 Peter Wellock & Myrna Wellock £11,6734 Margaret Foster & Ian Foster £8,413 Mikaela Brown & Andrew Brown £16,463 Christine Sykes & Aidan Fisher £10,1585 David Goacher £8,090 Vincent Tsoi & Lorraine Tsoi £16,100 Vincent Tsoi & Lorraine Tsoi £9,6496 Arthur Cuthbert & Susan Cuthbert £7,805 Ann Coe & John Coe £15,443 Lucinda Bennett & Nigel Manning £9,4287 Steven Divito £7,796 Adam Swire & Deborah Heron £15,070 Christopher Pagett £8,6838 Gaz Edwards & Laura Dobedoe £7,480 Norman Grundy & Joanne Grundy £14,473 Toby Acton & Donna Gold £8,4589 Ian Wightmore & Deborah Wightmore £7,342 Derrick Longwright & Maria Longwright £14,304 Karen Young & Neil Young £7,93610 Philip Palmer £7,200 Peter Abrahams & Angela Abrahams £14,269 Andrew Buxton & Laura Kelly £7,75011 Brian Carroll & Jean Carroll £6,853 Debra Pusey & Oliver Pusey £14,259 Karen Boardman & Scott Boardman £6,75512 Paul Towler & Andrea Towler £6,725 Janet Mitchell & Andrew Mitchell £14,046 Richard Houseago & Vanadis Fox £6,66913 Ingrid Marzillius & Stephen Marzillius £6,725 Robert Dolan & Jacqueline Dolan £14,010 Martyn Regan £6,64314 Fay Roe & Andrew Roe £6,681 Julie Cotton & Neil Tomkinson £13,950 Ernie Hickman & Andrea Hickman £6,63815 Rodney Webber £6,528 Denise Neal & Stephen Neal £13,650 Stephen Smith & Dennis Chamberlain £6,26616 Peter Savidge £6,262 Christine Sykes & Aidan Fisher £13,102 Clive Currier & Beverley Currier £6,18117 Sean Nicholls & Maura Nicholls £6,221 Heather Oneil & James Oneil £12,772 Marie Simmonds & Jeremy Simmonds £6,11218 Paul Hammond & Gosia Hammond £6,214 Abigail Colclough £12,368 Richard Chantler & Clare Chantler £6,04019 David Marsden & Elizabeth Marsden £6,195 Paul Meikle £12,268 Karen Flitton & Peter Flitton £5,95120 Michael Jones & Ann Jones £6,157 Justine Giergiel & Steve Giergiel £12,259 Raymond Turnbull & Miriam Turnbull £5,86921 Gillian Barry & Jonathan Barry £6,115 Stacy Beck & Jonathan Beck £12,219 Stacy Beck & Jonathan Beck £5,73422 Mariya Dimitrova & Mitro Dimitrov £6,043 Stephen Wilson & Marie Bell £12,188 Deborah Dewar & Allan Dewar £5,64323 Paul Meikle £5,922 Karen Young & Neil Young £11,970 Adam Humphrey & Coleen Humphrey £5,61824 John Horsman & Janis Horsman £5,902 Keith Sandland & Helen Sandland £11,639 Eamon Lynch & Marie Ryan £5,42625 Lorraine Collins & Mark Collins £5,685 David Bole & Lynn Bole £11,614 John Gavin Scott & Bonnie Arapes £5,19826 Chris Wright & Annette Wright £5,537 Paul Blaxall & Carolyn Blaxall £11,502 Adam Swire & Deborah Heron £5,07027 Richard White & Kim White £5,534 Tracy Sheehan & David Sheehan £11,424 Sam King £4,98528 Loic Pougeolle & Susan Pougeolle £5,433 Susan Coleman & Robert Holdford £11,298 Jackie Bower & Stuart Bower £4,97229 Marie Simmonds & Jeremy Simmonds £5,432 Lucinda Bennett & Nigel Manning £11,247 Amanda Holland & Andrew Holland £4,92830 Tracey Payne & Harvey Kent £5,419 Martyn Regan £11,225 Sarah Philp & Timothy Philp £4,89731 Paul Blaxall & Carolyn Blaxall £5,390 Tracey Payne & Harvey Kent £11,181 Patricia Dileone £4,74932 Paul Brown & Nicola Mitchell £5,377 Nick Sassanelli & Grace Sassanelli £11,150 Samantha Rushton & Dean Worrall £4,71833 Patrick McKenna £5,354 Terry Hodge & Jane Hodge £11,147 Michael Laydon & Sandra Laydon £4,69534 Markus Klotzer & Petra Romoser £5,310 Ivan Darch £11,104 Zoe Climpson & Will Joseph £4,67635 Matthew Ellliott & Nicola Elliott £5,269 Clive Currier & Beverley Currier £11,098 Richard Farren & Emily Farren £4,65036 Mark Oreilly & Sue Oreilly £5,210 Adam Humphrey & Coleen Humphrey £11,018 Teresa Divers & Bryony Hayward £4,64437 Gavin Conway & Trish Conway £5,186 Sara Eyres & Christopher Burras £10,937 Graham Carter & Lorna Carter £4,58538 Kevin Davies & Deborah Parker £5,050 Mike Gough & Dawn Gough £10,886 Mark Smith & Karen Smith £4,54839 Martyn Cunningham £5,011 John Halsall & Janice Halsall £10,837 Richard Peuleve & Helen Peuleve £4,50740 Robin Hibbert £4,996 Jeffrey Topple & Frances Topple £10,686 John Morgan & Gilly Mc Crone £4,46641 Heather Williams & Graham Williams £4,987 Andrew Webber & Kerryann Perry £10,679 Lyn Davies & Tony Davies £4,42642 Negin Backhouse & Michael Backhouse £4,941 Martin Gardner & Allison Butterworth £10,638 Keith Sandland & Helen Sandland £4,38743 Anthony Mervin £4,924 Helen Allgood & Paul Allgood £10,588 Rob Worrall £4,33944 Tom Forbes & Kathryn Forbes £4,901 Richard Chantler & Clare Chantler £10,537 David Rhodes & Christine Rhodes £4,32945 Aloys Tata £4,889 Emma Mackelden & Mark Mackelden £10,505 Alf Bell & Carol Bell £4,30546 Alice Lloyd & Geoffrey Lock £4,853 Kate Lee & Nicola Spence £10,492 Kenneth Thomson £4,30447 Jean Sidhu & Antony Watkins £4,792 Lynda Platts & Pauline Bell £10,385 Stephen Jessop £4,25448 Richard Fallowfield & Ranti Fallowfield £4,778 Graham James & Christine James £10,353 Austen Fawcett £4,16649 James Moynihan £4,749 Doug Roper & Sandra Roper £10,264 John Webb & Kathryn Price £4,13750 Alex Langler & Kathleen Langler £4,707 Mark Law & Diana Searle £10,223 Jennifer Amos & Martin Amos £4,134 23
  24. 24. THE TOP 500 Bulk SalesNo. Distributor Name Sales No. Distributor Name Sales No. Distributor Name Sales101 Martin Gardner & Allison Butterworth 52,243 168 Harold Fulton & Minnie Fulton 24,725 235 Fay Roe & Andrew Roe 16,404102 Belinda Clarke & Peter Clarke 51,677 169 Peter Dutton & Sheryl Dutton 24,686 236 Allan Ledwidge 16,235103 Teresa Divers & Bryony Hayward 50,442 170 Debra Pusey & Oliver Pusey 24,516 237 Gill Evans & Tim Evans 16,112104 Amanda Holland & Andrew Holland 48,358 171 Ivan Darch 24,429 238 Vincent Tsoi & Lorraine Tsoi 16,100105 Roger Green & Barbara Green 47,161 172 Laurence Wiseman & Rosemary Wiseman 23,750 239 Christine Lappin 16,055106 Jay Singh 46,840 173 David Pope 23,359 240 Colin Sadler & Charlene Sadler 16,038107 Alexandra Tuesley 46,727 174 Mikaela Brown & Andrew Brown 23,315 241 Carole Sunter & James Sunter 16,003108 Sharon Bird & Andrew Bird 45,830 175 John Beesley & Karina Beesley 22,975 242 Karen Boardman & Scott Boardman 15,872109 Gabrielle Broadstock & Paul Broadstock 45,648 176 Helen Walsh & Andrew Walsh 22,864 243 Terry Hayden 15,759110 Graham Hyde & Catherine Hyde 44,628 177 Elaine Spafford & Martin Spafford 22,777 244 Gareth Duffy & Gil Duffy 15,696111 Keith Sandland & Helen Sandland 44,095 178 Marie Simmonds & Jeremy Simmonds 22,484 245 Gordon Davidson & Patrick Davidson 15,670112 Tracy Sheehan & David Sheehan 43,562 179 John Gilham & Wendy Nimmo 22,238 246 Barry Bradbury & Cecilia Bradbury 15,587113 Debbie Gee & David White 43,518 180 Angela Macleod & James Macleod 22,131 247 Rosemary Day & Christopher Day 15,519114 James Curtis 42,880 181 Norman Grundy & Joanne Grundy 22,048 248 Clive Lennard & Pamela Lennard 15,446115 Tom Hingley & Bernadette Hingley 42,788 182 Martina Mcgrath & James Mcgrath 22,010 249 Michael Godwin 15,430116 Steve Johnson & Rosemary Rowntree 41,608 183 Paul Meikle 22,008 250 Lucinda Bennett & Nigel Manning 15,395117 Sunil Popat 40,991 184 David Mccreath & Judith Mccreath 21,425 251 Keith King & Veronica King 15,311118 Paul Tawn & Clare Bason 40,991 185 Amelia Mchard & Hannah Mchard 21,410 252 Kodwo Anderson 15,311119 Denise Neal & Stephen Neal 40,930 186 Mark Law & Diana Searle 21,242 253 Coleen Batchelor & Stephen Batchelor 15,248120 John English & Wendy English 40,693 187 Christine Foster & Jim Foster 21,065 254 Tony Vallerine & Wendy Vallerine 15,237121 Christopher Reay & Lesley Coan 39,387 188 Sakuntla Kalyan & Richard Lovesey 20,917 255 Christopher Young & Helena Edwards 15,214122 Su Bains & Jas Bains 38,875 189 Karen Jordan & Kenneth Rooney 20,843 256 Gareth Jones & Jeanette Jones 15,214123 Richard Houseago & Vanadis Fox 38,838 190 Arthur Cuthbert & Susan Cuthbert 20,713 257 Sheila Fowler & Nigel Fowler 15,144124 Alan Meldrum 38,552 191 Michael Wallace & Janet Wallace 20,538 258 Jeffrey Topple & Frances Topple 15,116125 Toby Acton & Donna Gold 37,697 192 Christopher Conroy 20,444 259 Adam Swire & Deborah Heron 15,071126 Brian Manchester & Julie Templeton 37,653 193 Lorraine Balcombe & Ian Balcombe 20,444 260 Janet Mitchell & Andrew Mitchell 15,064127 Andrew Buxton & Laura Kelly 37,252 194 Bill Caddy 20,331 261 Omran Zaman 15,060128 Karim Karmali 37,202 195 Heather Brown 20,302 262 Maria Treanor & Shane Treanor 14,985129 Melanie Wilson & Andrew Wilson 37,071 196 John Morgan & Gilly Mc Crone 20,132 263 Gerard Tucker-Mawr & Claire Tucker-Mawr 14,975130 Caroline Thompson & Philip Thompson 36,861 197 Steve Chambers & Cathy Chambers 19,994 264 Amy Warrington 14,796131 John Webb & Kathryn Price 36,606 198 Steven Harding & Narissa Mather 19,969 265 Tim Sandom 14,730132 Ron Speirs & Judy Speirs 36,536 199 Julian Pike & Karen Pike 19,904 266 Pamela Jarvis 14,642133 David Birtwistle & Angela Tonkin 34,939 200 Conor Treanor & Linda Treanor 19,854 267 Louise Puttick 14,566134 Michael Laydon & Sandra Laydon 34,050 201 Robert Wellock 19,752 268 Kevin Sands 14,508135 Derrick Longwright & Maria Longwright 33,963 202 Linda Gower & Tony Gower 19,705 269 Nichola Walmsley & David Walmsley 14,506136 Andrew Ridley & Louise Lee 33,885 203 David Rhodes & Christine Rhodes 19,577 270 Sharon Bullock & David Taylor 14,487137 John Halsall & Janice Halsall 32,953 204 Cindy Brown & David Brown 19,515 271 Georgina Goodger & Will Goodger 14,436138 Graham Long & Georgina Long 32,853 205 Keith Faulkner & Teresa Faulkner 19,367 272 Alison Thomas & Kevin Thomas 14,424139 Barbara Ann Peachey & Alan John Peachey 32,725 206 John Smith 19,282 273 Brian Mooney & Sharon Treanor 14,327140 Michael Allsop & Jennifer Allsop 32,580 207 Alnashir Ratanshi & Yasmin Ratanshi 19,277 274 Caroline Harvey & Simon Harvey 14,316141 Joseph Odonnell 32,054 208 John Clements & Sophia Clements 19,277 275 Sharon Davis & Craig Davis 14,299142 Alison Ogden & Michael Ogden 31,475 209 Gloria Davies & Clive Davies 19,266 276 Peter Abrahams & Angela Abrahams 14,270143 Kevin Rider 31,427 210 Tony Fasulo & Julie White 19,153 277 William Burgess & Agnes Burgess 14,242144 Chantele Travis & Barry Travis 31,275 211 Phil Curtis 19,043 278 Christopher Marshall & Lynne Marshall 14,240145 Gary Cooper & Jackie Norris 31,270 212 Ann Coe & John Coe 18,914 279 Chris Evans & Nicky Evans 14,208146 Andrew Meldrum & Ann Meldrum 31,041 213 Justin Rowe & Tracy Bell 18,702 280 Henry Crosby & Diana Crosby 14,165147 Martin Bell & Caroline Roberts 30,713 214 Jillian Griffiths & Peter Griffiths 18,698 281 Kimberley Sunter 14,131148 Ram Singh & Joginder Singh 30,517 215 Richard Peuleve & Helen Peuleve 18,685 282 Richard Fallowfield & Ranti Fallowfield 14,106149 Stuart Mckibbin & Gail Mckibbin 30,398 216 Gerry Melanephy & Maureen Mcloughlin 18,673 283 Angela Wallace 14,038150 Jennifer Amos & Martin Amos 29,877 217 David Byatt & Janet Smith 18,659 284 Narendra Kalon & Kashmir Kalon 14,036151 Christine Sykes & Aidan Fisher 29,866 218 Paul Flintoft 18,590 285 Lyn Davies & Tony Davies 14,024152 Trish Fisher & Lee Fisher 29,048 219 Jackie Bower & Stuart Bower 18,518 286 Julie Cotton & Neil Tomkinson 13,950153 Stuart Heard & Robyn-Lee Heard 28,194 220 Terry Hodge & Jane Hodge 18,484 287 Peter Neesham & Caren Neesham 13,944154 Stephen Clark 27,763 221 Steven Clements 18,072 288 Gail Drew & Darren Drew 13,821155 Gill Sepe & Donato Sepe 27,244 222 Daniel Marshall & Michelle Marshall 18,043 289 Andrew Hunt & Denise Hunt 13,820156 Lesley Burroughs 27,087 223 Colin Turnbull & Sarby Turnbull 18,004 290 Toni Yates & Martin Webb 13,803157 Seph Oconnell & Sarah Watson 26,918 224 David Wilson & Julie Knight 17,917 291 Louise Wellock & Nathan Sylvester 13,772158 Jen Luke & Garry Luke 26,840 225 Angela Burchell & Stephen Burchell 17,838 292 Stephen Gilbert & Rebecca Gilbert 13,762159 Kerry Stonall & Paul Stonall 26,626 226 James Dale & Claire Daniels 17,304 293 John Clease & Kath Clease 13,745160 Nicola Neville & Jerome Neville 26,512 227 Yvonne Coffey & Jonathan Coffey 17,157 294 Paul Melville 13,691161 Robert Dolan & Jacqueline Dolan 26,300 228 Diane Owen & Geoff Owen 17,116 295 Iain Swanston & Jackie Swanston 13,688162 Mark Wildman & Sarah Wildman 26,256 229 Maria Kowalkowski & Lee Kowalkowski 16,936 296 Sara Eyres & Christopher Burras 13,681163 Karen Flitton & Peter Flitton 25,718 230 Bernie Klinger & Barbara Klinger 16,655 297 Kathleen Watson 13,654164 Ian Clarke & Agnieszka Clarke 25,321 231 Geoffrey Davey & Berenice Davey 16,615 298 Javid Khan 13,654165 Timothy Pace & Tina Pace 25,306 232 Georgina Gale & Phil Gale 16,574 299 Darryl Allen 13,632166 Rhian Jones & E Anthony Jones 25,270 233 Martyn Cunningham 16,532 300 Sandra Brown 13,632167 Linda Stanley & Ian Stanley 24,839 234 Elizabeth Pope & Jason Hardy 16,481 301 Robert Clifton & Jennifer Clifton 13,558 24