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  1. 1. PEOPLE IN BUSINESS BULLETIN 25.07.08 Issue 30 The biggest retailing opportunity of the year is nearly here If there’s one time of year when you can seriously get your business on his success down to something he has dubbed ‘the edge’. It’s this the right track, it’s Christmas. It’s the biggest retailing opportunity of subject that he will be telling you all about, so you too can kick-start the year and the Kleeneze Christmas Showcase falls right at the the season. beginning so that you won’t miss out one single day of it. “We all know this is an amazing business, but what do you have to do Attending the NIA, Birmingham, on Saturday 6 September is vital for to be that person who has reached the top of their field and achieved your business – vital for retailing, vital for sponsoring. There’s a packed all of their goals? agenda of training lined up which, if you’re serious about making the I saw Eamon Lynch give a presentation called The Edge, which really most out of your business, you shouldn’t miss. hit the mark and showed how just doing that extra little bit can get Following last week’s announcement of Peter White you a long way. as a speaker at the Showcase, we can now His presentation will show you how to get the edge and not only announce that Gold Senior Executive Distributor, figure out what you want, but how to get it. Equally importantly, The Eamon Lynch, will also be taking to the stage. Edge will also show you how to increase your sponsoring, improve Eamon was the first in the Republic of Ireland to retention and build your business up to where you want it to be.” qualify as a Senior Executive Distributor and he puts Michael Khatkar, Head of Network Development HOW TO BOOK Conference tickets cost £15 (€22.50) and Gala Dinner tickets £50 (€75) and you can pay by credit card, debit card or using your Kleeneze account. It’s really easy to book your ticket: Phone: Call the Service Centre on +44 (0) 844 848 5000. Alternatively, call the NIA Box Office on +44 (0) 844 581 0745 (Monday- Friday 9am-5pm). Standard National call rates apply. Online (Conference tickets only): Visit www.necgroup.co.uk (24 hours). Go to ‘Buy a Ticket’ and scroll down to ‘Tickets Available at the NIA’. Once you have selected the Kleeneze Christmas Conference use promotional code KLEEN9186. Fax: Fax the booking form (available to download off the DSA) to +44 (0)121 767 3849. Post: Post the booking form (available to download off the DSA) to The Ticket Factory, Centre Core, The NEC, Birmingham, B40 1NT. Great stock! Stock availability is currently running at 99%, which is brilliant news This time 10 years ago I was thinking about for your business. joining the business and I am so glad I did. I joined to earn £100 a week around my two “Thank you to Kleeneze for such wonderful catalogues and great children. Never in a million years did I think it stock availability. All of my orders over the last few weeks have had would turn out like this. everything in that I ordered. This truly is an amazing business. With Christmas retail on the way I can’t wait to get out there with my Thank you once again for this opportunity books in September. and I look forward to the next 10 years and beyond!” I have been in the business for 10 years this year and it has never been better. The orders just keep rolling in. At the moment I am Belinda Clarke, Silver Executive Distributor blanket dropping and picking up new customers daily. TURN TO PAGE 3 FOR MORE INFORMATION 560-068-02
  2. 2. New DVD could be “essential factor in qualifying for Vienna” THE new retailing and sponsoring DVD, Starting and Growing your are convinced that this latest tool will be an essential factor in our own Kleeneze Business is already receiving some great reviews. qualification for Vienna. Have you got the latest tool to build your business? Thank you, thank you.” “We have just received our copy of the new Katrina Harvey and Ian Winstanley DVD and it is FANTASTIC! We love it! Gold Distributors It will be a brilliant tool for new recruits. Any “We’ve just received and watched the new DVD, Starting and Growing more great new ideas up your sleeve?!” your own Kleeneze Business. It’s absolutely fantastic. Janet and I will Cath and Steve Lord be sending everyone in our team a free DVD now.” Bronze Executive Distributors Andrew and Janet Mitchell “Congratulations Kleeneze! Senior Distributors We were so impressed with the new Starting “I have just watched the new DVD, Starting and and Growing your own Kleeneze Business growing your Kleeneze Business. I would like to DVD that arrived in our parcels today, we just congratulate you and the team for producing a had to let you know how grateful we are. short, sharp and to the point, training aid. It really After watching it, we estimate that 90% or is a splendid tool.” more of the questions asked by our new team John Hawkes members are answered within this DVD. We Silver Premier Executive Distributor Available now, you can order the Starting and Growing your own Kleeneze Business DVD in packs of 10 (code 01791) for £6.50/€9.50 or a single DVD (code 01643) for just 75p/€1.15. SUMMER’S ALREADY SIZZLING! “Well done Kleeneze on bringing out a fantastic FREE throughout the summer months! It’s a fabulous way of incentive for the summer. promoting the opportunity and growing the business. There are already several members of my team, It’s captured the interest of many in our team and we’re quite sure including me, fired up and telling all of our new that it’s going to lead to increased sponsoring and growth. It’s also recruits about it! This really is a very achievable a great opportunity to go back to old leads and do a mailshot – goal for all new distributors, and should help to already we’re seeing a significant amount of interest from prospects. boost company sales, and our incomes along Steve and Debbie Roper, Bronze SEDs in our the way.” business, recently emailed their database of Andy Ridley, Bronze Executive Distributor prospects and have already received around 30 Our Summer Sizzler incentive is designed to encourage replies from people wanting to know more! growth in your business and from the feedback, it appears How’s that for a great prospecting result?! to be doing just that. Don’t forget, until Friday 5 September, We would strongly encourage everyone to every new Distributor can reap the rewards of this new really use this incentive. Use it, promote it to incentive – setting up their business for FREE! Let your your teams and watch your business grow!” prospects know! Andy Stephenson and Claire Branch “We think that the Summer Sizzler is the best incentive that Silver Premier Distributors Kleeneze has ever launched. As if this business wasn’t attractive For full terms and conditions of our sponsoring incentive, enough, we can now tell prospects how they can effectively join for visit the DSA – www.kleeneze.co.uk. 25.07.08 Issue 30 ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN
  3. 3. Make the switch - buy now! OVER Discontinued lines in the Spring Summer Main Book and Health & Beauty Catalogue will be switched off today (25 July), 9STOCK 9% with approximately 25% of products no longer available. AVAILABILITY! While the old Catalogues are still ideal for blanket dropping, make sure your business is up-to-date with our latest products as featured in the Autumn Winter Main Book and Health & Beauty, by getting hold of the latest Retail Kit. The new books have the best service levels to be seen in two years, with 99.5% stock availability for Main Book and 99.7% stock availability for Health & Beauty, so ensure you take advantage of it. Don’t forget, our Monthly Bargains flyers are still available too – leave them with your customers to browse through while they wait for their orders or as an added incentive to open the fabulous catalogue packs. Buy the new Retail Kit NOW and bring your business forward. UK code 02623/ ROI code 02747 £30/€45. The latest Monthly Bargains is also available and still with great stock availability. You can order the UK versions on code 09300 and 02224 or for ROI 09334 and 02291 for £1.50/€2.25 per pack of 50. PRODUCT PRODUCT OF THE OF THE WEEK WEEK - 1951! 85 years ago, Harry Crook arrived in the city of Bristol armed with samples of twisted-in wire brushes. The brushes were to lead to The quality of Kleeneze products speaks for itself, as we know. his fortune and, indeed, the fortune of others, as that company was Kleeneze. When we say ‘durable’, we mean durable! Over eight decades later and the modern-day Kleeneze is far more than a brush company. However, that’s not to say we don’t still “Delivering to our customer, Mrs produce some quality brushes! Ivy Lake, in Cawston, she brought The Rubber Broom (featured on page out her Kleeneze broom which 9 of the Main Book) is one of our has been in daily use since before best-sellers, due to its durability and her daughter was born in 1951. versatility. It can be used on all surfaces (vinyl, laminate, carpet etc) She told us that when she bought thanks to its static action which it, her husband asked her if attracts fluff. The rubber bristles are Kleeneze had sent a man to use it strong enough to be used on hard, as well! The broom has had one rough surfaces, but are also replacement handle in its life Rubber Broom gentle enough to be used on because the original was worm- hardwood floor. eaten, but the head is the original It can even be used on garden paths to sweep up dirt, and still perfectly serviceable.” leaves, grass or snow. Plus, it’s incredibly hygienic – simply wash with soapy water and rinse clean. Roger and Janet Bowen Order yours on code 075698-22 for only £8/€12. Senior Distributors Online Registration is here Online Registration got off to a flying start earlier this week. Getting your new starters up is now easier, faster and more efficient than ever. Let us know how you’re getting on with the new process at ewb@kleeneze.co.uk. The very first Distributorship to use the Online Registration, found the system incredibly simple to use and fast as well: “What a fantastic system the Internet registration is,” said Senior Distributors, John and Sophia Clements. “When registering my first online Distributor, Christine Hill, the process was so easy and user-friendly. The great thing we noticed about the online registration was how fast it all happened, from the moment we logged on until her account was active at Kleeneze was no more that 30 minutes. We believe this new system will create massive growth for anyone that uses it. In 10 easy steps you can have anyone, anywhere signed up. Fantastic.” Silver Premier Executive Distributors, Mike and Amanda Bibby agreed. “Online Registration started today and this evening we signed in our first person using it,” they reported. “It was very straightforward and the prospect was very happy with the process. I explained that it was all new to me and we would work through it together and so as she went through each page on her computer, I followed her using the pages I had printed off earlier. After 15 minutes everything was done, paid for and she was very happy. It did feel a bit strange a little out of my control but anything that is new feels that way. Well done to head office for a great new innovation.” ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN Issue 30 25.07.08
  4. 4. LEARN WHILE YOU EARN EVENTS 30 July (every four weeks) Business Opportunity Evening. The Holiday prompt start. Business dress, please. Hosts: Judy and Gordon Park, SWINDON, SN5 7XG. Everyone welcome. 8pm start Issue 30 ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN Inn, Clifton Village, Brighouse, LEEDS, HD6 4HW. 8pm start. Seldon, Tel: 01903 893887. please wear business dress £2.50 per distributor Guests Free. Business dress only, please. Distributors £3, guests free. 31 July (every last Thursday of the month) Business Opportunity Please contact Steve or Debra Nell on 01793 887978. COMPANY CONFERENCE AND TRAINING DAYS 30 July Everyone welcome! Host Craig White, contact 020 8626 9541. (every 4 wks) Teeside Opportunity Meeting, Blue Bell Hotel, Meeting. Tottenham Green Leisure, The Gold Room, first floor, 1 Philip Lane, LONDON, N15 4JA. 7.30pm for 8pm start. 13 Aug (10/9, 8/10, 5/11, 3/12) Business Opportunity Meeting. The Firs club, Firs Lane, FOLKESTONE, Kent, CT19 4QF, off 6 Sept Kleeneze Xmas Showcase and Gala Dinner 2008 – Acklam Road, MIDDLESBROUGH TS5 7HL. Easy access Special guest speakers each month. £3 per distributorship, junction 12 M20. 7:30 for 8:00pm prompt start. Business THE NIA and HALL 3, ICC, BIRMINGHAM from A19. Open meeting, everyone welcome. 8pm Start £2.50 guests free. Everyone welcome. Contact Gary Diamond Dixon dress, please. Distributors £2, guests free. Hosts Emma and 13 Sept Kleeneze Ireland Xmas Showcase – THE RADISSON per head. Guests free Opp/Training/Recognition/Raffle/Table. on 07973 712425 or ITS 113915. Chris Shafe. Tel: 02083 389887 Voicemail: 164892. SAS HOTEL, DUBLIN AIRPORT Geldard and Cathy Brookes ITS 119822 Sue Phoenix ITS 4 Aug (four weekly) Open Business opportunity meeting at the 13 Aug (10/9, 8/10, 5/11, 3/12) Somerset Business Opportunity 23–26 Oct Kleeneze Autumn Destination 2008 – VIENNA 514235. Churchillian Pub, Portsdown Hill, Cosham, PORTSMOUTH Meeting. The Bathpool Inn and Restaurant, Bathpool, 22-28 Mar Kleeneze Spring Destination Conference 2009 – 30 July (four weekly) Business Opportunity Meeting at Newtown. Hampshire PO6 3LS. Ample parking. 7.45pm for an 8pm TAUNTON, TA2 8BE. 7.30pm for 8pm start. £2 per CARIBBEAN CRUISE Maldwyn Leisure Centre, Plantation Lane, Newtown, POWYS, prompt start. Business dress please. £2 per distributor. Guests Distributorship, Guests free. Contact Chris and Jacqui Hill on 3 Jan Kleeneze New Year Conference and Gala Dinner – SY16 1LH. 8pm-9pm, doors open 7.30pm. £1 per Distributor. free. Hosts Caroline Roberts and Martin Bell on 02392 430411. ITS 237999, tel: 01458 841 046, email THE NIA and HALL 3, ICC, BIRMINGHAM This is the first meeting. Please notify your team members and 4 Aug (every four weeks) Business Opportunity Evening. The Holiday SomersetBOM@TopRewards.co.uk or Gerald Longman on ITS guests of this event. Contact: Roger Mantle at Inn, Ipswich Road, NORWICH. Business dress only, please. 297398, tel: 01460 55614, email Gerald@Goldpot.uk.com. TRAINING MEETINGS - 2008 COUNTRYWIDE roger@dreamweaver-team.info, Tel 01686 628 423 or Wilf Parry on 01691 777 232. Distributors £3, guests free. Everyone welcome! Host Craig White, contact 020 8626 9541. 14 Aug (11/9, 9/10, 6/11, 4/12) Gloucester Business Opportunity Meeting. Twigworth Lodge (Premier Travel Inn), Tewkesbury 3 Aug (28/9, 23/11) Gillian Nicholson’s Training at the Gables Hotel, 5 Aug (every four weeks) Glasgow Opportunity Meeting at the Quality 5 Aug (2/9,30/9,28/10,25/11) Hemel Hempstead Business Road, Twigworth, GLOUCESTER, GL2 9PG. 7.45pm for 8pm Bristol Road, FALFIELD, GL12 8DL. 1.30pm – 4pm. Guest Hotel, 99 Gordon Street, GLASGOW, next door to Glasgow Opportunity Meeting. Holiday Inn, Breakspear Way, HEMEL start. £3 per distributorship, guests free. Host: Mike Perkins, speaker Warren Sewell. £2.50 per distributor. Guests free. Central Railway station. 8pm-9pm. Contact Lynn Macdonald HEMPSTEAD, HP2 4AU. £3 per Distributor, guests free. ITS 508802 minisppe@hotmail.com. Arrive ready to learn, depart ready to earn! For further details, at lynn@lynnmacdonald.com or Tel: 01506 414456. 7.30pm for 8pm start. Hosts: Rosina and Frank Pocock, Tel: 18 Aug (2nd Monday of each Period) Eltham Open Evening/ contact Gillian Nicholson 07808 763058. 7 Aug (four weekly) Going for Gold. Ramada Jarvis Hotel, Ingram St, 01442 256405. Opportunity Meeting at the Eltham Conservative Club, 254 7 Aug (4/9, 2/10, 6/11, 4/12) SED Success Seminar. The Grangemoor GLASGOW, 7.30 for 8pm. Business dress please. All 5 Aug (2/9,30/9,28/10,25/11) Business Opportunity Meeting, Field High Street, ELTHAM, London, SE9 1AA. Doors open at Hotel, St Michaels Road, Maidstone, KENT, ME16 8BS. Every welcome. £3 per distributor, guests free. Further info contact Hotel, Markfield, LEICESTER, LE67 9PS. £2 per person, 7.30pm for prompt 8pm start, ends around 9pm, then relax for month we have training from a guest Senior Executive Tom and Kate Forbes, 0141 626 0013, Andrew Walkinshaw guests free. 8pm start. Contact Adam and Charlotte Wilford on a drink and a sizzle plus visit our well stocked Sales Aids table. Distributor or above (includes Business Opportunity 07915 063458, or Bob Park 0191 247 1821. 07999 226 907. Everyone welcome. £3 per distributorship, guests free, dress code: smart casual. Presentation). 7.30pm start. £3 per Distributor. Guests free. 12 Aug (every four weeks) Bathgate Business Opportunity Meeting, 7 Aug (4/9, 2/10,30/10,27/11) Worthing Opportunity Meeting, The Hosts Joyce and Pete Rowe. Tel: 020 8463 7133. Hosts: Andy and Sue Boswell, 01634 323326, Cairn Hotel, Blackburn Road, BATHGATE. 8pm- 9pm. Pashley Suite, Shoreham Airport, Shoreham by Sea, WEST ITS: 317 688. info@peopleinbusiness.com. Contact Lynn MacDonald at lynn@lynnmacdonald.com. SUSSEX, BN43 5FF. £3 per person, includes one raffle ticket. 18 Aug (18/8, 15/9, 13/10, 10/11) Business Opportunity Evening at 31 Aug (26/10) Gillian Nicholson’s Training at the Thurrock Hotel, Guests free. Chantele and Barry Travis. Contact: The Holiday Inn, Lake View, Bridge Rd, Impington, 13 Aug (every four weeks) Business Opportunity Meeting. Parkside Aveley, ESSEX. 1.30pm-4pm. £2.50 per person. Guests free. info@travis.org.uk. CAMBRIDGE CB24 9PH. 7.30 for 8pm Start. Business dress Hotel, PONTEFRACT, 1/2 mile Jct. 32 M62 toward Pontefract. Arrive ready to learn, depart ready to earn! For further details, 6 Aug (every four weeks) Business Opportunity Meeting at The only please. Distributors £3 guests Free. Everyone Welcome! 7.30pm for 8pm start. £2.50 per person, guests free. Hosts contact Gillian Nicholson 07808 763058. Holiday Inn, Brook Street, BRENTWOOD, CM14 5NF, J28 - Host Craig White, contact 020 8626 9541. Graham and Georgina Long. Tel: 01757 268830. ITS 119857. 21 Sept It’s BACK, it’s BIGGER than ever, it’s ‘THE BIG 1’!The East M25. 7.30 for 8pm start, Business Dress please. Guest 19 Aug (16/9,21/10,18/11) Business Opportunity Meeting. The 13 Aug (every 4 wks) North East Business Opportunity Meeting, Midlands premier event is coming up soon, so book now to Speaker: Distributor of the Year, Craig White. Everyone Thurrock Hotel, Ship Lane, Aveley, ESSEX, RM19 1YN. Quality Hotel, Boldon Business Park, SUNDERLAND. NE5 secure a place with top speakers - Gill Nicholson, Anne welcome. Hosts: Richard and Vanadis. Voicemail: 184496. 7.30pm start. £3 per Distributor, guests free. Hosts: Gill 9PE. Easy Access from A19. Open meeting, everyone Pemberton-Smith, Geoff Webb and Andy Buxton. Plus FREE 6 Aug CANCELLED (3/9,1/10,29/10,26/11) Open Opportunity Nicholson 07808 763058 and Andy and Sue Boswell 01634 welcome. 8.00pm START £2.50 per head. Guests free PRIZE DRAW FOR A SUPER 200 PLUS KIT from Kleeneze!!!! Meeting at The Summit Centre, Pavilion Road, Kirkby in 323326, info@peopleinbusiness.com. Opp/Training/Recognition/Raffle/Table Steve Geldard and Knowledge is King will also be there on the day. Tickets only Ashfield, NOTTINGHAM NG17 7LL, Jct. 27 or 28 of the M1. 20 Aug (17/9 15/10 12/11 10/12) New Business Opportunity Meeting Cathy Brookes ITS 119822 Sue Phoenix ITS 514235. £6 for a fantastic afternoon of training with a fantastic raffle. 8pm-9.30pm. £3 per distributorship, guests free. Parking open to everyone. Comfort Inn A17/A52 Jct Bickers Bar, The meeting is at the Novotel, Long Eaton, NOTTINGHAM - 16 Aug (four weekly) Business Opportunity and Training Meeting. Best Western Hotel, High Street, BANCHORY, Aberdeenshire, facilities available and good access for wheelchairs. Please BOSTON, Lincs, PE20 3AN Registration 7.15pm for 7.30pm Jct 25 M1 and starts at 12 noon (Doors open 11am) Finish at support us in this new venture, which is important to us all in start. £2.50 per person, Guests Free. Business Dress please. 4pm. For further details contact Laura Thorpe & Les Ward on AB31 5TD. 10am - 12pm. Everyone welcome. £2 per Distributor, guests free. Training and recognition for all the building our businesses. Contact Mike and Margaret Drayton Contact Andy & Amanda Holland 01205 358075 or I.T.S 0116 294 7827 or Andy Buxton & Laura Kelly on 07830 on 01623 722500. 137713. 190485. Make cheques payable to ‘THE BIG 1’ to 34 Rectory achievers in the room. Host: Paul Meikle. paul@meiklep.freeserve.co.uk. Tel 07720476189. 6 Aug (first Wednesday of the month) Holsworthy Business 20 Aug (17/9, 15/10, 19/11, 10/12) Redruth Business Opportunity Lane, Thurcaston, Leicestershire. LE7 7JQ. You cannot by Opportunity Meeting, the Kings Arms, The Square, Holsworthy Meeting. Tricky’s, Tolgus Mount, Redruth, CORNWALL, TR15 tickets on the day so don't delay - book today. See you there! 18 Aug (every four weeks) Kilmarnock Opportunity Meeting, The Park DEVON. 7.30pm for 8pm. Dress smart/casual. All welcome. 3TA. 7.45pm for 8pm start. Everyone welcome. Still only £2.50 19 Oct (Sunday) The Business Building Seminar at the Blue Mountain Hotel, Rugby Park, KILMARNOCK. 8pm-9pm. Contact Jim Contact Les and Betty Slade: ITS 529662 / tel: 01288 381248 per Distributorship, guests free. Hosts David and Jenny Gerry. Golf and Conference Centre, Wood Lane, Binfield, RG42 4EX and Jane White - 01324 570233 or ITS 114735. or Terry and Jane Hodges: ITS 437407/Tel: 01288 331706. Contact on 01209 714067, moneymagnet.info@yahoo.co.uk, (Nr WOKINGHAM) Berks (just off Jct 10, M4). Everyone welcome. Start 11am (doors open 10am). Finish 4.30pm. Top SOUTH/MIDLANDS/WALES 7 Aug (first Thursday of the month) Business Opportunity Meeting. St ITS 297533. line-up of guest speakers, including: Rob Forster (Platinum Premier), Craig White (Premier), Geoff and Fiona Webb (Silver 29 July (26/8 23/9 21/10 18/11) Bristol Opportunity Meeting. Ship Inn (next to Premier Inn),Thornbury Road, Alveston, BRISTOL, Leonards Hotel, Ringwood Road, St Leonards, RINGWOOD, Hampshire, BH24 2NP 7.30pm for 8pm start, £2.50 per . REPUBLIC OF IRELAND person. Business dress please. Hosts Bob Dalton and Sue 29 July (19/8) Dublin Business Opportunity Meeting, Skylon Hotel, SED), Andy Boswell (Platinum SED) and Michael Khatkar BS35 3LL. 7.45pm start. Business dress please. Distributors Marshall on 01425 480675 or ITS 119727. Drumcondra, DUBLIN. (Head of Network Development). Knowledge is King here on £2 per head, guests free. Host: Andy Cooper, ITS 124171. 11 Aug (8/9, 13/10, 3/11, 1/12) Herts BOM at the Novotel Stevenage, 6 Aug (10/9, 8/10, 5/11) Galway Business Opportunity Meeting, the day. Book Raffle and catalogues to give away. £12 Per 30 July (27/8, 24/9) West Monmouthshire Golf Club, Nantyglo, Menlo Park Hotel, GALWAY. Knebworth Park, Stevenage, HERTFORDSHIRE SG1 2AX (on Head, including a packed lunch. Details and bookings call BLAENAU GWENT, NP234QT. Registration 7.45 - 7.55 pm. J7 of A1M) 8.00pm - 9.30pm. Doors open at 7.15pm for 7 Aug (4/9, 2/10, 30/10, 27/11) Business Opportunity Meeting. Peter Richards on 01249 821722 and book your place early, Meeting start 8pm prompt. Business dress. £2 per distributor. networking. £2.50 per person - guests FREE. Evening Cooney’s Hotel, Ballymahon, LONGFORD. Limited seating, Advance bookings only. Guests FREE. Raffle prize draw. Hosts KerryAnne and John includes: Opportunity, Proof of the Pudding / Product Demo, 8 Aug (9/9, 7/10, 4/11) Limerick Business Opportunity Meeting, highearnings@btopenworld.com. Don’t miss this one.... Watkins, tel: 07815 128169. ITS 508435. Recognition, The Best 'Crazee' Raffle in Town, Great Multi- Woodfield House, Ennis Road, LIMERICK. you decide! 30 July (every 4 weeks) Business Opportunity Meeting at Newtown, Coaching, Guest Speakers Plus Lots of 'Whooping' & 19 Aug (16/9, 14/10, 11/11) Business Opportunity Meeting, Quality POWYS, SY16 1LH. 7.45 pm for an 8.00pm start finishing at 'Hollering'. Interactive Sozzle in the bar afterwards. Business OPPORTUNITY MEETINGS - NORTH/SCOTLAND 9.00pm. £1 per Distributor - Guests Free. Everyone welcome Dress (and Suits). Open Herts Meeting. Everyone Welcome! Hotel, On New Ross Roundabout, Wexford Town, WEXFORD. 28 July (18/08,22/09, 20/10, 17/11) Business Opportunity Meeting, Business dress only please. Contact Roger Mantle 01686 628 423 or Wilf Parry 01691 777 232. Hosts: Group Victory. Contact Mike Lunn & Fiona Deans Tel: 01438 229 480 Email: MikeandFiona.FireUp@fsmail.net Text: THE NETHERLANDS Holiday Inn, Wood Lane, Runcorn, MERSEYSIDE, WA7 3HA, 9 Aug Bastion Bastion (Best Western) Amsterdam Airport Hotel, 31 July (28/8,25/9,23/10,20/11,18/12) Leicester Business Opportunity 07954 577 340 ITS: 511705 Jct. 12 M56, 8pm start. £2.50 per person. Guests free. Vuursteen 1, 2132 LZ, HOOFDDORP, Nederland Meeting, The Field Head Hotel, Markfield Lane, Markfield, 13 Aug (second Wednesday of every month) The After Eight Contact Mary and Harry Fullerton, tel: 0151 4277108, email: www.bastionhotel.nl/onzehotels/airport 12noon-2.00pm. LEICESTER, LE67 9PS. http://www.thefieldhead.com. £3 per Opportunity Meeting. Chobham Rugby Club, Fowlers Wells, mary.fullerton@gmail.com. Guests Gavin Scott and Bonnie Arapes. Free parking and free distributorship. Registration 7.30pm/7.45pm. Starts 8pm. For Windsor Road, CHOBHAM, Surrey, GU24 8NA. Doors open 28 July (01/09, 22/09, 20/10, 17/11, 08/12) Business Opportunity shuttle bus to and from the airport. Email Rita Weyn & Frank further information, contact Andy and Sharon Bird on 0116 8pm, 8.30pm start – 10pm. £2.50 per Distributor, guests free. Meeting, David Lloyd Leisure, Barton Embankment, Trafford Kamsteeg at f.kamsteeg@home.nl. 233 0966. Everyone welcome. Mike and Amanda Bibby always in Park, MANCHESTER, M17 8RH. Doors open: 19.30 - 21.30, Everyone welcome/Guests Free, business dress please, raffle. 31 July (28/8, 25/9, 23/10, 20/11, 18/12). Sussex Business attendance. Bookstall and Sales Aids. Business dress please. Do you have any Training or Opportunity meetings in your Opportunity Meeting. The Halland Forge Hotel on A22, Hosts: Vicky and Hugh Scott, Tel 01483 473318, area? Let us know, at meetings@kleeneze.co.uk and we will Contact Warren and Pam Sewell: 0161 749 8863. Halland, SUSSEX, BN8 6PW. Fantastic training from guest VikkiAScott@aol.com. include them in our weekly meetings diary. 29 July (every four weeks) Edinburgh Opportunity Meeting, Marriott speakers. £2.50 per Distributor, guests free. 7.30pm for 8pm Hotel, EDINBURGH. 8pm 9pm. Contact Lynn MacDonald at 13 Aug (10/9, 8/10, 5/11, 3/12) Swindon Business Opportunity DEADLINE FOR WEEKLY SUBMISSIONS 4PM TUESDAY. lynn@lynnmacdonald.com. Meeting, Campanile Hotel (formally the Ibis) Delta Business