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How to build a customer baseWith more new Distributors in the Network than ever before, we’re looking for your tips on bla...
Catalogue offer extendedWe’re extending our catalogue offer until the end of June! So, for one whole month, you can receiv...
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The My Kleeneze option
In today's society, a secure income - a job for life - may no longer be available from conventional employment. If you have suffered redundancy, and particularly if you are over 40, you may know how difficult this can be. Most people will admit to being dissatisfied with their level of income, especially in relation to the free time they enjoy.
The current trend of working from home, part-time working and job-sharing is an indication of how many people wish to escape the "employment trap".

L@@K FREE information pack http://www.mykleeneze.co.uk/raymondwhittaker

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Kleeneze 2011 ewb 23

  1. 1. 03.06.11 Issue 23FATHERS DAY GIFT IDEAS Don’t fo r Father’s get 19th Ju Day… ne 2011Dads – they’re notoriously difficult to buy for, so we’ve come upwith a handy little guide to help your customers out this year.Our flyer lists five of our favourite Kleeneze gadgets that webelieve your customers (and, more importantly, their dads!) willlove. And to top it all off, all these gifts are under £15/€18 each.You can now download the flyer off the DSA to usein your catalogue packs over the coming weeks.Father’s Day is on Sunday 19 June, so don’tdelay in getting this flyer out there!More online customers for you In response to your feedback, we have now added a space on the UK customer order forms for an email address. These are now available in kits, but you can also order them in packs of 100 on code 08621 for £1.53. Currently, this is only available on the UK forms, but will be updated on the ROI forms shortly. We will keep you informed as to when they become available. NETWORK STARS Congratulations to our latest Sales Plan climbers. It’s the first step towards New York, increased income and a successful business. Keep up the good work! GOLD DISTRIBUTORS SENIOR DISTRIBUTORS Anna and Nicholas Padfield Elizabeth and Keith Tomlinson 560-071-08
  2. 2. How to build a customer baseWith more new Distributors in the Network than ever before, we’re looking for your tips on blanket dropping,building a customer base and how to reduce catalogue loss. Let us know at ewb@kleeneze.co.uk.Ian and Lynne Ball forwarded us on this email from their downline, Richard Horne who joined the business two weeks ago:“Last Friday I placed my first amount of catalogues in the local village, and if I had known then, what I know now, I wish I would haveplanned more time to place a lot more!So here are the facts: I decided to knock on every door (H.P.R.H in Kleeneze speak) and made contact with 18 (yes only 18, will leave more timenext visit!!) potential customers: - 10 took the catalogues, seven said no and one asked me to visit next time round as they were going away forthe weekend (I was letting people know I would pick up the catalogues on Monday evening). Not a bad strike rate I thought at the time but theproof of the pudding is in the orders. Today I picked up all 10 catalogues and the stats are below:Seven orders were placed totalling £134.60 which is an average of £19.23! One had gone away for the weekend but wanted to order next Friday,which I will be happy to oblige, of course. 2 didnt order anything but hey, you cant have it all. I cant thank you [Ian and Lynne] enough for yourintro and support in the last couple of weeks, and now look forward to building a downline, with your help, which can experience the buzz whichknocked me sideways today. Roll on the rest of the village, other villages nearby and sponsoring my team, in the same way you have done for me.”What products are you demonstrating? MAIN BOOK Do you believe that product Code Description Page demonstration is just for 027324 2 POACH POUCHES 27 Christmas? If so, you could be 043524 OVEN MATE 42 missing out on some valuable 020710 RUG GRIPPERS 127 extra orders! After all, 010766 COLOUR CHANGE FILTERS 43 wouldn’t you be more likely 041572 DELUXE OVEN LINER 42 to buy a product if you could 041289 WIPE CLEAN OVEN LINER 42 see how it worked? 011070 WIPEOUT STAIN REMOVER 63 040967 EXTRA LONG DUST BUSTER 59 To help you choose your products to demonstrate, we are now including a weekly top ten list on the DSA to show you our most 024945 MANUAL SWEEPER 51 popular products. 065170 BIO DRAIN CLEAR 47 SUMMER SPECIAL HEALTH & BEAUTY Code Description Page Code Description Page 061883 TOMATO PLANTER AND PELLETS 19 091634 DIAMOND NAIL POWER 4 017175 PAVING WEEDER 36 081523 SET OF 3 BRA CLIPS 29 060828 WASPINATOR 28 096067 LADIES MAGNETIC BRACELET 31 065927 INSECT SCREEN DOOR 27 052167 DIAMOND NAIL POWER OFFER (ISSUE 1) 1 090417 GLOW IN THE DARK FAIRIES 8 075434 GEL TOE PROTECTORS 48 092576 GARDEN WATERERS 20 080616 10 RUBBER EARRING BACKS 20 060658 SUNFLOWER FLYTRAP STICKERS 27 047341 INFLATABLE FOOT BATH 47 040258 BLADE SHARPENER 17 069361 EARRINGS DISPLAY AND STORE 21 060283 SLUG STOPPA TAPE 29 096300 BODY BRUSH WITH LONG HANDLE 27 040061 PAVING STONE DE-WEEDER 17 051411 NAIL CUTTING PLIERS 45 03.06.11 Issue 23 ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN
  3. 3. Catalogue offer extendedWe’re extending our catalogue offer until the end of June! So, for one whole month, you can receive an extra 15 FREEcatalogues (five Main Books, five Health & Beauty and five Summer Specials) in Kits. Let’s smash the retail records this month! UK Income Kit, ROI Income Kit, 2 x UK Income Kits with no 2 x ROI Income Kits with no code 02623 - £32 code 02747 - €28.40 handling, code 02356 - £64 handling, code 02437 - €56.80Earning an extra income“Being a family of 4, we moved over to the UK from South Africa in order to give our children achance of a better life. Moving a family to a new country was the hardest move we’ve made and thebest move we’ve made. We love it here.Although my husband was bringing in an average salary every month and I was working part-time(term time only), we found it extremely difficult to get through each month, wondering where thenext penny was going to come from.In April 2011, I decided that enough was enough; we could not carry on like this. We needed to findanother part-time job that would help us earn a little extra money to cover costs. Joanne Langen, Silver DistributorI found Kleeneze on the Internet and, although my husband was sceptical about it at first, I decided to join up and become a Distributor. Just as well, as no sooner had myvery first set of catalogues arrived, my husband was made redundant.Talk about timing!All I can say is WOW! With the most amazing support of a great and very inspirationalteam, and being able to do Kleeneze around my family and my part-time job, just a fewhours a week, I have managed to make over £200 in the first 4 weeks of starting, therefore having made back my initial investment, all fromdelivering and collecting catalogues I am now into my second month and am looking at starting the team building side of the business. We arevery excited about what the future will have in store for us!”Joanne Langen, Silver Distributor “Kat and I both have full-time jobs working at the head office of a large independent retailer – so think of us next time you pick up your milk, eggs and bread! Kat is also working hard studying for her exams. We started our Kleeneze business in September 2010 part-time around our existing commitments. In our first four weeks we earned £200 just by following a very simple system. What we really love about Kleeneze (besides the great help and support from our sponsors, the lovely new friends we’ve met, and the fantastic team spirit) is that we’re in complete control of how much we want Kat Howard & Stefan Young to earn. Kleeneze welcomes individuals of all backgrounds, education and nationality, and simply pays in Silver Distributors proportion to the work that you put in – that’s something not many businesses can shout about! Our reason for starting was to earn extra income just working a few hours per week, and now we’ve seen what’s possible with Kleeneze, we’re really excited about the future.” Stefan Young and Kat Howard, Silver DistributorsENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN Issue 23 03.06.11
  4. 4. LEARN WHILE YOU EARN EVENTSCOMPANY SHOWCASES AND TRAINING DAYS SOUTH/MIDLANDS/WALES 18 June (16/07, 13/08, 10/09, 08/10, 5/11, 3/12) NEW – Gloucester Opportunity Event, The Holiday Inn, 6 June (4/7; 1/8; 29/8; 26/9; 24/10; 21/11) Norwich Crest Way, BARNWOOD, GL4 3RX, 4pm to 5pm.4 June Kleeneze LIVE! On Tour – PARK ROYAL, Business Dress Only. Distributors £3 entry, guests WARRINGTON (order tickets on code 02119) Business Opportunity Evening, Holiday Inn, Ipswich Road, NORWICH, NR4 6EP, 7.30pm for 8.00pm FREE. Host Craig White.25 Jun Kleeneze LIVE! On Tour – MACDONALD INCHYRA start. £3 per Distributor, guests free. Business dress 20 June (18/7; 19/9; 17/10; 21/11; 12/12) South East Open GRANGE HOTEL, FALKIRK please. Contact Stephen on 07810 126010. Evening We have an evening for you, your guests (order tickets on code 02135) and your teams. Come along and enjoy an 6 June (4/7; 1/8; 29/8; 26/9; 24/10; 21/11) Business Opportunity Meeting at David Lloyd, Port Solent, informative, fun evening with us! Held in Bracknell,10 July Kleeneze LIVE! On Tour – BLUE MOUNTAIN GOLF PORTSMOUTH, Hants, PO6 4TP. Business dress. this is a brilliant place to bring guests who are CLUB, BRACKNELL Everyone welcome. £2 per distributor. Guests free. looking at the Kleeneze business for the first time.23 July Kleeneze LIVE! On Tour - RED COW MORAN 7.30pm for 8pm start. Contact Carol – 023 92 You will receive an excellent, professionally HOTEL, DUBLIN 613034 or 07737 164621. presented opportunity presentation and Kleeneze testimonies. Come along in business dress, with a3 Sept Kleeneze Xmas Showcase & Gala Dinner – THE NIA 7 June (First Tuesday of every month) Business Opportunity business mind, oh and don’t forget your note pad! AND HALL 3, THE ICC, BIRMINGHAM (order Meeting. St Leonards Hotel, Ringwood Road, St Bring your recognition – new levels & team tickets on code 00027. See the DSA for full Leonards, RINGWOOD, Hampshire, BH24 2NP. achievements, let us celebrate your success! Forest information on how to book or to download the 7.30pm for 8.00pm start, £3 per distributor, Guests or Hospitality Suite Bracknell Sports Centre, booking form) Free! Business dress please. Hosts Bob Dalton and Bracknell Road, BRACKNELL, RG12 9SE. M4, M3 Sue Marshall on 01425 480675 or EzeReach & M25 Corridor 7:45pm for an 8:30 Start £3 per10-16 Nov Kleeneze Destination – NEW YORK 02380987429. Distributorship, Joint £5, Guests Free Break Free 1st meeting free/No need to advance book – Pay on the 9 June (9/6, 7/7, 4/8, 1/9, 6/10, 3/11, 1/12) Success door! For more information Contact: Debbie GeeTRAINING MEETINGS - 2011 COUNTRYWIDE Showcase, the Grange Moor Hotel, St Michaels Road, Maidstone, KENT, ME16 8BS. Guest 07782 345 935 or Kate Lee 07850 980072. speaker, Michael Khatkar. 7pm for 7.30pm start. 21 June (19/7, 16/8, 13/9, 11/10, 8/11, 6/12) Business11 June (16/7; 20/8; 17/9; 15/10; 19/11; 17/12) Going For Opportunity Open Evening, Everyone Welcome. £3.50 per Distributor. Guests free. Sorry, due to Gold. At: The Globe Hotel, Tuesday Market Place, Holiday Inn Express, Cheriton High St, forseen circumstances we have had to cancel KINGS LYNN, Norfolk. PE30 1EZ (Use hotel FOLKESTONE, CT18 8AN Registration 7.30pm, £3 this event, however, please see the Training entrance in Kings Street, opposite ‘Prezzo’). 7.30pm per distributor, Guests Free. Hosts:- Ian & Lorraine Meeting section above for a fantastic training for 8.00pm prompt start. Business Dress only Balcombe, email:lorrainebalcombe@aol.com. in June with Tom Big Al Schreiter. please £2.50 per person. Guests free. Everyone EzeReach 01227 807928 Mobile: 07533 780414. welcome. Contact Ann & John Coe on 01553 13 June (11/7; 8/8; 5/9; 3/10; 31/10; 28/11) Westcountry 829241 or EzeReach 01553 888118. Open at Padbrook Park Hotel, Cullompton, DEVON 22 June (second Wednesday of every period – Blue) Mighty EX15 1RU (just 5 mins from J28 on M5 signposted). Oaks Opportunity Meeting. Ye Olde Bell, Barnby16 June Special Training Event - An Evening With Tom’ Big Moor DN22 8QS near A1, 5 minutes north of Special Guest Andrew Ridley – Silver Executive. Al Schreiter at the Grange Moor Hotel, St Michaels RETFORD. 7.30pm for 8.00pm start. Dress: Smart Distributors £3 per person or £4 per couple. Guests Road, Maidstone, KENT, ME16 8BS. Tom lives in casual please. We promote Ed Ludbrook’s Coaching FREE. All from Red and Blue groups welcome. Houston Texas in the USA. He is respected approach. Everyone welcome. £3 per distributorship, Prospect focused Business Opportunity worldwide for his knowledge and trainings on £1 per guest. Maria and Derrick Longwright Presentation, Training, Book Stall, Bids table, Network Marketing. Most of Tom’s UK trainings (EzeReach 01522 718671). testimonials, raffle and business related stands. have an admission of between between £10 - £15 Ample parking. Accommodation, meals, coffee and per person - however we have been able to arrange 22 June (20/7, 17/8, 14/9, 12/10, 9/11, 7/12) North London bar available. Contact Sheelagh & Paul 01392 a admission price of just £6.95 per person! Tom has Open Evening and Opportunity Showcase, PLEASE 462710 (EzeReach 01803 898592) or Nigel & agreed to do his world famous Personality Colours NOTE, NEW VENUE! Edmonton Sports & Social Lucinda 01392 874412 (EzeReach 01803 898652). training (not to be missed) - No need to book - Club, Church Street, LONDON, N9 9HL. A prospect simply pay on the door. 7.30pm for 8pm start. 13 June Eltham Open Evening/Presentation is back on at our focused, benefits led, presentation of the Kleeneze new venue: The Bob Hope Theatre, Wythfield Road, Business Opportunity. 7.30pm registration for prompt21 Aug (23/10) Gillian Nicholson’s Wealth Events Training - 8.00pm start. £3 per distributor (£5 per ELTHAM, SE9 5TG. 7:30pm for prompt 8pm start, Garden Suite, Thurrock Hotel, Thurrock, ESSEX. distributorship). Guests free. Dress code: Business. ends around 9pm, then sizzle til 10pm. Light Registration opens at 11.00am for prompt start at Everyone welcome! Hosts: Tony & Sue Peacham on refreshments available. £3 per distributorship FREE 11.30hrs. Finish 14.30hrs. £5 per distributor. For 0208 521 4664 or EzeReach 0203 051 8333 or for un-signed guests. Dress code: Smart casual. further information email Gillian Nicholson at email: payitforward2004@aol.com and John Hawkes Brilliant training, recognition and raffle. Hosted by wealthevents@btinternet.com. Arrive ready to learn, on 07767 620441 or email: jahawk1923@aol.com. Joyce & Pete Rowe and the A Team. Contact: Leave ready to earn! Wealth of Income, Wealth of 07746 786 242 or 020 8463 7133, Ezereach: 020 Knowledge, Wealth of Friendships. 27 June (25/7; 22/8; 19/9; 17/10; 14/11; 12/12) Essex 3393 2408, email: jpr9@o2.co.uk. Unfortunately there is no parking on the small venue forecourt Business Opportunity Meeting at the Holiday Inn, except for disabled card holders, however, there is Brook Street, BRENTWOOD CM14 5NF, J28 - M25OPPORTUNITY MEETINGS -NORTH/SCOTLAND plenty of parking in the surrounding roads. 7.30pm for 8.00pm start. Business Dress please. Everyone welcome, Hosts Richard & Vanadis.13 June (11/7; 08/08; 05/09; 03/10; 31/10; 28/11) Titans 13 June (11/7; 8/8; 5/9; 3/10; 24/10; 28/11) Business EzeReach: 01206 804 635. Training and Opportunity Meeting, Cedar Court Opportunity Open Evening, Everyone Welcome, Supreme Inns, Bicker bar Roundabout, BOSTON 28 June (26/7; 23/8; 20/9; 18/10; 15/11) South West Training Hotel, Mayo Avenue, Off Rooley Lane, BRADFORD, & Recognition Meeting. Ship Inn (next to Premier BD5 8HW, 7.30pm for 8.00pm start. Everyone A17/A52 junction, registration 7.30pm, £3 per person, Hosts:- Andy & Amanda Holland email: Inn), Thornbury Road, Alveston, BRISTOL, BS35 welcome. Business dress please. Contact Neil 3LL. 8.00pm start. Business dress Please. Young on EzeReach: 0113 350 8763, Mobile 07817 a.holland075@btinternet.com EzeReach number: 01553 886597. Distributors £2.50 per head, guests FREE. Host: 439 451. Andy Cooper, E/R: 0117 911 7561.14 June (second Tuesday of each month) BOM meetings at 15 June (every other Wednesday) Swindon BOM, The Link Centre, SWINDON. SN5 7DL. Blades bar 7.45 for 28 June (26/7; 23/8; 20/9; 18/10; 15/11; 13/12) Hemel Carlisle. Border Gate Premier Inn, Carleton, Hempstead Opportunity Meeting, Ramada Hotel, CARLISLE CA4 OAD Tel: 01228 633311. 7.30pm for 8pm start, £2.50 per distributor guests free. Business dress please. Everyone welcome. Contact Hemel Hempstead road, REDBOURN AL3 7AF. £3 8.00pm start. All distributors and prospects/guests per distributor, guests free. 7.30pm for 8.00pm start. welcome. Hosts Alistair Townsend and Malcolm Steve or Debra Nell on 01793 238909 or debra@stevenell.com. Business dress please. Hosts: Rosina & Frank Bullough and will feature a presentation of the Pocock. Tel: 01442 256405. opportunity and a guest speaker. For information, contact: Alistair Townsend 01228 528126 email: 15 June (4 weekly) New Leicester Business Opportunity ali5kids@sky.com, Malcolm Bullough 01228 675553 Evening, Premier Inn, Braunstone Lane East, email: malcolmbullough@hotmail.com. LEICESTER, LE3 2FW. Doors open 19:30 and meeting starts at 20:00. £3 per Distributorship, NORTHERN IRELAND22 June (Wednesday, every four weeks) The Bridge Inn, guests FREE. Business dress please. For further 28 June New Opportunity & Fast Start Meeting 7.45pm to Altofts Lane, Whitwood, CASTLEFORD, WF10 5PZ. information, contact Andrew Bird on 0116 2330966, 9.15pm, Templeton Hotel, 882 Antrim Road, Motorway Junction: M62, Junction 31 Everyone andrew@theeagle-group.co.uk or Karim Karmali on TEMPLEPATRICK, Ballyclare, Co. Antrim N. Ireland, welcome. 8:00 prompt start. Please note smart 07828 246005, kskarmali@hotmail.co.uk. BT39 0AH. Hosts Harold & Minnie Fulton: Mobile: dress. Hosts Graham & Georgina Long. Eze 01937 07968 704 218. Email: home@haroldfulton.co.uk. 858018. 15 June (13/7; 10/8; 7/9; 5/10; 2/11) Birmingham Open Subscription to offset costs £5 per distributorship. BOM. The Plough & Harrow Hotel, 135 Hagley Guests FREE!29 June (four weekly) The Pirates of Plenty Manchester Road, BIRMINGHAM. 7.45pm registration for an Open Evening, The Horrocks Room, St Matthew’s 8.00pm prompt start. Ample free parking, good reception areas & bar for team sizzles & meeting Hall, Chapel Lane, Stretford MANCHESTER, M32 9 AJ. 8.00pm - 10.00pm. Come and join us at our your guests. Unfortunately there is no wheelchair WEBINARS informal & friendly, open evening. Doors open at access to the room (upstairs). Only £3 per 19.30hrs for light refreshments, (free of charge). distributorship, guests free (bring loads & see your 14 June Featuring Gold Premier Executive Distributors, Easy to find – Just off Chester Road M60/J7 business grow). Hosts Gerard & Claire Tucker- Mawr Peter and Jackie White (starts 9pm). Log in at heading towards Old Trafford/Trafford Centre. £1 per (EzeReach: 0121 314 9785) and Geoff & Diane www.teamwebinar.co.uk. Follow Andy Boswell on Distributor, guests free. Everyone welcome. Dress Owen (EzeReach: 0121 314 4870) Twitter @global_horizons for updates. (login from code smart/casual. Contact Katrina & Ian Harvey- www.birminghambom.co.uk. 8.40pm - 300 places available). Winstanley on 07946 561274, Do you have any Training or Opportunity meetings in your katrina.kleeneze@gmail.com, EzeReach 0161 660 15 June (20/7; 17/8; 21/9; 19/10; 16/11; 14/12) Redruth Business Opportunity Open Evening, Everyone area? Let us know, at meetings@kleeneze.co.uk 9867. welcome at the conference hall, Tricky’s, Tolgus Mount, REDRUTH, TR15 3TA, registration 7.45pm. DEADLINE FOR WEEKLY SUBMISSIONS 4PM TUESDAY.29 June (27/7; 24/8; 21/9; 19/10; 16/11; 14/12) Leeds Open Evening, Holiday Inn Leeds Garforth, Wakefield £2.50 per distributorship, guests free. Hosts David & Road, LEEDS, LS25 1LH. 7.30pm for 8.00pm start. Jenny Gerry EzeReach 01872 888437 or 01209 Dress code: Business Suit. Contact Stuart on 714067. 07792002402. Issue 23 ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN