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The My Kleeneze option
In today's society, a secure income - a job for life - may no longer be available from conventional employment. If you have suffered redundancy, and particularly if you are over 40, you may know how difficult this can be. Most people will admit to being dissatisfied with their level of income, especially in relation to the free time they enjoy.
The current trend of working from home, part-time working and job-sharing is an indication of how many people wish to escape the "employment trap".

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Kleeneze 2011 ewb 12

  1. 1. Exclusive Kleeneze LIVE! news inside BULLETIN 25.03.11 Issue 12LEARN HOW TO GROW YOUR BUSINESSIN YOUR OWN TIMEWouldn’t it be nice if you had Gavin Scott constantly on hand to offeryou advice? Wouldn’t it be great if Craig White could appear everytime you needed him with a dose of motivation? Fancy having Jaimede Caso around to walk you through your sponsoring step by step? Orperhaps you’d like to learn from Sandra Roper or Rosemary Rowntreein the comfort of your own home.We can’t arrange for all the leaders to show up in your home or onyour catalogue round every time you need them, but we can providethe next best thing; training, motivation and inspiration on tap everytime you need it.Our YouTube channel is packed full of videos to help you grow yourbusiness. They’re fantastic to show to your prospects, but also a great “The Kleeneze HQ YouTube channel is a fantastic tool to help yourchance for you to catch up on trainings from Showcases you may team grow and learn in their own time.”have missed, webinars, testimonials, destination videos – even recipes! Martyn Regan, Gold DistributorTo ensure you don’t miss out on any Kleeneze snippets, you can “I’ve just listened to Neil Young whist having my breakfast andsubscribe to our channel and automatically be notified when we checking my emails! I think everyone should be doing the same.”upload a new video. Peter Rea, Bronze Premier Executive Distributor• Visit www.youtube.com/kleenezehq “This is a fantastic channel that all of the network can use. We can• Click on the ‘subscribe’ button now focus on the activity to find new distributors and then send them• Sit back and watch some of the amazing content that’s already on here to get loads of motivation and training.” there and you’ll be notified as soon as a new video is uploaded Geoff Owen Gold Executive DistributorCOMMISSION VERSUS FIXED WAGESGold Senior Executive Distributors, Glyn and Liz Hobden wrote to us My first 4 weeks in the business back in 1992, I used to place myrecently with a reply to a question from a prospect. Let us know your catalogues in my lunch hour, while I was skimping to make a living asfrequently asked questions and answers at ewb@kleeneze.co.uk. a painter and decorator. I achieved £800 worth of sales in a four week period, with my basicThe question: Do you think I will make profit out of Kleeneze, commission, and through achieving a bonus level, I earned £222. Not because it’s all commission based? a lot, but boy did I need it.Glyn’s answer: Don’t be put off by commission only; there are not So it was down to me. It’s great having no boss, starting when I like, many businesses where you make money from day and now I earn a massive income from Kleeneze - all from one. Get a £10 sale and it will put £2.10p in your commission-based income. So yes you can earn money from pocket, that’s very powerful. commission-based earnings. In fact it’s better than the conventional job working to achieve someone else’s dreams. 560-068-02
  2. 2. AT THE ENDWhat a difference a day can make. And not any old day either – Saturday 9 April. Give up five hours onthat particular day and in return you will be rewarded with the ability to change your business, move itforward, grow your team and increase your income. SILVER SENIOR EXECUTIVE GEOFF WEBB GIVES THE VERY FIRST NETWORK TRAINING ON E-COMMERCE AT THE END OF THE DAY: YOU WILL HAVE HAD THE ADVANTAGE OF BEING THE FIRST WITHIN THE NETWORK TO FIND OUT HOW E-COMMERCE WILL EXCLUSIVE WORK, HOW IT WILL AFFECT YOU AND HOW TO USE IT TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS SPEAKER: Bronze Premier Executive Distributor, Peter Rea What he’ll be speaking about: The sponsoring mindset. How to use your contact list and how to plan sponsoring into your everyday activity Why Peter?: Because he can literally talk anyone from a negative frame of mind into a positive one and his sponsoring is testament to that. AT THE END OF THE DAY: YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO GO OUT AND SPONSOR PEOPLE CONFIDENTLY AND EFFECTIVELY EVERY DAY, GROWING YOUR TEAM TO THE DIZZYING HEIGHTS. SPEAKER: Silver Senior Executive Distributor, Sylvia Laing What she’ll be speaking about: Teamwork and how to lead your team to greatness Why Sylvia?: Because, beyond a doubt, Sylvia keeps herself upbeat no matter what the challenge and has a fantastic ability to inspire everyone. AT THE END OF THE DAY: YOU’LL BE ABLE TO LOCATE THE RIGHT PEOPLE IN YOUR BUSINESS TO INSPIRE TO MOVE ON, BE ABLE TO GEL YOUR TEAM TOGETHER AND PICK YOURSELF UP ON THE DAYS THAT IT DOESN’T GO TO PLAN. SPEAKER: Premier Executive and Distributor of the Year, Craig White What he’ll be speaking about: Craig will be bringing the whole day together in an inspirational burst. He’ll be training on how ‘going for no’ can lead to success and how to get to destinations. Why Craig?: Because he has the slight edge! He’s helped loads of his team get to the destinations and his team’s five cup win at the January Showcase speaks for itself. AT THE END OF THE DAY: YOU’LL LEAVE INSPIRED AND READY TO TAKE YOUR BUSINESS FORWARD. YOU’LL BE A GREATER, MORE CONFIDENT PERSON CAPABLE OF REACHING ANY GOAL, WHETHER IT’S NEW YORK OR A PERSONAL GOAL. 25.03.11 Issue 12 ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN
  3. 3. OF THE DAY AT THE END OF THE DAY YOU WILL ALSO: • Be the first to own a copy of the Kleeneze e-commerce guide • Walk away with a FREE exclusive Darren Hardy CD worth £8 • Have networked with your team mates, as well as others in the Network • Obtain all the knowledge needed to move your business forward • Have saved money by snapping up one of these great offers: Break Free Brochure (Pack of 50) Only: £5.00 Ezecook Issue 2 & DVD Pack (Pack of 10) Save: £8.30 TICKET TO KLEENEZE LIVE! NEWCASTLE – £10 The Compound Effect 6 CD Set & Book Offer Save: £10.00 SAVINGS YOU COULD MAKE ON THE DAY – OVER £37 Poach Pouches (5 Twin Packs) & 250 Flyer Pack Save: £5.75 ADVICE ON HOW TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS FROM • Have had the chance to meet the Team @ HQ SUCCESSFUL NETWORK LEADERS - PRICELESS AT THE END OF THE DAY, YOU CAN’T BOOK NOW! KLEENEZE LIVE! AFFORD TO MISS NEWCASTLE KLEENEZE LIVE! SATURDAY 9 APRIL NEWCASTLE CODE 02089 NETWORK STARS In 229 days, you could be boarding a plane to New York. It’s an incredible destination and a fitting reward for all your hard work. Congratulations to BLUE GROUP everyone who has taken the first step on their qualification journey: PERIOD THREE SAW NEW GOLD DISTRIBUTORS NEW BRONZE EXECUTIVE EIGHT NEW GOLD David and Megan Saville DISTRIBUTORS DISTRIBUTORSHIPS, ONE Paul McNally and Stacey Paterson Paul Melville NEW BRONZE EXECUTIVE AND ONE NEW SILVER EXECUTIVE! Veronica McDonald NEW SILVER EXECUTIVE THAT’S IN COMPARISON TO Walter Browne and Elmarie DISTRIBUTORS ONE NEW GOLD AND ONE NEW Linehan Robert and Marianna SENIOR THE SAME PERIOD Bridget White and Stan Parr Grinev-Branch LAST YEAR. THERE’S NEVER Jeffrey and Susan Greening BEEN A BETTER TIME Dean and Flora Copson TO BE WITH Hannah Brown KLEENEZE! 10% OFF ALL INCOME KITS UNTIL 31 MARCH! SEE THE EWB EMAIL OR THE DSA FOR CODES AND PRICESENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN Issue 12 25.03.11
  4. 4. LEARN WHILE YOU EARN EVENTSCOMPANY SHOWCASES AND TRAINING DAYS 12 Apr (second Tuesday of each month) BOM meetings at Carlisle. Border Gate Premier Inn, Carleton, Gough.7.00pm for 7.30pm start. £3.50 per Distributor. Guests free.9 Apr Kleeneze LIVE! On Tour – THE CARLISLE CA4 OAD Tel: 01228 633311. 7.30pm for 11 Apr (9/5; 6/6; 4/7; 1/8; 29/8; 26/9; 24/10; 21/11) Norwich LANCASTRIAN SUITE, NEWCASTLE 8.00pm start. All distributors and prospects/guests Business Opportunity Evening, Holiday Inn, Ipswich (order on ticket code 02089) welcome. Hosts Alistair Townsend and Malcolm Road, NORWICH, NR4 6EP, 7.30pm for 8.00pm start. Bullough and will feature a presentation of the £3 per Distributor, guests free. Business dress please.7 May Kleeneze LIVE! On Tour – THE BRISTOL opportunity and a guest speaker. For information, HOTEL, BRISTOL Contact Stephen on 07810 126010. contact: Alistair Townsend 01228 528126 email: ali5kids@sky.com, Malcolm Bullough 01228 675553 11 Apr (9/5; 6/6; 4/7; 1/8; 29/8; 26/9; 24/10; 21/11) Business4 Jun Kleeneze LIVE! On Tour – PARK ROYAL, email: malcolmbullough@hotmail.com. Opportunity Meeting at David Lloyd, Port Solent, WARRINGTON PORTSMOUTH, Hants, PO6 4TP. Business dress. 18 Apr (16/05; 13/06; 11/7; 08/08; 05/09; 03/10; 31/10; 28/11) Everyone welcome. £2 per distributor. Guests free.25 Jun Kleeneze LIVE! On Tour – MACDONALD Titans Training and Opportunity Meeting, Cedar Court 7.30pm for 8.00pm start. Contact Carol – 023 92 INCHYRA GRANGE HOTEL, FALKIRK Hotel, Mayo Avenue, Off Rooley Lane, BRADFORD, 613034 or 07737 164621.10 July Kleeneze LIVE! On Tour – BLUE BD5 8HW, 7.30pm for 8.00pm start. Everyone welcome. Business dress please. Contact Neil Young 18 Apr (16/5; 13/6; 11/7; 8/8; 5/9; 3/10; 24/10; 28/11) MOUNTAIN GOLF CLUB, BRACKNELL Business Opportunity Open Evening, Everyone on Ezereach: 0113 350 8763, Mobile 07817 439 451.23 July Kleeneze LIVE! On Tour - RED COW Welcome, Supreme Inns, Bicker bar Roundabout, 19 Apr (four-weekly). Edinburgh Opportunity Meeting at BOSTON A17/A52 junction, registration 7.30pm, £3 MORAN HOTEL, DUBLIN Premier Inn Morrison Link Road, Haymarket per person, Hosts:- Andy & Amanda Holland email:3 Sept Kleeneze Christmas Showcase & Gala EDINBURGH. 8.00pm until 9.00pm. Everyone a.holland075@btinternet.com Eze-Reach number: Dinner – THE NIA AND HALL 3, THE welcome. £3 single, £4 joint distributor. Contact – Jim 01553 886597. ICC, BIRMINGHAM (order tickets on & Jane White Ezereach 0141 530 9724. 18 Apr (16/5; 20/6; 18/7; 19/9; 17/10; 21/11; 12/12) South code 00027. See the DSA for full East Open Evening We have an evening for you, your information on how to book or to SOUTH/MIDLANDS/WALES guests and your teams. Come along and enjoy an download the booking form) informative, fun evening with us! Held in Bracknell, 26 Mar (23/04, 21/05, 18/06, 16/07, 13/08, 10/09, 08/10, 5/11,10-16 Nov Kleeneze Destination – NEW YORK 3/12) NEW – Gloucester Opportunity Event, The this is a brilliant place to bring guests who are looking Holiday Inn, Crest Way, BARNWOOD, GL4 3RX, at the Kleeneze business for the first time. You will receive an excellent, professionally presentedTRAINING MEETINGS - 2011 COUNTRYWIDE 4.00pm to 5.00pm. Business Dress Only. Distributors £3 entry Guests FREE. Host Craig White. opportunity presentation and Kleeneze testimonies.27 Mar ‘The Big 1’ is here again! The East Midlands premier Come along in business dress, with a business mind, 26 Mar (26/4, 24/5, 21/6, 19/7, 16/8, 13/9, 11/10, 8/11, 6/12) oh and don’t forget your note pad! Bring your event is coming up soon, so book now to secure a Business Opportunity Open Evening, Everyone recognition – new levels & team achievements, let us place with top speakers – Doug Roper, Ian Crockford, Welcome. Holiday Inn Express, Cheriton High St, celebrate your success! Forest or Hospitality Suite Chris Hinds, Jaime de Caso and Lynn Macdonald. FOLKESTONE, CT18 8AN Registration 7.30pm, £3 Bracknell Sports Centre, Bracknell Road, Knowledge is King will also be there on the day. per distributor, Guests Free. Hosts:- Ian & Lorraine BRACKNELL, RG12 9SE. M4, M3 & M25 Corridor Tickets only £8 per person for a fantastic afternoon of Balcombe, email:lorrainebalcombe@aol.com. 7.45pm for an 8.30pm Start £3 per Distributorship, training with a fantastic raffle. Starts at 12 noon EzeReach 01227 807928 Mobile: 07533 780414. Joint £5, Guests Free Break Free 1st meeting free/No (Doors open 11am) Finish at 5pm. For further details contact Andy Buxton & Laura Kelly on 07830 190485. 30 Mar (27/4, 25/5, 22/6, 20/7, 17/8, 14/9, 12/10, 9/11, 7/12) need to advance book – Pay on the door! For more Make cheques payable to ‘The Big 1’ to 10 Cook North London Open Evening and Opportunity information Contact: Debbie Gee 07782 345 935 or Close, Belper, Derbyshire, DE56 0JJ. The meeting is Showcase, PLEASE NOTE, NEW VENUE! Edmonton Kate Lee 07850 980072. at the Novotel, Long Eaton, NOTTINGHAM - Jct 25 Sports & Social Club, Church Street, LONDON, N9 18 Apr (16/5; 13/6; 11/7; 8/8; 5/9; 3/10; 31/10; 28/11) M1. You cannot buy tickets on the day so don’t delay 9HL. A prospect focused, benefits led, presentation of Westcountry Open at Padbrook Park Hotel, - book today - this will be a sell out event. the Kleeneze Business Opportunity. 7.30pm Cullompton, DEVON EX15 1RU (just 5 mins from J28 See you there. registration for prompt 8.00pm start. £3 per distributor on M5 sign posted). Distributors £3 per person or £4 (£5 per distributorship). Guests free. Dress code: per couple. Guests FREE. All from Red and Blue16 Apr (14/5; 11/6; 16/7; 20/8; 17/9; 15/10; 19/11; 17/12) Business. Everyone welcome! Hosts: Tony & Sue groups welcome. Prospect focused Business Going For Gold. At: The Globe Hotel, Tuesday Market Peacham on 0208 521 4664 or Ezereach 0203 051 Opportunity Presentation, Training, Book Stall, Bids Place, KINGS LYNN, Norfolk. PE30 1EZ (Use hotel 8333 or email: payitforward2004@aol.com and John table, Testimonials, raffle and business related stands entrance in Kings Street, opposite ‘Prezzo’). 7.30pm Hawkes on 07767 620441 or email: Ample parking. Accommodation, meals, coffee and for 8.00pm prompt start. Business Dress only please jahawk1923@aol.com. bar available. Contact Sheelagh & Paul 01392 462710 £2.50 per person. Guests free. Everyone welcome. Contact Ann & John Coe on 01553 829241 or 30 Mar (second Wednesday of every period – Blue) Mighty (Ezereach 01803 898592) or Nigel & Lucinda 01392 Ezereach 01553 888118. Oaks Opportunity Meeting. Ye Olde Bell, Barnby Moor 874412 (Ezereach 01803 898652). DN22 8QS near A1, 5 minutes north of RETFORD. 20 Apr (18/5; 15/6; 13/7; 10/8; 7/9; 5/10; 2/11) Birmingham8 May (21/8; 23/10) Gillian Nicholson’s Wealth Events 7.30pm for 8.00pm start. Dress: Smart casual please. Open BOM. The Plough & Harrow Hotel, 135 Hagley Training - Garden Suite, Thurrock Hotel, Thurrock, We promote Ed Ludbrook’s Coaching approach. Road, BIRMINGHAM. 7.45pm registration for an ESSEX. Registration opens at 11.00am for prompt Everyone welcome. £3 per distributorship, £1 per 8.00pm prompt start. Ample free parking, good start at 11.30hrs. Finish 14.30hrs. £5 per distributor. guest. Maria and Derrick Longwright (Ezereach 01522 reception areas & bar for team sizzles & meeting your For further information email Gillian Nicholson at 718671). guests. Unfortunately there is no wheelchair access to wealthevents@btinternet.com. Arrive ready to learn, Leave ready to earn! Wealth of Income, Wealth of 4 Apr (2/5; 30/5; 27/6; 25/7; 22/8; 19/9; 17/10; 14/11; 12/12) the room (upstairs). Only £3 per distributorship, guests Knowledge, Wealth of Friendships. Essex Business Opportunity Meeting at the Holiday free (bring loads & see your business grow). Hosts Inn, Brook Street, BRENTWOOD CM14 5NF, J28 - Gerard & Claire Tucker- Mawr (EzeReach: 0121 314 M25 7.30pm for 8.00pm start. Guest speaker, Jackie 9785) and Geoff & Diane Owen (EzeReach: 0121 314OPPORTUNITY MEETINGS - NORTH/SCOTLAND White. Business Dress please. Everyone welcome, 4870) www.birminghambom.co.uk.30 Mar (27/4; 25/5 – Wednesday, every four weeks) The Hosts Richard & Vanadis. EzeReach: 01206 804 635. 20 Apr (18/5; 15/6; 20/7; 17/8; 21/9; 19/10; 16/11; 14/12) Bridge Inn, Altofts Lane, Whitwood, CASTLEFORD, 5 Apr (3/5; 31/5; 28/6; 26/7; 23/8; 20/9; 18/10; 15/11) South Redruth Business Opportunity Open Evening, WF10 5PZ. Motorway Junction: M62, Junction 31 West Training & Recognition Meeting. Ship Inn (next to Everyone welcome at the conference hall, Tricky’s, Everyone welcome. 8.00pm prompt start. Please note Premier Inn), Thornbury Road, Alveston, BRISTOL, Tolgus Mount, REDRUTH, TR15 3TA, registration smart dress. Hosts Graham & Georgina Long. Eze BS35 3LL. 8.00pm start. Business dress Please. 7.45pm. £2.50 per distributorship, guests free. Hosts 01937 858018. Distributors £2.50 per head, guests FREE. Host: Andy David & Jenny Gerry Ezereach 01872 888437 or6 Apr (four weekly) The Pirates of Plenty Manchester Open Cooper, E/R: 0117 911 7561. 01209 714067. Evening, The Horrocks Room, St Matthew’s Hall, 5 Apr (3/5; 31/5; 28/6; 26/7; 23/8; 20/9; 18/10; 15/11; 13/12) Chapel Lane, Stretford MANCHESTER, M32 9 AJ. 8.00pm - 10.00pm. Come and join us at our informal Hemel Hempstead Opportunity Meeting, CHANGE OF VENUE - Ramada Hotel, Hemel Hempstead road, NORTHERN IRELAND & friendly, open evening. Doors open at 19.30hrs for 5 Apr (3/5, 31/5, 28/6) New Opportunity & Fast Start REDBOURN AL3 7AF. £3 per distributor, guests free. light refreshments, (free of charge). Easy to find – Just Meeting 7.45pm to 9.15pm, Templeton Hotel, 882 7.30pm for 8.00pm start. Business dress please. off Chester Road M60/J7 heading towards Old Antrim Road, TEMPLEPATRICK, Ballyclare, Co. Hosts: Rosina & Frank Pocock. Tel: 01442 256405. Trafford/Trafford Centre. £1 per Distributor, guests Antrim N. Ireland, BT39 0AH. Hosts Harold & Minnie 5 Apr (First Tuesday of every month) Business Opportunity Fulton: Mobile: 07968 704 218. Email: free. Everyone welcome. Dress code smart/casual. Meeting. St Leonards Hotel, Ringwood Road, St home@haroldfulton.co.uk. Subscription to offset costs Contact Katrina & Ian Harvey-Winstanley on 07946 Leonards, RINGWOOD, Hampshire, BH24 2NP. £5 per distributorship. Guests FREE! 561274, katrina.kleeneze@gmail.com, EzeReach 0161 7.30pm for 8.00pm start, £3 per distributor, Guests 660 9867. Free! Business dress please. Hosts Bob Dalton and6 Apr (4/5; 1/6; 29/6; 27/7; 24/8; 21/9; 19/10; 16/11; 14/12) Sue Marshall on 01425 480675 or Ezereach THE NETHERLANDS Leeds Open Evening, Holiday Inn Leeds Garforth, 02380987429. 9 Apr Monthly Opportunity Meeting 1pm to 3pm, open to Wakefield Road, LEEDS, LS25 1LH. 7.30pm for both Blue and Red group. Free entry. For more 6 Apr (every other Wednesday) Swindon BOM, The Link 8.00pm. start. Dress code: Business Suit. Contact information or to register, email Natalie Van Straten on Centre, SWINDON. SN5 7DL. Blades bar 7.45pm for Stuart on 07792002402. mail@natalievanstraten.nl. 8.00pm start, £2.50 per distributor guests free,6 Apr Business Opportunity Meeting, Dukinfield Masonic Business dress please. Everyone welcome. Contact Hall, 62 Old Road DUKINFIELD, SK16 4EN. This Steve or Debra Nell on 01793 238909 or Do you have any Training or Opportunity meetings in your event is free of charge to ALL Distributors and guests. debra@stevenell.com. area? Let us know, at meetings@kleeneze.co.uk Anyone and everyone is very welcome to come along. DEADLINE FOR WEEKLY SUBMISSIONS 4PM TUESDAY. 7 Apr (5/5, 9/6, 7/7, 4/8, 1/9, 6/10, 3/11, 1/12) Success Contact Nick Sassanelli 07789 222824 Ezereach 0161 Showcase, the Grange Moor Hotel, St Michaels Road, 660 9591. nick@comeongeton.com. Maidstone, KENT, ME16 8BS. Guest speaker, Mike Issue 12 ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN