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Kleeneze 2010 ewb 49

  1. 1. BULLETIN 17.12.10 Issue 49WE THREE CATALOGUES OF EXCELLENCE ARE!We love, love, love the new catalogues. Three catalogues so thrice the amount of love! It seems as though you feel the same too!“The new Spring/Summer 2011 catalogue range looks amazing,” said Gold Distributors Katrina & Ian Harvey-Winstanley. “We’re reallyexcited about getting ours and giving customers the opportunity to see them as soon as possible after the Christmas period, but we didn’twant them to wait too long, so we ordered 200 of the New Year Sale brochures today. They will be able to snuggle up over the Christmasperiod and place lots of lovely orders while we enjoy ourselves with family at the other end of the country.”Sounds fantastic and we agree! Here are just some of the other reasons that we’re certain that our new catalogues are going to be asales success:COOK UP SALES SUCCESS Secretly, we’ve always harboured a desire to be Cook book stand – Read your recipes with ease without covering the next Nigella, so the new Main Book is about your cookbook in batter! (Code 052159-86; £7.50/€9) to make all our dreams come true! We’re one step away from measuring, whisking, baking, THE PRODUCTS THAT GET UNDER YOUR SKIN cutting, piping and proudly displaying our Whether you’re dreaming baked works of art thanks to a double-page of a white Christmas or spread of colourful, culinary products. not, one thing’s for sure – We foresee traditional Victoria sponges, gooey your skin is definitely not. chocolate brownies and iced-to-the-hilt cupcakes in our future. And Cold weather and thethe best bit about our new baking section? We get to cancel the four- busy nature of thehour clean up session usually required after a cook-off in the kitchen Christmas season does(you know – the one where you try and wipe the cake mix off the not lend itself to healthyceiling and flour off the cat?). looking skin, so our double- page spread of skin care products hasOur favourites (from pages 32 and 33 of the Main Book): arrived just in the nick of time.The Wonder Cover – a plastic Our favourites (from pages 2 and 3splash guard that fits neatly over of Health & Beauty):the bowl, so when you whisk, themixture will stay in Cucumber 3 Minute Clay Mask – Youthe bowl. (Code can have beautiful, soft, invigorated skin977828-86; by the time the ads finish and Corrie’s£2.95/€3.55) back on with this 3-minute mask. Plus it smells clean and cucumber fresh. (Code100-Piece Cake 050636-92; £3.75/€4.50)Decorating Kit –everything you Aloe Vera Eye Gel – It’s party seasonneed for the ‘fun and if your eyes are really the windows tobit’ of baking; your soul, our souls are looking extremelyincluding decorative stencils, tired! We love this natural Aloe Vera geldecorating nozzles, piping bags which revitalises those puffy, dark-circledand letter stencils. (Code 051985- eyes and leaves us bright eyed for the86; £10/€12) next party! (Code 066672-92; £6.50/€7.80) Continued on p2 560-071-08
  2. 2. WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR CHRISTMAS? How about enjoying a nice rest while knowing that your business is still working for you? When we launched the 12 Days of Christmas earlier this week, that was our main objective – to get all the tools in place, so you can let your catalogues and your business keep earning you an income, even when you’re not actively working! This week, we’ve already covered the basics of planning your twelve days, presenting your front cover products, dropping off those Christmas cards and leaving the catalogues in places you wouldn’t traditionally. Next week, it really hots up though, as we head towards our Long Drop. We’re asking everyone to drop their catalogues before Christmas and leave them there over the holiday period. When our Hong Kong qualifiers trialled this in November, they had amazing results. What do you have to lose? “Apart from taking the day off to see our daughter on Christmas Day, we shall be working throughout the Christmas period,” Silver Distributor Chris and Janey Moore told us. “Boxing Day, the New Year’s Sale starts, just like in a proper retail store!” Visit the DSA under the Learn to Earn section to catch up on any of the days that you have missed and join us on our final week before Christmas.Continued from p1WORKING IN A WINTER WONDERLANDWe’re all still woefully unprepared for wintery weather! So, yourcustomers are going to jump at our New Year Sale cataloguenow, because it’s packed full of items that will keep your day-to-day life on track when the rest of the country has stopped!Here’s just some of them (both page 30 of theNew Year Sale Catalogue):Snow and Ice Brush – Scrape the ice from your windscreen andsweep the snow from your car without getting frostbite in yourfingers! (Code 028908-72. Only £6/€9!)Snow Shovel – You’d be lost without one this season. It’s atough plastic scoop that’s perfect for clearing snow away fromyour path, garden, doorways or car wheels. Plus, the handle has an adjustable length,so no more having to store bulky shovels all year round! (Code 028843-72; £15/€18)So those are our favourites [Editor – apart from the poach pouches, which comenumber one on our list at the moment and we will be waxing lyrical about themverrry soon….once we’ve finished consuming all these poached eggs…]. Let us knowyours at ewb@kleeneze.co.uk. NETWORK STARS Our last Sales Plan climbers of 2010 are here! Will you be joining them in moving your business onward and upward through 2011 and to New York? Almost 100 Distributors have now entered qualification for this incredible incentive! NEW SENIOR DISTRIBUTORS NEW GOLD DISTRIBUTORS Toni Yates and Martin Webb Mark Wright and Emma Frain Charis Selfridge Nick and Grace Sassanelli 17.12.10 Issue 49 ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN
  3. 3. FIVE DAYS OF OUR COMPETITION LEFT! It’s the final furlong of the Christmas We now have three more fantastic front cover offers. Why not start Front Cover competition. These presenting them to your customers now? Compete against your own Christmas ornaments have literally personal best and the prize will be awarded in your income. been flying out, but have also been a PART ONE OF THE CHRISTMAS FRONT COVER COMPETITION fantastic lesson in how presenting the front cover product can really boost The 10 Distributorships that sell the most pairs of front cover products your sales. from 9.15pm on 10 November until 9.15pm on Thursday 23 December will each win prizes worth over £300 in the form of a one- “Just thought I would share with you off cash bonus of £150 and FIVE Income Kits! the success that Linda and I have had with the Tree Ornament Decorations: PART TWO OF THE CHRISTMAS FRONT COVER COMPETITION We both carry one with us when we In the second part of this incredible competition, everyone who sellsdo our deliveries and demonstrate to every customer. We have a bit one pair of Christmas ornaments will get oneof a competition between us as to who can sell the most! So far we ticket in the big prize draw. So, sell one pairhave sold 132 pairs and following the initial order some customers and you’ll get one ticket, sell two andhave asked for more. One of our customers ordered 8 pairs! you’ll get two, sell 100 and you’ll get 100What a fantastic Christmas front cover offer. The best ever!! tickets in that draw.Well done Kleeneze.” 25 winners will each receive a £50 cash bonusAndy and Linda Goddard, Gold Distributors and TWO FREE Income Kits! ALL THE WINNERS WILL BE REVEALED AT THE NEW YEAR LAUNCH ON 8 JANUARY 2011 AT THE ICC. ICE TREAD NEWS Can we just say an amazing well done on selling the national newspaper was selling them for £12.95 plus ice treads! Demand for this product has been postage and packaging,” said Silver SED, Sue Burras. absolutely massive all over the country and this may “What a bargain we have in our hands!” well be our fastest selling product ever! It will still be a bargain in January! However, as we Given your customers’ demand for the product, we are have had to airfreight this stock, the cost will be going now air–freighting some specially-sourced stock up slightly from £7.95 to £9.95. (they’re becoming a hugely sought-after item We’ll be creating new flyers for you to use closer to the everywhere!) and they will be back in our warehouse in time, so you can inform your customers that this new late January. price is still hugely competitive. “We’ve had bulk orders placed by businesses such as With the Met Office forecasting snow, the only thing delivery drivers and milkmen; especially after one that we’re forecasting is GREAT SALES! WIN A HAMPER Have you been taking part in the December Retail Challenge? If not, don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time to take part in the weekly challenges. For every order over 200 Bonus Points you put in over the next two weeks of the challenge, you’ll be entered into a IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS prize draw for a Harvey Nichols Christmas Hamper! So one Distributorship will win a hamper each week. The more orders of 200 Bonus Points or more that you put in, the more tickets you’ll have in the prize draw. For the last two weeks, every order of 250 Bonus Points or more will be entered into a draw for £100 of sales aids or advertising. We have 10 of these prizes to give away! So, if you missed out on the first week of the challenge, don’t give up! There are still some fantastic prizes to be won. See the DSA for full details.ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN Issue 49 17.12.10
  4. 4. LEARN WHILE YOU EARN EVENTSCOMPANY SHOWCASES AND TRAINING DAYS 12 Jan (four weekly) The Pirates of Plenty Manchester Open Evening, The Horrocks Room, St Matthew’s Hall, Chapel A17/A52 junction, registration 7.30pm, £3 per person, Hosts:- Andy & Amanda Holland email:8 Jan 2011 Kleeneze LIVE! 2011 – New Year Lane, Stretford MANCHESTER, M32 9 AJ. 8pm-10pm. a.holland075@btinternet.com Eze-Reach number: Launch – HALL 3, the ICC, Come and join us at our informal & friendly, open evening. 01553 886597. BIRMINGHAM Doors open at 19:30hrs for light refreshments, (free of 26 Jan (23/2; 23/3; 20/4; 18/5; 15/6; 13/7; 10/8; 7/9; 5/10; 2/11)5 Feb 2011 Kleeneze LIVE! On Tour – RED COW charge). Easy to find - Just off Chester Road M60/J7 Birmingham Open BOM. The Plough & Harrow Hotel, 135 MORAN HOTEL, DUBLIN heading towards Old Trafford/Trafford Centre. £1 per Hagley Road, BIRMINGHAM. 7.45pm registration for an Distributor, guests free. Everyone welcome. Dress code 8.00pm prompt start. Ample free parking, good reception5 Mar 2011 Kleeneze LIVE! On Tour – smart/casual. Contact Katrina & Ian Harvey-Winstanley areas & bar for team sizzles & meeting your guests. STONELEIGH PARK, WARWICK on 07946 561274, katrina.kleeneze@gmail.com, Unfortunately there is no wheelchair access to the room9 Apr 2011 Kleeneze LIVE! On Tour – THE EzeReach 0161 660 9867. (upstairs). Only £3 per distributorship, guests free (bring LANCASTRIAN SUITE, NEWCASTLE 25 Jan (four-weekly). Edinburgh Opportunity Meeting at Premier loads & see your business grow). Hosts Gerard & Claire Inn Morrison Link Road, Haymarket EDINBURGH. 8pm Tucker- Mawr (EzeReach: 0121 314 9785) and Geoff &7 May 2011 Kleeneze LIVE! On Tour – THE until 9pm. Everyone welcome. £3 single, £4 joint Diane Owen (EzeReach: 0121 314 4870) BRISTOL HOTEL, BRISTOL distributor. Contact - Jim & Jane White Ezereach www.birminghambom.co.uk.4 Jun 2011 Kleeneze LIVE! On Tour – PARK 0141 530 9724. 27 Jan (24/2, 31/3, 28/4, 26/5, 30/8, 28/7, 25/8, 29/9, 27/10, ROYAL, WARRINGTON 13 Feb Everyone Welcome to Fast Forward Runcorn Millionaires 24/11) Open Evening and Opportunity Showcase, meeting. The Holiday Inn, Wood Lane, Beechwood, Tottenham Green Leisure Centre, THE GOLD ROOM (1st25 Jun 2011 Kleeneze LIVE! On Tour – RUNCORN. WA7 3HA. 12 noon till 4.30ish. £9 entry. Floor) 1 Philip Lane, Tottenham, LONDON N15 4JA. A MACDONALD INCHYRA GRANGE Raffles, Bucket of Money, BIDS and best of all, a great prospect focused, benefits led, presentation of the HOTEL, FALKIRK line up of speakers, Toby Acton, Vic Brown, Belinda Kleeneze Business Opportunity. 7:30pm registration for10 July 2011 Kleeneze LIVE! On Tour – BLUE Clarke, Shelagh Irving and Michael Khatkar, all to help prompt 8:00pm start. £3 per distributor (£5 per MOUNTAIN GOLF CLUB, you with your business. Learn and Earn in Kleeneze style. distributorship). Guests FREE. Dress code: Business. BRACKNELL Contact Irene Wilson, Ezereach 01524 888875 or Everyone welcome! Hosts: Tony & Sue Peacham on 01524 720192. 0208 521 4664 or Ezereach 0203 051 8333 or email:23 July 2011 Kleeneze LIVE! On Tour - RED COW payitforward2004@aol.com and John Hawkes on 07767 MORAN HOTEL, DUBLIN 620441 or email: jahawk1923@aol.com3 Sept 2011 Kleeneze Xmas Showcase & Gala SOUTH/MIDLANDS/WALES 1 Feb (First Tuesday of every month) Business Opportunity Dinner – the NIA and HALL 3, the ICC, Meeting. St Leonards Hotel, Ringwood Road, St 5 Jan (second Wednesday of every period – Blue) Mighty Oaks BIRMINGHAM Leonards, RINGWOOD, Hampshire, BH24 2NP 7.30pm . Opportunity Meeting. Ye Olde Bell, Barnby Moor DN22 for 8.00pm start, £3 per distributor, Guests Free! Business10-16 Nov 2011 Kleeneze Destination – NEW YORK 8QS near A1, 5 minutes north of RETFORD. 7.30pm for dress please. Hosts Bob Dalton and Sue Marshall on 8.00pm start. Dress: Smart casual please. We promote 01425 480675 or Ezereach 02380987429. Ed Ludbrook’s Coaching approach. Everyone welcome.TRAINING MEETINGS - 2010/11 COUNTRYWIDE £3 per distributorship, £1 per guest. Maria and Derrick Longwright (Ezereach 01522 718671).16 Jan (13/3; 8/5; 21/8; 23/10) Gillian Nicholson’s Wealth Events Do you have any Training or Opportunity meetings in Training - Garden Suite, Thurrock Hotel, Thurrock, 10 Jan (7/2; 7/3; 4/4; 2/5; 30/5; 27/6; 25/7; 22/8; 19/9; 17/10; your area? Let us know, at meetings@kleeneze.co.uk ESSEX. Registration 11:00am for prompt start at 14/11; 12/12) Essex Business Opportunity Meeting at the or EzeReach 01772 977402 and we will include them in 11:30hrs. Finish 14:30hrs.£5 per distributor. For further Holiday Inn, Brook Street, BRENTWOOD CM14 5NF, J28 our weekly meetings diary. information email Gillian Nicholson at - M25 7.30 for 8pm start. Business Dress please. DEADLINE FOR WEEKLY SUBMISSIONS 4PM TUESDAY. wealthevents@btinternet.com. Arrive ready to learn, Leave Everyone welcome, Hosts Richard & Vanadis. EzeReach: ready to earn! Wealth of Income, Wealth of Knowledge, 01206 804 635 Wealth of Friendships. 11 Jan (8/2; 8/3; 5/4; 3/5; 31/5; 28/6; 26/7; 23/8; 20/9; 18/10;22 Jan New Year, New York Training Workshop, venue EXETER. 15/11) South West Training & Recognition Meeting. Ship 11 am – 5 pm. £7 per person to include lunch and Inn (next to Premier Inn), Thornbury Road, Alveston, refreshments throughout the day. Contact David Bibby for BRISTOL, BS35 3LL. 8.00pm start. Business dress more information and to book places on 01392 875442 or Please. Distributors £2.50 per head, guests FREE. Host: daverosiebibby@talktalk.net. Andy Cooper, E/R: 0117 911 7561. 11 Jan (8/2; 8/3; 5/4; 3/5; 31/5) Hemel Hempstead Opportunity Meeting, Holiday Inn, Breakspear Way, HEMELOPPORTUNITY MEETINGS - NORTH/SCOTLAND HEMPSTEAD HP2 4UA. £3 per distributor, guests free. 7.30pm for 8.00pm start. Business dress please. Hosts:18 Dec Leeds Open Evening, Holiday Inn Leeds Garforth, Rosina & Frank Pocock. Tel: 01442 256405. Wakefield Road, LEEDS, LS25 1LH. 7.30pm for 8.00pm 17 Jan (21/2; 21/3; 18/4; 16/5; 20/6; 18/7; 19/9; 17/10; 21/11; start. Dress code: Business Suit. Host – Craig White 12/12) South East Open Evening Bracknell. Everyone 01733 808670. welcome across the Network. Join us for an evening of21 Dec (every four weeks) Glasgow Opportunity Express by fun, Opportunity Presentations & Kleeneze Stories – Huge Holiday Inn Glasgow, City-Riverside, Stockwell Street, Recognitions for all groups Forest or Hospitality Suite, GLASGOW, G1 4LW 8.00pm- 9.00pm. Contact Lynn Bracknell Leisure Centre, Bagshot Road, BRACKNELL, Macdonald at lynn@lynnmacdonald.com or Berks, RG12 9SE 7.45pm for 8.30pm start. Distributor’s Tel: 01506 414456. £3 - Guests FREE Business dress please Contact Debbie11 Jan (second Tuesday of each month) BOM meetings at Gee on 07782 345 935 or Kate Lee on 0118 9268540. Carlisle. Border Gate Premier Inn, Carleton, CARLISLE 17 Jan (14/2; 14/3; 11/4; 9/5; 6/6; 4/7; 1/8; 29/8; 26/9; 24/10; CA4 OAD Tel: 01228 633311. 7.30pm for 8.00pm start. All 21/11) Norwich Business Opportunity Evening, Holiday distributors and prospects/guests welcome. Hosts Alistair Inn, Ipswich Road, NORWICH, NR4 6EP 7.30pm for , Townsend and Malcolm Bullough and will feature a 8.00pm start. £3 per Distributor, guests free. Business presentation of the opportunity and a guest speaker. For dress please. Contact Stephen on 07810 126010. information, contact: Alistair Townsend 01228 528126 24 Jan (21/2; 21/3; 18/4; 16/5; 13/6; 11/7; 8/8; 5/9; 3/10; 28/11) email: ali5kids@sky.com, Malcolm Bullough 01228 Business Opportunity Open Evening, Everyone Welcome, 675553 e mail: malcolmbullough@hotmail.com. Supreme Inns, Bicker bar Roundabout, BOSTON Issue 49 ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN