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The Kleeneze option
In today\'s society, a secure income - a job for life - may no longer be available from conventional employment. If you have suffered redundancy, and particularly if you are over 40, you may know how difficult this can be. Most people will admit to being dissatisfied with their level of income, especially in relation to the free time they enjoy.
The current trend of working from home, part-time working and job-sharing is an indication of how many people wish to escape the "employment trap".

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Kleeneze 2010 Ewb 03 http://www.kleeneze.gb.com

  1. 1. BULLETIN 29.01.10 Issue 03 TELLING EVERYONE WE’RE ON TELLY! work from home with Our new eye-catching television advert is Highlights of Kleeneze TV advert airtimes: certainly doing its job according to your 1 February, 3.30pm, ITV Carlton – Dickinson’s Real Deal reports and the sponsoring figures. Out just 2 February, 4.15pm, ITV North – A Touch of Frost two weeks and it’s making an impact on 3 February, 1.15pm, ITV2 – Nanny 911 your businesses already. Part of this success is 4 February, 2.58pm, ITV Midwest – House Gift not just down to air-time for the brand, but 8 February, 12.28pm, ITV2 – Coronation Street because you’re spreading the word too. 12 February, 12.45pm, ITV Ulster – Loose Women 15 February, 1.15pm, ITV2 - Emmerdale With a few weeks of this opportunity left, 16 February, 9.55am, ITV South East – Jeremy Kyle please don’t let it pass you by. Make sure 19 February, 4.58pm, ITV Scotland – Midsomer Murders everyone on your warm list knows that now 24 February, 10.58am, ITV2 - Airline YOU have an advert out! Here’s some of the feedback we received on our last TV To help you in your mission to inform all that advertising campaign this fantastic opportunity is out there, we “We just wanted to share with you our recent progress building the have two new tools – a roller banner to customer list in and around people who have requested a catalogue in make a huge impact and a flyer that will INSERT YOUR response to the TV ad. In one particular area that we had never ensure the message is passed along to DETAILS HER E dreamt of cataloguing, and pass everytime we visit our daughter Kirsty everyone you know. Harvey, she received 4 such leads in quick succession. To order the banner, which you can use at your meetings, job Here are the statistics: fairs, even shopping malls, contact the Exhibtion Superstore The first ordered on the first occasion, but hasn’t ordered since. on 01480 893 902, email kleeneze@exhibitionsuperstore.co.uk The second has ordered every time. or info@exhibitionsuperstore.co.uk. The banners, that usually The third has yet to place an order. retail at £110, are now at a special discount rate for Kleeneze And the fourth never ordered and has since moved. Distributors only at £75/€95 including VAT Not fantastic results you may think, but we also blanket dropped 200 and delivery to UK mainland addresses. houses around the fourth lead and received £204 in orders. On the We have just 500 boxes of our new glossy second drop, we received £232 in orders from less than 100 A5 flyer to support our recruitment catalogues. On the third drop this week, due to the bad weather, we campaign, so you need to be quick! The TV only dropped catalogues to those houses which have already placed flyers are available to order in boxes of orders on the previous 2 drops, and from just 10 catalogues we 2,000 on code 00671 for just £15/€22.50! received £183.25 in orders. You can also download them off the DSA Keep those catalogue requests coming. Thank you Kleeneze. from Monday. Katrina Harvey and Ian Winstanley, Gold Distributors 560-071-08
  2. 2. WHAT A Bear in mind that here at EWB Towers we are privileged to receive success stories plus your views on everything from catalogues to the weather on a regular basis. However, even we were flabbergasted at the amount of fantastic emails that flooded our inbox last week. It seems that a new year and a new destination has motivated you all beyond belief! In fact, we’re so speechless, that we’re just going to hand it over to you…. “We just had to let you know about and about 1 hour to deliver meaning I will have earned over £10 an our pick up today, with the new hour. I love it! catalogues. We thought the Christmas Thanks for doing your best to provide us with the best tools to retailing had finished - but no! strengthen and increase our business.” We are really excited because even with Emma Lamb, Silver Distributor the Christmas retail our highest average book value was worth no more then £5.50. However, today we picked up “I only managed to get 22 catalogues out on the Wednesday before 64 catalogues from 77 from our the Showcase, due to the slippery conditions on the pavements and customer base, so 13 still to pick up. the roads. So I was amazed to get a phone call on Thursday from one of the customers to say that his order was ready for £56 and then on We took 30 orders - almost Monday, following the fantastic Showcase, picked up the remaining 50% ordered 21 and my total order was for £250 or £11.32 per book. Snow does Total orders: £565.00 have a silver lining! Worked out at £8.84 per catalogue - wow! Then on the Tuesday following the Showcase, I was intending to Average order value £18.83 deliver 100 catalogues for pick up on Thursday but only managed to do 50. So on Wednesday morning, We have never got this amount of orders on this amount of I delivered the rest, giving the catalogues before. Thank you Kleeneze.” customers only 24 hours. If I met Paul and Heidi Davis, Silver Distributor them, I explained it was because of the snow! “We have been Distributors since December 2006, and have always That produced £600 in orders and enjoyed good retailing levels, which we have put down to being it seemed to that the 50 catalogues regular, reliable and friendly. However, this month has seen our best out for 24 hours produced the retailing ever - even more than the brilliant Christmas period! Last same as the ones out for 48 hours. week we dropped 98 catalogues to customer base, and collected So that was £6 per book.” £756 of orders – that’s £7.71 per book average. Already this week we have collected £312 from 56 books, and that’s Alison and Michael Ogden, only after the first pick up! Silver Executive Distributors The Hong Kong destination has been made so achievable, by opening “We brought a guest, Barrie Smith, to the Showcase, who pre- it to Gold qualifiers – it’s galvanised us into more action!” registered on the day. When we got back to Exeter he said right lets Rachael and Phil Owen, Silver Distributors get me joined up, we filled in the paperwork and faxed it up. He put his books out on the Friday and picked them up on “The new catalogues are fantastic. I have just moved house a few Monday. He then put them out again on Tuesday and picked them up weeks before Christmas so I’ve been using the old books to build up on Thursday. the customer base here. I still got £1.20 per book though and hit over £800 with just building up new customers for the 4 weeks. Over the two drops he picked up enough orders to gain his £50 back and claim his first free Retail Kit. I’ve been today to collect 65 new catalogues from the customer base where I just moved from and from the 60 catalogues picked up I’ve He placed his first order on Thursday; put his books out again on got £204.75 of orders from 13 people making it 3.15 per catalogue Friday. He is just buzzing and can’t believe how much he earned. His and £15.75 average order. Plus I had people commenting on the nice first order was for about £390 - no mean feat considering he is doing fresh look of the catalogue with the bright colours on the front. it all on foot (he has probably had to walk about 15 miles!), but is still Customers love it! buzzing and sent us a text today to say he had picked up another order for over £20 as a result of being asked if he could leave the cats I earned £42.99 from this drop. I put in 1 hour to drop, 1.5 hours to with a potential customer who hadn’t had time to look. pick up and will probably take me 45 minutes to pack up the delivery 29.01.10 Issue 03 ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN
  3. 3. A WEEK! On Friday just gone we helped him put all his cats out, so he could achieve 10% level within his first three weeks how fantastic would *This was our December promotion. Visit the DSA for details of all our current incentives and promotions. that be?!” Steve and Sharon Smith, Silver Distributors “I drive to my customer base stopping at each house to deliver the books as they are now generally not too close to each other! “Andrew and I just want to say what A couple of weeks ago, I was due to collect books from a small an amazing company Kleeneze is. We customer base. However the snow had fallen. I could not drive as I returned from Florida after a month was snowed in and all forms of public transport were now halted. It away just in time to attend the New was not possible to get out until Friday. So off we trotted to the local Year Showcase. What a start to our bus stop to discover that buses were running to a timetable that was New Year! as hit and miss as the snow and the second bus we needed was only running far from where we needed to be. Now public transport in Our first retail drop of 279 books to Reading is not cheap so with our £6.50 ’anywhere you want to go if customers produced £1367.75 of buses are running’ ticket we set of. sales. Awesome results, however, the thing that most impressed us was from that amount there was not a Luckily at the bus stop we discovered that the bus that covered the single out of stock item. customer areas was now running, normally every 8 minutes this was now just 2 buses covering the route all day leaving at time yet to be Well done Kleeneze you are truly providing us with all the tools to discovered! On we jumped for the next leg! How often is it that you build a fantastic business.” have to get off a bus to move cars so that the bus can carry on its Fay and Andrew Roe, Bronze Executive Distributors journey - thankfully it happened only once with the bus managing to drop us off after a total journey time of nearly 1 hour. “It doesn’t matter how hard we So off we trotted to have to knock on most doors to retrieve the book, prepare new Distributors about those that had ordered we asked them to keep the book safe for us the great British weather, other until the delivery as we could only carry a few as the snow was up to distributors in their area, making 14 inches deep on paths that had not been walked and book carrying sure their computers and printers was an obstacle too far! 23 roads had to be covered in total all are compatible, keeping in meandering from each other but with only an odd customer here and contact with their sponsor, there it took it total 3 hours to get to the houses we could. The walk attending meetings and losing was fun, helping with several car pushes along the way, and we catalogues, it’s little wonder that managed to get some orders. I got to 30 houses from the 41 with sometimes they can get a bit orders totalling £245 from the 16 orders. With Nics books we only despondent. managed to get to half of them as the others were too far away on However, Henning Fischer - who joined us in November, could not that day, but with orders of £100 from the 14 we collected. wait to get his 200 catalogues out. Yes, he experienced all of the I have had to walk my customer base again the next week to drop above, he got soaked to the skin on his every first drop, so he’s books, not many as once again customers bases are wide spread and ordered the Kleeneze wet weather gear. He discovered other it will have to be tackled again another day. What I have learnt this Distributors in his area but carried on regardless. His computer and week is that despite the weather and not being able to use a car is printer were giving him trouble, so he bought himself a new laptop that Kleeneze was still possible and more importantly even though we and printer. He borrowed a Catapuller from us, but has now ordered were late the customers still ordered. Imagine how easy it would have his own. He has attended our Eltham Open Evenings, our A Team been to collect a blanket drop of straight roads!* Sizzles, the Millionaires College and went to the New Year Showcase, what’s more he keeps in constant contact with us - how good is that? So despite all the problems over the last few weeks, Kleeneze is still possible if you put your thinking caps on and are prepared to do Here’s the best bit, Henning not only qualified for a free Retail Kit from things a bit differently to the norm!” Kleeneze for placing his first order of over £250 but has done over 400 bonus points within his first 28 days and therefore has earned himself Nicola Spence, Silver Distributor a further two Retail Kits. What a great start to his business with an *Remember, it’s vital to blanket drop from time to fill in some of those extra 150 catalogues in his first 28 days.* gaps especially while our TV advert is out there! What an amazing incentive from Kleeneze. All the Kleeneze incentives are brilliant but to a new Distributor, this one has to be the best thing KEEP SENDING YOUR FEEDBACK AND STORIES IN TO that can happen to them. Well done Kleeneze and very well done EWB@KLEENEZE.CO.UK Henning, we are very proud of you.” Joyce and Pete Rowe, Senior Distributors ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN Issue 03 29.01.10
  4. 4. LEARN WHILE YOU EARN EVENTS Centre, Parkway East, Bridge of Don, ABERDEEN, AB23 Drayton 01623 722500, or e-mail COMPANY SHOWCASES AND TRAINING DAYS 8AJ. 10am – 1pm, £3. Contact Lynn Macdonald at mikedrayton@btinternet.com. 2-9 Mar Kleeneze Spring Destination 2010 – CAPE TOWN lynn@lynnmacdonald.com or Tel: 01506 414456 17 Feb (17/03, 14/04, 12/05, 09/06, 07/07, 04/08, 1/09, 29/09, 4 Sept Kleeneze Xmas Showcase – THE NIA, 16 Feb (every four weeks) Glasgow Opportunity Meeting, 27/10, 24/11) Essex Business Opportunity Meeting at the BIRMINGHAM Ramada Jarvis Hotel, Ingram St, GLASGOW 8pm- 9pm. Holiday Inn, Brook Street, BRENTWOOD, CM14 5NF, J28 6-13 Nov Kleeneze Destination 2010 – HONG KONG Contact Lynn Macdonald at lynn@lynnmacdonald.com or – M25. 7.30 for 8pm start. Business Dress please. Tel: 01506 414456. Everyone welcome, hosts Richard and Vanadis. 22 Feb (22/3; 19/4; 17/5; 14/6; 12/7; 9/8; 6/9; 4/10; 1/11; 29/11) EzeReach: 01206 804 635. TRAINING MEETINGS - 2010 COUNTRYWIDE Titans Training and Opportunity Meeting, Change of 22 Feb (First Monday of each Period – 22/3; 19/4; 17/5; 14/6; 7 Feb (every four weeks) Freedom Training. 10.00am – 1.00pm venue - Cedar Court Hotel, Mayo Avenue, Off Rooley 12/7; 9/8; 6/9; 4/10; 1/11; 29/11) Westcountry Open (doors open at 9.30am) Best Western Moat House Hotel, Lane, BRADFORD, BD5 8HW, 7.30pm for 8pm start. Evening at Padbrook Park Hotel, Cullompton, DEVON Festival Way, Etruria, STOKE-ON-TRENT, ST1 5BQ. Everyone welcome. Contact Neil Young on 07932 965 EX15 1RU (signposted 5 mins from J28 on M5). All from Guest speaker: Michael Khatkar. Bookings only, £6.00 per 071 or Ezereach: 0113 350 8763. Red and Blue groups welcome. Prospect focused person. Please send cheques (payable to A de Caso) to: Business Opportunity Presentation, Book Stall, Bids table, 24 Feb (every four weeks) Teeside Opportunity Meeting, The Adele & Jaime de Caso, 38 Poplar Close, Blythe Bridge, Testimonials, raffle and business related stands. Booking Windmill, a purpose built Conference and Seminar Stoke-on-Trent ST11 9RJ (names will be held at the door, in starts from 7.00 pm. and the event starts at 8pm. Centre, Dalton Piercy, HARTLEPOOL, TS27 3HN, directly no tickets are sent out) Business dress only please, Distributors £3 per person or £4 per couple. Guests on A19, just north of Wynyard Park turn-off. Open everyone welcome. For further information, please call FREE. Ample parking. Accommodation, meals, coffee meeting, everyone welcome. 8pm Start £2.50 per head. 01260 218574. and bar available. Contact Sheelagh & Paul 01392 Guests free Opp/Training/Recognition/Raffle/Table. Sue 20 Feb (20/3; 17/4; 22/5; 19/6; 17/7; 14/8; 11/9; 16/10; 13/11; Phoenix 01642 918340 / Peter Neesham 01642 918258. 462710 (Ezereach 01803 898592) or Nigel & Lucinda 11/12) Going For Gold. At: The Globe Hotel, Tuesday 01392 874412 (Ezereach 01803 898652). 10 Feb (10/03, 07/04, 05/05, 02/06, 30/06, 28/07, 25/08, 22/09, Market Place, KINGS LYNN, Norfolk.PE30 1EZ (Use hotel 22 Feb 22/3, 19/4, 17/5, 14/6, Business Opportunity Open 20/10, 17/11, 15/12) Leeds Business Opportunity entrance in Kings Street, opposite ’Prezzo’) 7.30pm for Evening, Everyone Welcome, Supreme Inns, Bicker bar Meeting, Holiday Inn, Brighouse, Clifton Village, LEEDS, 8pm prompt start. Business Dress only please. £2.50 per Roundabout, BOSTON A17/A52 junction, registration HD6 4HW. 7.30pm for 8pm start. £3 per distributor, guests person. Guests free. Everyone welcome. Contact Ann & 7.30pm, £3 per person, Hosts:- Andy & Amanda Holland free. Business dress please. Contact Angel Hill on John Coe on 01553 829241 or Ezereach 01553 888118. email:- a.holland075@btinternet.com Eze-Reach 07931283957 or Stuart Hill on 07792002402. 21 Mar Titans Business Building Seminar The Cedar Court Hotel, Number:- 01553 886597 Mayo Avenue, Rooley Lane, BRADFORD BD5 8HW Tel 24 Feb (every 4 weeks) Birmingham Open BOM. The Plough & 01274 406606 off J26 M62. 11.30am - 5pm Top Line up of SOUTH/MIDLANDS/WALES Harrow Hotel, 135 Hagley Road, BIRMINGHAM. 7.45pm Speakers - Eamon Lynch & Maria Ryan (GOLD SED) 1 Feb (26/4, 21/6, 19/8, 11/10 13/12) ELTHAM open evening. registration for an 8pm prompt start. Ample free parking, Gary & Esther Watson (Platinum SED)Tracy Payne & We may have changed to Bi-monthly but we are still the good reception areas & bar for team sizzles & meeting Harvey Kent (Silver Exec) Knowledge is King will be only open evening in South London. Open to Blue and your guests. Unfortunately there is no wheelchair access present. £1 in the bucket money draw. Raffle and an Red Groups. 7:30pm registration for prompt 8:00pm start, to the room (upstairs). Only £3 per distributorship, guests Awesome Recognition Parade Across Pd12 2009 - Pd ends around 9:30pm, then relax for a drink and a sizzle in free (bring loads & see your business grow). If you want 3.2010 Only £10 per head. Book into this event by our own comfortable Bar & Lounge. Still only £3 per 2010 to be your best year ever – don’t wait till then – your logging onto www.titans-seminars.co.uk No tickets are distributorship, guests free, dress code: smart casual. 2010 business starts NOW. Hosts Gerard & Claire Tucker- issued. Your name will be on a list on the door upon Eltham Conservative Club, 254 High Street, Eltham, Mawr (EzeReach: 0121 314 9785) and Geoff & Diane entrance. This is an open event for everyone . A Training London SE9 1AA. Contact Joyce & Pete Rowe on 020 Owen (EzeReach: 0121 314 4870) Event not to be missed - www.titans-seminars.co.uk 8463 7133 or Ezereach 020 3393 2408 or email: www.birminghambom.co.uk. 28 Mar It’s BACK, it’s BIGGER than ever, it’s ’THE BIG 1’! The jpr9@o2.co.uk 24 Feb (24/3, 21/4, 19/5, 16/6, 14/7, 11/8, 8/9, 13/10, 10/11, 8/12) East Midlands premier event is coming up soon, so book 2 Feb (First Tuesday of every month) Business Opportunity Folkestone business opportunity evening at the Firs club, now to secure a place with top speakers - PETER REA, Meeting. St Leonards Hotel, Ringwood Road, St Firs lane, FOLKESTONE, ct19 4qf, J12-M20. 7.30 for an CRAIG WHITE, HEATHER O’NEIL, LAURA KELLY & the Leonards, RINGWOOD, Hampshire, BH24 2NP 7.30pm . 8.00pm start. Business dress please. All welcome, hosts amazing MICHAEL KHATKAR!!! Knowledge is King will for 8pm start, £2.50 per distributor, Guests Free! Business Chris & Emma Shafe, EzeReach: 01227 808744 also be there on the day, plus Barney’s Print Shop. dress please. Hosts Bob Dalton and Sue Marshall on 25 Feb (29/04, 27/05, 24/06, 29/07, 26/08, 30/09, 28/10, 25/11) Tickets only £7 per person for a fantastic afternoon of 01425 480675 or Ezereach 02380987429 Showcase Opportunity Briefing, Tottenham Green Leisure training with a fantastic raffle. Starts at 12 noon (Doors 9 Feb (09/03; 06/04; 04/05; 01/06; 29/06; 27/07; 24/08; 21/09; Centre, The Gold Room, First Floor, 1 Philip Lane, open 11am) Finish at 5pm. For further details contact 19/10; 16/11). Bristol Opportunity Meeting. Ship Inn (next LONDON N15 4JA. 7.30pm. Registration for 7.45pm start. Laura Thorpe & Les Ward on 0116 294 7827 or Andy to Premier Inn), Thornbury Road, Alveston, BRISTOL, Special guest speakers each month. £3 per Buxton & Laura Kelly on 07830 190485. Make cheques BS35 3LL. 8.00pm start. Business dress please. distributorship, guest free. Everyone welcome! Hosts: payable to ‘The Big 1’ to 34 Rectory Lane, Thurcaston, Distributors £2.50 per head, guests FREE. Host: Andy Gary Dixon and team. Contact 07973 712 425, Leicestershire. LE7 7JQ. The meeting is at the Novotel, Cooper, E/R: 0117 911 7561. I.T.S.113915, or email: garydiamonddixon@aol.com. Long Eaton, NOTTINGHAM - Jct 25 M1. You cannot by 9 Feb (9/3; 6/4; 4/5; 1/6; 29/6; 27/7; 24/8; 21/9; 19/10; 16/11; 15 Mar (19/04, 17/05, 21/06, 19/07, 20/09, 18/10, 15/11, 13/12) tickets on the day so don’t delay - book today - this will 14/12) Hemel Hempstead Opportunity Meeting, Holiday Welcome Blue & Red Groups across the Network. Join be a sell out event. See you there. Inn, Breakspear Way, HEMEL HEMPSTEAD HP2 4UA. us for an evening of FUN with Opportunity Presentations £3 per distributor, guests free. 7.30pm for 8pm start. and Kleeneze Stories. VENUE: Forest Suite , Bracknell OPPORTUNITY MEETINGS - NORTH/SCOTLAND Business dress please. Hosts: Rosina & Frank Pocock. Tel: 01442 256405. Leisure Centre, Bagshot Road, BRACKNELL, Berks, 2 Feb (every four weeks) Edinburgh Opportunity Meeting, RG12 9SE. 7.45pm for 8.30pm start. Distributors £3 15 Feb (15/03, 19/04, 17/05, 21/06, 19/07, 20/09, 18/10, 15/11, Single - Joint distributors 5.00 guests FREE Business CHANGE OF VENUE – Premier Inn, Haymarket, 13/12) South East Open Evening Bracknell. Welcomes dress please. Contact Debbie Gee on 01628 626327 or EDINBURGH. 8pm 9pm. Contact Lynn MacDonald at Blue & Red Groups across the Network. Join us for an Kate Lee on 0118 9268540. lynn@lynnmacdonald.com. evening of FUN with Opportunity Presentations and 3 Feb (every four weeks) Opportunity Meeting at the Whitwood Kleeneze Stories. Hospitality Suite (upstairs), Bracknell Inn, Pioneer Way, CASTLEFORD, WF10 5TG (1/4 mile jct 31 M62). 7.30pm for 8pm start. Everyone welcome. Leisure Centre, Bagshot Road, BRACKNELL, Berks, THE NETHERLANDS RG12 9SE. 7.45pm for 8.30pm start. Distributors £3 - 20 Feb (20/3; 17/4; 15/5; 12/6; 10/7; 7/8; 11/9; 2/10; 30/10; 27/11; Please note smart dress. Hosts Graham and Georgina guests FREE Business dress please. Contact Debbie 18/12) Hotel van der Valk de Cantharel, Van Golsteinlaan Long, Eze 01937 858018. Gee on 01628 626327 or Kate Lee on 0118 9268540. 20, 7339 GT APELDOORN. Guest Speaker Michael 9 Feb (second Tuesday of each month) BOM meetings at Khatkar. 1pm – 3pm. Email Rita & Frank Kamsteeg at 15 Feb (15/3; 12/4; 10/5; 7/6; 5/7; 2/8; 30/8; 27/9; 25/10; 22/11; Carlisle. Border Gate Premier Inn, Carleton, CARLISLE f.kamsteeg@home.nl. 20/12) Norwich Business Opportunity Evening, Holiday CA4 OAD Tel: 01228 633311. 7.30pm for 8pm start. All Inn, Ipswich Road, NORWICH, NR4 6EP 7.30pm for 8pm , distributors and prospects/guests welcome. Hosts Alistair start. £3 per Distributor, guests free. Business dress Do you have any Training or Opportunity meetings in Townsend and Malcolm Bullough and will feature a presentation of the opportunity and a guest speaker. For please. Contact Stephen on 07810 126010. your area? Let us know, at meetings@kleeneze.co.uk 17 Feb (17/03, 14/04, 12,05, 09/06, 07/07, 1/09, 29/09, 27/10, and we will include them in our weekly meetings diary. information, contact: Alistair Townsend 01228 528126 24/11) Open Opportunity Meeting at The Summit Centre, DEADLINE FOR WEEKLY SUBMISSIONS 4PM TUESDAY. email: ali5kids@sky.com, Malcolm Bullough 01228 Pavilion Road, Kirkby In Ashfield, NOTTINGHAM, NG17 675553 e mail: malcolmbullough@hotmail.com. 7LL. Junction 27 or 28 of the M1. 8pm - 9.30pm. 13 Feb (every four weeks) Aberdeen Opportunity and Training Telephone 01623 752008. Hosts: Margaret & Mike Meeting, Holiday Inn Express – Aberdeen Exhibition Issue 03 ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN