BULLETIN                                                                11.09.09 Issue 34

Kleeneze – as seen on TV!                  In just over seven days,
                                           one of the ...
Good things come in threes

  It was a sizzle with a difference when Michael Khatkar invited Silver   more catalogues in...
Raising your awareness…
Ready…zteady…and cut!
We pride ourselves on having products that really sell themselves. However, an endorsement here and ...

       11.09.09 Issue 34 ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN
                                               Reach for the stars
“What a brilliant day. Michael Heppell was         us Distributors and thanks for the spectacular   too. Ja...
team have said they want to get started ASAP      team at this Showcase and from their               inspired...
The Xmas Showcase was absolutely packed full of ideas and   ...
COMPANY SHOWCASES AND TRAINING DAYS                                       16 Sept (14/10, 11/1...
Everybody wins at Kleeneze Showcase
Let’s face it – attend a Showcase and you just can’t lose. Not only was the day packed...
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KLEENEZE 2009 Ewb 34


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KLEENEZE 2009 Ewb 34

  1. 1. BULLETIN 11.09.09 Issue 34 MAKE THIS CHRISTMAS A BRILLIANT ONE 15 WEEKS UNT IL CHRISTMAS! Saturday 5 September 2009 If there was ever any doubt that this Christmas is going to be the best the company has ever seen, Saturday’s Xmas Showcase put paid to all of it. Spectacular training, the reveal of an amazing TV advert campaign and a promise from everyone to make this season the one in which everyone takes action makes us feel tremendously excited about the weeks ahead. The day kicked off on a brilliantly positive note. Kleeneze Chairman Patrick Jolly delivered an update on the performance of the Findel group, announcing the recent acquisition of sound, long-term financial backing and investment from bankers and shareholders. He reassured Distributors that the group was set to end 2009 in a very strong position to support their businesses, and Christmas retailing in particular. He congratulated everybody on incredible sales achievements compared to many internet-based and High Street retailers and issued the network a challenge – use this Christmas season to really grow your teams! Kleeneze Managing Director Jamie Stewart congratulated Distributors on some amazing sales figures, reporting that the last week of August was up by 36% on last year. In launching Kleeneze’s brand new TV campaign he explained that the exposure and brand awareness created by being on TV will produce such momentum in the run up to Christmas that it could help EVERYONE earn so much more this year. Whether you attended Saturday’s Showcase or not, it’s time to take action. Grab those catalogues, hold a sizzle, attend some meetings, demonstrate your products and watch your income soar! Now is the time! NEXT WEEK – THE EZEREACH CD WITH ALL THE AUDIO FROM THE DAY WILL BE SENT OUT TO ALL SUBSCRIBERS. FOR PHOTOS, VIDEO AND SPEECHES FROM THE DAY, VISIT THE DSA. 560-068-02
  2. 2. Kleeneze – as seen on TV! In just over seven days, one of the most exciting The exposure of Kleeneze and brand awareness of being on TV means that now is the time for you to take action. Buy more times for Kleeneze is going catalogues, do more blanket dropping and the next time the advert to begin – as we launch is aired, your customers will have already seen your catalogue and our massive TV advertising be more likely to pick it up and place an order. campaign. Those who were at the Xmas There are only 15 weeks left until Christmas. Don’t waste one single Showcase on Saturday moment of them! were the first to see the advertising campaign worth almost quarter of a million pounds. The advert is scheduled to be aired from Monday 21 September with enough appearances during its four-week run to be seen by a staggering 14 million adults. Working with the media agency we have targeted our investment very carefully to get the most for our money and so have opted for daytime TV only specifically targeting the average Kleeneze customer profile. If you did not receive the advert on Saturday or were unlucky enough not to be there, you can now download a copy of the Almost 70% of the audience at the NIA Showcase on Saturday advert by visiting the DSA. It is available in different formats to be realised that this is the opportunity to boost their businesses and used on PCs and on mobile phones. Please note: the number on ordered their Retail Kits on the day to make sure they make the the advert is not yet live. most out of it. “TV changes people’s perceptions. How many people do you know Benefits of the Kleeneze TV ad that watch TV during the day and could see YOUR Kleeneze business being advertised on national TV? I’d urge you to spend campaign: some time really thinking about how you will use this powerful 1. Your sales will increase as more people open the packs and media to benefit your business. order from you 2. More people will request a copy of the catalogues, which we Don’t let this amazing retail period pass you buy, spend some time pass to the nearest ordering distributor – again boosting your planning what you’re doing and when you’re going to do it, but sales more importantly - and this is where most people stumble - ensure you do it.” 3. Sponsoring will increase as people’s awareness of a brand seen on TV will change their perception of the business Jamie Stewart, Managing Director 11.09.09 Issue 34 ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN
  3. 3. Good things come in threes It was a sizzle with a difference when Michael Khatkar invited Silver more catalogues in, have more Premier Executive Amanda Bibby, Premier Executive Craig White and meetings and sizzles. Whatever Silver Senior Executive Geoff Webb to the stage for a coffee and a you do – take action and take it chat about how Kleeneze’s new TV ad campaign can transform now! your business. Meanwhile, Amanda explained Geoff spoke of the power this kind of advertising has. On the to us how to keep the corporate side, Geoff has already had experience in how this kind of excitement and momentum up throughout the four-week advertising can increase sales and spread huge brand awareness campaign. She suggested phoning family and friends to let them having worked for companies such as EMI Records. know about the advert and branding everything – including yourself Craig urged Distributors to take action – do extra blanket drops, get – to keep Kleeneze in the forefront of everyone’s minds. More tools to help you benefit: September Monthly Bargains From From Our popular Monthly Bargains leaflets are back again just in time to hit your MONTHLY MONTHLY customers during the TV campaign. BARGAINS WHILST STOCKS LAST BARGAINS WHILST STOCKS LAST Pink Waxed Floor Duster Pink Long Handled Dustpan & Brush The two versions of September Monthly Bargains contain 8 pages, each bursting with Was £15.00 NOW SAVE OVER Was £13.00 30% Was £10.00 discounts with and carefully selected product lines. There are over 60 products £10.00 SAVE OVER Code 042714-80 NOW 35% £8.00 featured in each leaflet with up to 50% discount on selected lines. Code 042560-80 Two packs of 100 September Monthly Bargains (version A and B) will be in all product Pink Waxed Floor Duster parcels from Monday 14 September and the product will be live from 1pm on this This Duster lifts dust like a magnet, thanks to its waxy fibres which leave surfaces shiny and dust free. The long edges reach up high and put a real shine on your skirting boards too. A telescopic handle extends to Long Handled Dustpan & Brush 145cm (57") and the head swivels through 360°. Makes Specially designed so you can clean up spillages without the need to bend down. light work of cleaning tiled, hardwood, laminate or vinyl floors. Head 40 x 15cm (153⁄4 x 6"). PROFESSIONAL SIZE The pan stays upright when not in use. Made from hardwearing but light plastic. date, so make sure you get your orders in and take advantage of these leaflets that Great Products delivered FREE to your door Great Products delivered FREE to your door will support the ad campaign. Christmas Carrier Bags Make your delivery a little more festive with the Kleeneze Merry Christmas carrier bags. Not only are they a brilliant way to spread the brand name, they’ll also bring a smile to your customers’ faces. Order your packs of 100 on code 03190 for only £2.25/€3.25. Order the stickers As Seen on TV stickers will also be available to buy from Monday 14 September at 75p/€1.15 for 250 32mm round labels on a roll. Use code 08133. A flyer will also be available for when the campaign goes live with stills from the TV ad and a contact box for you to put your details on. ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN Issue 34 11.09.09
  4. 4. Raising your awareness… What was used on the day and in the Helen E packs*: 1. Bronzer 6. BEAUTY BLEMISH CONCEALER Chunky 9. Twist Up Photo Concealer Finish Compact Unique cosmetics and YELLOW CONCEALER Cream & Concealer Duo Compact – Will be available in the 6. Chunky Twist Up Concealer make-up with innovative, new SS2010 book launched in December although the cream The Yellow Concealer works quickly to neutralise any facial redness - it's great at covering up unsightly spider beautiful packaging, perfect veins too. The Blemish Concealer instantly covers up blotches, blemishes and spots. Both a handy size - for everyone everyday ideal for when you're on the move. 3.5g. part of this is available as a compact in it’s own right currently in 3. Pressed Powder - Yellow Code 044709-2J 1. Bronzer Love Blush Blemish Code 044717-2J £8.00 Each This matt Bronzer instantly blends with your natural complexion to produce a radiant glow. It can also be applied to the eyelids, 7. Lip Colour cheeks and lips. Fab tip: Mix a touch of the bronzer with 7. Lip Deliciously rich, this lipstick will not only give your lips 2. Colour Colour exceptional colour and shine, it'll hydrate and moisturise One Health & Beauty moisturiser and apply to your legs - it'll instantly give them a colour Gloss gorgeous sun kissed look. 12g. them too. 4 shades available. 3.5g. suits all Code 044105-2J £20.00 4. Cappuccino Code 044253-2J RASPBERRY CHAMPAGNE PINK Waterproof Raspberry Code 044245-2J 2. Colour Gloss Lip Liner CAPPUCCINO Blush Code 044237-2J After a long lasting gloss, that'll give your lips a gorgeous glossy Tropical Code 044130-2J £8.00 Each Simply Blush Powder Compact – Although this specific colour colour - but without that sticky feel? Then this gloss is for you. Pop it in your handbag and you'll wonder how you ever managed SHADE 1 8. Intense Eyeshadow CLOVER BLOOM without it. Available in 4 delicious shades. 7ml. Enhance your eyes with this creamy, long lasting eye colour. Champagne Pink Code 042005-2J BLUSH Apply using the sponge applicator - which doubles up as its lid too! Use alone or, for a more striking look use with our Clover Bloom Code 041963-2J eye pencil. In 4 gorgeous shades. 1.5g. Coffee Cup Rose £10.00 Each Code 044083-2J Code 044059-2J Beige Pink Code 045080-2J Code 045144-2J Light Blue Code 045098-2J is not available Love Blush is available in Health & Beauty 3. Pressed Powder - Love Blush Dark Brown Code 045047-2J £8.00 Each TROPICAL Black Mascara – Currently available in Health & Beauty COFFEE CUP It's amazing what a sweep of blush across the cheeks can do. 9. Photo Finish Compact Recreate that first flush of true love look, with this beautiful love Now you can always achieve a 'flawless' finish, thanks to this revolutionary blush powder. Can also be used on the body. 12g. skin smoother. Once you start blending it in, it'll quickly adapt to your exact Code 044091-2J £20.00 BEIGE skin tone - resulting in an even and natural photo finish. Oil free. With extracts of cucumber. 8g. BLACK 4. Waterproof Lip Liner £15.00 Code 044695-2J Black Eye Pencil with Smudger – Currently available in Instantly make your lips look more plump and defined with this SHADE 5 long lasting Lip Liner. Simply outline your lips with the easy glide 10. Eye Definition Mascara pencil, and then apply over the top with your favourite lipstick. Define those eyes of yours with this glossy black mascara. 1.3g. PINK It'll lengthen, lift, thicken - and condition them too! Vitamin E. 10ml. Shade 1 Code 044270-2J Code 045012-2J £10.00 Shade 5 £6.00 Each Code 044300-2J 5. Eye Pencil With Smudger BLACK 10. Eye Definition Health & Beauty Give your eyes a smouldering, smoky look with this Mascara Raspberry Sparkle lip gloss – Although this specific colour is Eye Pencil - complete with smudger. Simply line your eyes ROSE with the pencil, and then turn it round to blend in with the smudger. Long-lasting. 1.2g. 5. Eye Pencil 8. Intense LIGHT BLUE DARK BROWN Code 044997-2J £8.00 With Smudger Eyeshadow 4 Enjoy complete peace of mind with our 30 day money back guarantee Everything you order is delivered FREE to your door 5 not available there are 4 other shades currently available in Health & Beauty The afternoon of the Xmas Showcase took a decidedly different turn. After a morning of intense training to help your Christmas retail, it was * Please note, the Helen E packs are non-returnable time to see what this business is all about. The products. First up was a makeover with a difference. The lovely ladies from Kleeneze’s very own Helen E cosmetics took to the stage to show everyone how they can demonstrate the products from our Health & Beauty Catalogue to their customers or friends and family. With four models on stage, one professional make up artist and three of our esteemed Distributors, the makeover was about to commence. Silver Executive Distributor Laura Kelly and Senior Executive Distributor Rosina Pocock easily followed the instructions, making-up their models to perfection. Then there was Bronze Senior Executive Distributor James O’Neil. What he lacked in artistic direction with the concealer and eye shadow, though, he made up with in laughs. A great sport and in all fairness we’d probably be more concerned if he was familiar with putting on make-up! 11.09.09 Issue 34 ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN
  5. 5. Ready…zteady…and cut! We pride ourselves on having products that really sell themselves. However, an endorsement here and there from a professional can only be a good thing! That’s why the crowd went wild when Geoff the Chef (Geoffrey Bartlett) and Nigel Smith took Silver Senior Executive Distributors Myrna Wellock and Marcell Treanor into the kitchen for a cook off the likes of which you’ve never seen before. It was half-an-hour of hilarity and you’d be hard-pressed to find a Showcase attendee that wasn’t talking about the ‘Michael Khatkar tie’ incident long into the night. But we won’t mention it again, though, because he’s still a bit fragile about it all. So CUTTING straight to the point, Marcell and Geoff were up against Myrna and Nigel. They had 30 minutes to whip up some fabulous meals using Kleeneze products. We were simply tongue-TIEd at the result. Although, short on TIE – erm, sorry, we meant time, they certainly didn’t CUT corners. Silver Principal Executive Distributor Bob Webb and Silver Senior Executive Distributor Sylvia Laing were our guest tasters of the meals from the two kitchens. All the food looked so good, we really thought it was going to be a TIE. However, the results were rigged in a revenge for that incident that we’re not going to talk about ever again. We’ve published some of the recipes used below, though, so why KNOT TIE them out yourselves? Baked Anna Potatoes with Peel the potatoes and cut into small pieces on Carrots New Season Lamb the Kleeneze Chopping Boards, pour into Mushrooms boiling salted water and cook until soft. Sharpen your knife to chop the garlic with the Splash of olive oil Remove from heat and drain well, place into Kleeneze Knife Sharpener. Place the garlic 4 potatoes the Kleeneze Potato Ricer and rice into a into the Kleeneze Dressing Shaker with the 60g butter pan. Place back onto a gentle heat and add mustard, seasoning, salt, vinegar and shake. Seasoning the chilled butter from the Kleeneze Add oil and shake. 2 pints chicken stock Storage Containers. Season & serve. 200g lamb chumps Place all garlic trimmings into the Kleeneze Take the vegetables from the Kleeneze Work Top Bin. Seal the lamb in a hot pan until golden Storage Green Food Bags. With the brown, turning every couple of minutes using Take the Kleeneze Storage Containers Kleeneze vegetable peeler peel thin strips the Kleeneze Tongs. Place onto a flat labelled with Kleeneze Food Labels with off the vegetables, place into boiling salted Kleeneze Tray and bake for 15-20 minutes. your salad filling, place into a bowl and pour water and cook for 2-3 minutes. Remove the over the dressing from the Kleeneze Slice the potatoes thinly with the Kleeneze vegetable ribbons with Kleeneze Tongs and Dressing Shaker. Season and with the Mandolin and place into the Kleeneze leave to one side to drain onto Kleeneze Kleeneze Nylon Tongs place into the centre Deep Roasting Tin with butter, seasoning Deluxe Tea Towels. of the plate. and stock. Bake for 45 minutes. Allow to cool Pour from the Kleeneze Pouring on the side with the Kleeneze Cover, Containers a splash of oil into a hot pan. Boiled Egg with Toast Tattoos Umbrella. Once cool place into the fridge Seal golden brown and turn with the and chill for 24 hours with some weight on 2 eggs Kleeneze Nylon Tongs. When golden Salt top. brown place onto the Kleeneze Non Slip Large white loaf Remove from the Kleeneze Tin and slice Flat Tray and roast at 185C for 12 minutes. Soft Butter, place back onto the Kleeneze Thin non-slip To dress the dish season the vegetables and tray for 20 minutes until golden brown, serve Take the Kleeneze Egg Perfection and place place onto a plate with the chicken breast with the lamb. into a pan of boiling water, add the eggs and perfect mashed potato. from the Kleeneze Fridge Egg Box and Perfect Creamed Potatoes with Mixed Salad with the cook to perfection. Goosnargh Chicken & Ribbons of Dressing Shaker To make the toast remove the bread from the Vegetables Kleeneze Bread Keeper. 1 teaspoon coarse grain mustard 3 peeled baking potatoes 1 clove of garlic – finely chopped Place onto the Kleeneze Bread Slicing 100g unsalted butter 1 /4 litre of olive oil Guide and slice. Tattoo the bread with the Seasoning 1 /8 litre of balsamic vinegar Kleeneze Toast Tattoos and toast golden Chopped chives – 1 large tablespoons Seasoning brown. 2 chicken breasts 200g each (skin on) Sugar to taste Remove the egg and place into the Kleeneze Splash of olive oil Egg Cups, take the Kleeneze Ultimate Egg Parmesan Cheese 1 Carrot peeled into thin strips Topper and remove the top. Serve with Asparagus Pieces 1 Courgette peeled into thin strips buttered fingers of toast Mixed Lettuce leaves 60g Salted butter Sundried tomatoes ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN Issue 34 11.09.09
  7. 7. THE SHOWCASE Reach for the stars The audience cheered themselves hoarse, as they recognised their following team mates at Saturday’s Showcase: Gold Distributors John Greenwood, Barbara Tibbs, Joe Croll, John and Monica Beardmore, Andrew Webber and Kerryann Perry, Christine and Michael Paxton, Stephen and Dorothy Hanlon, James Stephen, Peter and Angela Bach, Robert and Alison Evans, Jane and Andrew Connor, Emma and Mark Mackelden, Javid Khan, Sylvia and Gary Green, Susan and Julian Brunton, Stewart Carnson, Tracy Southern, Emma Colley, Hannah Twigg and Simon Richards, Graham and Christine James, Christine Sykes and Aidan Fisher, Mauro Vieira, Philip Gaffney and Isabella Wharton-Gaffney, Belinda Barnes and John Shearer, Archie Curtis and Faye Wareham, Elaine Hilder, Sue and Tony Mincher, Lee and Fiona Henshaw, Sharon and Dave Allsop, Clare Haines, Sarah Darch, Philip Lowe and Helen Kolbusz, Martyn Regan and Verity Antcliff, Varghese and Leeba Koshy, Trish Harrison and Paul Spencer, Christopher and Emmanuelle Elmer, Linda and David Leadbetter, James and Vicky Holmes, John Morgan and Gilly McCrone, Samantha Rushton and Dean Worrall Senior Distributors Glyn Thomas, Kimberley Sunter, Christopher and Emmanuelle Elmer, Marie and Jeremy Simmonds Gethin and Lynwen Thomas, Jillian and Peter Griffiths, Paul and Carolyn Blaxall, Ian and Cheryl Cooke, Elizabeth and Ian Hyams, Timothy and Tina Pace, Jim and Marian Lombard, Bill and Joyce Rowe, Jane Spencer-Cook Bronze Executive Distributors Ivan Darch Silver Executive Distributors David Birtwistle and Angela Tonkin Gold Executive Distributors Alf and Carol Bell Mini Cooper winners Alf and Carol Bell ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN Issue 34 11.09.09
  8. 8. STORIES FROM T “What a brilliant day. Michael Heppell was us Distributors and thanks for the spectacular too. Jackie White was superb and so was inspirational and I immediately began replying Showcase - what will be next for January? I Michael Heppell - he was just so entertaining ‘brilliant’ to everyone who asked how it was can’t wait!” and inspirational. The Ready, Zteady, Cook going at the sizzle later. Sarah Green was also fantastic - so funny too. How you all Silver Distributor managed to pull off something as big as that I brought a guest to the Showcase who was performance and broadcast it live was truly so impressed by the size of Kleeneze - “What a fantastic Showcase - by far the best amazing. The TV advertising campaign is so something that cannot be imparted by yet. The two highlights for me were the exciting too - we can’t wait to see the massive speech alone - and has assured me she will launch of the TV ad campaign - Craig White impact this will have on us all. Can’t wait for sign in ASAP. and Geoff Webb highlighted through the the New Year Showcase!” The new format was entertaining and jingles just how strongly the general public Gary and Lydia Meadows exciting, as well as informative and my guest identify with brands through advertising - and Gold Distributors was surprised at how much she enjoyed the also Ken Rooney’s slot on demonstrations and day - she thought it would be a lot of boring Party Plan. It blew me away that one “What a brilliant, brilliant day Saturday was. I people talking at her but found herself Distributorship could retail over £22,000 in was inspired by everything on the day. The having fun! such a short space of time and certainly whole set-up was spectacular. I can’t wait I also enjoyed the product demonstrations, opened my mind to trying new retail until 9th January!” both the kitchenware and make up. I have methods.” Glenys Parsons ordered 3 sets already - one for me, one to Peter Neesham Silver Distributor demonstrate and one for a customer who I Gold Distributor know will be interested. The eye definitely “We just wanted to drop you a note to say buys and I thought the training about “Thank you for an amazing Showcase. We we thought the Showcase was excellent. The demonstrating at the door was excellent. I always come away saying that it gets better warm up guy was great fun and got everyone started doing this last week and have had an every time, but the whole event was brilliant. in the mood for a brilliant day. extra 10 orders for the candles on the front of If the tie incident was planned or not we have Patrick and Jamie’s talk was right on the the Christmas catalogue from customers who to say it really was funny and was the talk on button and it was lovely to hear that Kleeneze did not appreciate its sparkly-ness! The mock the coach on our journey home!” won three of the DSA accolades - next year it sizzle at the end was also well timed - I think Ray and Miriam Turnbull will be four! you picked the right combination of people Bronze Senior Executive Distributors for this training and it was informative and Jackie’s training and Ken’s was excellent and entertaining. “Just wanted to say what a fantastic day Gary Michael Heppell was superb. Please bring him and I had on Saturday at the Showcase. The back again. The TV ad was amazing and I can’t wait for it to air - it will really make people aware of the whole day was BRILLIANT! The speakers were The afternoon was entertaining and still brand. Thank you very much for supporting great; we had lots of fun and lots of laughs informative. All the prospects that went in our 11.09.09 Issue 34 ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN
  9. 9. THE SHOWCASE team have said they want to get started ASAP team at this Showcase and from their inspired, enthused, excited and ready to run. and that is the very best outcome we could feedback and questions on the day, I know Can’t wait for January.” have hoped for.” you touched a lot of people in the right Norman and Joanne Grundy John and Jane Dunkerley places. Thank you for all your hard work – it’s Gold Distributors Silver Executive Distributor so appreciated.” Carol Hone “There is no other word for it - yesterday was “Wow, what a Showcase! This year you Silver Distributor BRILLIANT! The new lay-out and format of the pulled out all the stops and created a whole day was great and the word that fantastic and inspirational event. I was so “Thank you Kleeneze for the best Showcase springs to mind is ‘refreshing’. We feel and taken by the quality of training and the we have ever been to! Michael Heppell was have had feedback from a lot of the team speakers. ’brilliant’ and the best guest speaker so far! already that yesterday was bang on the nail. We also particularly enjoyed Ready Zteady We had 18 of our team and guests there and Once again, thank you putting on a brilliant Cook. It was great to see so many of our they all went away feeling energised and day.” products out of the boxes and being used. It raring to go. One of our team, Liza Rodel had Mike and Amanda Bibby has increased our product knowledge and just come off a 12 hour night shift to come Silver Premier Executive Distributors given us more confidence when talking to straight to the Showcase. She was so inspired customers. Also, the look on Michael that she went onto a party afterwards with a “Just wanted to say how wonderful yesterday Khatkar’s face when his tie was cut in half will load of Christmas Catalogues to give out! was! We think you have surpassed yourselves. be with us for a long time!” The emphasis on product was spot on and The day had a very different feel about it and Eddie and Debbie Hewitt with the brilliant new TV AD we already have it was great to see the emphasis on Silver Distributors three couples who are now planning their moving product. Gold campaign for the next Autumn “We would like to thank you for a fabulous We all used the text service to order Destination.” day. This was our fourth Xmas Showcase. Our extra books and New Year Showcase tickets. Jeremy and Marie Simmonds first was mind-blowing, as it was all new, but Brilliant. Senior Distributors since then we have always attended to learn We loved the Ready Zteady Cook Kleeneze the things that will grow our business. style - not only funny but so informative too. “I just had to say what fantastic a day the NIA We would now like to thank the team who Showcase was. The warm up DJ was brilliant The real highlight though was the advert put the Showcase together. What a and the training from Ken Rooney just which we feel is a real winner. Now we can fantastic day - a completely different format, inspirational. Michael Heppell blew me away actually say to prospects that we advertise on positively buzzing with motivation, excitement – his wit and wisdom was amazing. TV and that gives us real credibility and and expectation. something else to be proud about.” Once again you have fired me up to complete We had 10 of our team with us and they are The Eagle Team my plan and build my business. I had a new ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN Issue 34 11.09.09
  10. 10. A BRILLIANTLY PROSPEROUS CHRISTMAS IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER! The Xmas Showcase was absolutely packed full of ideas and face our limiting beliefs head on, set our goals and take massive training to make this Christmas the greatest we’ve ever seen. action. A brilliant Christmas awaits us! Gold Premier Executive As you have probably already seen, Distributor, Jackie White was first this year has been incredible for PR. up on stage. This will be her twelfth National and regional press have been Kleeneze Christmas and she admits jumping for details of the Kleeneze that it has been 11 of these quite option. So, we invited director of our short seasons that have changed their PR company, Citypress, Charles business. Jackie went through the Tattersall to the NIA stage to explain basics – have a written plan, have how PR can boost your business. enough catalogues, plan your Christmas training and take MASSIVE Charles explained that over the next action. However, the crux of her couple of months, we’ll be focusing training went on to motivate us entirely. on working parents. According to our recent survey, 64% of parents feel they What you do and achieve this coming season could begin your are letting their children down by not huge success story and change your business forever, she told us. attending school events and a quarter of workers wish they were It’s going to happen anyway, so you can watch it happen, wonder able to work from home. At the end of the day, Showcase what happened or make it happen! End each year on a massive attendees received a copy of our Every Child Magazine article. If high and hit the deck running come New Year to keep up that you didn’t receive yours, download it off the DSA now as a momentum! fantastic sponsoring tool. Silver Executive Distributor Ken If you want to take part in our future Kleeneze PR campaigns, Rooney already has his Christmas register for your chance to star as a case study in the media at plan down. It’s one that’s created www.citypress.co.uk/kleeneze where over 500 people have huge income for him over the years. already replied. The difference to your ‘average’ plan? Doorstep Demonstrations. Ken showed the audience how to demonstrate the products; to have a selection, be pleasant and enthused and demonstrate at delivery. He gave us ideas on where to demonstrate and how to effectively catalogue. And such was the feedback we received on his training, we’ve now put it up on the DSA! THE KLEENE Our guest speaker, Michael Heppell ZE CHRISTMAS was, erm, well brilliant! However, he RETAIL PLANNER IS showed us that this brilliance is within us NOW AVAILABLE TO all! He showed us that all it takes is a DOWNLOAD change of thought process to achieve ON THE DSA anything we want. We’re all on track to Michael Heppell shows us how to be brilliant SEE MORE FABULOUS SPEAKERS TOMORROW AT THE KLEENEZE IRELAND XMAS SHOWCASE AT THE RADISSON BLU AT DUBLIN AIRPORT! 11.09.09 Issue 34 ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN
  11. 11. LEARN WHILE YOU EARN EVENTS COMPANY SHOWCASES AND TRAINING DAYS 16 Sept (14/10, 11/11, 9/12) Pontefract BOM has moved to the Whitwood Inn Pioneer way CASTLEFORD WF10 5TG (1/4 626327 or Kate Lee on 0118 9268540 to reserve your table for your team sizzle! Everyone welcome across the Network 12 Sept Kleeneze Ireland Xmas Showcase – THE RADISSON mile jct 31 M62), 7.30pm for 8pm start. Everyone welcome, (Blue and Red groups). BLU HOTEL, DUBLIN AIRPORT Guest free Hosts Graham & Georgina Long eze number 22 Sept (20/10,17/11,15/12) Hemel Hempstead Opportunity Meeting, 16 Sept Kleeneze Gold Day – KLEENEZE HQ (Book now: 01937 858018. Holiday Inn, Breakspear Way, HEMEL HEMPSTEAD HP2 email lloyd.brown@kleeneze.co.uk) 21 Sept (19/10, 16/11) Merseyside Business Opportunity Meeting, 4UA. £3 per distributor, guests free. 7:30pm for 8pm start. 17-21 Oct Kleeneze Autumn Destination – CYPRUS Holiday Inn RUNCORN, Wood Lane, Beechwood, Runcorn, Business dress please. Hosts: Rosina & Frank Pocock. Tel: 9 Jan 2010 Kleeneze New Year Showcase & Gala Dinner – THE Cheshire WA7 3HA. £2.50 per person, guests free. Business 01442 256405. NIA and HALL 3, ICC, BIRMINGHAM dress please. Hosts:- Mary & Harry Fullerton email: 22 Sept (20/10; 17/11) Bristol Opportunity Meeting. Ship Inn (next to 16 Jan 2010 Kleeneze Ireland New Year Showcase – THE mary.fullerton@gmail.com or Tel: 0151 601 2972. Premier Inn),Thornbury Road, Alveston, BRISTOL, BS35 RADISSON BLU HOTEL, DUBLIN AIRPORT 23 Sept (every four weeks) Teeside Opportunity Meeting, The 3LL. 8.00pm start. Business dress please. Distributors £2 per 2-9 Mar 2010 Kleeneze Spring Destination 2010 – CAPE TOWN Windmill, a purpose built Conference and Seminar Centre, head, guests FREE. Host: Andy Cooper, ITS 124171. T. Dalton Piercy, HARTLEPOOL, TS27 3HN, directly on A19, 01179 819526. just north of Wynyard Park turn-off. Open meeting, everyone 23 Sept (7/10, 21/10, 4/11, 18/11, 2/12, 16/12, 30/12) Swindon TRAINING MEETINGS - 2009 COUNTRYWIDE welcome. 8pm Start £2.50 per head. Guests free Opportunity Meeting, The Link Centre West SWINDON SN5 16 Sept Opportunity Showcase/Going for Gold, Pentagon Centre, Opp/Training/Recognition/Raffle/Table. Steve Geldard and 7DL. 8pm start in the Blades Bar next to the Reception, Washington St, GLASGOW. 7.30pm for 8pm start. Business Cathy Brookes, tel: 0191 521 4564. ITS 119822 Sue Phoenix £2.50 per distributor Smart Dress. Everyone welcome. Hosts: dress please. £3 per distributor, guests free, all welcome. ITS 514235. Steve and Debra Nell contact on tel: 01793 887978 or Contact Tom and Kate Forbes 0141 626 0013, Andrew 23 Sept (21/10, 18/11, 16/12) Leeds Business Opportunity Meeting, Ezereach: 01793 238909 Walkinshaw 07915 063458, Bob Park 07968804327. Holiday Inn, Brighouse, Clifton Village, LEEDS, HD6 4HW. 23 Sept (21/10, 18/11, 16/12) Somerset Business Opportunity 19 Sept (every four weeks) Aberdeen Opportunity and Training 7.30pm for 8pm start. £3 per distributor, guests free. Meeting, The Bathpool Inn, Bathpool, TAUNTON, TA2 8BE, Meeting, Holiday Inn Express – Aberdeen Exhibition Centre, Business dress please. Contact Angel Hill on 07931283957 7.30pm for 8pm start. £3 per Distributorship, guests free. Parkway East, Bridge of Don, ABERDEEN, AB23 8AJ. 10am or Stuart Hill on 07792002402. Carlsberg don’t do BOMs, but if they did, they’d probably – 12.30pm, £3. Contact Lynn Macdonald at 29 Sept (every four weeks) Edinburgh Opportunity Meeting, say this is the best BOM in the world...but you need to come lynn@lynnmacdonald.com or tel: 01506 414456. Edinburgh Training Centre, 16 St Mary’s Street along to find out! Contact Chris and Jacqui Hill on 01458 20 Sept (every four weeks) Freedom Training. 10.00am – 1.00pm EDINBURGH, EH1 1SU. 8pm 9pm. Contact Lynn 851046, 0967 661442, ITS 237999, Ezereach: 01458888065 (doors open at 9.30am) Best Western Moat House Hotel, MacDonald at lynn@lynnmacdonald.com. email somersetbom@toprewards.co.uk. Festival Way, Etruria, STOKE-ON-TRENT, ST1 5BQ. 29 Sept (every four weeks) Kleeneze Opportunity Presentation 24 Sept (29/10, 26/11, 17/12) Showcase Opportunity Briefing, Bookings only, £6.00 per person. Please send cheques Evening. Holiday Inn STOKE-ON-TRENT ST5 4DL. M6 J15 Tottenham Green Leisure Centre, The Gold Room, First (payable to A de Caso) to: Adele & Jaime de Caso, 38 Poplar Business dress only. Please arrive early for a prompt start. Floor, 1 Philip Lane, LONDON N15 4JA. 7.30PM. Close, Blythe Bridge, Stoke-on-Trent ST11 9RJ (names will Doors open at 7:30pm, presentation from 8:00 till 9:15pm. Registration for 7.45PM start. Special guest speakers each be held at the door, no tickets are sent out) Business dress Hosts: Adele & Jaime de Caso 01260 218574. month. £3 per distributorship, guest free. Everyone welcome! only please, everyone welcome. For further information, 30 Sept (28/10, 25/11) Open Opportunity Meeting at The Summit Hosts: Gary Dixon and team. Contact 07973 712 425, please call 01260 218574. Centre, Pavilion Road, Kirkby In Ashfield, NOTTINGHAM, I.T.S.113915, or e mail: garydiamonddixon@aol.com. 20 Sept FastForward Northwest Millionaires training at the Holiday NG17 7LL. Junction 27 or 28 of the M1. – 9.30pm. 28 Sept (26/10, 23/11,16/12) Norwich Business Opportunity Meeting, Inn, Wood Lane, RUNCORN, Cheshire, WA7 3HA. 12 noon Telephone 01623 752008. Hosts: Margaret & Mike Drayton Holiday Inn, Ipswich Rd, NORWICH. NR4 6EP 7.30pm for . start, £8 at the door. Bumper free raffle and great training 01623 722500, or e-mail mikedrayton@btinternet.com. 8pm start. £3 per Distributor, guests free. Business dress from Gavin Scott, Alison & Michael Ogden, Marion Homer, 13 Nov (second Tuesday of each month) BOM meetings at Carlisle. please. Contact Stephen on 07810126010. Mike Backhouse and others. Further details from Mel Wilson Border Gate Premier Inn, Carleton, CARLISLE CA4 OAD tel: 30 Sept (28/10, 25/11) West Sussex Business Opportunity Showcase on 01524 720192. 01228 633311. 7.30pm for 8pm start. All distributors and at the Royal George, Upper Shoreham Road, Shoreham-by- 27 Sept It’s back, it’s bigger than ever, it’s ‘The Big One’! The East prospects/guests welcome. Hosts Alistair Townsend and Sea, WEST SUSSEX, BN43 6TA, on the Holmbush Midlands premier event is coming up soon, so book now to Malcolm Bullough and will feature a presentation of the Roundabout. Fantastic training from guest speakers followed secure a place with top speakers - Gavin Scott, Allan & opportunity and a guest speaker. For information, contact: by a scintillating sizzle for only £2.50 per Distributor, Guests Elaine Moffat & Fiona Webb. Tickets only £7 for a fantastic Alistair Townsend 01228 528126 email: ali5kids@sky.com FREE. 7.30pm for 8pm prompt start, Business dress please. afternoon of training plus fantastic raffle. Starts at 12 noon Malcolm Bullough 01228 675553 Hosts:- Judy & Gordon Seldon, 01903 893887. (Doors open 11am) Finish at 5pm. For further details contact malcolmbullough@hotmail.com. 30 Sept (28/10,25/11) Essex Business Opportunity Meeting at The Laura Thorpe & Les Ward on 0116 294 7827 or Andy Buxton Holiday Inn, Brook Street, BRENTWOOD, CM14 5NF, & Laura Kelly on 07830 190485. Make cheques payable to ’The Big 1’ to 34 Rectory Lane, Thurcaston, Leicestershire. SOUTH/MIDLANDS/WALES J28 – M25. 7.30 for 8pm start. Business Dress please. Everyone Welcome Hosts Richard & Vanadis. EzeReach: LE7 7JQ. The meeting is at the Novotel, Long Eaton, 14 Sept (Third Monday of every month) South East Open Evening. 01206 804 635. NOTTINGHAM - Jct 25 M1. You cannot buy tickets on the BOM with a twist. Forest Suite, Bracknell Leisure Centre, 2 Oct (First Tuesday of every month) Business Opportunity day so don’t delay - book today. (Bookings to reach us by Bagshot Road, BRACKNELL, Berks, RG12 9SE. 7.45pm for Meeting. St Leonards Hotel, Ringwood Road, St Leonards, Monday 21st Sept.) See you there! 8.30pm start. Distributors £3 single/£4 joint, guests free. RINGWOOD, Hampshire, BH24 2NP 7.30pm for 8pm start, . 5 Oct (every four weeks) Titans Huddersfield Training and Business dress please. Contact Debbie Gee on 01628 £2.50 per person. Business dress please. Hosts Bob Dalton Opportunity Meeting at the Cedar Court Hotel Lindley Moor 626327 or Kate Lee on 0118 9268540. Everyone welcome and Sue Marshall on 01425 480675 or ITS 119727. Road Ainley Top HUDDERSFIELD HD3 3RH (Just off across the Network (Blue and Red groups). 14 Oct (4/11, 2/12) Folkestone opportunity evening, The Firs Club, junction 24 M62). 7:30PM for 8PM prompt start. Please note 14 Sept (12/10 23/11) Business Opportunity Open Evening (Now on Firs Lane, Cheriton, FOLKESTONE CT19 4QF. £2 per smart dress applies. Contact Neil Young 07932 965 071 Mondays), All welcome The Lincoln Suite, Lincolnshire Oak distributor, guests free. 7:30pm for 8:00pm start. Business Ezereach 0113 350 8763. All welcome. Hotel, East Road SLEAFORD, Lincs, NG34 7EH 7.30pm, £3 dress please. All welcome. Hosts Emma & Chris Shafe. 25 Oct Gillian Nicholson’s Wealth Events Training Thurrock Hotel, per distributor, Guests free. Contact:- Andy & Amanda Ezereach: 01227 808744. THURROCK, Essex. Registration 13:00 for prompt start at Holland (aaholland@talktalk.net) Eze Reach:- 01553 886597. 14 Sept (9/11, 7/12) Open to Blue & Red Groups. Eltham Open 13:30hrs. Finish 4pm. £4.00 per distributor – Guests free Guest Speakers: Gill Sepe and Diane Goulding – P13 Make Evening at the Eltham Conservative Club, 254 High Street, REPUBLIC OF IRELAND it the best ever!! Further information email: Gillian Nicholson ELTHAM, London, SE9 1AA. 7.30pm registration for prompt 23 Sept (four weekly) Open Opportunity Meeting at Brennans Green at wealthevents@btinternet.com Arrive ready to learn, leave 8pm start, ends around 9.30pm, then relax for a drink and a Isle Hotel, Newlands Cross, DUBLIN 22, at 8pm; €5 per ready to earn! Wealth of Income, Wealth of Knowledge, sizzle plus visit our well stocked Sales Aids table. £3 per distributorship, guests free. Contact Audrey 086-8352012 or Wealth of Friendships distributorship, guests free, dress code: smart casual. Hosts Jim 087-2103983. 1 Nov The biggest open meeting in the south, The Business Joyce and Pete Rowe. Tel: 020 8463 7133. EzeReach No: 18 Oct The Glenroyal Hotel, Maynooth, Co. KILDARE, 12pm. Building Seminar is back for 2009 at the Blue Mountain Golf 020 3393 2408. Still the only BOM/Open Evening in South Tickets cost €10, guests free. Contact Eamon Lynch and and Conference Centre, Wood Lane, Binfield, RG42 4EX (Nr London. Marie Ryan on 044 9330826; info@wealthblitz.com. WOKINGHAM) Berks. Just off Junction 10, M4.Everyone is 16 Sept (21/10, 18/11, 16/12) Redruth Business Opportunity Meeting 8 Nov Training Meeting at the Abbey Leix Manor Hotel, welcome. Starts at 11am (Doors open 10am) Finish at at Tricky’s, Tolgus Mount, Redruth, CORNWALL, TR15 3TA. ABBEYLEIX, 12.30pm. Guest speaker Bob Webb. Tickets 4.30pm. The top line up of guest speakers include Mike and 7.45pm for 8pm start. Everyone welcome. Still only £2.50 per are €7.50 per person and are on a first come basis/€12 on Jean Day (Premier) Distributors of the Year, Chris Mason- Distributorship, Guests free. Hosts: David and Jenny Gerry. the door. Please book early for yourself and your team to Paull(Platinum Premier), Dave Pemberton-Smith (Gold SED), Contact on 01209 714067, moneymagnet.info@yahoo.co.uk, avoid disappointment. Contact Eamon Lynch and Marie Eamon Lynch (Gold SED) and the one and only Michael ITS 297533. Ryan on 044 9330826; info@wealthblitz.com. Khatkar, Head of Network Development. Knowledge is King 16 Sept (7/10, 4/11, then every 4 weeks) Birmingham Open BOM. 6 Dec The Glenroyal Hotel, Maynooth, Co. KILDARE, 12pm. here on the day. Book Raffle and catalogues to give away. £8 The Plough & Harrow Hotel, 135 Hagley Road, Tickets cost €10, guests free. Contact Eamon Lynch and per head. Book before 1 October and be entered into a free BIRMINGHAM. 7.45pm registration for an 8pm prompt start. Marie Ryan on 044 9330826; info@wealthblitz.com. £100 cash draw. Details and bookings call: Peter Richards Ample free parking, good reception areas & bar for team on 01249-821722 and book your place early, Limited sizzles & meeting your guests. Unfortunately there is no seating, Advance bookings only. wheelchair access to the room (upstairs). Only £3 per THE NETHERLANDS highearnings@btopenworld.com. distributorship, guests free (bring loads & see your business 12 Sept (3/10,31/10,28/11, 19/12) Hotel van der Valk de Cantharel, grow). Join us for the first one for a Bumper Raffle, there may Van Golsteinlaan 20, 7339 GT APELDOORN. 1pm – 3pm. even be a Retail Kit (or 2) up for grabs. But more importantly OPPORTUNITY MEETINGS - NORTH/SCOTLAND there will be lots of useful Kleeneze information, training & a Email Rita & Frank Kamsteeg at f.kamsteeg@home.nl. 15 Sept (every four weeks) North East Business Opportunity Meeting, fantastic atmosphere where you can introduce your guests Do you have any Training or Opportunity meetings in your Quality Hotel, Boldon Business Park, SUNDERLAND. NE5 to the wonderful world of Kleeneze. If you want 2010 to be 9PE. Easy access from A19. Open meeting, everyone your best year ever – don’t wait till then – your 2010 business area? Let us know, at meetings@kleeneze.co.uk and we welcome. 8.00pm start £2.50 per head. Guests free starts NOW. Hosts Gerard & Claire Tucker-Mawr (EzeReach: will include them in our weekly meetings diary. Opp/Training/Recognition/Raffle/Table Steve Geldard and 0121 314 9785) and Geoff & Diane Owen (EzeReach: 0121 DEADLINE FOR WEEKLY SUBMISSIONS 4PM TUESDAY. Cathy Brookes, tel: 0191 521 4564, ITS 119822 Sue Phoenix 314 4870). ITS 514235. 14 Sept (third Monday of every month) South East Open Evening 15 Sept (every four weeks) Glasgow Opportunity Meeting, Ramada BOM with a twist. Forest Suite, Bracknell Leisure Centre, Jarvis Hotel, Ingram St, GLASGOW 8pm- 9pm. Contact Bagshot Road, BRACKNELL, Berks, RG12 9SE. 7.45pm for Lynn Macdonald at lynn@lynnmacdonald.com or tel: 01506 8.30pm start. Distributors £3 single/£4 joint, guests free. 414456. Business dress please. Contact Debbie Gee on 01628 ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN Issue 34
  12. 12. Everybody wins at Kleeneze Showcase Let’s face it – attend a Showcase and you just can’t lose. Not only was the day packed full of fun, energy and motivation that made it an event like any other, but there were also plenty of discounts, freebies and prizes that made it even more spectacular. You can’t put a price on the free training that was on hand throughout the day. And time spent with your team mates is also incalculable. However, we can put a price on our fantastic giveaways and altogether on Saturday 5 September, Kleeneze gave out a whopping £5,193.25 of prizes and offers – simply because you were there! If you were there on the day, you could have saved on Cabouchon, Catapullers, Sponsoring Packs, Q-Tech products, Kleeneze Christmas Cards and the Merry Christmas Reindeer. However, throughout the day, we also gave out some amazing prizes: 10 X HELEN E GOODY BAGS 10 X PAIRS OF VIP TICKETS TO THE NEW 10 X NEW CATAPULLERS Mary and Peter Whinfrey, Lesley and Keith YEAR SHOWCASE Walter Kirby and Monica Lindsay, Sheila and Ridden, Kathy and Ian Peace, Kevin Howe and Alan Whelan and Tracey Hepworth, Joanna Nigel Fowler, Danny Barden and Wendy Leah Harper, Michelle and David MacEwan, Harrison and Philip Sampson, Joanne and Hodges, Nick and Grace Sassanelli, Amanda Stephen and Jenny Andrews, Julie Golding, Matthew Curtis, Thomas and Karyn Medd, and Peter Graham, Malcolm and Jennifer Jacqueline and Paul Reading, Sharon Bullock Kevin Rider, Alan Davey and Wendy Herwig, Warden, Marie Andrews, Lorraine and Ian and David Taylor, Debra Bamford Soraya and Steve Anderson, Adele and Jaime Balcombe, Sandra and Simon Woodbridge, de Caso, Helen Robertson, Martin Hodgkin Shane Quelch and Amanda Selfe 4 X PAIRS OF TICKETS TO SEE THE 1 X NIGHT’S ACCOMMODATION AT THE 10 X KLEENEZE WATERPROOF JACKETS CLOTHES SHOW LIVE HYATT REGENCY BIRMINGHAM ON Soraya and Steve Anderson, Mark and Kim and Stephanie Wheway, Sue SATURDAY 9 JANUARY Gemma Cronin, Raymond and Caroline Phoenix, Paul and Laura Mulholland, Andrew Ridley and Louise Lee Powell, Amanda and Mark Dickinson, Denise Lee and Fiona Henshaw 4 X NEW YEAR GALA DINNER TICKETS and William Duggan, Paul Clark, Anne Smith, 1 X PAIR OF TICKETS FOR EDDIE IZZARD’S Julie Yuen, Matthew Gadbury and Lisa Cox, Resham Deham, Geoff and Fiona Webb, Ian STRIPPED EUROPEAN TOUR Amanda and Andrew Holland, Danny and and Carole Hebner Helen Cope Claire Smith 5 X 1 WEEK AVANTI HOLIDAYS FOR TWO 5 X ONE YEAR’S SUBSCRIPTION TO 10 X DOUBLE YOUR RETAIL KIT ORDER Gillian and Martin Chitty, Colin Hillman, EZEREACH PRO ON THE DAY Graham and Wendy Turnbull, Andrea and Mervyn Vickers, Jill and Carole and James Sunter, Julie Taylor and Clare and Valerie Bonsey, David Mason, Stuart Harper and Mark David Bonsall, Glenys Parsons, David Notman, Angela and Andrew Sweetman Blackshaw, Stephen and Debra Nell, Janet and Stephanie Pooley, Fred and Karen Mason, Mel Roger Bowen and Irene Wilson, Terry and Sally Jones, Andrea and Mervyn Vickers, Karen Challinor Join a winning team Want to win lots of prizes, grab some bargains and get tips on how to make your business more profitable? Well, join the 1730 Distributors who booked their New Year Showcase tickets for 9 January 2010 on Saturday! Only £15/€22.50 until midnight 18 September 2009! BOOK TODAY! Showcase Tickets cost £20/€30. You can pay by credit card, debit card or using your Kleeneze account. Phone: Call the Kleeneze Service Centre on +44 (0) 844 848 5000. Alternatively, call the NIA Ticket Factory on +44 (0) 844 581 0745 (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm). Standard National call rates apply. Online: Visit www.necgroup.co.uk (24 hours). Go to ‘Buy a Ticket’ and scroll down to ‘Tickets Available at the NIA’. Once you have selected the Kleeneze New Year Showcase use promotional code KLEEN9186. Fax: Fax the booking form (available to download from the DSA) to +44 (0)121 767 3849. Post: Post the booking form (available to download from the DSA) to The Ticket Factory, Centre Core, The NEC, Birmingham, B40 1NT. Ordering site: Add your Showcase tickets onto your usual product order using 00027. 11.09.09 Issue 34 ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN