BULLETIN                                                                            03.07.09 Issue 24

New mitts do the
We love the fact that when we launch a new catalogue, it’s
not just your customers’ feedback you send in,...
e trick!
Phew, has it been a month already? The qualification period for Cyprus   a really great increas...
                                                                             CAPE(D) CRUSADERS:...
Last month, we launched our first dual language (Dutch/German)
leaflet. With eight pages contai...
100,000 And Above                                    15,000 And Above              ...
KLEENEZE 2009 Ewb 24
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KLEENEZE 2009 Ewb 24


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KLEENEZE 2009 Ewb 24

  1. 1. BULLETIN 03.07.09 Issue 24 THE SMALL GESTURE THAT MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE A week in a luxury apartment in the sun ONLY £79 per person, including flights! We don’t need to remind you how important customer service is to HERE COMES THE SCIENCE BIT: your business. It’s customer service that has seen Kleeneze thrive for All your customers need to do to bag themselves a rather nice holiday over 85 years, increasing sales, increasing public image and making it a to a sun-soaked shore abroad, is place an order of over £20 in July or more than worthy competitor to every other retail business. August. This will entitle them to an Avanti passport, meaning that they During the good old days, before the recession hit, all the retail can get a seven night holiday in a luxury self-catering apartment in industry needed do was open its doors in order to make a profit. Now, Spain or Portugal for a mere £79 per person.* consumer confidence has hit rock bottom and customer service is Customers only have to: more important than ever, in order to score highly with consumers as • Place their order for £20 or more with your Kleeneze Distributor they become more and more discerning. Poor customer service is (keep a copy of the receipt for their proof of purchase) simply a luxury businesses cannot afford. • Complete the booking on Avanti’s website Want to make sure your loyal customer base keeps on expanding? It’s • They will then receive a confirmation email and a phone call to so easy to do – just show them some love. The customer wants to be confirm all details loved and valued more than ever and any actions that ensure this are Distributors: going to be hugely rewarded. AN EXCL HOLIDAY OFUSIVE You can take advantage of the offer too – if 25 of FER FOR CUSTOMER Now, while a cheery ‘hello, how’s little Mabel getting on at big school’ your customers take advantage of this offer, you FROM ONLY S! £79 PER PERSON INCLU WITH AVAN TI HOLIDAY PASS DING FLIGHTS - JUST PLACE PORT AN ORDER OF and ‘terrible weather we’re having, isn’t it’ will go miles to make your OVER £20 IN will be entitled to take it up too (Avanti will check JULY OR AUGU ST • 7 nights in a luxury self-catering apartment customers smile, a trip to Spain, Portugal or Tenerife could very well • See over for details of against Kleeneze records prior to ticket issue). fabulous resorts in Spain, Portugal and Tenerife seal the deal, so Kleeneze has teamed up with Avanti to offer them All product orders placed since yesterday over the just that! Launched on Wednesday 1 July at Gold Rush III, the next two weeks will include a free pack of 400 Travel dates: Holiday price: 01/07/09 - 31/10/09 Accommodation Kleeneze Doorstep Destination is set to treat your customers and boost £49 per booking : Flights: Self-catering apartmen 01/11/09 - 31/01/10 Spain, Portugal t Not included flyers (limited to one pack per distributorship). £79 per person or Tenerife Self-catering apartmen 01/02/10 - 31/12/10 Mainland Spain t Included £49 per booking or Portugal Self-catering apartmen your retail orders all in one go. Spain, Portugal t Not included or Tenerife Simply place your order for £20 or more with * The offer is only currently available in the UK (ROI/NL/DE (your receipt will show their Distribu your Kleeneze Distributor and complete tor accoun your booking at: t number) 56073313 www.avan ti-passport.co m/KTPC offer will be emailed separately shortly). 560-068-02
  2. 2. New mitts do the We love the fact that when we launch a new catalogue, it’s not just your customers’ feedback you send in, but yours too! It just goes to show, it’s not only the general public that love “Recently I had a cataract operation and I used the Sun Wraps for a week or two, as the products – the Network love them just as much! bright light effected the eye “Here’s a photo of my wife, Helen, getting to grips with the operated on. During a new Potato Peeling Mitts. As a family, we all love new conversation with one of our potatoes – but none of us like scraping them! These new customers, Mrs Fitzmaurice, she Mitts are fantastic, as it takes a lot less time to prepare them happened to say she was having and get the potatoes a lot cleaner.” the same operation and I mentioned the Sun Wraps, so Alan Barber, Gold Distributor she bought a pair. Potato Peeling Mitts, Main Book, page 8, Since then the same customer code 077712-2C, £6/€9 has recommended the Sun Here at HQ, we’re also going mad for the new Main Beauty. Here are some of our favourites: “uPVC Restorer – does what it says on “I have used Stay Clean quite frequently on the tin (well bottle). Great product to my car windscreen and find it very effective. bring uPVC items back to look like All the Perma Clear products are actually new. Outside windows, plastic pretty nifty and I think symbolise what people guttering, garden furniture…it’s a expect from Kleeneze products.” great product that can be Jonathan Baddiel, Senior Assistant Buyer recommended and demonstrated to Stay Clean, Main Book, page 71, people very easily.” code 049980-2C, £6/€9 Jamie Stewart, Managing Director uPVC Restorer, Main Book, “The Ultimate Q Tech Alloy Wheel page 71, code 014303-2C, £6/€9 Cleaner is a must for any car enthusiast. Really good, cuts through the grime.” “The rotary line cover is a Bill Black, Head of Compliance favourite. Kleeneze is the Q-Tech Alloy Wheel Cleaner, only provider of a decent Main Book, page 130, one. If you can find one in a code 029211-2C, £6.50/€9.75 local shop (actually quite hard to do so) it usually falls to pieces after a few months. I seem to supply these to my immediate family “Definitely the Norfolk Lavender Range on request.” for me - can’t get to sleep without Harold Sach, Senior lavender oil!” Systems Analyst Pam Sciambarella, Photographer Rotary Line Cover, Lavender Essential Oil, Main Book, page 87, Health & Beauty, page 21, code 021253-2C, £6/€9 code 040053-2J, £3.50/€5.25 03.07.09 Issue 24 ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN
  3. 3. e trick! NEW SUFFIXES You may have noticed that instead of a double-number suffix, the products in our new Main Book and Health & Beauty all have letter and number suffixes instead. There’s a simple reason for this – we didn’t have enough all Wraps to friends and Eyedrops Helper Designed specially to stop number suffixes has given us orders for eyedrops from being wasted, the Eyedrops Helper will help left to use on the you direct eyedrops straight into your eye with ease. Reusable. Code 034177-2J more of them. £3.00 system at this time. How powerful is Black Leather Double Glasses Pouch Keep up to 2 pairs of your glasses handy word of mouth NEW and safe in this stylish leather zippered case. Made from genuine leather. Size 17 x 7cm (63⁄4 x 23⁄4"). Code 067300-2J £5.00 However, for Main Sun Wraps recommendation by a Double Glasses Pouch A must have item if you These powerful 400 UV protection Sun Wraps can be worn on their own or slip perfectly over your Book and Health & like to have a spare set of Beauty we’ll be back prescription glasses. glasses and sunglasses No need to worry third party?!” on you when you're out about ill-fitting clip-ons and about. Softly that can be easily lost, cushioned, with elegant or buying expensive pearl effect button. prescription L17 x W5cm (63⁄4 x 2"). on the old system of sunglasses. Code 037605-2J W16.5 x H5.5cm £4.50 (61⁄2 x 21⁄4"). Code 065757-2J Joyce Holden, £6.00 a double number Senior Distributor Magnifying Glasses Lanyards suffix next season. Make-Up Never again will you lose your reading glasses or sunglasses. Fitting securely Glasses around the neck, the stylish Apply make-up with lanyard ensures your glasses ease - each lens are always there for Sun Wraps, flips down for easy when you need them. application. Set of 2 - 1 black Supplied with and 1 gold. BLACK protective pouch. Code 036110-2J Code 017671-2J £4.00 Health & Beauty, £6.00 Best Seller page 38, code Enjoy complete peace of mind with our 30 day money back guarantee GOLD SET OF 2 CAN YOU HEAR SOMETHING? 38 065757-2J, £6/€9 Book and Health & WELL, IT’S NOT THE NEW CATAPULLER... The Catapuller is back and even better than ever. We took all your Distributor “I have a couple of products feedback and it all added up that what you wanted was: that I like the Leather Wipes • A stronger Catapuller that can be easily wheeled over kerbs are great, easy to use, do • A more spacious Catapuller, that could hold many more catalogues, but still the job well, can be be easily folded down used in the home or • A much quieter Catapuller that can’t be heard trundling along ten the car and leave a miles away! nice smell. So that’s what you’re getting. The new Catapuller is much more robust with a The second is the Green stronger frame made from iron and silver coating. We’ve also focused on Bags they keep all sorts making the wheels stronger and bigger to keep it quieter. of food fresher for longer and are easy to use and Oh, and you also said you wanted it for the about the same price, so we did can be re-used again exactly that. And, because we really care (and because, let’s face it, it amuses and again.” us), we sent Michael Khatkar out retailing with it…and then videoed it…and then put it on the DSA. Fiaz Rafique, Head of Service Centre Before you rush to check out the sight of Leather Wipes, Main Book, page 67, our Head of Network Development code 076406-2C, £6/€9 doing a little distributing with the help of his trusty Catapuller, make sure you get your pre- order of our favourite new retailing tool in. The new Catapullers will be in stock from mid-August, but you can order them now on code 07730 for £15 (no charge will show on your account until delivery). Get in there before everyone Green Bags, Main Book, page 14, else does! code 018082-2C, £5/€7.50 ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN Issue 24 03.07.09
  4. 4. FROM CYPRUS TO CAPE TOWN W Phew, has it been a month already? The qualification period for Cyprus a really great increase in retail from our customer bases and having the and Cape Town seems to be just flying by but keeping busy and on-line catalogue is brilliant, my family live in Suffolk and can now having fun at the same time would ensure that! New Catalogues, a place orders with me after looking online which we can then deliver blazing June and the promise of sandy white beaches in Limassol when we go to visit. seems to be enough to have kept everyone working hard to join us on So Cyprus ... bring It on!” these amazing Destinations. So, the end of Period 6 has arrived and we thought it was high time CAPE(D) CRUSADERS: Andrew Shaw and Ricardo Ferreira we caught up with our Cape(d) Crusaders to see how their faring on “This last Period has been so busy! We’ve been their route to qualification. working hard to generate loads more leads and, as we both work-full time, we’ve been trying to fit in as much retail as possible and support our team. We’re still really in the early stages in our sponsoring – we only started end of March this year so we’re relatively new at it! We keep on learning, though – every Period we’re learning. I think the most important thing we’ve picked up, though, is to make sure our teams are all on the same wavelength as everyone. It’s duplication essentially. Autumn Destination 2009 – Cyprus Two of our team members have already sponsored people and now CAPE(D) CRUSADERS: Sharon Waters and Dave Allsop we’re supporting them in that. “In Period 6 we had to take two weeks out of The challenge leading up to that has essentially been finding the right the business, as Sharon had her second year people who want to put that effort in. Although it’s been a mix of final accountancy exams. It was our plan to sponsoring and retailing up until now, we’ve probably put more of an qualify Gold in Period 5 then hold the 2 emphasis on sponsoring, because, at the end of the day, that’s what’s consecutive periods in 7 and 8. So this Period going to build a strong business for our future. we’ve really just been working hard with our I think the thing that keeps us working on this so hard is because, team to help them achieve what they wanted. although we’ve always had enough to pay the bills, we’ve never really We are so proud of Donna Stringer and had any lifestyle money before. What’s keeping us going is the vision Wayne Brown who achieved their 10% for this first time and also Steve of doing what we want, when we want to do it without worrying Walker who held his 10% for the second period on a row. about the money and ultimately being self-employed. Not having a The sponsoring activity in previous months in preparation for Period 5 boss and setting your own targets – there’s no price for that really. I came into fruition and we signed in seven new distributors in Period 5 had a week’s holiday last week and concentrated fully on the business and 3 more in Period 6 which will give us the momentum to re-qualify and it didn’t feel like work at all! I didn’t resent it, I didn’t think ‘oh Gold in Period 7. Now all the exams are finished we are raring to go. god I need to get up early in the morning and go to work’ because The plan for Period 7 is to up our retail by doing extra blanket drops you’re doing it all for yourself and not for someone else. around our customer bases and continuing to help our team to get We’re so determined to succeed!” what they want. We’re really looking forward to the activity weekend where we can get together with all the Golden Bears and have a sizzle afterwards to celebrate all the activity. As we live in a city which has a large population of university students, we’re really looking forward to targeting this area with our activity and being able to show the students how they can make some good extra income over the summer months and beyond. The new catalogues are absolutely fab, we have seen 03.07.09 Issue 24 ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN
  5. 5. WITH OUR CAPE(D) CRUSADERS CAPE(D) CRUSADERS: Steve Geldard and Cathy Brookes “After getting off to a great start in the first few months, as often happens in life, challenges came along big style. One of our team who we’ve worked with extensively for a long time, who we thought was a key person, suddenly left the business out of the blue. Spring Destination 2010 – Cape Town Several others who said they were serious and actually set goals and activity plans haven’t CAPE(D) CRUSADERS: Steve and Debbie Roper followed through and then we’ve had some family challenges and a “We believe that it is essential to have a plan serious illness to cope with, so the goal seems further away than it did when working towards any goal. More at the beginning of the year. importantly we must commit to working that So what are we doing about all of this? plan and keep a track of progress. With any We’ve had these problems before but not in the public spotlight and plan we can go part of the course and when what we’ve found is that getting even more focused and busy we monitor results frequently we can then often irons things out in the long run. Success often comes along adjust the plan if necessary and get back on towards the end of a campaign, so long as you keep working at it and target. Adjusting the plan, going the extra don’t quit. mile, navigating round obstacles is all part of the process and we’d We never miss a meeting because mixing with like minded positive encourage everyone to keep striving hard for their goal. Cape Town is people helps keep you on track. Also books like Rhinoceros Success going to be brilliant and we can clearly visualise a whole bunch of us and Attitude is Everything are a great tonic when you need a pick me celebrating a successful crusade! up, I still read constantly and daily even after so long in the business. To help the team we have run a competition to encourage everyone to It says in Think & Grow Rich that one of the biggest causes of failure is do lead generating activities on a daily basis. We have worked hard to the habit of quitting when one has been overcome by temporary improve the effectiveness of our ad pool, which has worked well. We setbacks, and to me that’s all life’s challenges are, temporary setbacks, hold regular telephone-sizzles for our Gold leaders that have truly as the business is a lifelong project. committed to their goals and want to collectively monitor progress We’re constantly looking at ways to increase the business and and sizzle with others of a like mind. We also hold regular group wide sponsoring rate and have just presented the business and given a plan telephone-sizzle sessions to include everyone in the team irrespective of to our school PTA, who are looking to raise £50k per year, so that’s an location. These are just things that we have done whilst working the avenue that could open up a wide range of possibilities. system and we encourage everyone in the team to support and ‘Tough times never last, tough people do’ is a saying that’s so relevant make full use of all the events and facilities put in place by our in this business, and that’s what we live by, so if anyone else is having successful Upline.” challenges you just have to keep on keeping on until you succeed.” ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN Issue 24 03.07.09
  6. 6. TWICE AS NICE FOR HOLLAND! Last month, we launched our first dual language (Dutch/German) leaflet. With eight pages containing 30 of our best-sellers, it’s already proving a hit! “Dutch Distributors are really excited about this leaflet and the first orders are already flying in,” reported Senior Distributors, Frank and Rita Kamsteeg. “At our monthly meeting on Saturday, we gave product demonstrations on various items throughout the leaflet and then we got together to come up with new ideas on how to use this fantastic tool.” However, it doesn’t end there. This week we launch the new Dutch/ German Catalogue too! With a selection of lines from the Main Book and Healthy & Beauty, it’s destined to increase retailing! We’ve also got Nederlands/De brand new Retail and Starter Kits for Holland and Germany, meaning De ultieme uien- utsch groentesnijder/ en whether you’re a new Distributor or an old hand, you’ll have exactly Der ultimative Zwie & Gemüsehacker bel- Was/War €15.0 0 the right tools to storm your retail and boost your business! Dutch Starter Kit, code 07692, €99 Slechts/Nur Code 077852-L4 Zie pagina 5 voor €11.50 meer details/Siehe Seite 5 für mehr Informationen The new Kits will be available from today (Friday 3 July) and German Starter Kit, code 07714, €99 the old Kits will be switched off at that point. Dutch Retail Kit, code 07722, €40 German Retail Kit, code 07706, €40 GRATIS levering aan huis/KOS TENLOSE Lieferung WANT TO BOOST YOUR BUSINESS? IT’S EZE EzeReach is without a doubt one of the major success stories for computer and onto your personal player so you can listen to it at Kleeneze. Voice messaging has always been intrinsically linked to the any time or, vice-versa, upload a message from your computer success of Distributors in this business, so to produce our own onto your account to forward on to your team customised version seemed a natural progression. • Got a new team member in your group? You can have a pre- Currently, every new starter gets the basic service free for three periods recorded welcome message automatically sent to them from day one. But what about when you’ve been in the business a • Keep up motivation even when you’re on holiday by scheduling a while? When you’re new to the business EzeReach can help you stay message to be sent in your absence. on track, keeping you in touch with your sponsor and helping you Plus, you can have up to 99 separate groups with unlimited members, share stories with others. However, once you’ve been in the business a so the sky’s the limit when it comes to communication! Build your while you will have built up a team and your mind is probably more business up and watch it grow! on the subject of retention and sales growth. To upgrade your account from Lite There are a number of advantages to upgrading to EzeReach Pro, but to EzeReach Pro, simply phone the here are just some of them: Service Centre on 0844 848 5000. • You can set up message groups, meaning you can send the same For a limited time, the EzeReach message to all of your team at once, instead of keying in CD is available at only £1.25/€1.85 individual’s numbers on code 07323 • You can access your account online – read, delete, forward messages; download your favourite testimonial message onto your DON’T FORGET – KLEENEZE’S BIGGEST ACTIVITY WEEKEND TAKES PLACE ON 18 – 19 JULY! EMAIL EWB IN WITH WHAT YOUR TEAM PLANS ARE EWB@KLEENEZE.CO.UK. 03.07.09 Issue 24 ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN
  7. 7. BULK SALES FIGURES PERIOD 6 – COMBINED 100,000 And Above 15,000 And Above Tony & Wendy Vallerine 15,144.09 Stephen & Laine Shepherd 8,936.44 Bob Park & Lynn Macdonald 2,249,900.70 Derrick & Maria Longwright 34,184.60 Karen Olivant & Peter Flitton 15,114.72 Lesley & Steven Tombs 8,918.85 Nasko Ratchev & Oksana Karachun 2,248,818.65 Stephen Smith & Dennis Chamberlain 34,111.09 Donna & Charles Warr 15,012.37 Mervyn Baxter 8,904.77 Gavin Scott & Bonnie Arapes 2,213,909.26 Andrew Buxton & Laura Kelly 33,936.31 Patricia & Dennis Corser 8,895.33 Bob Webb 1,166,613.83 Debbie & Trevor Collins 33,799.82 10,000 And Above Johanna & Stuart Peuleve 8,868.06 Allan & Billie-Dee Moffat 982,096.24 Tracy & David Sheehan 33,691.97 Timothy & Tina Pace 14,727.19 Michael & Lianne Rust 8,853.59 Gillian Nicholson 869,391.27 Su & Jas Bains 33,641.72 Martyn Cunningham 14,718.87 Janet & Terry Mulley 8,853.59 Terry Carr 831,317.14 Teresa Divers & Bryony Hayward 33,526.10 Tom & Kathryn Forbes 14,687.79 William & Jane Warrington 8,814.50 Rob Forster & Ray Aziz 831,209.50 Alnashir & Yasmin Ratanshi 33,348.77 Warren & Pamela Sewell 14,673.94 Andrew Nicoll & Danielle Young 8,814.39 John & Audrey Gardiner 750,270.56 Denise & Stephen Neal 32,374.63 Elaine & Martin Spafford 14,613.13 Janet & Roger Bowen 8,755.11 Glyn & Elizabeth Hobden 750,270.56 Tom & Bernadette Hingley 32,332.03 Trevor & Janet Rawding 14,554.25 Graham & Christene James 8,749.62 Chris & Wendy Mason-Paull 722,768.28 John Webb & Kathryn Price 32,223.81 David Belcher 14,486.65 John Greenwood 8,718.70 Freda Fenn & Heather Summers 701,311.93 Martin Gardner & Allison Butterworth 32,193.64 Richard & Helen Peuleve 14,486.65 Gerard & Claire Tucker-Mawr 8,699.76 Margaret Moore & Carren Arscott 695,327.23 Christopher Reay & Lesley Coan 31,795.31 Sara Eyres & Christopher Burras 14,395.33 Marsha Barras 8,697.15 Muriel & Tony Judson 662,147.87 John & Sophia Clements 31,764.13 Ellen & Sean Friedberg 14,134.17 Jerome Hadley & Marissa Gigg 8,672.75 John & Jeanette Hawkes 572,854.00 Rhian & E Anthony Jones 31,349.88 Tavis Taylor 14,043.26 Neil Jeffery & Caroline Jeffrey 8,650.14 Peter & Jackie White 522,355.45 Keith Blythe 30,632.85 Roger & Simon Mantle 13,916.35 Niall & Eileen Mckenna 8,618.26 Sue Marshall & Bob Dalton 384,957.02 Steven Clements 30,338.26 James Dale & Claire Daniels 13,530.36 Julie Cotton & Neil Tomkinson 8,617.77 Stephen Bourne & Anne Binks 357,923.19 Angela & Stephen Burchell 30,297.38 Amelia & Hannah Mchard 13,414.34 Elizabeth & Ian Hyams 8,612.05 Mike & Amanda Bibby 349,643.73 Alison & Michael Ogden 29,954.35 Michael & Janet Wallace 13,363.69 Linda Wood 8,598.43 Margaret & Roy Japp 322,531.61 Carole & Peter Bristow 29,865.01 Barry & Nina Mitchell 13,292.00 Tony Henshall & Sarah Whittall 8,537.61 Terence & Jean Ash 298,879.25 Nicola & Jerome Neville 29,865.01 Bev & Dave Townsend 13,191.03 Georgina & Phil Gale 8,533.07 Gary & Esther Watson 297,538.47 Melanie & Andrew Wilson 29,749.60 Carole & James Sunter 13,110.69 Paul & Carolyn Blaxall 8,511.49 John & Steven Sharp 266,936.17 Keith & Patricia Phillips 29,644.32 Christine & Con Browning 12,929.39 Craig & Linda Lomas 8,466.57 Hazel & John Stephen 256,258.18 Gerry Melanephy & Maureen Mcloughlin 29,249.46 Michael Amor-Wilkes 12,809.95 Alan & Barbara Rea 8,458.57 Robert Gibbons 193,358.32 Stuart & Gail Mckibbin 28,974.56 Paul & John Meikle 12,658.41 William & Agnes Burgess 8,451.28 Gordon & Judy Seldon 189,998.31 Steve Johnson & Rosemary Rowntree 28,800.20 Shirley Pere & John Barnes 12,531.64 Chris & Nicky Evans 8,445.17 Claire & Peter Rea 177,282.87 John & Janice Halsall 28,355.24 Gavin Thomson 12,488.61 Stewart Lonsdale 8,427.61 Andy Stephenson & Claire Branch 173,324.72 Barbara Ann & Alan John Peachey 28,129.97 Kevin Sands 12,441.05 Laura Thorpe & Les Ward 8,417.39 Phil & Jean Warrington 168,968.12 Conor Treanor & Linda Jameson 28,019.61 James & Jane White 12,437.93 Pete Gill & Amy Kisnorbo 8,414.28 Craig & Magdalena White 162,104.88 Joseph O’Donnell 28,006.57 Cliff & Linda Parker 12,387.12 Angela Wallace 8,386.80 David & Anne Pemberton-Smith 159,053.52 Graham & Catherine Hyde 27,968.58 John Smith 12,341.72 Terry Card 8,385.29 Melvyn & Lucy Mortimer 156,647.04 Sharon & Andrew Bird 27,494.11 Phil Curtis 12,204.69 Lesley & Keith Ridden 8,366.39 John & Sarah Mckie 150,090.08 John & Karina Beesley 27,304.57 Tim Sandom 12,193.57 Joanne & Tim Powell 8,365.54 Vie & Keith Robertson 146,493.76 Debbie Gee 26,720.60 Tracey Payne & Harvey Kent 12,120.92 Bentley & Catherine Knight 8,359.93 Michael & Jean Day 139,447.39 Ian & Agnieszka Clarke 26,411.45 Robert Webb & Dawne Kovan 11,927.65 Gail & Darren Drew 8,338.87 Tony & Katharine Briffa 137,742.42 Richard Houseago & Vanadis Fox 26,362.61 Lucinda Bennett & Nigel Manning 11,917.54 Sue & Tony Mincher 8,330.21 Eamon Lynch & Marie Ryan 128,172.99 Clare & Martin Whitelock 25,675.57 David Potter 11,889.83 Justin Rowe & Tracy Bell 8,313.85 Judy Jodrell 127,375.42 Michael & Sandra Laydon 25,642.57 June & David Love 11,666.66 Mike Victoros 8,307.48 Stephen Geldard & Catherine Brookes 125,216.68 Doug & Sandra Roper 25,610.89 Sadie O’Boyle 11,643.64 Kate Lee 8,255.94 Trevor Mitchell 118,965.37 David Pope 25,440.26 Margaret Wright & Jacqui Whittingham 11,624.66 Douglas & Theresa Hack 8,249.27 Mark & Delfina Prosser 115,258.35 Toby Acton & Donna Gold 25,154.05 David & Deborah Lord 11,597.89 Diana Babbage & Joanna Turner 8,245.40 Robert & Mary Higgins 112,878.85 Sunil Popat 25,121.94 Tim & Freda Drinkwater 11,597.89 Anne & Michael Grieve 8,240.57 Michael & Susan Pirie 110,652.58 Cheryl & David Amison 25,121.94 Robert & Jacqueline Dolan 11,549.58 Ian & Anita Saville 8,213.34 Victor & Una Brown 105,946.78 Robert Gould 25,118.04 Terry Drew 11,487.57 Alana Hampshire & Keith Banks 8,212.63 Sylvia & Jack Hood 105,848.59 Gerwyn Duggan 25,118.04 Colin & Sarby Turnbull 11,397.47 Liz & Andy Gowland 8,212.35 Anthony Greeves 104,480.02 Paul Tawn & Clare Bason 25,067.48 Raymond & Lorraine Satchell 11,364.84 Frederick & Karen Mason 8,210.24 Carole & Benny Morris 103,694.64 Alexandra Tuesley 25,052.95 Ian & Pauline Pilkington 11,364.06 David & Heather Herring 8,194.30 Geoff & Fiona Webb 101,442.24 Stuart & Robyn-Lee Heard 24,897.89 Geoffrey & Berenice Davey 11,321.80 Richard & Greta Brownridge 8,191.33 John & Anne Donaldson 101,063.62 Brian Manchester 24,837.72 Kathleen & Dominic Carolan 11,227.47 John & Mary Marsh 8,177.70 Chantele & Barry Travis 24,700.03 Susan Hook 11,225.05 Marcus & Joyce Emerson 8,176.53 35,000 And Above Peter & Sheryl Dutton 24,549.98 Declan & Monica Manning 11,223.36 Robert Young & Clare Mears 8,159.23 Gill & Tim Evans 24,377.97 Clive & Pamela Lennard 11,136.47 John & Monica Beardmore 8,156.93 Martin & Yvonne Boyce 99,448.08 Karim & Juliet Karmali 24,269.89 Bob & Rosemarie Hardy 11,052.73 Hanna & Greg Newson 8,120.96 Raymond & Miriam Turnbull 98,521.31 Laurence & Rosemary Wiseman 24,149.56 Catherine & Stephen Lord 11,008.84 Mark Law & Diana Searle 8,115.96 John & Christine Prosser 94,910.26 Allan Ledwidge 23,961.11 Robert & Jennifer Radbourne 11,000.57 David & Elaine Luke 8,107.42 Jill Corlett 94,058.82 Gordon & Patrick Davidson 23,725.32 Barbara Margaret Webb 10,988.02 Douglas & Kirsteen Hamilton 8,105.47 Declan O’Neill 93,523.70 Michael & Jennifer Allsop 23,344.94 Christopher Conroy 10,966.22 Stephen & Elaine Blay 8,078.63 Justin & Olivera Toner 92,264.24 Maria Monaghan & Shane Treanor 23,008.84 Lorraine & Ian Balcombe 10,966.22 Elaine Hilder 8,077.32 Heather & James O’Neil 92,123.54 Christine Lappin & Simon Place 22,923.96 Louise Wellock & Nathan Sylvester 10,932.37 Paul & Ruth Murray 8,055.08 Angela & Norman Campbell 88,012.69 Abigail Colclough 22,823.32 Darryl Allen 10,932.37 Micky Maccormick 8,055.08 Andy & Carolyn Cooper 87,667.25 Kenneth Rooney & Karen Jordan 22,706.22 Peter & Jean Monroe 10,923.14 Ian & Carol Parker 8,022.87 Marcell & Joanne Treanor 87,177.72 Lesley Burroughs 22,652.66 David & Jenny Gerry 10,813.92 Ann Tawn 7,982.13 Nuala & Ronan Mcdonald 81,438.78 Debra & Oliver Pusey 22,576.26 Pierce & Janet Hartley 10,764.75 Peter & Angela Abrahams 7,974.56 Sue & Geoffrey Burras 79,379.15 Stephen Clark 22,197.60 Warwick & Christine Blakemore 10,758.27 Susan & Julian Brunton 7,973.47 Sue & Steve Ferguson 78,866.35 Andrew Ridley 21,699.32 Cath & John Wilkinson 10,758.27 David & Heather Flannagan 7,969.42 Mel & Irene Wilson 77,313.22 Martina & James Mcgrath 21,658.11 Bill & Joyce Rowe 10,715.81 Dean Rothwell & Rachel Launchbury 7,932.57 Lauren & Peter Jackson 75,552.31 Harry Hancock 21,576.76 Sarah Jenkins 10,715.81 Paul & Avril Coleman 7,927.65 Dave & Susie Horton 75,537.37 Steve & Cathy Chambers 21,227.55 Sandra Brown 10,690.67 Seamus Gallagher 7,926.85 David & Rosie Bibby 70,628.78 Amanda & Andrew Holland 21,176.38 Kevin Rider 10,645.08 Lesley & Gordon Whittington 7,920.73 David & Samantha Branch 69,581.76 David Birtwistle & Angela Tonkin 21,128.17 David & Lynn Bole 10,569.83 Kulwant & Mandeep Kalon 7,916.32 Malcolm Ashmore 67,632.08 Ivan Darch 20,999.83 Paul Melville 10,569.76 Emma & Chris Shafe 7,905.37 Adele & Jaime De Caso 67,632.08 Kerry & Paul Stonall 20,791.89 Raymond & Susan Kirkland 10,448.48 Stephen & Dorothy Hanlon 7,891.02 Steve & Debbie Roper 66,682.03 Brian Mooney & Sharon Treanor 20,463.92 Terry Hayden 10,324.96 Peter Mccormac 7,885.96 John & Jenny Holden 66,224.33 Linda & Tony Gower 20,377.72 Carlo & Cherry Hrynkiewicz 10,279.03 Sarah Darch 7,860.86 Stephani & Bill Neville 65,943.90 Colin & Charlene Sadler 20,289.94 Joy Dwyer & Verena Clarke 10,272.84 Alan & Rebekah Larner 7,856.16 Julie Collier & Peter Richards 65,645.90 Jack Kirby 20,057.85 Omran Zaman 10,222.03 Alex Dewar 7,838.25 Rosina & Frank Pocock 65,435.69 Brian & Gay Redstone 19,680.14 Allan & Myra Collins 10,172.94 Mary & Peter Whinfrey 7,801.25 Andrew & Sue Boswell 62,797.91 Keith Sandland 19,618.32 Karen & Steven Glew 10,139.74 Samantha Rushton & Dean Worrall 7,781.28 John & Wendy English 62,182.17 Gareth & Gil Duffy 19,425.65 Paul Bray 10,126.05 Veronica Nixon 7,779.87 Susan & David Darton 59,819.87 Narendra & Kashmir Kalon 19,268.36 Ron & Heidi Body 10,078.28 Jane Waddell 7,758.00 Lindsay Gonsalves & Danny Young 56,817.81 Christopher & Lynne Marshall 19,198.51 Karen Bradley & Antonio Alonso 10,032.34 Sheila & Nigel Fowler 7,747.70 Gaynor Morgan 55,963.43 Kodwo Anderson 18,884.27 Philip & Alison Wimbles 10,017.50 Geoff Taylor & Alison Moore 7,744.39 Carol Simpson & Douglas Clark 55,861.11 Keith & Veronica King 18,884.27 Michael & Mercy Radbourne 10,011.37 Christine & Michael Paxton 7,737.32 Andrew & Carolyn Walkinshaw 55,373.54 Seph O’connell & Sarah Watson 18,880.17 Seamus & Clare Houghton 10,005.09 Margaret & Michael Drayton 7,723.20 Glenn & Caroline Royston 54,783.52 Amy Warrington 18,828.77 Lena Morrish & Dima Nikolayenko 7,716.46 Ramon & Sylvia Laing 54,563.82 Rosemary & Christopher Day 18,807.15 7,500 And Above Kathleen Watson 7,711.91 Stanley & Roy Stewart 53,829.50 Robert Wellock 18,712.71 Christine Sykes & Aidan Fisher 7,680.40 Peter & Myrna Wellock 53,495.01 Bernie & Barbara Klinger 9,963.55 Cindy & David Brown 18,712.71 Vivienne & Richard Washington 7,678.67 Eve & Norman Branch 52,733.30 Rachael & Chris Wild 9,869.42 Caroline & Simon Harvey 18,581.04 Philip Lowe & Helen Kolbusz 7,668.09 Robert Branch & Marianna Grineva 51,833.04 James & Vicky Holmes 9,869.42 Dawn & Bruce Marsden 18,462.37 Martyn Regan & Verity Antcliff 7,667.28 Caroline Harris & Craig Cox 51,597.81 Ted & Rose Farrar 9,864.52 Angela & James Macleod 18,183.22 Clare Haines 7,657.41 Helen Brooks 51,059.52 Christine & Ian Brennan 9,742.58 Timothy Murphy 18,043.47 James & James Stephen 7,649.96 Deborah & Allan Dewar 51,030.36 Kira Mckibbin & Andrew Thomas 9,687.15 Robert & Rosemary Annan 17,541.42 Philip Gaffney & Isabella Wharton-Gaffney 7,648.86 Karen & Neil Young 50,696.68 Michael & Anne Barnaville 9,662.40 Mira Herman & Natalie Lofthouse 17,425.48 Georgina Marshall & Will Goodger 7,635.00 Stephen & Debra Nell 49,674.59 Julian & Karen Pike 9,641.26 Patrick & Helen Loftus 17,049.60 Ronnie & Chris Mclachlan 7,631.91 Brian Harwood 49,275.01 Wendy Fielding 9,628.85 Gareth & Jeanette Jones 16,995.15 Bena & Mahesh Chauhan 7,629.58 Michelle Kennedy 48,519.91 Sharon & Craig Davis 9,622.36 Elizabeth Pope & Jason Hardy 16,966.45 Linda & David Leadbetter 7,625.03 Helen & Paul Allgood 47,474.17 Rosie Ward & Jack Kerbel 9,620.17 Gloria & Clive Davies 16,900.11 Mary Hession & Geraldine Twamley 7,608.64 Alf & Carol Bell 47,136.54 Patricia Fisher 9,606.29 Jillian & Peter Griffiths 16,789.12 Tammy Mullins & Simon Lanning 7,603.91 Richard & Clare Chantler 46,793.79 Michael Godwin 9,544.16 Coleen & Stephen Batchelor 16,777.85 Alex & Kathleen Langler 7,599.37 Craig & Mary Hawkes 46,458.83 Linda & Steve Tinkler 9,530.81 Harold & Minnie Fulton 16,619.05 Mark & Sue O’Reilly 7,598.66 Alan Meldrum 46,322.41 Antony & Aileen Gunn 9,487.64 Jen & Garry Luke 16,604.91 Clodagh Mc Donald & Patrice Mcdonald 7,591.31 Chris & Julia Norton 46,205.22 Shirley Gowland & Josephine Davies 9,481.15 Terry & Jane Hodge 16,587.46 Adrian Fisher 7,588.40 Helen Lambert & Richard Woods 45,180.00 Richard Tibbetts & Suzanne Pilcher 9,478.89 Diane & Geoff Owen 16,491.81 Marie Andrews 7,588.40 Eamonn & Anne Roe 44,620.94 Lynda & David Buchan 9,312.12 Maria & Lee Kowalkowski 16,382.22 Christina & Rob Cann 7,577.50 Mike & Dawn Gough 44,426.65 Markus Klötzer & Petra Romoser 9,311.45 Pamela Jarvis 16,231.76 Lynne Flaxman 7,576.26 Gabrielle & Paul Broadstock 44,117.36 Louise Puttick 9,288.06 Paul Flintoft 16,207.00 Garrett & Nicola Oshea 7,570.02 James Curtis 44,069.28 Ron & Sue Keeler 9,250.57 Christopher Young & Helena Edwards 16,069.71 Susan Coleman & Robert Holdford 7,564.30 Belinda Clarke 44,042.55 Chaitali & Ajit Nath 9,217.42 John Gilham & Wendy Nimmo 16,053.36 Diana Schuch 7,558.48 Julie & Anthony Cornick 43,308.64 Keith Glass & Margaret Holvec 9,201.31 Steven Harding & Narissa Mather 16,032.15 Linda Charles 7,555.99 Jay Singh 43,014.31 Andrew & Vicky De Caso 9,190.69 Andrew & Cheryl Williams 15,825.96 John & Lesley Mcnally 7,555.99 Jane & John Dunkerley 42,964.54 Carol Stephen 9,155.71 Alison & Kevin Thomas 15,632.78 Terry & Mabel Mallard 7,555.66 Ron & Judy Speirs 39,629.15 Lyn & Tony Davies 9,136.90 Colin Roy Scott-Smith 15,607.20 Lesley Brown & Mark Veidman 7,555.32 Steven & Sarah Curtis 39,455.75 Marion & Anthony Homer 9,133.17 Jean-Marc Bordeau & Alexis Thorpe 15,607.20 Jake Ellington 7,540.19 Trish & Lee Fisher 38,885.40 Kimberley Sunter 9,103.52 Neil & Susan Maclean 15,607.20 Diane & Paul Rattray 7,537.58 Gill & Donato Sepe 38,858.33 Melissa Squires & Ian Slade 9,103.02 Claire & Paul Howells 15,480.73 Danny & Josephine Parr 7,536.33 Ram & Joginder Singh 37,669.87 Sarah Trim 9,092.33 Mark & Sarah Wildman 15,409.56 Jeanette & Roy Bonella 7,525.73 Caroline & Philip Thompson 37,639.70 Peter & Cathy Legg 9,043.86 Charlie & Gillian Whitton 15,374.10 Deborah Morgan 7,521.52 Christopher & Louise Brown 37,253.25 Ian & Elisabeth Aitchison 9,035.77 Gary Cooper & Jackie Norris 35,378.48 Darren & Christina Simmons 15,367.53 Henry & Diana Crosby 9,010.17 Graham & Georgina Long 35,373.32 Barry & Cecilia Bradbury 15,298.45 Jeffrey & Frances Topple 8,994.63 Andrew & Ann Meldrum 35,251.41 John Morgan & Gilly Mc Crone 15,198.04 Stuart & Maureen Orr 8,957.93 Roger & Barbara Green 35,085.73 Richard & Judy Taylor 15,150.71 Andrew Medlam & Michelle Womersley 8,942.09 ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN Issue 24 03.07.09