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KLEENEZE 2009 Ewb 21

  1. 1. BULLETIN 05.06.09 Issue 21 RISING TO THE CHALLENGE The Kleeneze Network is unlike any other with literally people from all walks of life; from 18 to 80, from all sorts of professions and all sorts of backgrounds. However, you all have one thing in common. You all LOVE a challenge! From Wednesday 20 May until Thursday 28 May, your orders came flooding in meaning hundreds of you were entered into the Retail Challenge with the chance to win loads of fantastic prizes. Your brilliant burst of fervour for retail, over spilled into recruitment too at the same time and sponsoring shot up as well! Well done to everyone who took part in the Retail Challenge and congratulations to the following Distributors for winning these brilliant prizes: BOX OF OPPORTUNITY BROCHURES William Mellor and Sophia Arab, Susan and Julian Brunton, Kay and Jeff Langford, Jim Ridgway, Anthony Mervin, Lesley Davies, Sarah and Maggie Lovelock, Peter Louise Wright and William Coton, Gillian Austin, Michael and Emma Williams, Murton, Julie and Jerry Bridgeman, Byron and Pam Botha, Christopher and Ewa Lesley and David Keen, Michelle and Stephen Fox, Keith and Donna West, Peter and Richardson, Yvonne and Ronald Eveleigh, Elizabeth Stockbridge and Thomas Lisa Houston, John Fowler, Susan and Peter Foulsham, Robert Brown, Lee Roberts Thompson. and Rebecca Norcup, Robert and Katie Parkinson, Erika Tesarova, Kiersty Andrews and Paul Scriven, Lorraine Clark, Jeff Mann, Christine Burrows, Nicholas and Diana BOX OF OPPORTUNITY DVDS Roberts, Elaine and Stephen Turner, Joanne Skinner, Chris and John Betts, Seamus Penelope Jamson, Gerald Brett, Robert and Jacqueline Dolan, Peter and Claire Tyler, and Lena Nugent, Niall and Eileen McKenna, Mark Davenport, Christopher and Ewa Patrick McKenna, Gemma Rose, Andrew Dunning, John Colclough, Alistair Bowe, Richardson, Emma and Richard O’Toole, Ursula and Brian Morgan, Patrick and Ian and Elizabeth Aitchison. Pamela Byrne, Pearl and Geoffrey Moore, Brian Goodspeed, Diana and Robin PACK OF REDUNDANCY FLYERS Morgan, Paul and Helen Wilson, James Clark, Bill and Joyce Rowe, Michael and Donna Holmes, Martin and Tracy Davies, Robert Milne, Tim Sandom, Gareth Daw, Patricia Scordellis, Brian and Jean Carroll, Pamela Jarvis, Mike and Anne Airey, Ian Michael and Mercy Radbourne, Karen Lucas, Catherine Kaye, Rita Hunter, Malcolm Bath, Phillipe and Carol Ives, Michael and Diane McCaul, Kathy and Ian Peace, and Brenda Avery, Angela and Michael Wood, Heather Vinten and Christopher Joanne Hawkes, Patricia Ogundero, Val Tardif, Andrew Horne, Anthony and Gladys Boxall, David Gilroy and Melanie Price, Phillipa and Gordon de Sousa, Roger Sharp, Hammond, Jonathan Farmer, Debbie Green and Keith Curtis. Gary and Hoda Whitear, William Tonner, Stephen Burns and Chris Phillips, Suzanne RETAIL KIT and Richard Woolven, Dennis and Ann Champion, Susan Rickard and John Morgan, Mavis and John Davies, Deborah Bennett and Yvonne Clark, Richard and Ranti Kenneth and Yvonne Allan, Martin and Carol Guest, Gabrielle and Christopher Fallowfield, Yvonne and Andrew Graham, Keith and Carol Jones, Simon Allen and Brace, Mary and Peter Whinfrey, Michael and Carol Pearce, Alex and Kathleen Francine Westmoreland, Catherine and James Newbery, Mark and Louise Keye, Langler, Graham and Janet Holloway-Smith, Alan and Lisa Tegg, Tracey and Diane and Christopher Kilner, Christopher Mason and Mo Brown. Stephen Gray, Katherine Thompson and Hugh McCardle, Anthony Rouse, Thomas Betjemann, Tracey Payne and Harvey Kent, Marie and Jeremy Simmonds, Peter and ONE WEEK’S SELF-CATERING ACCOMODATION IN CYPRUS Caren Neesham, Robin and Lynne Green, Priya Chauhan, Graham and Julie Bennett, (EXCLUDING FLIGHTS) AND £100 TOWARDS A HIRE CAR Teresa Fairburn, Jeremy Egerton, Lynne and Stephen Kelly, Paul and Carolyn Blaxall, Omran Zaman, Karen and Trevor Cook. John Bennett, Helen Kendall and Penelope Kelham, Gordon Pratt, Lisa Henley, 560-071-08
  2. 2. Kleeneze Distributors do su There’s no doubt that attending meetings is a vital part of keeping your business booming. Whether you’re new to the business or a practised Distributor, your presence at meetings will ensure that you’re kept in the loop when it comes to all the latest news, you can meet others in the business and, most importantly, you can find out what it takes to succeed with Kleeneze from those who already have! Gold Senior Executive Distributors, Dave and Anne Pemberton-Smith run a more unusual type of meeting in the Network – one that started 10 years ago really as a camping holiday and is now, not only helping people run their businesses, but also raising money for a good cause at the same time. The name of the meeting? Team Camp. The location? Up a mountain in Wales! How did the idea for Team Camp come about? We have found Team Camp is a total immersion weekend, from When we started Kleeneze we were, like a lot of people, short of setting up camp to packing away. Everyone goes home with new cash. So a cheap camping holiday was an ideal solution. Anne and I friends, a great weekend of memories and they have learned more decided to take a long weekend break and mentioned to our team about themselves (and their team) than ever before. that we were going away. Before we knew it we had 7 team members with us. So the first year was by accident really. We climbed This year, you’re climbing the 2,930ft Cadair Idris for charity. a mountain, and went white water rafting, but the annual camping Tell us more about that event had not entered our minds at this point. The following year, the The mountain climbing is always the main feature; most people have 7 that came with us previously almost demanded we do it again, never climbed one. It is free to do and so exhilarating. The evening hence the birth of Team Camp. It was on the second camp that we after the climb is amazing, everyone is aching and sore, but with the brought in the training aspect. I think once you start to develop a biggest grins and smiles you have ever seen. They have achieved team you step into the arena as a coach. You’re always thinking of something for the first time, something that they never thought they ways you can coach people. It was whilst climbing a mountain that it would do. Getting to the summit and seeing everything below you is hit me. We are all emotionally driven, and over a camping weekend an awesome sight. Then chatting how the climb equates to building we can create a positive emotional environment for people. Add to your Kleeneze business - talking through those times that you that the trainings and there you have it - Team Camp considered giving up, but found it inside to carry on. It truly is a magical experience. Why do you think this works better than a more Raising money for Macmillan is really a by-product of the weekend. In traditional meeting? 2007 we raised money for Leukaemia Research, this year we decided The best way to learn is in a fun environment. Camping is a great to raise for Macmillan as everyone is linked through Kleeneze and it is leveller, everyone is in the same situation together - from someone the business’s chosen charity. Also it helps us to unite the 2009 Team who has just joined to SED - we are all camping, cooking and having Camp group: we get everyone together a few times before the camp fun together. to stimulate friendships. Raising money for charity is a great way to We all attend meetings and trainings and have always found it do a couple of things, firstly it gives everyone a common goal, and frustrating that you can sit through a training event, take notes and makes Team Camp a celebration of all their efforts, and secondly as within a couple of hours you have forgotten most of the content. In we are climbing the mountain anyway, raising money for Macmillan contrast, you can go on holiday and even years later recall your just adds another dimension. holiday experiences. This is all to do with how many of your senses How can other Distributors get involved with the climb? are being stimulated. In a training event you are not in a very high emotional state, whereas climbing a mountain, everything is being The climb and Team Camp are one and the same. We used to keep it triggered, so it becomes more memorable. Then, when you add exclusively for our team, but over time I have mentioned it in my training to the memory, the lessons being taught are also memorable. trainings and other people from other teams asked if they could come 05.06.09 Issue 21 ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN
  3. 3. ummit completely different along. So we decided to open it up to anyone. It has turned out to be Unexpectedly we have a few spaces this year. If anyone is mad enough a great decision. The cross network friendships that have been to want to join us please get in touch. developed are brilliant. All the details can be found at: We have a maximum attendee number of 50. The people who attend www.be-number-one.com/teamcamp or e-mail this year will have a 1 week window to register for 2010, and then it pembo.smith@googlemail.com. will be open to anyone. Kleeneze’s official charity, Macmillan Cancer Support improves the lives of people affected by cancer. You, as Kleeneze Distributors, have already raised thousands of pounds for our charity over the past year. If you wish to help and carry on increasing our charity donations, you can sponsor the 31 Distributors who will be climbing the mountain on 1 August by visiting www.justgiving.com/cadair. Do you have a more unusual method of running your Kleeneze business that works for your team? Perhaps you donate the profits of your business to charity. Or have an annual team building event? Let us know at ewb@kleeneze.co.uk. GOLD DAY Have you reached the milestone that is Gold Distributor? Well, it’s time to mark the occasion with a visit to Kleeneze’s Head Office. Yes, Gold Days are back! This is your chance to meet all the people behind the scenes who are there to ensure your business runs as smoothly as possible. You will receive a tour of the remarkable warehouse facility in Accrington and it’s also a great chance to receive coaching and training, enhancing your existing skills. The next Gold Day is on 28 July and we have a limited number of places available, so make sure you book yours today! The day is open to any distributor who reached Gold this year and your Uplines are more than welcome to attend as well. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet fellow network members, share tips and advice and get a better understanding of your business. Book your place today by emailing Lloyd.brown@kleeneze.co.uk ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN Issue 21 05.06.09
  4. 4. FROM CYPRUS TO CAPE TOWN W We’re two Periods into the qualification stage for Cyprus – your first Is there anything else you’re doing to ensure you keep your stepping stone on the way to Cape Town. Of course, up until a few eye on the prize that is Cyprus? weeks ago, we were all under the impression that we were off to We’re both really visual so we have the posters up around the house Blackpool come October, but the official reveal of the Autumn and have written in big letters on our office white board that we’re Destination at the Summer Showcase put paid to all the speculation – going to Cyprus, five-star and for free. That way we’ll see it every we’re actually off to the stunning Cypriot seaside town of Limassol! morning and every evening. Last month, EWB started to follow four Distributorships through their CAPE(D) CRUSADERS: Andrew Shaw and Ricardo Ferreira bids to qualify for Cape Town and Cyprus. Our new monthly column is So, the Destination has now been set to document the four couples’ way through qualification to the revealed – what do you think? Autumn Destination 2009 and Spring Destination 2010. We were delighted with the Destination. We have been to Cyprus before, but needless to say we did not stay in five-star luxury! The weather’s been really up and down over the last month – is motivation to get out there harder when it’s not so sunny? Weather is not a problem. We are in the catalogue distribution business come rain or shine! Our Upline says we are not proper Distributors until we get wet through! And hey, we started back in October when it was really miserable weather – this, on the other hand, is a breeze! Autumn Destination 2009 – Cyprus You both work full-time as well as working your Kleeneze CAPE(D) CRUSADERS: Sharon Waters and Dave Allsop businesses. Is time management important and how do you The Autumn Destination was launched at keep motivated? the Summer Showcase – were you We have to admit, planning has never been our strong point, but we saddened it isn’t really Blackpool?! have had to get over it in these last few months so we can drive our We couldn’t believe it when Michael revealed business quickly. We now do a weekly plan which Ricardo is in it was Cyprus; we’ve always wanted to go charge of. there, but have never had the money. I was a We have Cyprus brochure in front of our desk in the study. Ricardo little disappointed it wasn’t Blackpool as I’ve also has a picture of a Mercedes A-Class as he is learning to drive never been! Dave’s happy though because he currently and this is his dream car. We have set our sights high and in gets to invest in the lovely swimwear Mike Bibby modelled! Seriously, another 18 months want to be earning at least 2K in our spare time. If though, we can’t believe it and knowing where the destination is it has we do this then Ricardo will get one of these cars! really pushed us to work that bit harder. Are you watching the Cyprus DVD regularly too? What’s What challenges in qualifying have you run up against so far helping you keep your eye on the prize? and how are you keeping yourself motivated? We have only watched the DVD about 6 times…quite reasonable As Dave is working the business full-time, he has found the good old we think!! British weather a bit of pain although it hasn’t stopped him yet. We have really been working hard on the team building by talking to We have had and are still getting some amazing support from our everyone we meet and leaving a paper trail wherever we go. sponsors, Karen and Colin Popiolek and our Upline, Carol and Alf Bell. Dave’s kept motivated by listening to trainings and downloads whist This has really helped us to really focus on what we want from this retailing and we’ve both been listening to Jim Rohn whenever we’re in business and plan for what we want to earn and what action we need the car. to take to get there. This business is full of amazing inspirational people that really want us to succeed and qualify for Cyprus. We will do it! 05.06.09 Issue 21 ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN
  5. 5. WITH OUR CAPE(D) CRUSADERS! CAPE(D) CRUSADERS: Steve Geldard and Cathy Brookes Many people see the Autumn Destination as a stepping stone to qualifying for the Spring Destination; how are you keeping up team motivation to reach this first goal? Spring Destination 2010 – Cape Town Well we got off to a great start with our plans immediately after the Summer Showcase by CAPE(D) CRUSADERS: Steve and Debbie Roper holding a group sizzle at our house on the With Cape Town nine months away, Sunday evening with a dozen or so people turning up. We focused on what’s keeping you focused on each of us re-thinking and re-setting our goals and thinking about your goal? what we all really want out of the business. Then we worked on some Our greatest motivation for qualifying for Cape weekly activity planners to see how we would put it into action. Town is to inspire our team and others in What challenges do you anticipate along the qualification Kleeneze to strive for this Destination and period and what are you doing to counteract them? others in the future. The Autumn and Spring As we know from past experience not everyone, in fact most people Destinations are always ‘magic’, but there is won’t do what they say they will, (the 80/20 rule) and we’ve been no magic required in order to qualify; just the simple application of the guilty of that ourselves in the past so we’re helping those who are proven system. willing but at the same time taking responsibility for increasing the How is your route to qualify progressing? Does visualisation business ourselves. play a part in qualifying for your goals? We’re doing this in two ways: Our goal is to qualify by progressing up the pay plan because that will a) Extra retailing in new areas whilst at the same time doing activity almost certainly mean that others in our team will be qualifying too – and speaking to absolutely everyone to find Distributors and and that is going to be ‘magic’! Also, for leaders to move up the Sales Plan to Bronze Executive and beyond, will almost certainly mean others b) Focusing on more activity, getting information out, doing in the team will be moving up to Gold and qualifying for Cyprus. As appointments and keeping on the ball with the phone calls and with everything about this business, it’s a win for everyone! contacting people. We can picture ourselves with stars from the team and Kleeneze, Our aim really is to consolidate our newest Gold leg by helping her get sipping champagne watching the sun set over the Cape. We watch to Bronze, but we also want to move up the plan again ourselves. the Cape Town DVD frequently, have a Cape Town picture on our goal board and keep our goals at the forefront of our minds. How are you keeping yourselves and your team motivated to achieving your goal? You’ve qualified for Destinations before – how are you We keep in touch with our active team regularly and we also have a anticipating and overcoming the challenges that may arise? copy of their goals which we are just busy putting up on our office We know there will be some challenges along the way, for us and for wall to remind us what they are when we speak. everyone else that is aiming to qualify and we understand that it is We encourage them to attend as many meetings as possible of course these challenges that will sort the qualifiers from the non-qualifiers – and read books/listen to tapes etc. and we’re always available for help we just have to rise to the challenge. and advice. To help create further growth throughout the entire team we started a We have the Cape Town DVD beside our TV to watch and also the National Buddy Week following the fantastic Summer Showcase. We CD is excellent when played full blast in the car, and for some had loads of team members going out with a ‘buddy’ from their strange reason Steve seems to be obsessed with The Lion King…can’t Upline to start generating leads, often for the first time. Going out think why? with a ‘buddy’ helps to boost courage and confidence to do something that at first is uncomfortable and quickly demonstrates how We know the results aren’t always instant and more often than not easy the lead generation activities are. We’ve seen some terrific come in later rather than sooner but we’re just focusing on the activity teamwork and lots of people in the team have benefited. Working and are already seeing some progress. with a buddy is great for team spirit, motivation and of course results! ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN Issue 21 05.06.09
  6. 6. “I joined Kleeneze last week and I’m already finding it enjoyable. I have just got back my first orders - €257 with 50 catalogues. I hope everyone’s having the same good start as we are!” David Fox and Sarah Sutton, Distributors A gem of a product We all know how great Kleeneze products are, but it’s always nice to receive written confirmation! Silver Premier Executive Distributors, John and Jeanette Hawkes received this letter from the owner of a jewellery shop. Dear John, air, it does tarnish silver is exposed to the As you know, when we invested in an ultr asonic cleaning so after time and needs mended to us, chine, that was recom jewellery cleaning ma at £17 per bottle. together wit h the cleaning liquid and earrings into this TLY tarnished chains We put some SLIGH ed to VERY nt from slightly tarnish machine, the silver we k with anything includ ing not bring it bac tarnished! We could ing cloths etc. silver dip, silver polish rk, we didn’t just put vinced this would wo As we were most con d the in loads!! So we decided to sen a few items in, we put y as scrap. the jewellery on eBa machine back and put tle of SILVER PLATE ed you sold us a bot UNTIL....I remember from Kleeneze. s this product is. It ws you how marvellou The attached photo sho !! cleans it back to new Plating Spray, page 30 do for a start! more - 5 bottles will of the Main Book, Please get us some code 085707-86, £10. CLIMBING UP THE KLEENEZE LADDER “I was a Kleeneze customer for many years, so when I noticed in the catalogue that I could join the business on a part-time basis, I rang my Distributor immediately to arrange an appointment. As a self employed decorator, the difference between work and no work is one job. I have had a lot of ‘no’ jobs recently, and having tried every get-rich quick’ scheme there is – selling everything from novelties to life insurance. So it was refreshing to learn that Kleeneze was a proper business, but also that you could earn money from day one and not a ladder in sight! My start up costs, were less than it would be, if I was to buy paint for a decorating job. Plus, in my first four weeks, my efforts rewarded me with recognition of the SOS incentive which means I get all my start-up costs back. And for achieving over £1,000 of retail sales, I’ve got a 10% certificate and 50 free books. I have only worked for a few weeks but everything has happened the way I was told it would.My sponsor, Carol Freeman, has helped me every step of the way. I have now sponsored my first team members, Emma and Mark Maggs, into my business. Duplicating the system has resulted in them achieving over £1,000 of sales and their 10% certificate and bonus cheque plus 50 free books in their first month. Which meant, I received my 13% certificate and bonus cheque too. We all attended our first Kleeneze Showcase last month, which has inspired us all to make a new plan, to qualify for the Autumn Destination, Cyprus. I feel that I now own my future.” Set up your Jon Stevens, Silver Distributor business for Kleeneze FREE! Join between Friday and you can set 1 May 2009 up your Kleeneze and Monday 31 August * Subject to achieving the required steps business for FREE* ! 2009 (below). Here’s how it works: 1. Join Kleeneze between 2. Produce a minimum Friday 1 May 2009 and of £400/ €600 Monday 31 August four weeks after of product orders 2009 registration (personal retail) 3. During your within first four weeks, £400/ €600 of introduce a team product orders member who produces set-up date. This within four can be easily achieved, weeks of their own account Simply complete through only £100 the and you will receive three steps above sales per week! Sponsoring is flourishing at the moment, so make sure your new Distributors aren’t losing out by using your start-up fee a full refund on (maximum £165/€247. 50). Discover the incredi the SOS incentive. All they need to do is achieve £400 of personal sales within their first 4 weeks and ble opportunity Kleeneze of Contact: sponsor someone into the business who also achieves £400 of personal sales in their first 4 weeks and Statutory Wealth It is illegal for any Warning participant in a promoter or trading to persuade anyone scheme payment by promising make to from getting others benefits to join a they’ll get a full refund of their joining fee. To order the latest SOS flyers for your prospects use code scheme. Do not be by claims that high misled are easily achieved. earnings 04081 for a pack of 200 for only £2/€3 or download it from the DSA. 05.06.09 Issue 21 ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN
  7. 7. BULK SALES FIGURES PERIOD 5 – COMBINED Stephen Smith & Dennis Chamberlain 33,167.11 Bill Caddy 14,642.05 Graham & Christene James 9,434.70 100,000 And Above Nasko Ratchev & Oksana Karachun 2,395,799.81 Roger & Barbara Green 32,354.59 Leslie & Moira Harris 14,628.20 Bernadette Murray 9,418.41 Bob Park & Lynn Macdonald 2,393,158.75 Melanie & Andrew Wilson 32,123.61 Angel & Stuart Hill 14,628.20 Chaitali & Ajit Nath 9,412.90 Gavin Scott & Bonnie Arapes 2,357,147.62 John & Sophia Clements 31,916.34 Colin & Sarby Turnbull 14,586.91 Geoffrey & Berenice Davey 9,386.93 Bob Webb 1,266,836.32 Seph O’Connell & Sarah Watson 31,766.93 Richard & Judy Taylor 14,498.98 Angela & Robert Clark 9,386.31 Allan & Billie-Dee Moffat 1,031,020.09 Carole & Peter Bristow 31,713.09 Robert & Jennifer Clifton 14,488.54 Ann & Robert Campbell 9,351.42 Terry Carr 872,890.83 Nicola & Jerome Neville 31,713.09 Donna & Charles Warr 14,473.93 Antony & Aileen Gunn 9,337.04 Rob Forster & Ray Aziz 872,733.56 Barbara Ann & Alan John Peachey 31,297.43 Heather Brown 14,395.40 Kira Mckibbin & Andrew Thomas 9,306.76 Gillian Nicholson 866,305.38 Martin Gardner & Allison Butterworth 31,067.10 Ian & Carol Parker 14,390.61 Peter Gallant & Claire Mckay 9,300.25 John & Audrey Gardiner 739,400.24 Alison & Michael Ogden 30,768.27 Barry & Nina Mitchell 14,349.25 Mary Hession & Geraldine Twamley 9,276.26 Glyn & Elizabeth Hobden 739,400.24 David Pope 30,765.17 Kevin Rider 14,329.39 Louise Puttick 9,267.96 Chris & Wendy Mason-Paull 718,337.01 Tracy & David Sheehan 30,435.94 Darren & Christina Simmons 14,288.56 Angela Wallace 9,194.82 Freda Fenn & Heather Summers 688,665.32 Alexandra Tuesley 30,065.58 Ron & Heidi Body 14,284.73 Mark Cornthwaite 9,161.32 Margaret Moore & Carren Arscott 683,450.92 Denise & Stephen Neal 29,667.25 Martyn Cunningham 14,202.24 Diana Schuch 9,157.54 Muriel & Tony Judson 656,928.93 Graham & Catherine Hyde 29,400.30 Michael Amor-Wilkes 14,165.71 Iain & Jackie Swanston 9,156.93 John & Jeanette Hawkes 635,731.42 Steven Clements 29,191.71 Ellen & Sean Friedberg 14,120.59 Jake Ellington 9,146.26 Peter & Jackie White 508,129.62 Michael & Sandra Laydon 28,956.72 Kathleen & Dominic Carolan 14,117.48 David & Heather Herring 9,138.89 Sue Marshall & Bob Dalton 414,967.74 Angela & Stephen Burchell 28,797.28 Raymond & Barbara Mann 14,086.38 Paul & Avril Coleman 9,124.96 Stephen Bourne & Anne Binks 378,892.77 Debbie Gee 28,698.33 Tim Sandom 13,928.04 Graham & Jennifer Shaw 9,102.97 Mike & Amanda Bibby 375,864.15 Steve Johnson & Rosemary Rowntree 28,363.94 Tom & Kathryn Forbes 13,881.14 Julian & Karen Pike 9,072.33 Terence & Jean Ash 322,613.82 Keith & Patricia Phillips 28,313.08 David Belcher 13,828.12 William & Agnes Burgess 9,070.58 Gary & Esther Watson 320,833.84 Conor Treanor & Linda Jameson 28,241.79 Bev & Dave Townsend 13,789.39 Michael & Anne Barnaville 9,050.74 Margaret & Roy Japp 310,629.89 John & Janice Halsall 27,857.45 Terry Drew 13,778.15 Joy Dwyer & Verena Clarke 9,016.93 John & Steven Sharp 256,543.52 Gill & Tim Evans 27,620.20 Richard & Helen Peuleve 13,700.46 Peter & Jean Monroe 9,006.10 Hazel & John Stephen 249,534.00 Stuart & Gail Mckibbin 27,459.68 Robert & Jennifer Radbourne 13,697.46 Stephen & Laine Shepherd 8,993.53 Robert Gibbons 204,660.89 Chantele & Barry Travis 27,308.26 Mark James 13,662.79 Richard & Greta Brownridge 8,990.78 Andy Stephenson & Claire Branch 190,360.10 Brian Manchester 26,792.56 William & Jane Warrington 13,565.36 John & Anita Orr 8,980.02 Claire & Peter Rea 190,308.17 John & Karina Beesley 26,761.32 Gavin Thomson 13,496.94 Mark Law & Diana Searle 8,959.61 Gordon & Judy Seldon 178,055.78 Abigail Colclough 26,468.82 Sara Eyres & Christopher Burras 13,333.59 John Greenwood 8,957.80 David & Anne Pemberton-Smith 177,767.27 Karim & Juliet Karmali 26,378.55 Stephen & Joyce Milne 13,187.01 Patricia Fisher 8,948.30 Phil & Jean Warrington 177,573.09 Clare & Martin Whitelock 26,293.77 David & Lynn Bole 13,111.60 David & Elaine Luke 8,947.11 Melvyn & Lucy Mortimer 166,789.70 Joseph O'donnell 26,190.89 Christine & Con Browning 13,104.26 Alan & Barbara Rea 8,910.95 John & Sarah Mckie 164,930.31 Sharon & Andrew Bird 26,075.02 Marie & Jeremy Simmonds 13,092.53 Tammy Mullins & Simon Lanning 8,893.18 Craig & Magdalena White 154,368.37 Lesley Burroughs 25,882.72 Raymond & Lorraine Satchell 13,023.22 Christopher & Emmanuelle Elmer 8,849.48 Vie & Keith Robertson 153,174.26 Elizabeth Pope & Jason Hardy 24,633.55 Michael & Julia Tolton 13,005.05 Kathleen Watson 8,841.89 Tony & Katharine Briffa 145,818.18 Stephen Clark 24,358.25 Michael Godwin 12,954.42 Lesley & Gordon Whittington 8,804.37 Eamon Lynch & Marie Ryan 138,912.92 Robert Gould 24,344.57 Diane & Geoff Owen 12,938.03 Bentley & Catherine Knight 8,783.98 Michael & Jean Day 132,576.46 Gerwyn Duggan 24,344.57 James & Jane White 12,936.07 Patricia & Dennis Corser 8,771.47 Stephen Geldard & Catherine Brookes 131,423.89 Laurence & Rosemary Wiseman 24,236.91 Ann Searle & Philip Linsey 12,886.55 Julie Cotton & Neil Tomkinson 8,754.63 Judy Jodrell 127,177.69 Richard Houseago & Vanadis Fox 24,036.27 Michael & Mercy Radbourne 12,866.73 Ron & Sue Keeler 8,715.62 Victor & Una Brown 126,238.01 Martina & James Mcgrath 24,035.15 Lucinda Bennett & Nigel Manning 12,837.52 Deborah Morgan 8,677.42 Robert & Mary Higgins 123,105.43 Allan Ledwidge 23,804.35 James Dale & Claire Daniels 12,813.92 Michael & Lianne Rust 8,643.72 Trevor Mitchell 114,777.32 Sunil Popat 23,710.25 Patrick & Helen Loftus 12,625.70 Janet & Terry Mulley 8,643.72 Mark & Delfina Prosser 111,963.15 Cheryl & David Amison 23,710.25 Norah Bohan 12,587.51 Sarah Sancho 8,615.83 Michael & Susan Pirie 111,550.66 Christine Lappin & Simon Place 23,576.69 Markus Klötzer & Petra Romoser 12,524.54 Stephen & Rebecca Gilbert 8,597.37 Sylvia & Jack Hood 107,783.24 Paul Tawn & Clare Bason 23,543.06 Alana Hampshire & Keith Banks 12,523.33 Paul Smith & Angela Solomon 8,544.72 Jill Corlett 106,614.00 Peter & Sheryl Dutton 23,375.48 Susan Hook 12,484.45 Douglas & Theresa Hack 8,480.20 Geoff & Fiona Webb 102,891.84 Ian & Agnieszka Clarke 23,051.85 Shirley Pere & John Barnes 12,474.49 Bernie & Barbara Klinger 8,477.17 Jack Kirby & Chantelle Molloy 22,851.93 Paul Bray 12,465.20 Steven Bond & Susan Blunt 8,465.99 35,000 And Above Brian & Gay Redstone 22,834.48 Jeffrey & Frances Topple 12,362.31 Georgina & Phil Gale 8,462.47 David Birtwistle & Angela Tonkin 22,547.99 Wendy Fielding 12,228.89 Trevor & Janet Rawding 8,458.67 Raymond & Miriam Turnbull 99,797.11 Steve & Cathy Chambers 22,044.58 Brian & Diane Holmwood 12,178.11 Paul Melville 8,452.67 Anthony Greeves 99,152.25 Michael & Jennifer Allsop 22,036.64 Linda & Steve Tinkler 12,117.63 Jeanette & Roy Bonella 8,433.03 John & Anne Donaldson 98,722.39 Toby Acton & Donna Gold 21,883.43 Suzanne & Richard Woolven 12,110.94 Michael Prior 8,432.43 Carole & Benny Morris 98,392.87 Doug & Sandra Roper 21,557.01 Cliff & Linda Parker 12,042.59 Margaret & Michael Drayton 8,418.87 Martin & Yvonne Boyce 96,739.44 Gordon & Patrick Davidson 21,234.63 Kimberley Sunter 12,024.45 Linda & Graeme Kirkwood 8,417.31 Heather & James O’Neil 93,611.82 Harry Hancock 21,217.80 Linda Wood 12,020.56 Joe Croll 8,383.37 Dave & Susie Horton 93,192.80 Rosemary & Christopher Day 21,164.53 Christine & Ian Brennan 11,897.25 Stewart Carnson 8,332.27 John & Christine Prosser 92,682.73 Colin & Charlene Sadler 21,150.36 June & David Love 11,896.87 Marsha Barras 8,300.59 Declan O’Neill 90,400.66 Ivan Darch 21,145.53 Seamus & Clare Houghton 11,828.03 Craig & Linda Lomas 8,256.99 Justin & Olivera Toner 90,176.15 Alison & Kevin Thomas 21,051.40 Elizabeth & Ian Hyams 11,812.71 Janet & Roger Bowen 8,243.42 Mel & Irene Wilson 88,056.76 Kerry & Paul Stonall 21,041.39 Lyn & Tony Davies 11,602.83 Anne & Michael Grieve 8,225.58 Angela & Norman Campbell 85,611.90 Narendra & Kashmir Kalon 20,640.42 David & Deborah Lord 11,581.21 Justin Rowe & Tracy Bell 8,200.72 Marcell & Joanne Treanor 85,239.31 Keith Sandland 20,562.09 Tim & Freda Drinkwater 11,581.21 Lesley & Steven Tombs 8,194.65 Nuala & Ronan McDonald 85,090.23 Stuart & Robyn-Lee Heard 20,535.38 Kevin Sands 11,558.52 Diana Babbage & Joanna Turner 8,186.95 Andy & Carolyn Cooper 84,770.01 Maria Monaghan & Shane Treanor 20,506.72 Jon Turner 11,493.74 Mary Mullins 8,165.74 Lauren & Peter Jackson 83,603.31 Linda & Tony Gower 19,815.43 David & Jenny Gerry 11,493.74 Richard Tibbetts & Suzanne Pilcher 8,161.92 Sue & Steve Ferguson 79,596.77 Amanda & Andrew Holland 19,648.01 Denys & Laura Harris 11,460.95 Samantha Rushton & Dean Worrall 8,147.16 David & Samantha Branch 76,159.53 Robert Wellock 19,357.06 Elizabeth & George Kerr 11,435.89 Tracey Payne 8,137.38 Sue & Geoffrey Burras 76,041.80 Cindy & David Brown 19,357.06 William & Sharon Stevenson 11,366.51 Frederick & Karen Mason 8,100.02 Stephani & Bill Neville 73,747.77 Gareth & Jeanette Jones 19,354.85 Laura Thorpe & Les Ward 11,364.86 Richard Radbourne & Yvonne Kirk 8,095.19 David & Rosie Bibby 73,336.32 Terry & Jane Hodge 19,321.51 Ian & Elisabeth Aitchison 11,333.16 Mary & Peter Whinfrey 8,094.44 Steve & Debbie Roper 71,330.40 Dawn & Bruce Marsden 19,239.52 Karen & Steven Glew 11,282.98 Linda Charles 8,049.97 John & Jenny Holden 70,212.92 Paul Flintoft 19,203.32 Isobel & James Orr 11,244.66 John & Lesley Mcnally 8,049.97 Julie Collier & Peter Richards 68,954.83 Gareth & Gil Duffy 19,094.24 Bill & Joyce Rowe 11,211.34 Johanna & Stuart Peuleve 8,040.27 Andrew & Sue Boswell 66,754.15 Pamela Jarvis 19,041.46 Sarah Jenkins 11,211.34 Javid Khan 8,031.28 John & Wendy English 66,097.26 Kenneth Rooney & Karen Jordan 19,023.13 Mikaela & Andrew Brown 11,143.88 Robert Young & Clare Mears 8,025.34 Ramon & Sylvia Laing 64,660.16 Harold & Minnie Fulton 18,861.02 Philip Wimbls & Alison Wimbles 10,960.34 Anna & Paul Scott 8,024.37 Malcolm Ashmore 64,542.60 Martin Bell & Caroline Roberts 18,845.13 John & Jenny Caton 10,919.11 Allan & Maxine Lawford 7,985.55 Adele & Jaime De Caso 64,542.60 Tony & Wendy Vallerine 18,815.92 Margaret Wright & Jacqui Whittingham 10,878.56 Fiona Deans & Michael Lunn 7,950.46 Lindsay Gonsalves & Danny Young 63,233.97 Debra & Oliver Pusey 18,726.47 Catherine & Stephen Lord 10,829.21 Maryan & Don Nicolson 7,941.86 Gaynor Morgan 60,907.10 Robert & Rosemary Annan 18,723.12 David & Judith McCreath 10,819.37 Martin Douglass & Jane Rollings 7,936.56 Rosina & Frank Pocock 60,655.46 Christopher & Lynne Marshall 18,635.47 Rosie Ward & Jack Kerbel 10,802.27 Jacqueline Akhurst & Steven Ellis 7,928.34 Andrew & Carolyn Walkinshaw 58,423.31 Kodwo Anderson 18,602.59 Carlo & Cherry Hrynkiewicz 10,751.09 Sue & Tony Mincher 7,918.06 Carol Simpson & Douglas Clark 58,361.92 Keith & Veronica King 18,602.59 Helen & Andrew Walsh 10,741.88 Paul & Carolyn Blaxall 7,917.18 Susan & David Darton 58,352.34 Andrew Ridley 18,579.68 Shirley Gowland & Josephine Davies 10,703.99 Rebecca Nisbet-Forster & Matthew Forster 7,916.40 Robert Branch & Marianna Grineva 57,779.98 Amy Warrington 18,448.65 Andrew & Vicky De Caso 10,691.16 Peter Savidge 7,914.70 Eve & Norman Branch 57,779.98 Christopher Young & Helena Edwards 18,384.90 Louise Wellock & Nathan Sylvester 10,654.62 Sharon Waters & David Allsop 7,894.21 Karen & Neil Young 56,317.13 Karen Olivant & Peter Flitton 18,375.08 Darryl Allen 10,654.62 Kenny Liggett 7,882.40 Stanley & Roy Stewart 53,938.33 Brian Mooney & Sharon Treanor 18,371.09 Sandra Brown 10,654.62 Graham & Marion Whitaker 7,862.07 Glenn & Caroline Royston 52,508.56 Ann & John Coe 18,243.43 Lesley & Keith Ridden 10,569.11 Tony Henshall & Sarah Whittall 7,859.16 Alf & Carol Bell 52,475.37 Barry & Cecilia Bradbury 18,217.50 Karen Bradley & Antonio Alonso 10,515.66 Alex & Kathleen Langler 7,850.07 Helen Brooks 52,441.38 Caroline & Simon Harvey 18,090.87 Barbara Margaret Webb 10,458.72 Alan & Rebekah Larner 7,834.49 Brian Harwood 51,694.20 Timothy Murphy 17,661.21 David Potter 10,406.36 Jayne & Gary Burcombe 7,832.46 Peter & Myrna Wellock 49,735.70 John Gilham & Wendy Nimmo 17,557.10 Peter & Cathy Legg 10,394.47 David & Christine Rhodes 7,825.22 Deborah & Allan Dewar 49,358.44 Gloria & Clive Davies 17,258.58 Brian & Grainne Quigley 10,365.31 Gail & Darren Drew 7,823.83 Jay Singh 49,311.90 Angela & James Macleod 17,253.84 Karen Lewis & Kevin Marriott 10,332.07 Jane & Andrew Connor 7,809.20 Gabrielle & Paul Broadstock 48,948.74 Mark & Sarah Wildman 17,107.13 Pierce & Janet Hartley 10,302.26 Negin & Michael Backhouse 7,805.89 Caroline Harris & Craig Cox 48,909.25 Jillian & Peter Griffiths 17,074.93 Omran Zaman 10,267.83 Neil Jeffery & Caroline Jeffrey 7,780.83 Mike & Dawn Gough 47,603.53 Mira Herman & Natalie Lofthouse 16,767.16 Declan & Monica Manning 10,245.81 Peter & Caren Neesham 7,769.43 Stephen & Debra Nell 47,438.80 Paul & John Meikle 16,443.02 Christine & Jim Foster 10,224.35 Margaret Jarman 7,754.80 Alan Meldrum 45,948.36 Maria & Lee Kowalkowski 16,350.54 Sarah Trim 10,218.78 Kate & Lee Russell 7,751.15 Gene De Donatis & Janet Tynan 45,585.70 Timothy & Tina Pace 16,276.82 Rachael & Chris Wild 10,192.74 Ian & Anita Saville 7,750.71 Michelle Kennedy 45,403.02 Sharon & Craig Davis 16,123.60 James & Vicky Holmes 10,192.74 Andrew & Denise Hunt 7,746.38 James Curtis 45,279.55 Steven Harding & Narissa Mather 16,069.76 Raymond & Susan Kirkland 10,176.92 Jeanette & David Ward 7,726.38 Chris & Julia Norton 45,163.16 Carole & James Sunter 16,037.57 Steven Mee & Jaqueline Mullings 10,084.07 Melissa Squires & Ian Slade 7,716.70 Eamonn & Anne Roe 44,941.78 Jen & Garry Luke 16,031.28 Jim & Vicky Smith 10,034.48 Emma & Richard O’Toole 7,703.49 Helen & Paul Allgood 44,537.44 Terry Hayden 16,020.21 Arthur & Susan Cuthbert 10,006.83 Marcus & Joyce Emerson 7,702.91 Ram & Joginder Singh 44,512.65 Linda & Ian Stanley 15,924.00 Gavin & Trish Conway 7,674.23 Belinda Clarke 43,986.48 Charlie & Gillian Whitton 15,781.52 Joanne & Tim Powell 7,671.73 Ron & Judy Speirs 41,764.34 7,500 And Above Coleen & Stephen Batchelor 15,759.56 Allan & Myra Collins 9,939.94 Geoff Taylor & Alison Moore 7,668.82 Christopher & Louise Brown 41,392.81 John Morgan & Gilly Mc Crone 15,663.53 Christine Sykes & Aidan Fisher 7,664.50 Richard & Clare Chantler 41,288.51 Terry Card 9,932.81 Keith & Teresa Faulkner 15,576.95 Glyn Thomas & Shan Parry 9,929.31 Jerome Hadley & Marissa Gigg 7,657.48 Debbie & Trevor Collins 40,378.07 Elaine & Martin Spafford 15,553.20 Veronica Nixon 7,657.38 Rhian & E Anthony Jones 40,364.65 Henry & Diana Crosby 9,895.20 Roger & Simon Mantle 15,538.04 Vivienne & Richard Washington 9,883.86 Sheila & Nigel Fowler 7,655.64 Caroline & Philip Thompson 39,651.59 Fay & Andrew Roe 15,387.98 Tony & Julie Brown 7,642.29 Helen Lambert & Richard Woods 39,552.19 Kate Lee 9,874.14 John Smith 15,385.75 Christopher Conroy 9,816.29 Emma & Mark Mackelden 7,641.74 Steven & Sarah Curtis 39,270.77 Clive & Pamela Lennard 15,320.38 Emma & Chris Shafe 7,641.02 Julie & Anthony Cornick 39,058.96 Lorraine & Ian Balcombe 9,816.29 Amelia & Hannah Mchard 15,271.22 Kelly & Steve Elliott 9,794.65 Mervyn Baxter 7,632.59 Su & Jas Bains 38,954.63 Phil Curtis 15,216.81 Jackie & Stuart Bower 7,632.16 Gill & Donato Sepe 38,849.01 Ian & Lorraine Barnfield 9,793.17 Robert Webb & Dawne Kovan 15,189.27 John & Kath Clease 9,786.24 Lena & Stephen Parsons 7,613.15 Teresa Divers & Bryony Hayward 38,518.08 Andrew & Cheryl Williams 15,118.53 Sarah Darch 7,609.54 Jane & John Dunkerley 38,387.40 Claire Mires 9,724.32 Andrew Medlam & Michelle Womersley 15,049.46 Marion & Anthony Homer 9,696.23 Vincent Tsoi & Lorraine Lawlor 7,601.58 Gary Cooper & Jackie Norris 37,619.77 Warren & Pamela Sewell 15,013.02 John & Mary Marsh 7,597.59 John Webb & Kathryn Price 37,545.24 Tavis Taylor 9,682.46 Martin Stoves 9,679.55 Lesley Brown & Mark Veidman 7,592.23 Christopher Reay & Lesley Coan 35,925.03 Debi & Simon Allsop 7,588.05 Graham & Georgina Long 35,876.64 10,000 And Above Rhys & Susan Williams 9,663.67 Nichola & David Walmsley 14,991.88 Bob & Rosemarie Hardy 9,549.84 Susan Coleman & Robert Holdford 7,559.55 Trish & Lee Fisher 35,785.32 Daniel & Michelle Marshall 7,544.17 Derrick & Maria Longwright 35,333.21 Richard & Ranti Fallowfield 14,929.52 Bob & Diane Goulding 9,515.35 Claire & Paul Howells 14,894.94 Keith Glass & Margaret Holvec 9,489.42 Andrew Nicoll & Danielle Young 7,542.62 Gerry Melanephy & Maureen Mcloughlin 35,125.84 Paul & Andrea Towler 7,539.21 Sadie O’Boyle 14,859.82 Gerard & Claire Tucker-Mawr 9,483.26 Michael & Janet Wallace 14,856.77 Lynda & David Buchan 9,454.65 Dean Rothwell & Rachel Launchbury 7,538.42 15,000 And Above Robert & Jacqueline Dolan 14,845.86 Norman & Joanne Grundy 9,454.30 Susan & Tony Cater 7,531.65 Tom & Bernadette Hingley 34,699.42 Colin Roy Scott-Smith 14,716.79 Anthony & Leslie Carrick 9,453.72 Anna & Nigel Lacey 7,522.10 Alnashir & Yasmin Ratanshi 33,970.13 Jean-Marc Bordeau & Alexis Thorpe 14,679.34 Warwick & Christine Blakemore 9,445.09 Ian & Pauline Pilkington 7,506.92 Keith & Pauline Blythe 33,930.55 Neil & Susan Maclean 14,679.34 Cath & John Wilkinson 9,445.09 Karen & Colin Popiolek 7,504.67 Andrew & Ann Meldrum 33,878.39 David Byatt & Janet Smith 14,654.83 Gethin & Lynwen Thomas 9,435.65 Andrew Buxton & Laura Kelly 33,173.49 ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN Issue 21 05.06.09