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Kleeneze is a leading network marketing company, allowing people to run their own home based business and earn an extra income on a part time basis.
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Kleeneze catalogue 2009 Ewb 01

  1. 1. BULLETIN 09.01.09 Issue 01 THE ADVENTURE OF A LIFETIME Come Spring 2010 you could be lapping up the sun on one of the most dramatic and inspiring Destinations in Kleeneze history. The Great Kleeneze Adventure is set to take place in the thrilling city of Cape Town! From the top of the majestic Table Mountain to the five-star luxury of the Table Bay Hotel, Kleeneze has planned an unforgettable experience to reward you for your hard work through 2009. Nestled between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans on the southern tip of Africa, Cape Town’s Table Bay Hotel, where you’ll be staying, is located on the Victoria & Albert Waterfront with stunning views and it’s perfectly located for the start of our adventure. On this incredible journey you’ll be: • Making the ascent in rotating gondolas to the top of the magnificent, famed Table Mountain where you’ll toast your success at an exclusive drinks reception • Feasting in one of the most famous restaurants in the city and experiencing the traditional African dining experience. • Hearing the testimonials of your fellow qualifiers and mingling with every level of the Network • Touring the countryside of the historic Cape Winelands and picnicking at one of South Africa’s most famous wineries • Experiencing a thrilling jet boat ride around Cape Point on which you can spot whales, seals, sharks, dolphins and sea birds • Taking a trip on the railway around to the Cape Point lighthouse for a spectacular view of the peninsula • Visiting Boulders Beach, home to a colony of some 300 penguins! • Seeing one of the top botanical gardens in the world and watching the sun set as you enjoy dinner at the world-class Silver Tree Restaurant You’ll also have an opportunity to wander around at your leisure; or book some extra excursions for yourself - you could book a ferry to Robben Island and see where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned or try some water sports – (if you’re feeling really adventurous you could even try out shark cage diving!). And these are just some of the highlights of this amazing trip. Truly, the 2010 Kleeneze Spring Destination will be an adventure that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Find out more at www.cape-town2010.co.uk. 560-071-08
  2. 2. Training, motivation and advice all within Over the past year, we’ve had many new initiatives – from Gold Rush to the SOS incentive – all of which have proved not only be amazingly successful, but have helped your businesses grow. This is what it’s all about, after all. However, one announcement at Saturday’s New Year Showcase has had everyone talking and we believe that this will be the hit of 2009! Ezereach has arrived. So, what is it? At it’s most basic, it’s Kleeneze’s exclusive voice messaging system. But we’ve taken it to another level by ensuring every single new starter gets the service free for 3 periods from day 1 making it something completely unique. If you’re not familiar with voice messaging yet, look toward any of the Network leaders or, in fact, anyone who’s made their way up the Sales Plan with relative speed and ease! It’s already been proven to have a huge impact on retention and sales growth, because communication is just so vital to this business. “Prove it!” we hear you cry. Ok, we will! LAUNCH OFFER As part of this launch, all Distributors that RE-REGISTER BEFORE MIDNIGHT ON MONDAY 19 JANUARY will be automatically set up for Ezereach Lite FREE for three periods. Gold and above will be set up on the Pro Service free for the first two periods. Ezereach will launch before the end of January and there will be no set up charges whatsoever! We will offer a two tier system: Ezereach Lite Sterling Euro Ezereach Pro Sterling Euro Internet registered £7.45 €11.18 Internet registered £13.45 €20.18 Not Internet registered £10.00 €15.00 Not Internet registered £16.00 €24.00 The Lite package is a discounted service with less features, aimed at new starters and retailers. The Pro package will enable you to set-up groups and you will be able to do this using the phone as you do currently or via a website where you will be able to simply copy and paste numbers. There will be no limits to the number of messages you can store on either service. NEW STARTERS We will automatically set new distributors up with their 3 month Free Trial Lite Service when they register with Kleeneze and we will include everyone who has joined since 1 November 2008. They will get a local number 01/02 etc rather than a 08 number from day one and this will be on their initial welcome letter. The distributor mailbox number will also be on the email that we send to Uplines advising that your new starter has joined your team. Unfortunately we will not be able to move across existing numbers from any alternative voicemail companies, but as we are offering a 3 month trial period free, this will allow you to run both services together in the short term. However, if you have an 08 number provided by another company you should be able to re-direct this to your new Eze- Reach number. Everyone will get a local type number 01/02 and have the option to add on 08 numbers once live and you will be able to have multiple mailboxes if you so choose. To pick up your messages we will have a 01 type number to ensure you still get free or low priced calls from your mobile or landline package. “Kleeneze grasp the importance of this tool...’’ “The Showcase was, as usual, a fantastic event full of information We love the idea that from day one every new Distributor will be and inspiration. What an excellent start to 2009. We were especially provided with an Ezereach box free for three months and that after excited to hear of the launch of Ezereach. Like other senior this period box rental is so cheap when compared to others in the distributors in the business we know the importance of market and whilst offering substantially more messaging and communication with team and have for many years appreciated the usability options. advantages voice messaging have provided in making this possible. As an SED it is great to know that everyone in our group will have That Kleeneze have grasped the importance of this tool to the access, in the words of Peter and Claire Rea, to “the 24-hour network and have invested in creating a system unique to the telephone support system” without the worry of having to complete network; designed to meet the special needs of Kleeneze any extra forms or paperwork; and that they will have immediate, Distributors rather than the generic needs of MLMers is fantastic. direct access to and training from others in their successline. For over a decade top network trainers such as Ed Ludbrook, as well Supporting people not only in getting off to a successful start but as people such as Randy Gage and Tim Sales, have been promoting also in achieving their goals is a major aim the benefits of voice messaging. Gavin Scott and Bob Webb were for any sponsor. We know that Ezereach the first to introduce voice messaging to Kleeneze and we have seen can only help in making this easier and the tremendous difference it has made both to retention and activity would recommend that everyone makes within the group. People on the system are more likely to activate, sure they and their teams are all re- do more, and stay long term than those who have neither registered before 19 January so as to gain experienced or made use of the benefits voice messaging provides. full, immediate, advantage of Ezereach.” Once more Kleeneze has proven with action and investment, not Danny Young and Lindsay Gonsalves, words, their commitment to the success of the network and the Silver Senior Executive Distributors growth of the Kleeneze business. 09.01.09 Issue 01 ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN
  3. 3. WHY IT REALLY IS A HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR KLEENEZE Perhaps more than any Showcase, Saturday 3 January saw more were an amazing 13% higher than in announcements, incentives and all round good news than any other. 2007. You achieved sales growth at a The CEO of Kleeneze, Patrick Jolly opened the day to welcome time when retailers across the globe everyone before launching into a speech that rang true with the times. were reporting sales decreases, many “Everything you read and hear about at the moment suggests that one over 25% down.” business you don’t want to be in is retail,” he said. “We’ve already After the very well-deserved roar of seen MFI collapse, Whittards, Zavvi and Adams Kids go into applause that received, Patrick went administration. And after 99 years of business on Monday the on to explain why this recession is remaining Woolworths stores will close for the last time. Kleeneze of good for our business. With course is a retail business and like other retailers Kleeneze is not sentiments that very much echoed Ed immune from problems. Ludbrook’s later in the day, the CEO “But our problems aren’t exactly the same as other retailers. Our explained that in light of the forecasts problems are that you don’t seem to believe what our economic and for unemployment and house repossession in the UK, this was the political leaders are telling us and I don’t think that you take much time to give people the opportunity to build a secure future – one that notice of the media either. And because of that your December sales will survive any other economic turbulence that may happen in the next few years. WE ARE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE After Patrick’s rousing speech, Kleeneze’s catalogue for you and more work. This year we wanted to find a way own Managing Director, Jamie Stewart took of reducing the number of catalogues that you have to handle. So to the stage and he had some even more from mid-March, Greeneze and Outdoor life will come together to amazing announcements. To remind you, make our first reversible catalogue - giving you two shop windows here are just a few of our favourite things from one catalogue.” coming up (cue pyrotechnics!). Showcase attendees not only could opt for priority delivery on this brand new catalogue on the day, they also received it at a “Some say he naturally faces discount price! magnetic north and that all his legs are hydraulic…” The re-launch of the Distributor Support Arena All we knew was that he was called “Here are just a few of the improvements that you’ll find there,” the Stig and he was driving an explained Jamie of our new website. “First, there will be a search incredibly stunning 6-series BMW facility to help you find resources more quickly. We’ll regularly update worth over £60,000 through our podcast and video casts which will be able to stream straight to you via New Year Showcase arena! RSS feeds. There will be forums, blogs, and knowledge bases to give “You’ll have the choice of either a you practical, useful information and perhaps more importantly you’ll coupe or stunning convertible,” explained Jamie of our new car be able to share it. There will be new content, clearly organised and incentive. “This will be an option for anyone reaching Principal. It’s frequently updated.” only a matter of time now until someone joins Bob Webb at the top And it’s coming soon! of the pay plan. Who’s going to be first?” “We’ll give you 13 Periods of service for the price of 11” “You can now order up until 1.15pm on a Monday and receive “This is a short incentive to save you money on Internet charges. If you your delivery by Wednesday.” make a one-off payment of £82.50/€121 by credit or debit card, we’ll The next well-received announcement was that we’re testing a new give you 13 Periods of service for the price of 11. This is a limited offer order deadline throughout the month of January. valid from now until 28th February 2009. To make the most of this “For the UK it’s going to change from 9.15 am to 1.15pm,” Jamie told simply call the Service Centre and explain you’d like to pay for a year’s the audience. “That means that you can now order up until 1.15pm Internet charge with 2 free periods and you’ll save almost 20%.” on a Monday and receive your delivery by Wednesday. We’ve spared no expense (seriously, we really didn’t) And equally importantly you’ll be able to order up to 1.15pm on “When you’re out retailing in all weathers, we want you to stay warm Wednesday for delivery by Friday. I hope you’ll find this a welcome and dry. So what better than Kleeneze- improvement to our service to you. Please bear in mind that branded waterproof clothing?” asked Jamie this is a test and by the end of January we’ll know if we can make of his audience. “And to model the new this permanent.” range in all it’s glory….” He added that the one day service improvement for Irish Deliveries had For those who had the misfortune not to be now been tested and faster deliveries in postcodes BT1 to 90 in at the New Year Showcase on Saturday, Northern Ireland were now to be standard too! we’ll be showing you more of the waterproof clothing range over A brand new catalogue that we already know is successful! the coming weeks in EWB. “In 2008 we tested our newest addition, Greeneze, as a brand new Modelling the new publication,” Jamie reminded us. “We know that this meant an extra range in “all it’s glory” ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN Issue 01 09.01.09
  4. 4. SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES And all these clues took to the stage on Saturday at the New Year Showcase to inspire, motivate and advise you how to achieve your best in the business. From top Network Distributors to those who are relatively new in the business and with inspirational stories, the day was jam-packed. TRAINING PETER REA MIKE DAY This could be the best day Make 2009 YOUR Year of your life The year had already started off Kicking off with a highly-charged spectacularly for Mike Day as earlier he and motivational training, Bronze Premier his wife, Jean, were crowned Distributors of Executive Distributor Peter Rea spoke about the Year! The Premier Executive Distributor belief and vision, telling the audience how finished a day of rousing training by in June of 2000 he was sat in this arena a putting us back on track for a year of mere rookie at 13%. He may not have had success. “The definition of insanity,” the Kleeneze ability, but he had the desire. And the rest, so they he told us, “is to do what you did last year; this year to be who say, is history. you were last year and expect anything to change. Make 2009 your turning point!” INSPIRATION RICHARD CHANTLER RAE GRAY Testimonial Testimonial Richard and Clare Chantler may have had a Gold Distributor, Rae Gray had a turbulent great business year, snapping up the Mini life story to tell. For four years she has been Cooper, qualifying for Vienna and the bravely battling with a chronic and Caribbean and swiftly moving up the Sales debilitating pain condition. Debt and Plan, but it hasn’t been all good times. In a alcohol problems had plagued her years touching testimonial, Richard told the before and now with this terrible condition, whole audience the work that went in to she found herself virtually unemployable. getting where he is in the business, saying: “it doesn’t take a That was until she found Kleeneze. Thanks to the business, it special person; it just takes a special effort.” wasn’t only the debt problems that were eased – delivering catalogues found Rae getting fitter and even walking easier. GEOFF BELL PETROVA FAIRHURST Testimonial Testimonial Rather than share his story, Gold Distributor It was an amazing story of battling through Geoff Bell decided to share his vision as he the odds from Gold Distributor Petrova believes that sharing big dreams is the way Fairhurst on Saturday. Enduring times to create synergy. Telling the story of Billy through a violent marriage, a son that died Payne he explained how this one man first and a car accident that forced her to give had the idea of Atlanta hosting the up her beloved scuba diving, it took a long Olympic Games in 1987 and began to time for her to find her true self. Kleeneze, bring others in to support this vision. Much the same as Billy being so much more than a retail company, gave her the Payne, Geoff urged us to double our team attendance each confidence and that drive to start going for what she wants. Showcase so we too can share this massive vision. ALL THE TRAININGS AND TESTIMONIALS FROM SATURDAY’S NEW YEAR SHOWCASE ARE NOW AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD OFF THE DSA. “There are over 150 more awards to come today!” Managing Director, Jamie Stewart was, of course, speaking of the Retail Incentive. From 17 December until New Year’s Day, we ran this incentive to give anyone who placed orders over £150 the chance to win some great prizes. Throughout the day we drew out more names and prizes. Katrina Harvey and Ian Winstanley snapped up the complimentary hospitality tickets to Cheltenham Races; Ian and Pauline Pilkington, Donna Clease, Fiona Deans and Michael Lunn all won one week’s accommodation and flights to sun-soaked Cyrpus, while Lisa and Paul Watkins get to take the family to Alton Towers for the day! A full list of winners is now up on the DSA. www.kleeneze.co.uk. 09.01.09 Issue 01 ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN
  5. 5. USE YOUR ‘ED’ IN 2009! Without a doubt, guest speaker Ed Ludbrook was the smash hit of the Showcase. Even though he had only jetted over from New Zealand the night before, he was up early for an exclusive breakfast with a group of Distributors who were lucky to be drawn out of hundreds who had booked for the Showcase. Tony and Sarah Henshall, Brian Harwood, Barbara and Mark Atkins, Paul Brown and Nicola Mitchell and Diane Herbert and William Greenwood were all treated to a mouth-watering breakfast before the Showcase with the Network Marketing guru, getting to ask him their own questions while having his undivided attention. Then it was up onto the Showcase stage for Mr Ludbrook where he proceeded to give a rousing and frank talk about the state of the industry (how good it is), confidence (paramount to success) and what you can do next to help your business boom (work hard for 12 months!). The author of 100% Success, The Big Picture and his newest book 100% Confidence stated he has been waiting for five years for this point in Network Marketing and now is the time for the industry. It’s the greatest opportunity we have to grow this business since the 1990s. Here are some of our highlights from his speech: Success in a recession: Right Industry The rules change in a recession (the way people think changes and There are two types of people looking at the opportunity: therefore the way distributors operate needs to change). Below are the 1. Income opportunity – looking for a job NOT a business (i.e. new rules for growing your team during a recession: retailing). This will be the largest number of people particularly in a 1. Start with the warm market recession. 2. Offer what they want 2. Business Opportunity – those who are looking to develop the 3. Start with where they are opportunity. Within this category there are two types of people: 4. Optimism is different intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs (intrapreneurship is the practice of using entrepreneurial skills without taking on the risks or Confidence is King: accountability associated with entrepreneurial activities. • Release the motivation (everybody has it within them) – the Intrapreneurs are risk adverse and need guaranteed success). challenge is having confidence Kleeneze has been in establishment phase for 30 years and is now • Confidence determines your actions evolving as an industry – Network Marketing about to go into its • Confidence is a key element to marketing (there is no better tool biggest growth boom in its history. than the confidence in your voice) Most importantly – to be successful you need to put your plan Success = 1. Right industry into action! 2. Right time Then it was time for Kleeneze’s exclusive UK launch of Ed’s new book, 3. Right company 100% Confidence. Hundreds of you queued up backstage to get your 4. Right system book signed by the guest speaker who had been such a huge hit at 5. Massive action our New Year Showcase. ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN Issue 01 09.01.09
  6. 6. 09.01.09 Issue 01 ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN
  7. 7. Recognition parade Cheque winners (for reaching Gold and holding it for 6 consecutive periods) Melissa Squires and Ian Slade, Julie Cotton and Neil Tomkinson, Malcolm and Jennifer Warden, Paul and Helen Wilson, George and Margaret Bratty Mini Winners Clare and Richard Chantler, Peter and Myrna Wellock For reaching Gold Distributor level Jason Wrightson and Natasha Armstrong, Vincent Tsoi and Lorraine Lawlor, Erick Duncan and Terry Garde, Karen and Kevin Dunne, Nigel Cannon and Belinda Wallace, Gail Harlock, Karen Benjamin, Angela and Lee Claydon, John Hurd, Aimee Nudds, Nichola Clarke, Raymond Underwood, Hou Kwok, Matthew Lewis, Leigh and Louise Appleby, Shelly Warriner, Catherine and Geoffrey White, Fiona and Simon Beall, Linda and David Leadbetter, Jennifer and Simon Kelly, Brendon and Emma Sims, Christopher and Suzanne Chappell, Scott Wolstenholme and Helen Maher, Zoe Climpson, Stewart Fox and Tammy Flint, Carole Batchelor, Simon Tinkler, Roma Lynch, Michael and Valerie Warrener, Katherine Chilton and Shane Williams, John and Carol Garner, Steve Hobbs, Paul and Sheelagh Humphries, Dinah Henson and Karl Morgan, Tammy Mullins and Simon Lanning, Jennie and Mike Swensson, Alan and Rae Gray, Angela Lorimer and Douglas Clark, Sarah Rich, Caroline and Anthony Doolan, Jeremy Egerton, Kerry Mitchell, Julie and Brian Callar, Steve and Margaret Garton, Elizabeth and Douglas Benton, Graham and Anna-Louise Curwen, Samwise Garrard, Stewart Lonsdale, Simon Allen and Francine Westmoreland, Clive and Jean Church, Amanda Watson and Trevor Adams, Maggie and Ron Parish For reaching Senior Distributor level Ted and Rose Farrar, Ian and Pauline Pilkington, Garard Coste, Kevin Cottis and Christine Wilding, Steve and Linda Tinkler, Fred and Karen Mason, Richard Tibbetts and Suzanne Pilcher, Laurie Mitchell, Mavis Lesley and Barry Cross, Gail and Darren Drew, John Morgan and Gilly McCrone, Laurence and Rosemary Wiseman For reaching Bronze Executive Distributor level Sandra Brown, Tsahai and Jake Ellington, Barry and Nina Mitchell, Marsha Barras and Nigel Nattress, Helen and Andrew Walsh For reaching Silver Executive Distributor level Elizabeth and Ian Hyams, Martina and James McGrath, Stephen Geldard and Catherine Brookes For reaching Gold Executive Distributor level John Webb and Kathryn Price For reaching Silver Senior Executive Distributor level Peter and Myrna Wellcock Premier Executive Distributor level Mike and Jean Day ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN Issue 01 09.01.09
  8. 8. YOUR SHOWCASE STORIES...Y “We attended this Showcase with “This was the most enjoyable and instructive game enough to let us have a go at playing anticipation for lots of reasons; 2008 was Showcase for us and our team. This was their instruments: Jemma Strachan on great, but we were really looking forward to particularly made so by Ed Ludbrook, who tambourine; Beth Wickens on guitar and hearing the company’s plans for 2009. We received a standing ovation from distributors Sandra on trombone. What a laugh!” had our first ever trophy winners when Gail and the best, excellent and lively compering Sandra and Doug Roper and Darren Drew were confirmed as Harry by Michael Khatkar. Bronze Executive Distributors Crook trophy winners; Ed Ludbrook was due It was a wonderful experience for us to train and having been on a workshop with personally to go on stage for our first time “Yet again this was a fantastic Showcase. The him and knowing the quality of his words we when we were recognised for achieving the day is always packed full of were looking forward to what he would have grand level of Senior Distributor. Meeting like- fun, excitement and to say this time. But above all else we had minded people backstage and having a dance inspirational training from two guests with us - Mark Scotton and to keep warm and positively anchor the brilliant people. David Hagyard. moment made it all the more special! The I've been in the business After the Showcase we drove home and they best, of course, was coming out into the just over one-and-half years both signed into the business immediately, auditorium and knowing our team was there and Kleeneze just keeps asking us: ‘what next?’. We to cheer us on. This moment and place was getting better and better. had to sit down and do a made so much more special by the 'music' of Thank you Kleeneze, Thank you Findel!” plan there and then which the people who had helped to make this Jemma Strachan included writing their warm happen for us. Silver Distributor market list. We have already had feedback from team Thanks once again for a members who are putting the activity behind “We have just been to our great day out and looking all the inspiration of the day.” first Kleeneze Showcase and forward to May.” wow! What an event! We Laurence and Rosemary Wiseman were told that it would Andrew and Sharon Bird Senior Distributor blow us away and boy did Silver Executive Distributors “What a privilege it was to have such a it do just that. This is our “To have Ed Ludbrook speak at the January fantastic speaker as Ed Ludbrook as our fifth month and we have Showcase was awesome. The one person keynote speaker at the January Showcase. He built up a team of thirteen who knows everything about Network spoke with such clarity and understanding of already, which is getting Marketing on a global level managed to Kleeneze and the Network Marketing industry bigger all the time, as people really do listen coach an arena of so many Kleeneze to which we belong. Our team gained a real when you explain how easy it is to earn extra distributors and reassured us that we're in the sense of pride to be involved in such an money. Thank you to our sponsors Brendan industry at the right time. We know people exciting opportunity at this time. and Emma Sims for their help.” are hurting out there with the current We know we are with the right company at Belinda Barnes and John Shearer economic climate as it is, but now Kleeneze is the right time to be able to realise our goals Silver Distributors poised for sharp growth as we offer our and dreams. perfect solution. “It was exactly a year ago We were so proud to see another of our after visiting the New Year An announcement that team go across the stage as gold. Emma and Showcase that we texted Jamie Stewart made stood Brendon Sims first came to the showcase in our sponsors Doug and out from the rest and that's January 2007 having recently joined the Sandra Roper and said ‘this Ezereach. Most of us know business, and decided that by the same time time next year that will be that communication is the the following year, they would go across the us going across that stage life-blood of our business stage as gold themselves. They asked what to receive our Gold and as we go forward, they had to do, and consistently and recognition’. What a bringing voicemail 'in-house' makes perfect persistently followed their plan to make it difference a year makes in this fantastic sense. New distributors will start with all the happen. They achieved Gold in Period 10 business.” correct tools and this will be a natural 2008. They are an inspiration to the whole beginning for the sponsoring process.” team. We're just so proud of them. Emma and Brendon Sims Gold Distributors Amanda and Leo ten Bruggencate And how fabulous to see Gold Distributors Mike and Jean Day (A little birdy in the form of Craig White told crowned as Distributors EWB that Emma and Brendon only joined to “What a life changing Showcase. Full of of the Year - a well- pay for Christmas 2007 and intended inspiration, motivation and great speakers. To deserved accolade for to stop straight after. Doug and Sandra boost the event we also had a fantastic audio two great people. convinced them to come to the January CD that to me is one of the best I have We had a great time at Showcase 2008 first though. And here they received from Kleeneze. 2009 is going to be the Gala Dinner too - a wonderful meal, great are a year later! – Ed) fantastic after that Showcase.” atmosphere, and excellent entertainment. The Ricardo Monteiro band that came round the tables was even Silver Distributor 09.01.09 Issue 01 ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN
  9. 9. YOUR SHOWCASE STORIES... “The Showcase events always show us all partners in readiness for when economic over adversity, we were spoilt for choice with some of the Big Picture and none more so downturn might catch up with them. the testimonials from Richard Chantler, Rae than this last Showcase extravaganza with the Ed’s words, some of which we've heard Gray and Petrova Fairhurst. The obstacles, one and only Ed Ludbrook. With Ed’s clear before, were brought bang up-to-date with hurdles and hardships all three of these explanation of why we are in the right place his posture adjustment to fit the current distributors faced whilst building their at the right time, everyone is now champing economic climate. A most apt guest speaker businesses showed everyone in the arena just at the bit, more determined, more excited, at a most opportune time. what can be achieved if you are determined and more focussed than ever to get out there enough and committed to reaching I am looking forward to 2009 and beyond. and claim a slice of what is going to be a your goals. Thank you.” period of unprecedented growth. Clearly we The Gala Dinner in the can all grow our businesses to infinity! With Roger and Beth Poynor evening rounded off a the economic climate just perfect for this Silver Distributors fantastic weekend, and was business, to not take massive action right the perfect start to what “Thank you for a now would be foolish! promises to be an exciting sensational Showcase. The The highlight of the day for us as always was whole day was awesome. and very busy 2009. Julie the recognition parade when we saw all the Ed was amazing, as and I have come away from movers and shakers being applauded by their expected, but I felt that the weekend ready to hit the ground running peers and to see The Infinity Group erupt as Peter and Mike…well, they and 150% committed to helping our team the team’s two new Golds and two new were absolutely wicked! achieve their own goals throughout 2009.” Seniors went This year is going to be explosive!” Julie and Brian Callar across the Gold Distributors Craig and Magdalena White stage was Premier Executive Distributors magical. The “All I can say is that if you didn’t attend the building of “Having reached Gold Distributor level in Showcase then you missed a truly fantastic this business Period 12, the New Year Showcase was day. Words cannot describe the atmosphere is a great particularly exciting for us as we achieved one of the day. Reciting what was heard to those adventure that can take us all to that of our goals of walking across the stage to who did not attend will never match what Great Kleeneze Adventure all the way to collect our medals from Patrick and Jamie in was said. South Africa!” the recognition parade. What a buzz that was The dates for the next Showcase are already Steve and Debbie Roper to hear the cheers of our team members and known, so block out those weekends on your Bronze SED all our friends in the Global Horizons Group, wall planners - get there - feel the excitement as well as all the other thousands of - learn first hand - get some motivation in “Once more congratulations for a magnificent distributors in the arena. The adrenaline kick your blood. These Showcases are designed to Showcase. In particular, I think that Ezereach we got from that has made us even more drive you forward - but they can only DO it if is genius. determined to achieve Bronze Executive as you are there.” Patrick’s mentioning 13% year-on-year soon as possible and the announcement of Mark and Caroline Sellars, growth in Xmas sales was music to our ears, the 2010 Conference in Cape Town has Senior Distributors confirming tangibly just how conclusively ‘fuelled our fire’ so to speak! “who intend to be Bronze in 2009” Kleeneze has been and is able to buck the UK As always, the speakers on the day were trend (who wants to be trendy?!). This is excellent, in particular Ed Ludbrook and Peter something we can echo to our European Rea, and if anyone wanted a story of triumph SPANNER IN THE WORKS AT GALA DINNER The Gala Dinner. It’s a sophisticated affair. Distributors arrive in all their finery for an exquisite meal, mingling with top Network stars and company Directors alike and later on the chance to let their hair down and see the New Kleeneze Year in. It’s all very civilised. Which is why, on Saturday night, Distributors looked worriedly on as some of their waiters started to act very strangely. Then there was the rather loud builders who started cordoning off areas and drilling under tables… It was, of course, all part of the plan. Spanner in the Works provided the entertainment that made this particular Gala Dinner unforgettable. With wise-cracking paparazzi waiting outside to snap your picture as you entered the venue and waiters providing a night of comedy and music, it all added to the fun of the evening. ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN Issue 01 09.01.09
  10. 10. KLEENEZE TROPHY WINNERS 2008 2008 was an amazing journey for all of us. If we weren’t looking forward to 2009 so much we might even be sad that it’s come to an end. However, some Distributors out in the Network really excelled last year and that is why every year we honour them in our prestigious awards ceremony. Award: The VIP Trophy Award: The Distributor Challenge Trophy Award: The Harry Crook Trophy Awarded for: Consistency of effort and Awarded for: Outstanding business development Awarded for: Outstanding business development outstanding personal retail sales The winners: ‘Double’ qualifiers and leaders of The winners: They received the £1000 cheque The winners: For the sixth time running, Susan the Golden Bear Group, at the last Showcase, it’s Gail and Coleman and Robert Holdford! Andrew Buxton and Laura Darren Drew! Kelly! Award: Executive Challenge Cup Award: SED Challenge Cup Awarded for: Outstanding executive group sales Awarded for: Outstanding executive group sales The winners: Cannes Conference attendees, The winners: ‘Double’ qualifiers and now head of Paul and Helen Allgood! a triple group of trophy winners, Geoff and Fiona Webb! Then it was time for the Distributor of the Year Award. The most coveted trophy at all has been held for the past year by Craig and Magdalena White, but they were the first to jump up in the air with delight when they heard that this year’s winners were the very lovely, very hard working and very successful – MIKE AND JEAN DAY! See next week’s EWB when we’ll be catching up with all the Trophy winners to find out how their first week as title holders is treating them and what their goals are for 2009. 09.01.09 Issue 01 ENTERPRIZE WEEKLY BULLETIN